Your Writing Coach by xiangpeng


									Your Writing Coach

Jennifer Meagan Allen
How much of your course is

 Discussion Boards
 Seminar Option 2s
 Projects
    ◦ Persuasive Essay
    ◦ Reflective Journal
    ◦ Instructional Plan
The Coaching Concept
I am here to help you with…
 Grammar
 Thesis statements
 Formatting
 Research
 Anything that involves writing!!!
      How does it work?
You may contact me through…
 Email:
 AIM:
 Writing Coach Discussion Board
 Phone

You will also see me involved in…
 Doc Sharing
 Course Announcements
 Adobe Connect Teleseminars

We could also meet in the Adobe Connect room individually!
Adobe Connect
 It’s easy to use!
 I will hold special teleseminars just for
  your course!
 We can go over your document together!
 If you have a mic, you could talk too!

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