Physical Education Lesson Plan

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Physical Education Lesson Plan
Grade: 12                                 Lesson/Unit: 5 of Gymnastics                     Date: April 8th, 2008


               Activity          Benefits Health                       Cooperation                     Do it Daily…For Life!
                  *                     *                                  *                                      *
            Basic    Applic-    Func-      Body    Well-   Comm-        Fair   Leader-   Team-   Effort   Safety   Goal        Active
Specific    Skills   ation of   tional     Image   being   unication    Play   ship      work                      Setting/-   Living in
Outcomes             Basic      Fitness                                                                            Personal    the
                     Skills                                                                                        Challenge   Community
              *          *        *                 *         *                  *         *       *        *           *

Learning Activities/Teaching Strategies
 Allot five minutes at the beginning of class to demonstrate and explain the 3 stations
 Refer to Appendix A for a complete floor plan of station components
 Station Set-up:
      o There are three stations total
      o Students will be divided into groups of four or five and assigned a station
      o Each group will have five minutes at each station
      o For the first three minutes the students will follow the demonstrated movement
          patterns of each station; they will move continuously through the circuit for the
          full three minutes (do not stop when you reach your beginning point)
      o For the final two minutes they have free time for self-discovery, creativity and
      o Music will be playing throughout the lesson; a stop in the music signals a
          station change
      o A bell or whistle will be used to indicate the two minutes of free time
      o Students will rotate in a counter-clockwise fashion

Station 1: Vault and Trampoline
 Begin at point 1A; students will locomote on all fours in the lowest possible level (give
    visual of a mouse) moving at a quick tempo to point 1B
 From 1B to 1C students move on all fours at a medium level at a medium speed (give
    visual of bear)
 At point 1C, perform a forward roll using the transverse axis of rotation
 Students will jump off point 1C and perform a stag or cat leap in flight onto the
 On the trampoline, students will execute two 360 degree rotations using the
    longitudinal axis
        o Note: if the students feel proficient at the longitudinal rotation, they may
            challenge themselves by carrying out a front flip using the transverse axis
 Each student will dismount from the trampoline with a tour jete or scissor leap and land
    on their back

        o Note: to ensure the safety of the students, they should land with their heads in a
             neutral position, all body parts landing equal, arms out no more than 45 degrees
             from body, and maintain a rigid body
   From point 1D to 1E, the students will locomote in a springing fashion (give visual of
    red hot springing surface)
   Students will run from point 1E to the beat board, jump onto the vault and attempt a
    front flip onto the mats
        o Note: challenge the students to perform a front hand spring off the vault
        o Students may land on their feet or on their backs
   After the five minute mark, the station 1 group will move to station 2 (floor)

Station 2: Floor
 At this station, the students will be presented with two index cards that they may
    choose between
        o Card 1: Stuntnastics (refer to Appendix B)
        o Card 2: Dance/tumble routine (refer to Appendix B)
 This is a primarily student directed station to encourage creativity
 Each group will have the opportunity to present their routine/formations in the last two
    minutes of the lesson

Station 3: Rings, ropes and bars
 This station is designed to be a mission impossible relay race
 Students will be divided into two teams at the station (if there are five in the group, one
    member in the team of two must go twice)
        o The race starts at the climbing ropes, where they must climb up the rope and
            touch the piece of coloured tape; they may climb back down, or perform a safe
            landing by dropping to the mat
        o The student will then run to the pommel horse which they will circle around
            three times
        o The contestants will then run across the wide parallel bars
        o The students will shimmy to the centre of the second set of parallel bars using
            only their arms (if students are having difficulty accomplishing this, they can
            use the side of the mat for support)
        o From the centre of the parallel bars the students will maneuver over the bar onto
            the mat
        o Students will then run under the third set of parallel bars and perform a front roll
            over the cheese mats.
        o From the cheese mats the students will run to the platform of the high parallel
            bars and swing across one bar using one of the grips previously learned in class.
        o They will then make their way to the pit and perform any type of rotation into
            the pit
        o The students will exit from the back of the pit, locomote back to the start (ropes)
            and tag the next person in line
 After all members of the team have completed the relay, the students will have one last
    “mission”. Two opposing team members will compete in a gladiator fight using one

   ring each over the pit. The goal is to make their opponent let go of the ring first. (Note:
   students must only use their feet – NO KICKING).

 Each group will present their dance/tumble routine to the rest of the class
 Students will be given positive feedback regarding things such as:
      o Skill improvement observed
      o Effort and hard work
      o Teamwork
      o Peer encouragement
 Give overview of the next class

Equipment       Safety Considerations
Trampoline      Falling from height (ropes)
Vault           Trampoline dismounts
Mats            Front handspring off the vault
Parallel bars
Pommel horse

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