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					Pre-Algebra                                              _____________________
Lesson 6-8 Notes:                                        _____________________
Markup and Discount                                      _____________________

7RP3: Use proportional relationships to solve multistep percent problems.

Definition: The discount is the amount of money you save when something is on sale.
If a $60 video game is on sale for $50, then the discount is $____.
The sale price is the final amount you pay for an item on sale. It is the regular price
                                                         percent        part
minus the discount. We can still use a proportion like             =         to find these
                                                          100          whole
            % off              discount
amounts.                =
             100            regular price

Example 1: A camera that regularly sells for $210 is on sale for 30% off. What is
              the sale price?

Example 2: A sweater originally cost $37.00. Last week, Ms. Sager bought it at 45%
           off. How much was deducted from the original price? What was the final
           sale price?
Example 3: Steve bought a jacket on sale for 50% off the original price and another
           25% off the discounted price. If the jacket originally cost $72, what was the
           final sale price that Steve paid for the jacket?

1. Find the discount for the 50% off: _______
2. Find the sale price after the 50% off: _______
3. Find the discount for the 25% off: _______
4. Find the final sale price after both discounts: ______

Definition: The markup is the amount of money stores add to their cost of an item to
make a profit. The selling price is the final amount that stores charge for an item. For
                                                markup %           markup
these types of problems, use the proportion:                   =
                                                   100              cos t

Example 4: A computer store pays $6 for a computer mouse and marks it up 75%.
           What is the markup for a computer mouse?

Example 5: A book store pays $4.50 for a novel. The percent of markup is 45%. Find
           the novel’s selling price.

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