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Title Urban Land-use Pattern Formation by Expanded Cellular Automata Model Optimization of Distribution Service Networks with Minimal Spanning Tree for Urban Regions. - An Application to Cable TV Dist Relative Assessment of Urban Form Through Multiple Criteria: A Case of Three Major Cities in Gujarat, India A Study about the Influence of the Regional Development by Using the General Equilibrium Analysis A Digital Tool Kit for Collaborative Urban Planning Evaluation of the Urban Landscape in Pusan by Multivariate Analysis A Conceptual Model for Integrated Computer-Aided Urban Planning Structuring the Architectural Technical Documentation with an Hypermedia Model Prestressed Concrete Slabs and Grid Floors - A CAD Approach Strategy for an Integrated Computer-Aided Interior Design System A Solid Modeler Based on Freeform NURBS Trimmed Surfaces Computer Aided Design of Cold Formed Steel Structures Development of Visual Assessment System for Planning and Design of Expressway An Integrated System of Computer Aided Design for Tall Building Computer Aided Design of Structural Concrete Product Models for the Data Transferring in Building Projects, Application Steel Structures The Implementation of Engineering-Database and Formex Configuration for Space Truss System Modeling Formation of Architectural 3D-structures by Intelligent Artificial Life -A Trial of Multi-optimization System with Evolutionary Evalu Data Exchange in Design/Realization Process in Building Trade Reflections of Confucianism in Korean Traditional Residential Space Planning Data Consistency and Manipulation Consistency of 3D-and 2D-Oriented Architecture Drawing Production Methods Transforming The Reality into Virtual Reality-The Influence of Computer Simulation Technologies on the Built Environment Operation of Geometric Definitions between Architecture Components Progress on Integrated Design System for Structural Engineers The Impact of ISO 9000 on Electronic Information Management in Architectural Practices in Hong Kong Systemic Management Tool for Buildings in Urban Areas Framework for Interoperability of Building Product Models in Collaborative Work Environments Controlling Effects in Thermal Environment by Urban Vegetations OOSG: A Proposed Object-Oriented Solid Geometry Model for A/E/C Project Information A Study on the Centralized Building Construction Information Management Using a Project Database System(PDB) Development and Dissemination of Synthesized Information and Interface System for Construction of Takenaka, "SISC-T" Comparison of System Identification Method with Conventional Approaches in Evaluating Bridge Deterioration Reliability Analysis Based on Fuzzy-Bayesian Approach Identification of Structural Damage without Input Measurement The Parameter and Convergency of GA Used in Structural Reliability Analysis The LCC Based Optimal Reliability of Reinforced Concrete Framed Structure under Earthquake in Korea Application of Hyper-Text Expression to Bridge Damage Diagnosis Optimal Integration of Life-Cycle Cost and Structural Reliability in Bridge Manaement Optimal Structural Design for Mega-Sub Building Continuum and Truss Models in Optimal Topology Design of Structures Multiplicity of Solutions, Complementarity & Structural Mechanics Optimal Design of Tall Steel Buildings under Lateral Drift Constraints Optimum Design of Steel Frameworks by An Optimality Criteria Method Reliability-Based Minimum Weight Structural Design for Specified Colapse Mechanism A Simple Mathematical Programming Method to a Structural Identification Problem A Geometry Control S/W <GEOCON> for Precast Segmental Bridges and Its Application to the Surrouding Road Bridge of Pus Nonlinear Behaviour of A Continuous Curved Box-Girder Bridge Model A Study for Accuracy Evaluation of the Grillage Method in Box Girder Bridge Application of External Prestressing in a Cantilever Bridge Effect of Eccentric Loading on R.C. Haunched Girder Bridges with and Without Bottom Slab Evaluation of Ambient Response for Bridge Monitoring

