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					                                                      NCCT, Promise for the Best Projects
      Promise for the Best Projects                       SOFTWARE PROJECTS IEEE 2012-13
                                                      JAVA | J2EE | J2ME | ASP.NET | VB.NET | C# | NS2 |

                                                          ANDROID | MATLAB PROJECTS 2012-13

                                                       IEEE Domains and Non IEEE Domains enclosed
       IEEE 2012-13
                                                          SOFTWARE / IEEE PROJECT DOMAINS
                                                        Networking * Mobile Computing * Cloud
                                                      Computing * Network Security * Dependable
 PROJECTS 2012-13                                     and Secure Computing * Data Mining * Image
                                                          Processing * Parallel and Distributed
                                                      Systems * Software Engineering * Knowledge
  IEEE Domains and Non IEEE Domains enclosed          and Data Engineering * Network and Service
                                                        Management * Learning Technologies *
        For more Details and Downloads                 Machine Language and Pattern Analysis *
                Titles and Abstracts                       Fuzzy Systems * Neural Networks *
               Visit us @                     Information Forensics and Security *               Services Computing * Multimedia
                                                         Android Applications * Grid Computing * Web
For Latest Updates
                                                      Services & Applications * Wireless Sensor Networks              * Cluster Computing * Communication System *
                                                        MANETS, WSNS, WMNS, CRNS, VANETS, QoS *
  To get Titles, Abstract, IEEE Base Papers DVD       Biometrics & Access Control * Application Projects *
             Call us or SMS or EMail us                Enterprise Computing * ERP, CRM, SCM Projects *
                                                       System to Mobile Communication * WAP Services *
                                                         Cryptography * Networking Solutions * Image
       Find more Exciting Offers - Inside                   Processing * Security Systems * Others
                                                                                 PROJECT SUPPORTS &
NCCT started at 1984, is a leading technology driven organization with
over a decade standing, backed by a strong R&D to keep pace with the
fast growing and latest technologies in the areas of Information
Technology & Embedded Systems                                                     DELIVERABLES @ NCCT
We, NCCT is a professionally organized “Design & Development
House” specialized in providing innovative Software Solutions and                 PROJECT ABSTRACT
Embedded Solutions. We are concentrating on Multi Domain – Vertical
Segment, diversified technologies and have gained versatile experience
over the decades. We are focused on executing hi-end technology                   PROJECT IEEE BASE PAPER
services & solutions to our clients as well as students
                                                                                          / REFERENCE PAPER
As a part of the Projects & Development Training, we offer Projects
keeping in view the latest emerging trends and technologies under                 PROJECT PRESENTATION IN PPT FORMAT
Parallel Development Process
We play a Dual Positive Role by satisfying the academic                           PROJECT REVIEW ASSISTANCE FOR VIVA
requirements and as well as giving the necessary training in Software &
Embedded which enables students to meet the industrial requirements               PROJECT DIAGRAMS
with a wider knowledge and a greater confidence
                                                                                  PROJECT SOURCE CODE
OBJECTIVES - Our Objectives are to make the available facilities for
high-end training in Information Technology and Electronics related fields        PROJECT REPORT

PRIMARY FOCUS - Our Primary Focus is to provide “Complete                         PROJECT SCREEN SHOTS
Quality Service”. We have a comprehensive product line that meets the
high standards. NCCT provides comprehensive services to specify,                  PROJECT DEMO
develop and produce products and help customers to implement
innovative technology and product features                                        PROJECT EXPLANATION
PLACEMENT SERVICES @ NCCT                                                         PROJECT ACCEPTANCE LETTER
We will also assist the students for their placements through our IT
Talent Bank & Embedded Talent Bank. As for as Placement concerned                 PROJECT COMPLETION CERTIFICATE
our placement wing is always in action, bringing new on -campus or off-
campus interviews for our students
                                                                                  OTHER REQUIRED LETTERS
   Project Consultancy - Software, Embedded
   Industrial Projects, In House Project Training
   In Plant Training - Software, Embedded                                
   Industrial Visits, Seminars, Workshops, Bootcamps                           
   Placement Services & Job Drives
                                                                                  044-28235816, 9841193224, 9500154011
   Embedded Trainer Kits, Modules                                           2
                                         IEEE - .NET PROJECTS 2012-13
                                            ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, SQL Server, Access

                                         .NET, CLOUD COMPUTING PROJECT TITLES
                                          A Cloud Infrastructure for Optimization of a Massive Parallel
                                           Sequencing Workflow
                                          A Time-series Pattern based Noise Generation Strategy for
                                           Privacy Protection in Cloud Computing
                                          An Autonomous Reliability Aware Negotiation Strategy for
                                           Cloud Computing Environments
                                          Cloud Chamber A Self-Organizing Facility to Create, Exercise,
                                           and Examine Software as a Service Tenants
                                          Design and Implementation of a Secure Healthcare Social
                                           Cloud System
                                          Enhanced Energy-efficient Scheduling for Parallel Applications
                                           in Cloud
                                          Framework on Large Public Sector Implementation of Cloud
                                          Optical Networks for Grid and Cloud Computing Applications
                                          Revenue Management for Cloud Providers - A Policy-based
                                           Approach under Stochastic Demand
                                          SLA-based Optimization of Power and Migration Cost in Cloud
                                          On Handling Large-Scale Polynomial Multiplications in
                                           Compute Cloud Environments using Divisible Load Paradigm
                                          Automated Tagging for the Retrieval of Software Resources in
                                           Grid and Cloud Infrastructures
                                          Environmental and Disaster Sensing Using Cloud Computing
                                           Infrastructure,   3   044-2823 5816, 98411 93224, 95001 54011
                                                                               .NET, KNOWLEDGE AND DATA
 Performance evaluation of multimedia services over wireless
  LAN using routing protocol Optimized Link State Routing
 Mining Concept drifting Network traffic in cloud computing
                                                                              ENGINEERING PROJECT TITLES
 CLOUDTPS: Scalable Transactions for Web Applications in the                    DOTNET KNOWLEDGE AND DATA
  Cloud, IEEE 2011
                                                                                ENGINEERING PROJECT TITLES 2012
 Enabling Public Auditability and Data Dynamics for Storage
  Security in Cloud Computing, IEEE 2011                                      Discovering Characterizations of the Behavior of Anomalous
 Heuristics Based Query Processing for Large RDF Graphs
  using Cloud Computing, IEEE 2011                                            Query Planning for Continuous Aggregation Queries over a
                                                                               Network of Data Aggregators
 Improving Utilization of Infrastructure Clouds, IEEE 2011
                                                                              Outsourced Similarity Search on Metric Data Assets
 Multilevel intrusion detection system and log management in
  cloud computing, IEEE 2011                                                  Ranking Model Adaptation for Domain-Specific Search
 Secure and Practical Outsourcing of Linear Programming in                   Scalable Learning of Collective Behavior
  Cloud Computing, IEEE 2011
                                                                              A Query Formulation Language for the Data Web
 Towards Secure and Dependable Storage Services in Cloud
  Computing, IEEE 2011                                                        A Look-Ahead Approach to Secure Multiparty Protocols

