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Board Report January 2005


									The Power of Film

  The National Trust
      The power of film
27% of Britons say they have chosen holiday destinations as a result of reading about
them in a novel or seeing them in a movie or TV series.

The Harry Potter movies have boosted tourism in the Northumberland area by 16%,
while the film Calendar Girls has secured a 15% tourism rise for the Yorkshire Dales.

45% of 16 to 24-year-olds in Briton say books and films have had
a major impact on their holiday destinations.
Days filming 2002 - 2004

    50                        November
    40                        December
    30                        January
         2002   2003   2004
Secondary Benefits

• Based on cost of terrestrial TV advertising at
    £65,000 per minute (off peak) exposure for
    Trust in documentaries alone in excess of
    £100 million worth in that two year period
•   Production companies have spent in excess
    of £3 million in the local economy of
    properties hosting filming
 Visitor Figures
According to Visit Britain 1 in 5 visitors go to a
destination based on an image.
Springwatch in 2005 resulted in a 23% increase in
visitors to the Farne Isles

Following the BBC 2 documentary about Tyntesfield
(ratings of 3.3 million) in January 2003 the tours of the
property are sold out.

Britains Finest helped boost visitor figures Stowe saw
an increase of 4000 visitors after transmission. Powis
also saw an increase of 6000, Bodiam 7000 and
Hardwick 6000.
Economic generation
•According to the DCMS for every pound spent on a
location another £2.50 is spent in the local economy

•Die Another Day spent £500,000 in a month whilst
filming in Cornwall where for every Trust job another 3

•Documentary Darien Venture spent £5000 in 4 days in
Cornwall not including our fee

•The over night hotel bills on Piccadilly Jim were
£40,000 a night
Spreading the load

• Every region has seen an increase in
 filming and all bar one have hosted a
 feature film.

• Every region has hosted a major
 television drama
Below line advantages
• The Trust has appeared on three movie maps
    distributed by Visit Britain each in three languages
    and 500,000 copies
•   Pride & Prejudice have agreed to a costume
    exhibition on the films release
•   All Contracts commit producers to sharing publicity
•   Enterprises have released a CD of classical music
    from films shot on Trust property. This has already
    generated more than 20 articles in various
•   NT credits have appeared on more films and TV
Can we do this?

• Conservation issues.
• Time scale - Yesterday and tomorrow.
• Staffing and costs.
• Credits.
• Blink and you will miss us - the jigsaw
• Surviving the edit.
Do we want to do this?

• Reputation - fly on the wall or spy on the
• Image - crime, security, satire and good
• H & S - regulation - kids, guns, animals
  and nudity.
Give them the story

• Regional Documentaries - Back to Backs,
    Year in the life of Landhydrock.
•   National documentaries - The National Trust
Marketing – moving forward
•   Website
•   Photo Library
•   Be quick
•   Screen commissions
•   Location Managers
•   If you build it they will come but not perhaps
Films featuring Trust properties
since 2002
• Thunderbirds
    (Cliveden opposite)
•   Bridget Jones 2
    Edge of Reason
•   To Kill a King
•   Die Another Day
    (Bond 20)
•   Johnny English
•   Ladies in Lavendar
Forthcoming attractions

• Harry Potter and the
    Goblet of Fire
•   The Libertine
•   Piccadilly Jim
•   Pride & Prejudice
Major new drama coming soon

•   Poirot
•   Class of 76
•   The History Boys
•   Dr Who
Christmas 2004 – the Trust
appeared in……..
•   Roman Road
•   Tom Browns School Days
•   Distant Shores
•   Harry Potter – The Philosophers
•   Antiques Roadshow
    History of Britain
•   BBC Spotlight lunchtime &
    Evening news live show from
•   Changing Rooms Boscastle
    Christmas special
•   A Seaside Parish Boscastle
    flood special

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