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					      March 2008                                                                                Newsletter

We got to make a few flights around San Diego in the C-45.             below are the boys helping build the new Bracket Tow Bar for
The first flight I took John Flippen in the Co Pilot seat (shown       the C-45 in the hangar prior to towing the C-45 down to the
above flying), down to Brown Field for some AVGAS. Then                Instrument Overhaul shop.
from there we flew around Navy North Island, Point Loma, La
Jolla and then back over MCAS Miramar to Gillespie Field.              I researched the history of the C-45 which originally was built
Blake and Parker were onboard in the passenger seats (shown            in 1943 as an AT-7 Navigation Trainer stationed in San Mar-
below) with Janet and Larry Bierma onboard as well. The next           cos Texas. (See article page 3 for detailed history on our new
day Mark Bauer and I took off and flew the same route (see             aircraft).
photo right above). After having fun flying I brought the plane
over to Instrument Overhaul Avionics where Gary and Lee                We can use more volunteers on Saturday am, as we still need
fixed the defective NAV/COM #1 by identifying the antenna              to finish the annual inspection by checking out the wheels and
was missing from the plane. It was replaced and the radio now          landing gear. Next we need to run up the engines, checking
works fine. The NAV #2 radio was found to be not connected             the compression, timing, and changing the oil. Right now the
at all to the connector which was tied off under the instrument        left engine fuel pump and carburetor are off the plane for over-
panel. Then Gary and Lee checked out the Stormscope and it             haul.
now works. They installed a David Clark power supply for the
new 10-XL ENC headsets up front, fixed the fuel quantity in-           We plan on working on the plane each Saturday in March
dicator knob, and mounted a Garmin 496 mount with power                (except for 15 Mar when we are all headed to the St Patrick’s
for our Navigation needs. The pitot static system was checked          Day parade) then taking it to Tucson and Porterville Airshows.
out (due every 24 months) and found to be acceptable. Seen

    SAN DIEGO MILITARY                                            VEHICLE COLLECTOR CLUB

♦   15th March St Patrick’s Day Parade Balboa Park
       ♦   Glen Elliot coordinates this fine event each year. This year the weather is suppose to cooperate!
           Meet up at 0930 or so by meeting around 6th Street and Laurel with the parade running down 5th
           and back up on 6th street. We usually meet for lunch afterwards.
♦   29th March: Riverside Municipal Airshow and Military Vehicle Encampment
       ♦   Combination of a nice one day Airshow and a Military Vehicle Encampment involving all the SO-
           CAL Military Vehicle Clubs.
♦   17th April Tierrasanta Patriots Day Parade
       ♦   Pat Vargas called it right last year. Bring lots of CANDY to toss at the kids along the route. Glen
           Elliot is coordinating.
♦   26th Memorial Day Military Vehicle Display at the USS Midway
       ♦    Vehicles are needed onboard the Midway, as well as on the pier. Contact Jim O if you are inter-
           ested in participating.
♦   31 May La Mesa Flag Day Parade
♦   Oceanside 4th of July Parade
♦   Julian 4th of July Parade
♦   Pine Valley Days (end of July)

                                                                     USAAF AT-7 43-33362
                                                                     USAF C-45G 51-11472
                                                                     Detailed Aircraft History