 Checkpoint-based Fault-tolerant Infrastructure for Virtualized              A Performance Anomaly Detection and Analysis Framework for
  Service Providers, IEEE 2010                                                 DBMS Development
 Dynamic Auction Mechanism for Cloud Resource Allocation,                    Data Mining for XML Query-Answering Support
  IEEE 2010
                                                                              Energy-Efficient Reverse   Skyline   Query   Processing   over
 Elastic Site - Using     Clouds    to   Elastically   Extend    Site         Wireless Sensor Networks
  Resources, IEEE 2010
                                                                              Discovery of Delta Closed Patterns and Noninduced Patterns
 Fuzzy Keyword Search        over   Encrypted     Data   in     Cloud         from Sequences
  Computing, IEEE 2010
                                                                              Efficient and Progressive Algorithms for Distributed Skyline
 Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Data Storage Security in
                                                                               Queries over Uncertain Data
  Cloud Computing, IEEE 2010
                                                                              Mining Online Reviews for Predicting Sales Performance: A
                                                                               Case Study in the Movie Domain
                                                                              Energy-Efficient Reverse                                      Wireless Sensor Networks
                                                                                                          Skyline   Query   Processing   over                                    Saturn Range Queries, Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance in
                                                                               DHT Data Systems,                                        4   044-2823 5816, 98411 93224, 95001 54011
 A Generic Multilevel Architecture for Time Series Prediction,
  IEEE 2011                                                             .NET, MOBILE COMPUTING PROJECT TITLES
 A Personalized Ontology Model for Web Information Gathering
 A Web Search Engine-Based Approach to Measure Semantic
                                                                           DOTNET MOBILE COMPUTING
  Similarity between Words, IEEE 2011                                         PROJECT TITLES 2012
 Energy time series forecasting based on pattern sequence               Cooperative download in vehicular environments
  similarity, IEEE 2011
                                                                         Network Assisted Mobile Computing with Optimal Uplink Query
 Optimal Service Pricing for a Cloud Cache, IEEE 2011                    Processing
 Publishing Search Logs—A Comparative Study of Privacy                  Distributed Throughput Maximization in Wireless Networks via
  Guarantees, IEEE 2011                                                   Random Power Allocation
 Data Leakge Detection, IEEE 2011                                       Protecting Location Privacy in Sensor Networks against a
 Anonymous Query processing in Road Networks, IEEE 2010                  Global Eavesdropper

 Automated classification of customer e mails via association           Compressed-Sensing-Enabled Video Streaming for Wireless
  rule mining, IEEE 2010                                                  Multimedia Sensor Networks

 Iso-Map: Energy-Efficient Contour Mapping in Wireless Sensor           Channel Estimation for Opportunistic       Spectrum   Access
  Networks, IEEE 2010                                                     Uniform and Random Sensing

 LIGHT: A Query-Efficient Yet       Low-Maintenance     Indexing        Controlled mobility sensor networks for target tracking using
  Scheme over DHTs, IEEE 2010                                             ant colony optimization

 Record Matching over Query Results from Multiple Web                   Efficient and Fair Bandwidth Allocation in Multi-Channel
  Databases, IEEE 2010                                                    Cognitive Radio Networks

 ViDE A Vision Based Approach for Deep Web Data Extraction              Game-Theoretic Analysis of Cooperation Incentive Strategies in
                                                                          Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
 Bridging Domains Using World Wide Knowledge for Transfer
  Learning, IEEE 2010                                                    Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Backoff Misbehaving
                                                                          Nodes in CSMACA Networks
                                                                         STORM A Framework for Integrated Routing, Scheduling and
   TO GET FREE TITLES / ABSTRACTS /                                       Traffic Management in Ad Hoc Networks
                                                                         A Distributed and Scalable Time Slot Allocation Protocol for
           Contact us or Send Email / SMS                                 Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE 2011

