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                   Lesson Plan Sample Template – Vancouver Island University
Name: Dean Thorsell

Grade 7                                     Topic            Handball 1
Date     N/A                                Allotted Time    1 Hour
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1. Rationale: Why is this lesson relevant at this time with these students?

Students are beginning a week of handball. Fun, active, and develops movement skills.

2. Provincial Learning Outcome(s): What IRP outcome(s) does this lesson develop?

B1 - apply learned movement skills in new and unfamiliar physical activities
B2 - demonstrate proper technique to send and receive objects with accuracy, distance, and control in
unpredictable settings (e.g., kick an object varying distances, intercept an object from an opponent,
pass an object to a moving partner)
B3 - perform sequences using learned non-locomotor, locomotor, and manipulative movement skills,
demonstrating effective use of qualities of movement (e.g., speed, force, flow)

3. Assessment

     Lesson Outcome                   Sources of Evidence                      Criteria
   What will students learn?       What product or action will       What will you look for in this
                                    show what students have                   evidence?

Students will be able to apply   Students will be able to throw      Students are following cues
learned movement skills in       the handball accurately to a        “big step” and “follow through
new and unfamiliar physical      partner with proper use of          towards partner”. Ball is
activities                       cues.                               going toward partner
Students will be able to         Students will be able to throw
demonstrate proper technique     the handball accurately in          Students are able to throw and
to send and receive objects      unpredicatable settings like a      follow cues while they are
with accuracy, distance, and     mini – game or free for all         running and jumping around.
control in                       dodgeball. Once again proper        Throwing balls at moving
unpredictable settings           use of cues.                        objects, accuracy is
Students will be able to         Students will be able to throw
perform sequences using          the handball accurately in          Students are able to throw
learned non-locomotor,           unpredictable settings.             handball while to a teammate
locomotor, and manipulative                                          while being defended.
movement skills,
demonstrating effective use of
Last Revised: Fall 2005
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qualities of movement

4. Resources, Material and Preparation: What resources, materials and preparation are required?

30 Handballs, Pinnies, Cones

5. Lesson Development                                                                          Pacing
         Introduction: How will you introduce this lesson in a manner that
          engages students and activates their thinking?
Come in the gym and there will be 5 stations of throwing activities. At each
station there will be a card describing what to do at that station. Every time I
say switch you will switch and go to a new station. The stations are as follows
        1. Shoot basketball into hoops
        2. Throw Dodgeball at the target (10 yds.)
        3. Play catch with softball and baseball gloves (10 yds.)
        4. Throw dodgeball at garbage can and try to get it in
        5. Throw football back and forth
Students will get the hang of throwing a variety of different balls and therefore
become more comfortable using a wide range of balls while throwing.

         Teaching/Learning Sequence: What steps and activities are you going
          to use to help students acquire and practice the knowledge, skills
          and/or attitudes needed to meet the outcome?
First we would practice throwing in a safe game. The game we will play is get your
garbage out of my backyard. The class will be divided in two teams. With all the balls
in the middle of the court the teams would run up and try to throw as many balls in the
other teams court. At the end of 2 minutes, you count the balls in each court and the
team with the least amount of balls is declared the winner. For each ball thrown after
the whistle the team will be penalized one point. I would emphasize the cues “big
step toward partner” and “follow through toward partner”. We would play 4 games of

Next we would play a game of free for all dodgeball. In this game there are more
balls than there are players. Every player is for themselves; anyone can hit you. But
also you are everyone’s team mate; you are trying to save as many people as you can.
You are only hit if you are hit below the chest. When you are hit, you sit down with
your legs straight out. You are saved as soon as someone steps over your legs.
Finally we would play some handball mini-games. The gym would be split in four
parts (Blue divider in middle of gym has goals taped into it, then each half of gym
divided with benches). I would have teams of 3-4. To score there will be targets
placed on the wall or divider, and all they have to do is hit a piece of the target. In
order to keep score, both teams must agree that they would like to keep score. Extra
teams will sit in middle and they can play one goal, winner stays on format. Lower
levels can play on one side of gym, and higher levels on the other. Maybe even a king
of court format but keep it somewhat of a secret.
Last Revised: Fall 2005
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         Closure: How will you solidify the learning that has taken place and
          deepen the learning process?
What important thing can you tell me about throwing today?
Fill out personal assessment form. (ie. How well did you participate (ie. Strip,
behavior, participation, leadership)? Rate the games/activities. Name one
important thing about throwing.)

6. Accommodations (adaptations, extensions, other ): How will you plan for students who have
   learning/behaviour difficulties or require enrichment?

Adaptations for game 1: Students that are feel the most comfortable with throwing will use lighter balls
……………for game 2: Challenge to see how many can they save, how many they can hit, and the
longest time they can stay up. Compete against oneself, start from 0 after being hit. Establish safety
precautions and rules.
……………for game 3: Might separate most talented students onto different teams, or may just let equal
leveled learners play against each other. (ie. Lvl 1’s vs. Lvl 1’s). Might have different rules for Lvl. 1’s
like defender can’t be within 5 feet of thrower, allowed to run with it, etc.

Last Revised: Fall 2005

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