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									The 3rd IND China International Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs
Machinery and Packaging Machinery Expo
Date: July 3--5, 2013

Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center, China

Official website: Http://www.foodoilexpo.com

The 4th IND China International Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs
Machinery and Packaging Machinery Expo
Date: October 16--18, 2013

Venue: Beijing National Agriculture Exhibition Center, China

Official website: Http://www.foodoilexpo.com

The 3rd IND Organizers:
Chinese Nutrition Society
China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association

The 4th IND Organizers:
Oil & Fat Sub- Council of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association
China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association
Chinese Nutrition Society

Yonghong International Expo (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
Yonghong Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.

Beijing Bowen Sunshine Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

Beijing BXY Corporation Manage Adviser Center
Jiangsu Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Henan Huatai Cereals & Oil Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou Siwei Grain & Oil Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.
Xi’an Kunbo Engineering And Technology Development Co,.Ltd.
Anhui Zhongke Optic- Electronic Color Sorter Machinery Co., Ltd.
Anhui Xinyuan Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Chunxiang Logistics Identification Technology Co., Ltd.
Shandong Anqiu Huayi Machinery Factory
Wuhan Crown Friendship Edible Oils Engineering Co., Ltd.
Luoyang Goldenshine Hydraulic Press Machinery Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Sonsen Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.
China Cotton-Unis Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Coteke Co., Ltd.
Beijing Zhongqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Dadi Weiye Packing Industrial Co., Ltd.
Binzhou Taurus Industrial Co., Ltd.
Ferrell-Ross Mechanical Equipment Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Hefei Yougao Packaging Engineering Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Myande Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.

On 14th—16th, Nov. 2011, the eye-catching IND China International Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs
Machinery and Packaging Machinery Expo was held successfully in Beijing National Agriculture
Exhibition Center. The appearance of many cereals & oils machinery, food machinery, packaging
machinery and related production equipment made the expo well received in the industry.
Oct. 23—25, 2012 had witnessed the 2nd IND China International Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs
Machinery and Packaging Machinery Expo in Beijing National Agriculture Exhibition Center, the

scale and specification of which was larger than the 1st expo. Attracted by the industry gathering,
many famous enterprises had attended such as Tom Machinery, Crown Friendship, Henan Huatai,
Xi’an Kunbo, Zhongke Optic- Electronic, Xinyuan Packaging, Guangzhou Sonsen, China
Cotton-Unis, Dadi Weiye, Taurus Industrial, Anqiu Huayi, Beijing Ferrell-Ross, Hefei Yougao,
Chengdu Bosa, Chunxiang Identification, Zhongqiang Machinery, etc.

    Wang Ruiyuan, executive vice president of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association and

president of oil & fat sub-council, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. He said that

this expo was a great opportunity to learn and exchange, to make friends and expand market. Enhance

the connection between producing and marketing enterprises by product display, propagandizing

enterprise image, improving brands and economic benefits. Brainstorm ideas and plans for the future

development of the industry.

    Yonghong International Expo (Beijing) Co., Ltd. had been working effectively on the preparation

for the 2nd expo, whose hard work had won reputation and respect from the clients. It has been

proved that Oil & Fat Sub-council of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association had made the right

decision, choosing Yonghong Expo as the undertaker. The two will achieve a long-term partnership to

build a better platform for the combination of supply and demand in the industry.

The 3rd IND will be held in Shanghai, May 2013
At the request of the exhibitors and visitors, since 2013 the 3rd IND China International Cereals, Oils
& Foodstuffs Machinery and Packaging Machinery Expo will be on a tour exhibition in Shanghai—a
planning display area of 7000 ㎡. With quality service, the expo will be committed to promoting the
development and connection of the industry, and maximize the value of brand, economy and the third
party attestation. The program managing department of the organizing committee was officially
established on Nov 1, 2012, and the preparation for the expo started ever since.

The 4th IND will be held in Beijing, Oct. 2013
According to the leaders of the following: Oil & Fat Sub-council of Chinese Cereals and Oils
Association & China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association,the director of IND
organizing committee and the organizers: Chinese Nutrition Society, China Green Economic
Development Institute & Yonghong International Expo (Being) Co., Ltd., the 4th IND will be held on
October 16—18, 2013, with large scale & high specifications in Beijing National Agricultural
Exhibition Center, an area of 13.000 ㎡. The expo will be a great platform for the combination of
supply with demand in the industry. Welcome to the expo!

Sincerely Inviting:
An excellent expo is a guarantee of economic profits, brand benefits and market shares. Covering the
whole world as well as nationwide, The IND China International Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs
Machinery and Packaging Machinery Expo is a gathering for bright outlook of the industry. Your
valuable opinions and suggestions will be more than appreciated. We are making every effort to
achieve all-win with cooperation and communication. Sincerely welcome you to the expo!