   Or Send your Poster Address to receive the                            Autonomous Deployment of Heterogeneous Mobile Sensors,
                                                                          IEEE 2011
    DVD thro’ Courier Service @ Free of Cost
                                                                         Effective Scheduling in Infrastructure Based Cognitive Radio
          Or Walk-in to Our Office & Collect                              Networks, IEEE 2011,                                  5   044-2823 5816, 98411 93224, 95001 54011
 Fast Detection of Mobile Replica node attacks in wireless
  sensor networks, IEEE 2011                                         .NET, NETWORKING PROJECT TITLES
 Minimum Bandwidth Reservations for Periodic Streams in
  Wireless Real-Time Systems, IEEE 2011                                     DOTNET NETWORKING
 Mobile Sampling of Sensor Field Data Using Controlled                     PROJECT TITLES 2012
  Broadcast, IEEE 2011
                                                                      FireCol: A Collaborative Protection Network for the Detection
 Model and Protocol for Energy-Efficient Routing over Mobile          of Flooding DDoS Attacks
  Ad Hoc Networks, IEEE 2011
                                                                      A New Cell-Counting-Based Attack Against Tor
 Throughput Optimization in Mobile Backbone Networks, IEEE
  2011                                                                Declarative Policy-Based Adaptive Mobile Ad Hoc Networking

 A Scalable and Energy-Efficient Context Monitoring Framework        Design of Wireless Sensor Networks for Mobile Target Detection
  for Mobile Personal Sensor Networks, IEEE 2010                      ESM Efficient and Scalable Data Center Multicast Routing
 Combined Authentication-Based Multilevel Access Control in          Scalable Lookahead Regular Expression Detection System for
  Mobile Application for DailyLifeService, IEEE 2010                   Deep Packet Inspection
 Energy-Optimal Scheduling with Dynamic Channel Acquisition          Spatio-Temporal Compressive Sensing and Internet Traffic
  in Wireless Downlinks, IEEE 2010                                     Matrices (Extended Version)
 On Multihop Distances in Wireless Sensor Networks with              Accelerating Multipattern Matching on Compressed HTTP
  Random Node Locations, IEEE 2010                                     Traffic
 Optimal Accounting Policies for AAA Systems in Mobile               Design of    Wireless   Sensor   Networks   for   Mobile   Target
  Telecommunications Networks, IEEE 2010                               Detection)
 VEBEK: Virtual Energy-Based Encryption and Keying for               Efficient Scheduling for Periodic Aggregation Queries in
  Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE 2010                                  Multihop Sensor Networks
                                                                      Insights on Media Streaming Progress Using BitTorrent-Like
      We can implement your Own                                        Protocols for On-Demand Streaming

      Project Ideas / Concepts, Any                                   A Novel Approach for Failure Localization in All-Optical Mesh

              IEEE Papers…                                             Networks, IEEE 2011
                                                                      Continuous Neighbor Discovery in Asynchronous Sensor
                                                                       Networks, IEEE 2011
  PROJECTS FOR B.E / B.Tech, M.E / M.Tech, MCA /                      Delay Analysis and Optimality of Scheduling Policies for
    M.Sc / MS, Diploma, M.Phil / Ph.D, R&D, Others                     Multihop Wireless Networks, IEEE 2011
                                                                      Fast Simulation of Service Availability in Mesh Networks With                                    Dynamic Path Restoration, IEEE 2011,                               6   044-2823 5816, 98411 93224, 95001 54011
                                                                            .NET, DEPENDABLE AND SECURE
 Tofu:semi truthful online frequency allocation mechanism for
  wireless networks, IEEE 2011

                                                                             COMPUTING PROJECT TITLES
 Service Overlay Network     Capacity   Adaptation   for    Profit
  Maximization, IEEE 2010
 Improving TLS Security By Quantum Cryptography, IEEE 2010
 Conditional Shortest Path Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks,             DOTNET DEPENDABLE AND SECURE
  IEEE 2010                                                                  COMPUTING PROJECT TITLES 2012
 Constrained Relay Node Placement in Wireless              Sensor         Design and Implementation of TARF A Trust-Aware Routing
  Networks Formulation and Approximations, IEEE 2010                        Framework for WSNs
 Demand-Aware Content Distribution on the Internet, IEEE 2010             Ensuring Distributed Accountability for Data Sharing in the Cloud
 On Wireless Scheduling Algorithms for Minimizing the Queue -             Automatic Reconfiguration for Large-Scale Reliable Storage
  Overflow, IEEE 2010                                                       Systems
 Privacy Aware Role Based Access Control, IEEE 2010                       A Learning-Based Approach to Reactive Security
 S4: Small State and Small Stretch Routing Protocol for Large             Automated Security Test Generation with Formal Threat Models
  Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE 2010
                                                                           Iterative Trust and Reputation Management Using Belief
                                                                           Large Margin Gaussian Mixture Models with Differential Privacy

 DOTNET SOFTWARE ENGINEERING                                               On the Security of a Ticket-Based Anonymity System with
                                                                            Traceability Property in Wireless Mesh Networks

     PROJECT TITLES 2012                                                   Secure Failure Detection and Consensus in TrustedPals
                                                                           Enforcing Mandatory Access Control in Commodity OS to
 Comparing the Defect Reduction Benefits              of    Code           Disable Malware
  Inspection and Test-Driven Development                                   Resilient Authenticated Execution of Critical Applications in
                                                                            Untrusted Environments
 Exploiting Dynamic Information in IDEs Improves Speed and
  Correctness of Software Maintenance Tasks                                A Distributed Algorithm for Finding All Best Swap Edges of a
                                                                            Minimum Diameter Spanning Tree, IEEE 2011
 QoS Assurance for Dynamic Reconfiguration of Component-
                                                                           Dynamics of Malware Spread in Decentralized Peer-to-Peer
  Based Software Systems
                                                                            Networks, IEEE 2011
 StakeRare Using Social Networks and Collaborative Filtering              ELMO:Energy aware local monitoring in sensor networks
  for Large-Scale Requirements Elicitation
                                                                           Layered Approach Using Conditional Random             Fields   for
                                                                            Intrusion Detection, IEEE 2010
                                                                           Performance of Orthogonal Fingerprinting Codes under Worst-
                                                                            Case Noise, IEEE 2009,                                     7   044-2823 5816, 98411 93224, 95001 54011
 .NET, PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED                                        Network Immunization with Distributed Autonomy Oritented
                                                                        Entities, IEEE 2011