Originally manufactured by Beechcraft as an AT-7 c/n 5635 USAAF 43-33362; The Aircraft was originally configured with a Ce-
      lestial Navigation dome behind the pilot / co-pilot and 3 Student Navigator Stations in the cabin.
07OCT43 Assigned to the Navigation Training School at San Marcos AAF, Texas 7Oct43.
           San Marcos AAF (IATA: HYI, ICAO: KHYI)
           Became San Marcos Air Force Base (AFB) (1947-1955)
           Renamed: Gary Air Force Base (AFB) (1955-1956)
           Transferred to the U. S. Army and became Camp Gary (1956-1963)
           Now: San Marcos Municipal Airport
 While stationed at San Marcos AAF, in WWII, our aircraft was involved in (4) recorded accidents:
           Accident 28Oct43 San Marcos AAF, TX.
           Accident 27Jul44 TX.
           Accident 16Oct44 TX.
           Accident 29Aug45 TX.
Transferred to Victorville (George AFB?).
1948       Transferred to McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, CA, Re-designated as a T-7
1949       Transferred to the Chief of Naval Research, Floyd Bennett Field in December.
JUN 1951             Transferred to Beechcraft Aircraft at Wichita, KS with authority to reclaim.
14APR52              Remanufactured by Beech as USAF C-45G 51-11472 new c/n AF-29, delivered 14Apr52. Conversion to C-
45H entailed a prop change from Aeroproducts to H-S Hydromatic and related crankshaft changes. Also the Celestial Navigation
Dome was removed, 4-5 passenger seats were added in place of the 3 navigator’s work areas and the aircraft assumed transport du-
Apr 1952             To 6540th Missile Test Wing (Air Research and Development Command), Patrick AFB FL
Mar 1953             To AF Missile Test Center (ARDC), Patrick AFB
Oct 1953             To Wright Air Development Center (ARDC), Wright-Patterson AFB OH Re-designated as an EC-45G the “E”
      prefix meant that the aircraft was exempt from compliance with all except urgent action technical orders. The “E” classifica-
      tion letter was dropped in 1955, and was replaced by the letter J or N This aircraft was designated as a JC-45G in 1955. We
      don't know what the Wright-Patterson mission was.
Mar 1957 Reclassified to C-45G
Jul 1957        Transferred to San Bernardino Air Materiel Command, at Norton AFB CA in Southern California.
Nov 1958 To Arizona Aircraft Storage Branch (Air Materiel Command), Davis-Monthan AFB AZ
Jul 1960        Dropped from inventory as surplus; 2704th AF Aircraft Storage & Disposition Group sold aircraft to H. H. Coffield,
                Rockdale, TX Bill of Sale 10Oct60 for $3,575.
25SEP62         First civilian Certificate of Airworthiness was issued. Registered 04Oct62 as N9576Z
15OCT83 Dean Martin & Jim Goodwin, East Middlebury, VT purchased aircraft from the estate of H.H. Coffield
23Apr84         To just Dean Martin Registered as N602DM
13Aug84         Painted in “Class of “42” 4P USN SNB “Manila” markings by Dean Martin
25SEP84         C & A Ventures Inc, Fort Myers, FL
29DEC86 Registration cancelled when aircraft exported to Canada. International Vintage Aircraft Inc, Markham, ON 23Jul86.
                Never registered in Canada.
23MAR92 Registered to International Vintage Aircraft Inc, % registration agent E. Frank Doty, Morris Plains, NJ as N602DM
27DEC95 Registered to Northaire Inc, Wilmington, DE Reregistered as N181MH to Jasmine Inc (Michael G. Horn, Sherwood,
      AR president of Northaire & Jasmine), Wilmington, DE 1Apr05.
2007       James S. Boudreaux, Pelham, AL registered as 181MH
13FEB08              Registered to James T Ostrich, La Mesa, CA President of Warbirds West Air Museum, Inc as N181MH

                                                                       WWAM Tour: Davis
                                                                       Monthan Boneyard, and
                                                                       Pima Air Museums
                                                                       days, comes to $75 per person. The AMARC bus only holds
                                                                       47 people so the first 47 registered get to go. Any others will
                                                                       have to take separate / individual bus tours through PASM
                                                                       later in the day as space permits.