Creep Effects on Prestressed Cable Stayed Bridges A Secant Technique for the N.L. Analysis of Prestressed Cable Stayed Bridges The Dynamic Behavior of the Bridge due to Train Braking Study on Free Vibration of a Curved Continuous Box-Girder Bridge Model Dynamic Response of Footbridges-A Case Study Nonlinear Anlaysis of Large Span SFRC Composite Arch Bridge Limit Analysis of Prestressed Cable Stayed Bridges Fatigue Evaluation of the Kwang An Bridge by the Latest U.S. Standards The Influence of the Bridge Calculation Model on the Accuracy of Results Structural Analysis of a Bridge with Contact Problem A Graphical System for Finite Element Modeling of Cable-Supported Bridges Long Term Computing Techniques of Cable-Stayed Bridges with Composite Steel-Concrete Sections A Simplified Design Method for Base-Isolated Bridges Truss Bridge Design without K-Factor Effect of Constitutive Models on the Hysteretic Behavior of Thin-Walled Steel Bridge Piers Subjected to Seisic Loading Numerical Modeling of Steel Bridge Piers under Seismic Loading Optimum Stiffening of Circular Steel Pier by Longitudinal Stiffeners Estimation of Relative Displacements of Adjacent Bridge Spans during Strong Earthquakes Model Testing, A Substitue for Protopyte Testing of Extra High Voltage Transmission Line Towers Free Vibration of Horizontally Curved I-Girder Bridges A Simplified Dynamic Inelastic Analysis of Steel Structures Using Inelastic Response Spectrum Reinforced T Turbular Joints Subjected to Various Load Types Steel Structures with Partially Restrained Columns Axial-Force Inference System of High-Strength Bolts of Steel Bridges Cyclic Elastoplastic Behavior of Steel Braces Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis on the Snap-Through for 3D-Frames Local Buckling Strength of Pultruded Box-Section Columns A Study on the Calculation of Effective Length Factors for Framed Columns Buckling of Thin-Walled Open Beams Including Warping and Shear Deformation Visualization of Buckling Deformation Using Back-Propagation Neural Network Finite Strip Post-Buckling Analysis of Steel Girder under Pure Bending A New Formulation for Linear Symmetric Beam-Columns Elasto-Plastic Buckling of Vertical HP Latticed Cylindrical Shell under Vertical and Horizontal Loading Modified Buckling Modes for Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Beams A Study on the Unstable Behavior of Pin-Connected Single- Layer Latticed Domes Considering Geometric Nonlinearity A Study of Tracing Techniques for Equilibrium Paths of Limit Point Types and Bifurcation Point Types in Nonlinear Stability Ana Influence of the Geometric Imperfection on the Ultimate Strength of R/C Cooling Tower Shell Buckling of Cylindrical Shells with General Ring-Stiffeners and Lateral Pressure Distributions Dynamic Stability of a Cantilever Plate Subjected to In-Plane Force An Analytical Method for Finding the Kern of the Sections A Grid Structure Analysis by Leading Matrix Method Large Deformation Analysis of Spatial Folding by the Tangent Stiffness Method Static Analysis of Flat Plate Structures The Galerkin Method for Dynamic Analysis of Plates of General Shape The Modeling of Shear Wall and Slab in 3-D Finite Element Analysis of Tall Buildings Visualization for Effective Stress Analysis of River Dikes Finite Element Studies in the Out-of-Plane Failure of Unreinforced Masonry Parametric Based Solid Modeling and Stress Analysis Double Angle Framing Connections Subjected to Shear and Tension Frames with Semi-Rigid Structural Connections Analyses of Stresses in Large Scale Shell Structure with Stiffened Ribs and Large Holes (II) Analyses of Stresses in Large Scale Shell Structure with Stiffened Rids and Large Holes (I)

Investigating the Behavior of Tubular-System Tall Buildings Subjected to Lateral Loads Using TSAP Software Plastic Rotation Capacity of I-shaped Beams A Study on Safety of Cassion's Lifting Cable Due to Brittle Fracture of Fitting Anchor Cable Analysis Using Two Level Control Method and Load Control Method Site Instrumentation for Assessment of Precast Concrete Parking Garage Construction and Analysis of Arch Dams with Combined Cross Sections Limit Load of Structural Shells with Similar Shapes Vulnerability of Lift Slab Structures Structural Analysis of Thin-Walled Framed Structure Based on the Bending-Torsional Theory of Beams Stochastic Analysis of Cooling Tower Shells with Monte Carlo Simulation The Patch Tests and Convergence for Nonconforming Mindlin Plate Bending Elements Automatic Synthesis of a Preliminary Structure with a Hybrid System A Four Node Degenerated Shell Element with Drilling Degrees of Freedom Application of the Tangent Stiffness Method to 3-D Structures Using Polyhedral Elements Consistent FEM-Vlasov Model for Slabs on Elastic Foundations Heterosis Shell Element with Drilling Degrees of Freedom for Composite Material Applications Design Sequence Generator and Constraint Perturbation Method for Engineering Design Where To From Here? : Some Recent Computer - Aided Design Research Crack Propagation by a Meshless Method, EFG Computing in Civil and Building Engineering : Changes and Opportunities The 21st