     SYSTEMS PROJECT TITLES                                            A Distributed Protocol to Serve Dynamic Groups for Peer -to-
                                                                        Peer Streaming, IEEE 2010
                                                                       Resource Bundles Using Aggregation for Statistical Large -
 An Efficient Adaptive Deadlock-Free Routing Algorithm for             Scale Resource Discovery and Management, IEEE 2010
  Torus Networks
                                                                       Enforcing Minimum-Cost Multicast Routing against Shellfish
 SPOC A Secure and Privacy preserving Opportunistic                    Information Flows, IEEE 2009
  Computing Framework for Mobile Healthcare Emergency
 Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in
  Cloud Computing using Attribute-based Encryption                    DOTNET INFORMATION FORENSICS AND
 The Three-Tier Security Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
  with Mobile Sinks                                                    SECURITY PROJECT TITLES, IEEE 2012
 Balancing the Tradeoffs between Query Delay and Data                 A Novel Data Embedding Method Using Adaptive Pixel Pair
  Availability in MANETs                                                Matching

 BECAN: A Bandwidth-Efficient Cooperative Authentication              A Probabilistic Model of Visual Cryptography Scheme With
  Scheme for Filtering Injected False Data in Wireless Sensor           Dynamic Group
  Networks                                                             Characterizing the Efficacy of the NRL Network Pump in
 Resource-Aware Application State Monitoring                           Mitigating Covert Timing Channels

 Cashing in on the Cache in the Cloud                                 Joint Relay and Jammer Selection for Secure Two-Way Relay
 Catching Packet Droppers and Modifiers in Wireless Sensor
 DRAGON Detection and Tracking of Dynamic Amorphous
  Events in Wireless Sensor Networks
                                                                      DOTNET WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS
 Energy-Efficient Topology Control in Cooperative Ad Hoc                    PROJECT TITLES, IEEE
  Networks                                                             Clustering and Cluster-Based Routing Protocol for Delay-
 On Maximizing the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks Using          Tolerant Mobile Networks, IEEE 2010
  Virtual Backbone Scheduling
                                                                       Fast Algorithms for Joint Power Control and Scheduling in
 Trustworthy    Coordination   of   Web    Services    Atomic          Wireless Networks, IEEE 2010
                                                                       Enhancing Cell-Edge Performance A Downlink Dynamic
 A Data Thought prediction & optimized server for widely               Interference Avoidance Scheme with Inter-Cell Coordination,
  distributed many task computing, IEEE 2011                            IEEE 2010
 Exploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient Parallel        Fairness-Aware Radio Resource Management in Downlink
  Data Processing in the Cloud, IEEE 2011                               OFDMA Cellular Relay Networks, IEEE 2010
                                                                       Fault-Tolerant Relay Node Placement      in   Heterogeneous,                                8   044-2823 5816, 98411 93224, 95001 54011
                                                                        Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE 2010
                                                                       Active Visual Segmentation, Domain - Pattern Analysis and
    IMAGE PROCESSING                                                    Machine Intelligence, IEEE 2012 - DOTNET

                                                                       One Size Does Not Fit All: A Group-Based Service Selection for
                                                                        Web-Based Business Processes -       Adv          Information
                                                                        Networking, IEEE 2011
 ViBe: A Universal Background Subtraction Algorithm for Video
  Sequences, IEEE 2011                                                 Adaptive provisioning of human expertise in service-oriented
                                                                        systems - Applied Computing, IEEE 2011
 Efficient 2-D Grayscale Morphological Transformations With
  Arbitrary Flat Structuring Elements, IEEE 2008                       Bridging Socially-Enhanced Virtual Communities - Applied
                                                                        Computing, IEEE 2011
 Vision Based Processing For Real-Time 3-D Data Acquisition
  Based On Coded Structured Light, IEEE 2008                           Data integrity proofs in cloud storage      - Communication
                                                                        Systems and Networks, IEEE 2011
 Active Learning Methods for Interactive Image Retrieval, IEEE
  2008                                                                 Secure Neighbor Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks - Mobile
                                                                        adhoc networks, IEEE 2011
 A Novel Framework for Semantic Annotation and Personalized
  Retrieval of Sports Video, IEEE 2008                                 Monitoring Service Systems from a Language-Action
                                                                        Perspective - Services Computing, IEEE 2011
 Orthogonal   Data   Embedding   for Binary   Images   in
  Morphological Transform Domain-A High-Capacity Approach,             The Awareness Network, To Whom Should I Display My
  IEEE 2008                                                             Actions? And, Whose Actions Should I Monitor? - Software
                                                                        Engineering, IEEE 2011
 Image Processing Techniques for the Detection and Removal of
  Cracks in Digitized Paintings, IEEE 2008                             An Intrusion Detection model fuzzy class assocation rule
                                                                        mining using genetic network programming - Systems and
 Neural Networks for Unicode Optical Character Recognition,
                                                                        cybernetics, IEEE 2011
  IEEE 2008
                                                                       A bounded and adaptive memory based approach to mine
 Topology Control in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Cooperative           frequent patterns from very large database - Systems, man,
  Communications, Domain - Wireless Communications, IEEE                and cybernetics, IEEE 2011
  2012 - DOTNET                                                        Improving the perfotmance of wireless adhoc network by using
 Semi supervised Biased Maximum Margin Analysis for                    MAC Layer Design - Wireless communication, IEEE 2011
  Interactive Image Retrieval, Domain - Image Processing, IEEE         Multicast Multipath Power Efficient Routingin Mobile Adhoc -
  2012 - DOTNET                                                         Computer Science And Network Security, IEEE 2010
 Expert Discovery and Interactions in Mixed Service-Oriented          Edge Adaptive Image Steganography Based on LSB Matching
  Systems, Domain - Services Computing, IEEE 2012 - DOTNET              Revisited - Information Forensics And Security, IEEE 2010
 Toward Secure and Dependable Storage Services in Cloud               Data Mining for Risk Management in Hospital Information
  Computing, Domain - Services Computing, IEEE 2012 - DOTNET            Systems - Medical Engineering, IEEE 2010
 Robust Face-Name Graph Matching for Movie Character                  Slow Adaptive OFDMA Systems Through Chance Constrained
  Identification, Domain - Multimedia, IEEE 2012 - DOTNET               Programming - Signal Processing, IEEE 2010,                                9   044-2823 5816, 98411 93224, 95001 54011
                                                                           Bug Tracking System - Comprehensive Bug Tracking & Change
                                                                           A Machine Learning Approach for Identifying Disease-
                                                                            Treatment Relations in Short Texts
                                                                           Warehouse Management System Implementation with Zero
                                                                           Live    Streaming with  Receiver-based   Peer-division
  ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, 2012-13
 PROJECTSSQL Server, Access
                                                                            Inventory Level
                                                                           EAI Approach – Implementation of EAI in Hotel Management System
                                                                           Optimal Stochastic Location Updates in Mobile Ad Hoc
                                                                           E-Commerce Shopping cart for B2B Implementation