Investment Scope:
1. Food processing machinery: beverage machinery, liquor processing machinery, dairy product
machinery, filling machinery, ice cream equipment. Meat processing machinery, frying machine,
canned product processing machinery. Fruit and vegetable machinery, confectionery machinery, soy
product machinery, leisure food machinery, agricultural product processing equipment. Water
treatment equipment, transportation equipment, bakery equipment, sterilization equipment, testing
equipment, drying equipment, refrigerated and fresh-keeping equipment, etc.
2. Packaging machinery: automatic packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, granules /
powder automatic packaging machine, sewing machine, heat shrinkage film, sealing film, filling
machine, wrapping machine, gowns cover packaging machine, strapping packaging machinery,
composite soft package machinery, vessel manufacturing and molding equipment, capping machine,
sealing machine, flexitank, plastic machinery and plastic bottle, glass bottle, bootleg cap, kinds of
hoist, heap charter, automatic palletizer, belt conveyor, packaging machinery series(liquid, lump,

scattered mitochondrial packaging machine), filling machine series ( liquid filling machine, paste
filling machine, powder filling machine, particles filling machine), shrinking machine series, sealing
machine series, coder machine series, inkjet printer series, baler machine series, labeling machine.
3. Grain machinery, rice, powder, food processing equipment, automatic vermicelli production line,
noodle production line, flour machine, noodle equipment, rice grading sieve, feed ( meal ) shredder,
wood silo, grain delivery machine, the fried instant noodle production line, cleaning sieve, circulating
air separator, warehouse detection threshold, various models of cylindrical screen, electric sieve,
cotton gin, grinding rolls, circulation fumigation system, ventilation unit, white rice polishing
machine, efficient magnetic separator, grain dryer, rice milling equipment, rice featured machines,
manual mill, extruder, rice mill, washing centrifugal sieve, grain & oil deep--processing equipment,
grain and oil processing control technology machine.
4. Oil machinery: pressing machine, refind oil equipment, sets of leakage equipment, sets of salad oil
equipment, heat oil control machine, measuring machine, oil sales machine, edible oil filter
decolorization machine, steaming and frying pan, oil filter, to take off the soap machine, dehydrator,
dryer, decolorizing pot, deodorization pot, hydrated pan, flaking machine, refining cans, decolorizing
cans, deodorization cans, frame plate oil filter, match machine, mixing machine, centrifuge, shucking
machine, crushing machine, steam boiler, round sieve, vibrating screen, flat sieve, destoner,
evapo-separated machine, speed reduce machine, condenser, standing stranding cage, flat stranding
cage, hoisting machine, scraper conveyor, electric integration equipment.
5. Packaging material and products: model equipment , film, Aluminum foil class, Foam plastic film,
gummed tape, adhesive, packing belt, wood products, kinds of packagings, Special composite
materials, fresh-keeping and prevention environment tableware, Pulp film plastic, etc.
6. Auxiliary production equipment, packaging machinery count categories, flasking, boxing, bottling,
cleaning, drying, molding, capping, weighing, coding, printing, bearing, air compressor, timing belt,
clutch, transmission equipment, aseptic packaging, and other specialty packaging materials, etc.
7. Food management and service system, food measuring machine, food project designing, testing
equipment, cleaning technology, data management, etc.
8. Technology & the extension: packaging designing, advertising designing, brand promotion.
9. Social group, research units, college and universities, etc.

Prices for booth, advertising or forum please see quotation list
for more.
Participation Procedures:
1. Exhibitors should have valid qualifications, QS certification and other legal documents, etc.
2. The person in charge of the company should fill "Exhibitor Application and Contract Form" after
selecting the booth, then have it affixed with a seal, fax or e-mail it to the Organizing Committee
Secretariat. (the fax or photocopy of the contract has the same effect), the Organizing Committee
Secretariat will issue a "Booth Confirmation" to exhibitors after receiving the "Exhibitor Application
and Contract Form" within two days.
3. Exhibitors should transfer the exhibition fees to the designated bank account of the Organizing
Committee of the exposition within five days when receiving the "Booth confirmation", otherwise the
Organizing Committee may have the right to change or cancel the qualification of the booth.
4. The Organizing Committee adheres to principles of first application, first payment, and first
5. The Organizing Committee is entitled to adjust some of the confirmed booths based on the
requirement for overall effect and fire safety of the venue.

Method of Remittance:
Account Name: Yong Hong International Expo (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Account number for USD:         0200 0031 0920 0033 539
Account number for EURO:        0200 0031 0920 0033 663

Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zhushikou Branch.

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