Century's Northeast Asia Hub : Inchon International Airport Integration Effectiveness Analysis of Construction Business Functions Toward an Expert System for Managing Materials of Large Construction Projects Decision Support System for Planning Roads Construction Projects 3-D Crane Planning Simulation with Object-Oriented Building Model Management of Design Processes in an Integrated Structural Design Model Computer Supported Quality Control of Building Projects Development of Information System for Mega-Size Construction Project : Case Study Safety Analysis and Management Using the Past Accident Database Minimizing Legal Claims as Critical Success Factors through the Modified Lump-Sum Contract Development of New Model for Optimal Network Scheduling with General Type of Cost Function Management of Product Models in the Planning Process of Structural Engineering Function Improvement Design to Reduce Construction Headaches Prediction of Dynamic Response of Long-Span Bridges due to Vortex-Induced Wind Load CFD Analysis of Urban Heat Island in Tokyo : effects of land-use conditions on urban climate Numerical Evaluation of Wind Pressures on the Flat Roof of a Low-Rise Rectangular Building with Parapets Bridge Flutter Prediction with Finite Beam Elements in Complex Notation Variable Node Element for the Adaptive FE Analysis of Incompressible Viscous Flow CFD Analysis of Flowfield around Bluff Body Using Dynamic LES A State-Of-the-Art Report on Computational Wind Engineering Wind-Induced Response of Towers Suppression of Wind-Induced Vibration of a Building Frame with Added Viscoelastic Dampers Dynamic Acrosswind Response of Tall Building Alongwind Response Analysis of the Tall Building on the Simulated Wind Load Determination of Design Wind Speed for Shiplifting Structure by Probabilistic Simulation Method Analysis of the Influence of Urban Spatial Form to Back Scattering Coefficient of SAR A Numerical Study of the Soil-Structure-Interaction of a Combined Pile-Raft Foundation on Loose Sand in Berlin Earthquake Analysis of a Large Scale Seismic Test Structure Considering Nonlinear Soil Behavior A More Rational Scheme to Well-Pose Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Problems Computer Modeling of Shock Wave Propagation from Underground Explosions Rigorous Formulation of an Open-Boundary Condition in Green-Function Analysis of a Wave Field Structural Optimization Applied to Soil-Structure Interaction Problems

Intersection Traffic Control Based on Fuzzy Logic : The Iranian Experience A GPS-Based Automated System for Monitoring the Compaction Process Visco-Elastic Analysis of Asphalt Concrete Using Homogenization Method Working Mechanism of Doweled Joints Under Repetitive Loading The Use of Push Button Signal or Pelican Crossing between Two Adjacent Signalisod Intersections Analysis of Temperature Distribution in Asphalt Concrete by 3-D FEM ROADPRE : A Pre-and Post-Processor for the Analysis of Road Pavements Using STRAND6 Numerical Modelling of Underground Excavations Long Term Stability of Creeping Slopes on the Basis of Visco-Plastic Finite-Element Calculations Nonlinear Analysis of Stress of Arch Dam Predicting Porewater Pressures in Slopes Using Artificial Neural Networks Investigation on Sheet-Pile Structures for Excavation Dynamic Stresses Generated by Vertical Vibrations of a Surface Footing on a Soil Layer Dynamic Analysis in Multi-Layered Half Planes Using Finite Elements and Boundary Elements Coupling Data Interpretation and Analysis of SASW Measurements The Behavior of Longitudinal Strain of a Buried Pipe Subjected to Ground Spread by Liquefaction Generated in Centrifuge Mod A New Finite Element Inelastic Model for Seismic Response Analysis of the Transverse Direction of Shield Tunnels Utilizing the Deformation Behaviours of High Concrete Face Rockfill Dams Environmental Appraisal for Deep Excavation in Urban Symmetry of Winged Pile Subjected to Lateral Load LRFD for Pile Foundations A Generalisation of Westergaard's Method for Vertical Stresses Computation in Homogeneous, Elastic, Isotropic Half Space, u Effect of Smear on Surface Settlements of Soft Clay Foundations Stabilised with Vertical Drains Simulation of Experiment on Anchor of Pipe Embedded in the Foundation Rock Support Effect Considered Time Dependent Behaviour in Sedimentary Rocks Numerical Investigations on the Propagation of Grouting Materials with Special Respect to Experiences in Anisotropic Berlin Sa A Computational Approach to the Problem of a Plane Strain Consolidation of a Poro-elastic layer on a Rough Base Estimation of the Coefficient of Permeability for