                                                                           Online Auction & Bidding System With Multi Brand & Product Selection
 ANDROID BECAME THE WORLD’S LEADING                                        Service-Centric Framework for a Digital Government
                                                                            Application – 2011
                                                                           Online Body Shopping System with Auto Mailing feature
 Smarter way to do your Projects
       SMART PHONE PLATFORM                                                Authentication Schemes for Session Passwords using Color
                                                                            Online Auction with featured shopping cart
 Ensuring Distributed Accountability for Data Sharing in the               and Images – 2011
                                                                           Online Banking – Net Banking & Back Office Operation
 Defect Tracking Tool–- 2012
  Cloud Computing Enterprise Project & Defect Tracking System              Nymble: Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing Networks
                                                                           Online Content Management System
 Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal- Health Records in
  E-Logistics for Warehouse Management         Implementation of           Effective Navigation of Query Results Based on Concept
                                                                           Web Server Information System
  Cloud Computing using Logistics Support Encryption – 2012
  Authenticated and Dynamic Attribute-based System & Management             Hierarchies – 2011
                                                                           eCareer and Consultancy Services
 SPOC A Secure and Management System
  E-Health Care - A Strategic Privacy preserving     Opportunistic         Secure and Practical Outsourcing of Linear Programming in
  Computing Framework for Mobile Healthcare Emergency
 Dynamic University Linking & Data integrity Maintenance                  Distributed Information and Reporting System
                                                                            Cloud Computing – 2011
 The Three-Tier Security Scheme Professional Recruitment
 E-Recruitment System – Dynamic Online in Wireless Sensor                 Materials Management System with Forecasting Implementation
                                                                           Going Back and Forth: Efficient Multideployment                    and
  & Management System Sinks – 2012
  Networks with Mobile                                                     Integrated Human Resource Information System
                                                                            Multisnapshotting on Clouds – 2011
 Efficient Audit Service Outsourcing for Data Integrity in
  Distributed Component Router based CRM-Customer Relationship             Monitoring Card Banking System from
                                                                            Online Credit Service Systems            a Language-Action
  Clouds – 2012
  Management                                                                Perspective – 2011
                                                                           Web enabled Customer Relationship Management
 Ranking Model Adaptation forbased Supply Chain Management
  Distributed Component Router Domain-Specific Search                      Dynamic Audit Services for Integrity
  System - SCM                                                             Web enabled Sales Order Processing Verification of Outsourced
 Defenses Against Large Scale Online Password Guessing                     Storages in Clouds – 2011
 Distributed Component Router for E-Campus Management System              Web enabled Purchase Order Processing
  Attacks by using Persuasive click Points – 2012
 ERP Application – integratedComputing Solutions with Strategic           Vertical Marketing Implementation - analyze the current market position
 Network Assisted Mobile Enterprise with Optimal Uplink
  Query Processing – 2012                                                  Online Complete Recruitment System
 E-Banking System – online Banking Services                               Online Distributed Human resources Management System
 Query Planning for Continuous Aggregation Queries over a
 Web enabledData Aggregators – 2012 – A Logistics Approach
  Network of Supply Chain Management                                       Online Enterprise Resources Planning       – Web enabled ERP
 Website Performance Monitor                                               implementation with Distributed Database system

