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Public Protection (food & safety)
Food Premises Inspection Report
Name of Business:                 Hong Kong Chinese Food
Address of food business:         166A Unthank Road, Norwich, NR2 2AB
Date of Inspection:               13 February 2013
Inspection Reference              13/00147/FOOD
Type of Premises:                    Takeaway
Areas Inspected:                     Main kitchen
Records Examined:                    Food safety management system – not completed properly
Details of Samples Procured:         None
Summary of Action Taken:             Informal

Introduction to the Report
The report has been divided into three sections representing the areas we score you against.
Each section begins with a summary of what was observed. The score you have been given
for each section is indicated. Details of how these scores relate to your overall food hygiene
rating are shown in the table at the front of the report. You can use the table to see what factors
have influenced your score; where you have done well and where improvements can still be

There may be an additional section covering health and safety concerns which fall outside the
scope of the national food hygiene rating scheme.

Timescale for Compliance
All Notices must be complied with by the date on the Notice. If no Notice is served you must
still deal with contraventions within a reasonable time. As a guide to compliance,
contraventions to do with cleaning, temperature control and poor practice should be dealt with
straight away. Those items which relate to structural repairs, training and the provision/review
of your food safety management system should be completed with within the next 2 months.
Health and safety contraventions should be dealt with within 3 months unless otherwise
indicated. Urgent matters must be dealt with straight away.

The Law
The report relates to the following legislation:
Food Safety Act 1990 (as amended)
Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 applied by The General Food Regulations 2004 (as amended)
Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 and No 853/2004 applied by Regulation 17(1) of the Food
Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006.
Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974 and related regulations.
This report may include matters which do not comply with the law (Contravention) matters
which are not required by the law but which we recommend as good practice
(Recommendation) guidance on best practice (Information) and, to balance the report,
observations of current practice (Observation).
You may carry out alternative works to those in the report, but only if they are equally effective
in securing full compliance with the law. Before undertaking alternative works, you are strongly
advised to discuss the matter with me.

Please Note
My inspection was not intended to identify every contravention of the law and only covers those
areas, practices and procedures examined at the time. The report concentrates on the principle
risks. If it fails to mention a particular item this does not mean you have necessarily complied
with the law.

                                       FOOD SAFETY

Please note that this is not a formal Hygiene Improvement Notice that requires you to do work.
Nevertheless, if you do not comply with this informal request, formal action will be considered.
Any contraventions should be given priority. It is in your interests to act now to secure

How we calculate your Food Hygiene Rating

Compliance Area                                                    You Score
Food Hygiene and Safety                              0         5   10        15   20       25
Structure and Cleaning                               0         5   10        15   20       25
Confidence in Management and Control                                              20
                                                     0         5   10                      30
Your Total
                   0 – 15        20        25 – 30       35 – 40     45 – 50        > 50
Your Worst
                      5          10          10            15           20             -
Your Rating                                                                            0
                      5           4           3            2            1

Your Food Hygiene Rating is 0 – urgent improvement is necessary

Food Hygiene


Standards of food hygiene are generally low and/or a serious offence has risked food safety. A
hygiene improvement notice or a revisit is planned. (Score 20)

Contamination Risks

1.   The following exposed food to the general risk of cross-contamination with bacteria or
     allergens or its physical contamination with dirt, foreign objects or chemicals

      •    Open rice stored in a colander on the floor under the stainless steel work bench in
           front of the range.
      •    Food stored in a plastic bowl on the floor near the open back door.
      •    Raw prawns stored next to cooked ready to eat prawns.
      •    Open drain under sink where chicken was defrosting.
      •    Badly damaged rack next to sink.
      •    Two ducks hanging from the extractor hood -blood accumulating on the floor.
     •      Raw onions stored on floor in bucket.
     •      Tomatoes stored under the raw meat preparation area and next to the waste bin.
     •      The Spider was badly damaged.
     •      The can opener was dirty.


2.   The following evidence showed you were failing to manage hand-washing operations
     and that as a consequence food was exposed to the risk of contamination with harmful
     bacteria such as E.coli 0157. (Contravention)

     •      There was no soap or towels to the wash hand basin.