Settlement Analysis of Self-Weight Consolidation Consolidation in Clays due to Incremental Loading Undrained Behavior of Normally Consolidated Clay Foundation Using Single-Hardening Model Anisotropic Three-Dimensional Behaviour of Compacted Decomposed Granite Soil Elasto-Plastic Finite Element Analysis of Problems in Geomechanics Artificial Neural Networks Applied to the Prediction of Compressibility Characteristics of Soft Clays Development of a Time-Dependent Three-Dimensional Ground Model for Geotechnical Engineering Problems Parameters Estimation of Rainfall-Runoff Model with Genetic Algorithms Assessment of Water Balance Distribution Based on Remote Sensing Diurnal Variation of Convective Clouds over Bangladesh and the Adjoining Areas during Monsoon Season using GMS-IR Data A Decision-Supporting Model for Rehabilitation of Old Water Distribution Systems Improve Air Quality of Public Places in Hong Kong Environmental Impact Analysis of Building in Early Design Stages by Using "Fuzzy" Data Sets Estimation of the Evaportranspiration Distribution in Japan Using NDVI Planning for Temporary Stacking of Seismic Demolition Wastes Using GIS Optimal Operational Strategy for Sewage Treatment Plants in Han River The Uncertainty Analysis in the Performance of the Conventional Activated Sludge Type Waste Water Treatment Plant Recycling Management of Industrial Solid Wastes Considering Environmental Impact Management Decision Making of Regional Groundwater Contamination Based on Spatial Analysis Neural Network (SANN) Mo A Free Surface Calculation by Least-Square Finite Element Method Flushing Process by Overtopping Flows over Sand Embankment Turbulent Structure in the Scour Hole Downstream of Hydraulic Structure Unsteady Flow Model for the Han River Numerical Simulation for Sea Bottom Configuration in the West Coast of KOREA Classification and Formulation of Mathematical Models in the Hydraulic Analysis of Water Networks

Decision Support System for Real Time Reservoir Operation Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of a Spar Platform in 100-Year Storm Seas Wave Forces on Equally-Spaced Vertical Piles Considering Flow Separation Effects Stochastic Dynamics of a Piecewise-Linear Ocean System Dynamic Response Approximation of Offshore Structures Dynamic Response Characteristics of Large Offshore Structures to Sea Wave, Current and Earthquake Excitations Wave Response Analysis of a VLFS (Very Large Floating Structure) by Higher Order Boundary Element Method Parallel Computing Methods for Free-Surface Flows Mesh Generation Method for Tsunami Analysis Numerical Analysis of Wave Breaking over Submerged Breakwaters Numerical Simulation for Sea Bottom Configuration in the West Coast of KOREA Numerical Method for Analysis of Breaking Waves in Shallow Water Using the Boundary-Fitted Coordinate Transformation Tec A Study on Beach Stabilization by Means of Groundwater Pumping Comparative Study of Turbulence Models for Buoyant Surface Jets 3-D Parallel Finite Element Analysis of Incompressible Flow Based on Unstructured Grid Stabilized Finite Element Simulation of Incompressible High Reynolds Number Flow Modeling of Particle Size Distribution of Suspensions in Brownian Coagulation Pipeline Planning in Multi-Regional Water Supply System -Focusing on the Application GIS and MCA Technique A Local Smoothing Technique within Multidomain Pseudospectral Method Development of a Thermal Radiation Field Measurement System Using a New Three-Dimensional Thermography The Analysis of Bingham Fluid Pressure in a Pipe Structural Patterns of Set-backs in Tall Buildings The Development of Rectangular Tuned Liquid Damper for Vibration Control Long Term Vertical Shortening of Reinforced Concrete and Composite High Rise Structures Wind Induced Vibrations of Tall Buildings Structural Design and Construction of Current Tall Buildings Use of Computer Models in Planning Asia's Mega-Airports Test Embankment for Ground Improvement at Inchon International Airport Application of High Performance Concrete to Inchon International Airport Wind Tunnel & Serviceability Study for Air Traffic Control Tower at Inchon International Airport Program Management for Inchon International Airport Total Graphic Information System for Inchon International Airport Implementation of 3D-CAD for Inchon International Airport Construction Inchon International Airport Integrated Simulation Analysis Optimum Modeling for Maintenance Planning of Road Pavements Using Hopfield Neural Network Enhancement of Learning : Utilization of World Wide Web for Classroom Teaching Genetic Algorithms-based Reinforcement Strategies