 Secure Electronics Transactions – E Secure Transactions
  Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Ranked Search             over          Online Event Management with featured intelli system
  Encrypted Cloud Data – 2011
 E – Mail Security and Administration                                     Online Health Care & Hospital Management Solutions
 Scalable Scheduling– Electronic Net Banking Services
 Online Banking System of Updates in Streaming              Data          Online Issue Tracking - Project Management Solutions
  Warehouse – 2011                                                         Online Portfolio Manager – Equity Trading & Mutual Funds management
 CRM based Sales of Fleet & Services Management
 A Link Analysisinformation System & Data integrity Analysis for
 Dynamic College
                   Extension of Correspondence Maintenance                 Online Task Management with fully featured intelli System
  Mining Relational Databases – 2011
 On Line Effort Tracking System / Performance                    
                                                                           Online Intranet Site Design & Implementation
,                                    10   044-2823 5816, 98411 93224, 95001 54011
 Web based Portal Design & Implementation                                     Web based CRM Implementation
 Online VRS- Vehicle Reservation System                                       Web Enabled Supply Chain Management
 Network Traffic Monitoring & Web Administration                              Dealership Management System - Dealers information & Dealings
                                                                                Process Manager
 Workflow based Complaint Management System
                                                                               Distributed Data mining in Credit Card Fraud Detection Analysis
 On Line Tracking Logistic     - International Logistic Services for
  Shippers & Manufacturers                                                     E-Sales Order Processing System
 Web Network Statistics Generator & Analyzer                                  Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS)
 E-Commerce Front Store Implementation – E-Shopping Mall                      Integrated & Distributed Enterprise Resource Planning With
                                                                                Customer Relationship Management Support
 E-Commerce Implementation with Cart for B2B
                                                                               Integrated Pharmacy & Billing - comprehensive solution for
 E-Commerce Implementation with Cart for B2C
                                                                                pharmacy stock maintenance & billing
 Online University Portal, Educational Grid Information
                                                                               Inter Office Messaging System – IOMS, Office Automation System
 Child Care Information System
                                                                               Logistics - freight forwarding software solution logistics
 Matrimonial & Marriage Information Services Implementation
                                                                               Material Management Solution (MMS)
 Web Conference System Implementation
                                                                               Net Banking Services & Solutions
 Professional Net Banking Services
                                                                               Online Issue Tracking System
 Web Shopping Design & Implementation
                                                                               Online Job Consultancy Services
 Online Hospital info System with interactive Services & Universal
                                                                               Shares & Stock Management system – Portfolio Manager Implementation
  Medical Portal with Adviser
                                                                               Online Web Shop Mall - Web Shop Site
 Online Insurance Management System
                                                                               Online Workflow Service Manager & Automation
 Document Archival Management System – Electronic Archival Design
                                                                               On Line Book / Stationary Shopping with Shop cart Assistance
 Job Portal Implementation with intelli power features
                                                                               Professional time and task management tool
 Network Document Management & Versioning System
 Building Intelligent Shopping       Assistant    using   Datamining          Project Scrutinizer – Project Tracking System
  technique for Web Services                                                   Project Tracking & It Portfolio Management System
 Cargo Tracking System Design & implementation                                Sales Order Processing and invoicing (SOPI)
 Web Administration System                                                    Secure Electronic Transaction System
 E-Governance Management Design & Implementation                              Travel Management System
 Web Administration & Authorization System                                    Web-based enterprise billing system for business
 Data mining implementation        for   Credit   Cards   Application         On Line Blood Bank Management System
  Processing System
                                                                               On Line Shopping Management
 Ultimate Online Jobsite with intelli Search engine
                                                                               On Line Doctor, Consultations with your own Private Doctor
 WAP based information Retrieval System,                                        11   044-2823 5816, 98411 93224, 95001 54011
 On Line Executive Time and Activity Management System                         Online Information on WAP
 On Line Freight and Logistics DB System                                       Customer Service Portal for Tourism and Travels Management
 On Line Human Resource Management System                                      Human Resource Management System
 On Line Medical Products and Services Directory & Medical                     Online Material Requisition,   Collection   and    Stock   Handling
  Services For Physicians                                                        Management Portal
 On Line Product Catalogue Management System                                   E-Banking Transactions System with Portal for Bank Officials and
 On Line Professional Recruitment System
                                                                                Online Bug Tracking And Customer Support System
 On Line Purchase Order System
                                                                                Online Healthcare System
 On Line Banking Service–User Accounts/ Maintenance & Transaction
                                                                                Online Matrimonial System
 On Line Consultancy & Recruitment Services for Hospitality Industries
 Asset Management Solution (AMS)

                                                                                  VB.NET PROJECTS
 E–Matrimony and On-Line Match Maker
 Real Estate - Online Services Automation
 Web Based Issue Tracking System / Bug Tracking System                         Integrated Internet Information Monitoring & Messaging System
 Web Based System for Real Estate Business                                     Intelligent Network Information & Messaging System
 Web Based Task Management System                                              Integrated & Network Internet Mailing, Browsing & Messaging
                                                                                 System & Solutions
 Website for Travel Agency Services
                                                                                Networking Monitoring & Management System
 Development of a Feature-Rich, Resume Builder Application
                                                                                Digital Image Processing with Multi Domain Approach
 Web Based Reward Points Management System
                                                                                Bug Tracking System - Comprehensive Bug Tracking & Change
 Development of a Feature-Rich, Practical Online On-Request
  Courses Coordination System (ORS)
                                                                                CRM – Customer Relationship Management, Implementation
 Development of a Feature-Rich, Practical Online Survey Tool (OST)
                                                                                Data mining implementation      for   Credit    Cards   Application
 Development of Web Based Document Version Controller
                                                                                 Processing System
 Development of a Web Based Meeting Scheduler
                                                                                Distributed Component Router based Supply Chain Management
 Design and Development of Equity Trading Portfolio Manager                     System - SCM
 Development of a Campaign Information System                                  Distributed Component Router for E-Campus Management System
 Development of a Practical Online Help Desk (OHD) for the                     Dynamic College information System & Data integrity Maintenance
  Facilities in the Campus
                                                                                Dynamic University Linking & Data integrity Maintenance
 Development of a Feature-Rich, Practical Online Application for
                                                                                E-Health Care - A Strategic Approach & Management System
  the Training and Placement Dept. of the College.
                                                                                E-Logistics for Warehouse Management           - Implementation of
 Online Job Provider and        Search   Portal   with   Online   Exam
                                                                                 Authenticated and Dynamic Logistics            Support System &
                                                                                Datamining in Credit Card Fraud Detection,                                        12   044-2823 5816, 98411 93224, 95001 54011
                                                                                Hand Written Character Recognition & Generation using NN
                                                                                Integrated Enterprise Recourses Planning Implementation with
                                                                                 Distributed Database
 Datamining in Credit Card Fraud Detection                                  E-Recruitment System - Dynamic Online Professional Recruitment
                                                                              & Management System
 Hand Written Character Recognition & Generation using NN
 Integrated Enterprise Recourses Planning Implementation with               Purchase Order System - POP
  Distributed Database                                                       Integrated approach to Pharmacy & its Inventory Management
 Secure Optimal Cyclic Cryptographic System                                 Intelligent Banking System – A Novel Approach to Banking Solutions
 Network Simulator & Communicator with Remote Administration                Remote Access Server - Integrated Design & Implementation
                                                                             Integrated Design & Implementation of Various Server & Clients
 Photo Editor – Image Editor for the Image Management Solutions
                                                                             Image Compression and Decompression using Huffman’s
 Network Security & Control – Design & Implementation
                                                                             Image Filters, Image Processing and Filtering using user defined class
 Office Automation Tools - Inter Office Messaging System
                                                                             ERP: Sales Function – Sales Order Processing
 Hospital info System with interactive Services        & Universal
                                                                             ERP: Purchase Function – Purchase Order processing
  Medical Portal with Adviser
                                                                             ERP: Financials Function – Financial Management system
 Issue Tracking - Project Management Solutions
                                                                             ERP: Service Function – Service Flow Automation
 Portfolio Manager – Equity Trading & Mutual Funds management
                                                                             ERP: Fixed Assets Management Solutions
 Task Management with fully featured intelli System
                                                                             ERP: Human Resources – Human Resource Management System
 Net Flow Analyzer, Network Monitor / Network Browser
                                                                             ERP: Shop Floor Function – Work Flow Shop Keeper
 Net Monitoring and Management
                                                                             Secure Proxy Server Design & Implementation
 Network Analyzer & Network Monitoring Tool
                                                                             Secured Network Manager & Tracker
 Network based Multi Threaded and Multi System Port Scanner
                                                                             Cryptographic Hash Algorithm Implementation
 Network based     Secured   Data   Transfer   using   Stenographic
  Encryption                                                                 Network Traffic Monitor & IP Statistics