                                                                       You can mail WWAM (Warbirds West Air Museum, Inc.)
                                                                          a check, or call me with your credit card info, or send
Currently we have 26 planes and 73 people “pre-registered”for             the money via PayPal to warbirdswest@cox.net to pay
this event. The logistics of flying into Mirana (Pinal Airpark)           for the weekend expenses, before 14 March 2008:
and shuttling aircraft and people around daily become pretty
unwieldy so I simplified the logistics and weekend activities to                Warbirds West Air Museum, Inc
fly in and base out of Tucson International. Here is the new                    7918 El Cajon Blvd N#363
proposed event details:                                                         La Mesa, CA 91941
                                                                                (858) 414 6258
              Thursday (Optional Fly In Day)
                                                                       After March 14th the prices will go up to $100 per person for
    Friday (11 April) Arrive (KTUS) Tucson International                   the weekend package. No further registrations after 31
                                                                           March 2008.
Park at the Tucson Executive Terminal located at the base of
the tower. They will provide marshallers and will park us in a         Weather and other factors may require you to cancel. You can
group on the ramp.                                                        cancel up to 31 March and receive a refund (minus $16
                                                                          cancellation fee to cover admin / credit card fees basically
Pre reserved Car Rentals will be available for pick up at the             non refundable fees I have to incur.)
FBO from Enterprise Car Rental. If you want to rent a car
from another vendor you will have to make your own way to              Hotels are going to be paid for individually and separately.
the Passenger Terminal for pick up and drop off.
                                                                       Lloyd at Tucson Executive arranged for a discounted rate of
♦    1030 Meet at the Pima Air and Space Museum.                       $72 / room at the Clarion Hotel.
♦    1100 board PASM bus for AMARC boneyard tour
     (included) then Lunch at PASM (included)                          You need to call the Clarion Hotel at 520 746 3932 and
♦ 1400 – 1700 Tram and then self guided tour PASM                      mention you want to reserve a room in the WARBIRDS
♦ 1700 Check in to Clarion Hotel                                       FLY IN block of rooms at $72 / night.
♦ 1830 Rendezvous for dinner
                      Saturday (12 April)                              Discounted car rental reservations from Enterprise can be
♦ 0900 Arrive at Davis Monthan AFB (in vehicles)                           made by calling Tucson Executive at (520) 573-8128.
♦ 0945 Desert Survival Course at USAF SERE School                          Just tell them you need a car for the WARBIRDS FLY IN
♦ 1045 A-10 Brief Capt Jamie Hunt USAF                                     weekend and tell them the dates you need the car. The car
                                                                           will be waiting for you when you park on the ramp.
♦ 1100 A-10 Tour
♦ 1200 Drive back to PASM Lunch PASM (included in
                                                                       USAF Capt Jamie Hunt (T-34 owner / A-10 Pilot) has ar-
     your weekend fee)
                                                                          ranged for us to receive a desert survival lecture from
♦ 1300 Optional Formation Flying Afternoon Program                        SERE (Survival Escape and Evasion School) at Davis
♦         Formation Flight Brief to / from former T-34 Training           Monthan AFB on Saturday. After SERE school, Jamie
          Base Mirana AFB (now Pinal Air Park) KMZJ;                      will provide us with a brief on the A-10, and then a possi-
♦ 1400 – 1630 Tour Mirana / Pinal Boneyard (home of the                   ble A-10 tour. Fly In location for your GPS: KTUS
     Gimli Glider, Beech Startships etc; Brief and Fly Back to            (Tucson International)
♦ 1830 Group Dinner at Lil Abner Steakhouse;                           Sunrise / Sunset Time Tucson (2008)
       Sunday (13 April) Turn in vehicles and depart.
I have worked out all the logistical details and figured out the                11 5:28 AM 19:12 PM
costs based on a 50 person attendance. I need to pre pay and
                                                                                12 5:28 AM 19:13 PM
sign a contract for the (2) lunches, and tours. The cost for the
PASM tour, AMARC tour and bus, as well as lunch for (2)                         13 5:27 AM 19:13 PM

Mark Bauer lends a hand with the C-45 Annual and is remov-           Larry Bierma took off all the tail, elevator and fuselage side
ing all the panels, and screws from the Right Wing. Shown            panels, bagging up all the screws for each panel. Shown above
above he is removing the right wing battery cover. We had            is Patrick Joyce who fixed Larry’s grease gun, and with his
just shoe horned the C-45 into the WWAM hangar for its stay.         LPS2 can is greasing all the fittings, hinges on the C-45H

Dagney arrived in time to make a chow run for the crew, then         Larry Bierma is shown above opening up each panel. Lee Con-
is shown above assisting Mark and Larry in removing the right        ner had organized the annual inspection book by position on
engine cowl pieces. Below is Mark and Larry taking off all the       the aircraft where each person could log discrepancies. Shown
underwing and fuselage panels. Thanks again to Lee, Larry,           below is the entire plane completely opened up for its annual.
Mark, Dagney, Patrick, Colleen and Woody for all the help!

        WWAM 2008 Schedule of Upcoming Events
                                                  March 2008
♦   29th Riverside Municipal Airshow and Military Vehicle Encampment
       ♦   Combination of a nice one day Airshow and a Military Vehicle Encampment involving all the SO-
           CAL Military Vehicle Clubs.