for Large Scale Deteriorating Road Bridges Familiarity with Commercial Packages: A Marketable Skill for Students A New Method of Generating Artificial Earthquake Accelerograms Using Neural Networks The Proportioning of Concrete Mixture Using Artificial Neural Networks Soft Computing with Neural Networks for Engineering Applications Fundamental Issues and Adaptive Approaches Interactions Among Design Information in an Integrated Structural Design Model The Identification of the Bridge Characteristics on the Basis of the Loading Test Results and Comparision to Calculated Values The Geotechnical Information System GTIS as a New Object - Oriented Powerful Tool within Geotechnical Construction and D Working in a Global Context - A Muti-National, Cross - Disciplinary Teaching Effort Design and Construction Information for System Truss Information Strategies for the Hong Kong and China Architectural Practice in 2000 Civil Engineering in the Information Society Genetic Algorithm in Structural Shape Design and Optimization An Expert System of Supporting Design Thinking Processes for the Initial Stage of Architecture Design Minimum Weight Design Method Controlled by Structural Response Performances for a Plane Elastic Steel Frame Using a Neu Uncertainty Analysis in Civil Engineering Using Fuzzy Modeling

Application of Analogical Reasoning for Arch Dam Design Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the CAD System Automatic Knowledge Acquisition in the Reinforcement Design Domain Development and Evaluation of a Knowledge-Based System for Subsidence Management Rough Set Based Knowledge Acquisition Method from Cases for Integrity Assessment of Bridge Structures A New Method for the Knowledge Representation of Structure Diagnosis Multi-Attribute Decision Making for Retaining Structure Selection Using Fuzzy Logic A Knowledge-Based Consultant for Preliminary Structural Design of Buildings A Design-Oriented Expert System for Aiding the Selection of Bridge Types Abductive Engineering Support Simulation System on Fuzzy Optimal Active Control of Buildings by Intelligent Systems A New Instantaneous Optimal Control Algorithm and Its Computing Simulation Analysis of a Torsionally Coupled Building with TMD Active Seismic Response Control of a Building Structure Using H Control Theory Full-Scale Structural Control with Earthquake Response Generator System and Pole Assignment Control Algorithm Structural Control Experiments of Full-Scale Specimen Frame using LQ and LQG Control Systems Experimental Tests of a Reduced Scale Model Seismically Protected with Energy Dissipators: Preliminary Design Optimal Seismic Design of Cable-Stayed Bridges with Energy Dissipation Devices A Study on Seismic Response of Base Isolated Frame Analysis of Seismic Loads in Seismically Isolated Elastomeric Structural Bearings Equivalent Damping for Designing Base Isolators with Sliding Mechanism Site Effect and Soil-Structure Interaction on Seismic Ground Motion System-Level Nonlinear Seismic Response Characteristics of Steel Structures Practical Model of Lagged Coherency for Spatially Varying Ground Motions Stochastically Based Estimation of Site-Specific Ground Motion Parameters Response Spectrum Theory of Base-Isolated Structure Failure Monitoring of the Collapsed Group of RC Piers of the Hanshin Expressway during the 1995 Hahshin Great Earthquake Strength Reduction and Ductility in SMRF in Seismic Design Seismic Design of Buildings with Focus on Total Earthquake Damage Cost during Their Lifetime On Three-Dimensional Inelastic Responses of R/C Structure subjected to a Strong Earthquake Studying the Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Frames under Lateral Load Comparision of Theoretical and Experimental Results of Indeterminate R/C Frames Under Earthquake Design of Buildings for Torsion Induced by Earthquakes Optimal Drift Control of Tall Buildings under Earthquake Forces Mid-Story Collapse Caused by the 1995 Kobe Earthquake Energy Evaluation Method Applied to Damaged Building Structures in Hyogo-Ken Nanbu Earthquake Analysis of the 8-Story SRC Building Damaged by the 1995 Hyogo-Ken Nanbu Earthquake Response of Reinforced Concrete Building with Soft First Story Subject to 1995 Kobe Earthquake Seismic Capacity of Steel Buildings Damaged by the 1995 Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake Response Analysis of A 25-Story SRC Building During the 1995 Hyogoken-Nanbu (Kobe) Earthquake Response of High-Rise RC Building during 1995 Kobe Earthquake Correlation of Damage and Analysis Experience from the 1995 Kobe Earthquake Development of Differential