 Network Document Management & Versioning System                            Design & Implementation of Integrated Internet Servers

 Network enabled Remote Host Monitoring System                              Design & Implementation of Multi Special Mailing System & Services

 Network Protector     & Action Coordinator        - The Network            Proxy Server - Design & Implementation
  Monitoring Daemon                                                          Virtual Class Room - Design & Implementation
 Network Remote Controlling and Monitoring System                           Shipping Management Implementation System
 Network Service & Performance Monitoring System                            Integrated Diagnostics & Prediction System using Fuzzy Logic
 Efficient Intra Office Conference System Implementation                    Expert System Application about Central Nervous System - CNS
 Intranet Information Exchange Server & Client                              Point of sale system for shopping marts and pharmacy store
 Integrated Campus Management                                               Advanced Image Processing Techniques Implementation
 HRMS – Human Resources Management System                                   Asset Management Solution (AMS)
 Complete Recruitment Manager – Design & Implementation                     Complete Help Desk & Asset Management Software
                                                                            ,                                     13   044-2823 5816, 98411 93224, 95001 54011
 CRM based Sales of Fleet & Services Management
 Customer Service and Call Tracking Applications
                                                                                   UNIQUE PROJECT TRAINING
 Defect Tracking Tool - Enterprise Project and Defect Tracking System         METHODOLOGIES / PROCESS @ NCCT
 Digital Image Processing – Frequency Domain / Digital Image                             LEVEL 1                              LEVEL 2
  Processing – Time Domain
                                                                               Deciding Domain, Project            Understanding the Objectives
 Distributed Component       Router    Based    CRM    –    Customer           Discussion and Selecting             of the Project
                                                                               Technical / Project Documents       Detailed Study & System Devt
 Distributed Data mining in Credit Card Fraud Detection Analysis              Defining Roles &                    Project Design
 Distributed Dealership Management System                                      Responsibilities                    Adopting Design Standards
 Document Archival Management System – Electronic Archival
  Design                                                                                 LEVEL 3                               LEVEL 4
 Employee Performance Monitoring System Performance                           Logics & Coding                     Testing & Documentation

 Employee Scheduling Software & Attendance Tracking System                    Adopting Coding Standards           Testing & Integration
                                                                               Code Reviews                        Final Documentation
 E-Sales Order Processing System
 E-Security, Encryption / Decryption by Various Algorithms
 Fleet Management - Manage Your Fleet Services
 HMS – Hospital Management System
                                                                              LAB FACILITIES AT A GLANCE
 Hotel Management System                                                      Intel XEON based Windows Server with Intel & AMD Clients
 Remote Activation through another PC, Over the Network                       Intel based REDHAT Linux Server with Intel Clients
 Remote Administration & Communication using Networking                       AMD based Intranet Server
                                                                               Real Time Cisco Switches & Routers for Network Labs
 Remote Configuring, Accessing and Process Monitoring System
                                                                               Wireless Routers from Cisco Linksys and Wireless Ethernet Adapters
 Remote Desktop Connection & Service Establishment
                                                                               Remote Management Tools for Desktop Sharing & Live Demo Support
 Remote Performance Tester, Performance Tester for Server                     Video Conferencing Facilities, VoIP / Skype Communication
 Sales Order Processing and Invoicing (SOPI)                                  NOC – Network Operation Centre Operation Facilities
 Secure Electronic Transaction System                                         Other required Accessories like NAT, WIC, Bluetooth Devices, PDAs,
                                                                                Ethernet Transceivers, Web Cameras, Storage Devices, Back up
 Work Flow Management - Workflow Shoppe Keeper                                 Devices, Scanners, Printers, Sharers, Optical Drives, etc.,
 Integrated & Distributed Enterprise Resource Planning With
  Customer Relationship Management Support                                    SOFTWARE TOOLS
 Intelligent Network Diagrams and Monitors Service Status                     Technologies - JAVA, DOT NET
 Inter Office Messaging System – IOMS, Office Automation System               Languages - Java, J2EE, J2ME, JSP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, PHP, XML
                                                                               Wireless Technologies - GSM, IEEE 802.11, RF, Zigbee, RFID
 Interactive Voice Response System         –      Banking    Services
  Information System, Design & Implementation                                  Operating Systems - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Redhat Linux
                                                                               Networking - TCP/IP, NFS, ATM, Ethernet, Token
                                                                               Database - Oracle, MS-Access, SQL Server, MySQL,                                        14   044-2823 5816, 98411 93224, 95001 54011
       ABOUT TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES                                                  NS-2
                                                                                   ns (from network simulator) is a name for series of discrete event network
   Java * J2ME * J2EE * JavaFx * DotNET                                            simulators, specifically ns-2 and ns-3. Both simulators are used in the
                                                                                   simulation of routing protocols, among others, and are heavily used in ad -hoc
    ASP.NET * VB.NET * C# * PHP * NS2                                              networking research, and support popular network protocols, offering simulation