Personal Hygiene

3.   The following items were examples of poor personal hygiene or where it was made
     difficult for food handlers to maintain high levels of personal cleanliness

     •      Cooking staff were wearing outdoor clothing with long sleeves under their
            aprons and ill fitting shoes.

4.   I recommend that staff wear hats when preparing or cooking food. (Recommendation)

Temperature Control

5.   The following matters exposed food to the risk of bacterial growth or survival

     •      Table top fridge was reading 9.60C. High risk foods should be stored at or below
     •      The Tefold stainless steel upright fridge was leaking from the back.
     •      There were no labels on foods stored in the chest freezer and some foods were

6.   I was pleased to see that foods were kept in lidded containers in the fridges.

7.   I recommend that food containers are labelled and dated so that the oldest food is used
     or sold first ie “first in first out”. (Recommendation)


8.   The following matters represented poor practice and if allowed to continue may cause
     food to become contaminated or lead to its deterioration (Observation):

     •      It is not good practice to put cardboard on floor surfaces as the floor cannot be kept
            clean. (If floor surfaces are slippery then action should be taken to improve the
            non-slip property of the floor surface and the type of shoes worn by staff should be

9.   I recommend that you do not keep your scoops in the flour and rice as this can be a
     cause of contamination from bacteria. (Recommendation)

Structure and Cleaning


Standards of cleaning and/or maintenance are tolerable but many minor offences were seen. I
accepted your verbal undertaking to make more effort. (Score 15)


10.   The following items were dirty and require more frequent and thorough cleaning

      •    There was food debris behind the chest freezer.
      •    The fly screen to the back door was damaged.
      •    The threshold to back door was dirty.
      •    The light diffusers in the kitchen had dead flies in them.

11.   The following cleaning methods and materials were not sufficient to control the spread of
      harmful bacteria such as E.coli 0157 between surfaces. (Contravention)

      •    Sanitisers must meet the requirements of the BSEN 1276:1997 or the BSEN
           13697:2001 and you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for dilution, storage
           and contact time to ensure the sanitiser is effective.

Facilities and Structural Provision

12.   The following facilities were inadequate or absent and must be provided or improved

      •    The door to the electronic stainless steel fridge came off when opened.

Confidence in Management


You have a varying track record, no food safety management system and there is a staff
training need. A hygiene improvement notice or a revisit is planned. (Score 20)

Hazards to Food

13.   The following matters demonstrated that you had not identified hazards to food or their
      methods of control at critical points in your operation (Contravention):

      •    Raw meats were handled by hand to transfer to the wok. Tongs or other utensils
           can protect food from contamination, but it is essential that equipment used to
           handle raw food is kept separate from that used for ready to eat food. It is
           recommended that these are colour coded if possible. Hand hygiene is also
           relevant where tongs are used in order to prevent the spread of contamination on

Documented Food Safety Management System

14.   The following are examples of where your working practices had not been properly
      documented in your food safety management system. Make sure your documented
      system reflects exactly what you do. (Contravention):

      •    Cross contamination.
      •    Cleaning.
      •    Wearing washable overclothing.
      •    Temperature control.
      •    Training.

15.   I recommend that you get a refill diary pack. For your SFBB pack you can obtain one
      direct from the FSA order line 0845 6060667. (Recommendation)


16.   The following evidence indicated there was a staff training need (Contravention):

      •    It was apparent from discussions during my inspection that the level of food hygiene
           awareness amongst your staff was inadequate on certain important food safety
           matters related to their work responsibilities. It is recommended that all handlers of
           high risk foods and all operators and managers of food businesses attend a food
           hygiene course Level 2 training. (Recommendation)

17. The following providers are known to carry out training in Chinese:-

      •    Mr Ivor Bartram
           Broadland Council
           Yarmouth Road

            Tel: 01603 431133

      Organises occasional courses in Chinese in the Norwich area through
      Mr Chung Ming on 01603 765716.

      •    An online or by post training programme in Chinese –
           Tel: 0870 9908799

      This course can be done via a computer or using a workbook sent in the post. There
      is obviously a need to be able to read and write Chinese.

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