Quadrature Element Method for Vibration Analysis of Mindlin Plates Evaluation of Dynamic Contact Force of Vehicle Running on Random Roadway Surface of Bridges Statistical Characteristics of Dynamic Impact of Highway Bridges Nonlinear Random Vibration of Laminated Composite Plates Using High-Order Shear Theory Computer-Assisted Second-Order Averaging for Stochastic Systems The Approximate Solution to Non-Linear Random Vibration with A New NonGaussian Closure Method Computational Methods for Applied Random Vibration Analysis Effects of Supporting Stiffness for Cantilever Beams Subjected to Modulated Filtered White Noise Free Vibrations of Horizontally Non-Circular Curved Beams Free Vibrations of Quadratic Parabolic Arches

An Efficient Solution Method of Generalized Eigenproblems with Multiple Eigenvalues An Efficient Algebraic Method for Computing Natural Frequency and Mode Shape Sensitivities of Eigenproblem with Distinct an Modal Analysis of Elastic Linear System Response Using Hotelling Deflation Eigensolution Vibration Analysis of Special Orthotropic Plates on Elastic Foundation with Free Boundaries Analysis of Laminated Composite Structures by an Improved Shell Elements Elasticity Solution for Laminated Orthotropic Cylindrical Shells under Dynamic Local Patch Load Dual Finite Element Methods In Homogenisation For Elastic - Plastic Fibrous Composite Material Strength of Composite Beams with Eccentric, Reinforced, Rectangular Web Openings Three-Dimensional Vibrations of Anisotropic Laminated Cylindrical Shells Finite Element Analysis of R/C I-Beam Using Solid Element Bond-Slip and Tension Stiffening Effects in FE Analysis of R/C Structures Damage Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures under Earthquake Series Strength of RC Slab-Column Connection Subjected to Combined Effect of Shear Force & Bending Moment A Numerical Algorithm for the Integer Roots of a 3-Variable Linear Equation. Application to the Design of R/C Members in Flexu Thermo-Mechanical Cracking Analysis of a R.C. Industrial Chimney Mechanical Properties of High Strength and Performance Concrete Mortar Flexural and Shear Response of High Strength R/C Structural Walls under High Axial Stress Finite Element Analysis of Chloride Ion Intrusion into Concrete Structure Chrolide Ion Penetration of High Performance Concrete Analysis of RC Beams Damaged by Corrosion of Reinforcement under Cyclic Load by Using Rigid-Body-Spring-Model Modelling of Flexural Bond Behaviour in RHS Filled with High Strength Concrete Numerical Simulation of Deformational Properties of Fiber Reinforced Material with Paralell Structural Model Compressive Strength Development of Concrete with Different Curing Time and Temperature The Effect of Prestress on the Ultimate Strength of Statically Indeterminate PC Structures Using Computer Spreadsheets for the Cost-optimum Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures Outrigger-Braced Structures in Concrete Shear Failure Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams under Cyclic Loading A New Constitutive Law Based on Thermodynamic Approach for Crack-Modeling in R.C Consistent Algorithms for the Analysis of Strain Localization in Concrete Considering Damage and Plasticity Rate Dependent Damage Model for Concrete A Study on the Service Life of Concrete Structures Under Marine Environments Ultimate Flexural Stresses of Unbonded Tendon in Posttensioned Concrete Member Object Oriented Program for Design of Prefabricated Concrete Structures Interactive Construction of Bounding Surface of R/C L-Shaped Columns Subjected to Biaxial Bending with Axial Load Nonlinear Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Elements Computer Simulation of RC Frames under Earthquakes Span-Depth Ratio for Deflection Control of One-Way Reinforced Concrete Members Evaluating the Theoretical Approaches for the Analysis of RC Beams Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Pier Subjected to Axial Tension and Bending Progressive Damage Processes of Natural Draught Cooling Towers Analytic Curvature Relationships of Circular Cross Section R/C Columns Subjected to Bending with Axial Load A Transient Creep Model for Polycrystalline Ice A Systematic Design Procedure on Ceramic/Metal Functionally Graded Materials A Well-Defined Limit on the Use of the Yield Line Theory On Kinematic Hardening Rules in the Theory of Plasticity Differentiation of Load-Displacement Data for Nonlinear Stress-Strain Behavior A New Experimental Method to Determine Elasto-Plastic Material Parameters The Mathematical Planning

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