 GloMoSim * Matlab * Android * CloudSim
                                                                                   results for wired and wireless networks alike.
                                                                                   Both ns-2 and ns-3 are popular in research given their open source model and
                                                                                   detailed online documentation. ns-2 stands for Network Simulator version 2.
JAVA     is a Cross-platform (multi-platform) object-oriented programming
language. Java Paradigm(s) are multi-paradigm: object-oriented,
structured, imperative, generic, reflective
                                                                                   Global Mobile Information System Simulator (GloMoSim) is a network protocol
                                                                                   simulation software that simulates wireless and wired network systems.
Java Editions                                                                      GloMoSim is designed using the parallel discrete event simulation capability
Standard Edition (SE), Micro Edition (ME), Enterprise Edition (EE),                provided by Parsec, a parallel programming language. GloMoSim currently
JavaFX, Java Cards                                                                 supports protocols for a purely wireless network. It uses the Parsec compiler to
                                                                                   compile the simulation protocols
Standard Edition (Java SE) — targeting workstation environments.
Enterprise Edition (Java EE) — targeting large distributed enterprise or
Internet environments.                                                             MATLAB
Micro Edition (Java ME) — targeting environments with limited resources.           MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a numerical computing environment and fourth -
                                                                                   generation programming language. Developed by MathWorks, MATLAB allows
JavaFX is a software platform for creating and delivering rich Internet
                                                                                   matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of
applications (RIAs) that can run across a wide variety of connected devices
                                                                                   algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in
Java Card for smartcards                                                           other languages, including C, C++, Java, and Fortran.
                                                                                   Although MATLAB is intended primarily for numerical computing, an optional
                                                                                   toolbox uses the MuPAD symbolic engine, allowing access to symbolic computi ng
Microsoft .NET       (pronounced “dot net”) is a software component that           capabilities. An additional package, Simulink, adds graphical multi-domain
runs on the Windows operating system. .NET provides tools and libraries            simulation and Model-Based Design for dynamic and embedded systems
that enable developers to create Windows software much faster and easier.

Microsoft .NET consists of four major components:                                  Android
Common Language Specification (CLS)                                                Android is the world's most popular mobile platform. With Android you can use
                                                                                   all the Google apps you know and love, plus there are more than 600,000 apps
Framework Class Library (FCL)
                                                                                   and games available. Android is a software bunch comprising not only
Common Language Runtime (CLR)                                                      operating system but also middleware and key application
.NET Tools                                                                         Android is a powerful Operating System supporting a large number of
 .NET includes new object-oriented programming languages such as                   applications in Smart Phones. These applications make life more comfortable
                  C#, ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET                                   and advanced for the users. Hardwares that support Android are mainly based
                                                                                   on ARM architecture platfor

PHP     (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-
used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially
suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML                           CloudSim is a simulator, so it doesn't run any actual software technology.
                                                                                   Simulation can be defined as "running a model of a software in a model of
PHP Paradigm(s) -imperative, object-oriented, procedural, reflective, PHP
                                                                                   hardware". As it's all about models, specific technology details are abstracted.
is mainly focused on server-side scripting, so you can do anything any
                                                                                   The only previous knowledge you need to use CloudSim is basic Java
other CGI program can do, such as collect form data, generate dynamic              programming (as CloudSim is written in Java) and some knowledge about
page content, or send and receive cookies
                                                                                   Cloud computing
EMBEDDED SYSTEMS                                                          PLACEMENT SERVICES @ NCCT
                                                                          We will also assist the students for their placements through our

PROJECTS @ NCCT                                                           IT Talent Bank & Embedded Talent Bank. As for as Placement
                                                                          concerned our placement wing is always in action, bringing new
                                                                          on-campus or off-campus interviews for our students

  Embedded Microcontrollers * VLSI                                        ·
                                                                                     OTHER JOB RELATED SERVICES
                                                                              Resume Builder, Parsing & Submitter

  DSP * Matlab * Power Electronics                                        ·
                                                                              Career Smart - Resume Manager
                                                                              Online Resume Parser & Database Mgt
                                                                          ·   Job Posting, Candidate Ranking

FINAL YEAR PROJECTS                                                       ·   Auto Response, Job Mail & Alerts

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                                                                                         Are you interested in Jobs?
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 Students, IEEE & Non IEEE Projects in various Domains

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  Metrics - Finger Print / RFID / Bar Code * GPS /
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     GSM / CDMA Projects * Voice Control and
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         DSP | Matlab | Power Electronics
                                                                               Information Technology          Embedded Technologies
   Computer Science | Information Technology | Electronics |
                                                                               Hardware                        Networking
Communication | Electrical | Power Electronics | Power Systems |
Instrumentation | Controls & Drives | Applied Electronics | VLSI |             ITES / BPO / KPO                IT Infra & Management
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