                                               April 2008
♦   4-6th Gillespie Field EAA B-17 Rides
♦   6th Gillespie Field Display Day (1-2pm)
♦   11-13th Warbird Fly In Tucson Az, AMARC / Pima Air Museum Tour Weekend
♦   15 T-34’s, 4 T-28’s have pre-registered.
♦   FRIDAY: Formation Flight to Tucson International, then tour AMARC Boneyard and Pima Air Museum
♦   Group Lunch at Pima Air Museum, and Group Dinner TBD
♦   SATURDAY: SERE School, A-10 Brief and Tour at Davis Monthan AFB
♦   Lunch Pima Air Museum; Then Formation flight to Mirana Air Park for Tour
♦   Group Dinner at Lil Abner’s Restaurant
♦   SUNDAY departure;
♦   Cost per seat in the C-45 is $381 per seat for 6 hours round trip flying ($64/hr/person)
♦   19th Warbirds in Action Airshow at Minter Field (Shafter, CA)
♦   Great Airshow, L-29s typically perform, Mark Bauer in the T-28;

                                                May 2008
♦   2-4th March Air Reserve Base Bi-Annual Air Show
       ♦   Flying the T-28, and C-45 up / back to the show, with the L-29 there already; Seats / accommoda-
           tions / food / pilot / crew party available in the C-45- Donation of $121 round trip for expenses —
           $64 / hour).
♦   9-13th T-34 Palm Springs Air Museum Fly In
       ♦   Taking our T-34
♦   23-25 Watsonville Memorial Day Fly In and Airshow
       ♦   Plan on taking the C-45 to Watsonville for Airshow Rides. C-45 cost $381 / person / round trip
♦   26 Memorial Day Missing Man Fly Bys SOCAL
       ♦   San Diego Salute T-34 Group

                                                June 2008
♦   1st Gillespie Field Display Day (1-2pm)
♦   6-8th Earl Parks T-34 Fly In Falcon Field Mesa Az
♦   21st Porterville Eagle Mountain Antique Fly In / Airshow
       ♦   Taking our C-45 to give rides at the one day show. Depart Friday pm; Volunteers Needed for Air-
           show Ride Booth.

                                                July 2008
♦   14th—18th Girl Scout Aviation Summer Camp WWAM Hangar

                  WWAM Aircraft and Military Vehicles
Military Vehicles                                                 Military Aircraft:
•   Kaiser M35A2 6 x 6 Cargo Truck (1967)                         •   North American L-17A               (1946)
•   GMC M1010 CUCV Ambulance (1985)                               •   Beechcraft C-45H 51-11472          (1951)
•   GMC M1009 CUCV Blazer           (1985)                        •   Beechcraft T-34A 53-3366           (1953)
•   GMC M1008 CUCV Pickup           (1985)                        •   North American T-28C 146254        (1957)
•   Ford M151A2 Jeep                (1971)                        •   Aero Vodachody L-29C #53           (1968)
•   M149 Water Buffalo Tank Trailer                               •   Mig 21 Cockpit Trailer
•   M105A2 Cargo Trailer

            Volunteer Opportunities:
         Contact Jim @ warbirdswest@cox.net
                       (858) 414-6258

L-17A Nears Completion!
Tom DeLuca delivered the newly manufactured wing attach
angles for the L-17A in late February. About 14 months to
make the correct parts! Now Brad at Naviation in Santa
Maria, CA has the wing attach angles drilled and mounted to
the wings and fuselage. While stored outside the nose was
damaged in a wind storm in December and Brad has now pro-
cured a new nose / engine mount and installed it as well. He is
looking to finish the wing, nose, cowl and fuel system work in
the new few weeks (by the end of March) so we should be able
to ferry the Navion back to Gillespie and complete the annual
inspection before it rejoins the flying fleet!

                                                                         WWAM Hangar 1942 Joe Crosson Dr

                                                                  Board of Directors:
                                                                  • Jim Ostrich         Mark Bauer
                                                                  • John Widay          John Flippen
                                                                  • Larry Bierma

                                                                  Hangar 1942 B Joe Crosson Drive (Gillespie Field CA)
                                                                  •  Beechcraft T-34A, North American T-28C,
                                                                  •  L-17A Navion, Mig-21 Fishbed, Military Vehicles
                                                                  March Air Reserve Base, Riverside CA
                                                                  ♦      Aero L-29C Delfin Jet
                                                                  Ramona Airport
                                                                  ♦ Beechcraft C-45H
                                                                  Mailing Address:
                                                                         7918 N El Cajon Blvd, La Mesa CA 91941
    Visit www.wwam.org and join                                   Contact Info: WarbirdsWest@cox.net
                                                                  Web Site:      www.wwam.org
    WarbirdsWest @ Yahoo Groups
                                                                  Hangar:        (619) 449-1504
                                                                  Cell           (858) 414-6258

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