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					 February 2008                                                                  Newsletter

                                                           some information the guy listing it couldn’t remem-
       New Beech C-45H                                     ber. We mentioned last month going up to see
                                                           Taigh Raimey’s C-45 at Vintage Aircraft in Stock-
After looking over the twin Beeches on display at          ton. The oil analysis and the results of the pre buy
the Beech Heritage Museum's Annual gathering last          indicated a LOT of work was going to be needed to
spring I started looking for one. Don Ramm pointed         get this plane able to do Scenic Tours and Air
us to the one Tom Harrish (former Barnstormer              Shows. I wrote a letter in the blind to Scott Ber-
owners) has up at Carlsbad Palomar. Mark Bauer,            deaux who I determined from FAA registration re-
Janet and I went and looked at her. She had 9 seats        cords was the current owner. After we had made an
in the back plus 2 crew seats. The price / value for       offer on Taigh’s N314WN Scott called and said he
that plane was too far off from comparable planes          doesn’t fly the C-45 much (he owns an A-36, Baron,
on the market. I found N181MH (this aircraft for           L-39, PT-17, and T-28). He indicated that if I gave
sale on the internet (thanks to Google) but it had         him the former selling price plus all the work he put
sold. I tried contacting the former owner to get           into it at the last annual he would consider selling it.

    SAN DIEGO MILITARY                                             VEHICLE COLLECTOR CLUB

♦   17th February: March Field Air Museum Vietnam War Dog Memorial
       ♦   Joint event for the San Diego, Orange County, and Inland Empire Clubs all rendezvous for this
           event, highlighted by USMC dog handlers from either Camp Pendleton or Miramar showing off
           the working dogs in action. We will leave from the WWAM hangar at 0730 — so if you want to
           convoy, meet there at 0700 or else we can meet you on the trek up HWY 15. We will use channel
           24 or cell phone to communicate
♦   23rd February MCAS Yuma Airshow Mil Vehicle Display
       ♦   The Marines have invited us to bring as many Military Vehicles as we can and display them at the
           one day Airshow (23rd), similar to what we did for the MCAS Miramar Airshow. Fuel, Rooms,
           and some food were (are?) available. Anyone wanting to attend call Jim soonest so I can set up the
♦   15th March St Patrick’s Day Parade Balboa Park
       ♦   Glen Elliot coordinates this fine event. Typically a 0930 or so arrival on 6th Street and Laurel with
           the parade running down 5th and back up on 6th street.
♦   29th March: Riverside Municipal Airshow and Military Vehicle Encampment
       ♦   Combination of a nice one day Airshow and a Military Vehicle Encampment involving all the SO-
           CAL Military Vehicle Clubs.
♦   17th April Tierrasanta Patriots Day Parade
       ♦   Pat Vargas called it right last year. Bring lots of CANDY to toss at the kids along the route.
♦   31 May La Mesa Flag Day Parade
♦   Oceanside 4th of July Parade
♦   Julian 4th of July Parade
♦   Pine Valley Days (end of July)

This past weekend we took SWA to Birmingham                 pinning the plane, holding ailerons into the wind,
Alabama to check it out. After an AOPA title                and controlling drift once we were on the ground
search (clean), engine oil analysis (excellent) and a       with differential power. We flew to 5 or 6 airports
good compression check (see Robert at St Clair              around Birmingham to practice x-wind landings.
County Airport below doing the compression check)           Shown above is Talladega Raceway — which two
we bought the plane! Now I had to learn to fly her.         times a year is covered with NASCAR fans — built
Not having any recent tail dragger time, nor any            on top of a former WWII B-24 base (triangle run-
twin time (15 years?) I set about to learn how to fly       ways are still visible). We stopped for a rest break
“the beast”. Dean Courtney, a corporate pilot who           there, and met the airport manager whose son just
learned to fly cargo flying Beech 18’s and DC-3             arrived at MCRD for Recruit training. We flew for
(3000 PIC in DC-3), was my instructor (also Scott’s         3 days total and by the third day I was “getting it”
the former owner — see Dean standing by 181MH               and Dean said he was just along for a nice airplane
below right).     We started out flying it down the         ride. I kept checking the weather but with 30-45 kt
runway (at Gadsden, AL) with just the mains on the          winds across Texas followed by snow for a day (21
runway, no flaps, and learning where to flair, and          degree temps) I decided to leave the plane there for
how to “pin her” onto the runway by getting the             a longer period of better flying weather. We parked
nose down, tail up in a level flight attitude and           the Twin Beech back on the Pell City ramp and tied
tracking down the runway centerline. We did that            her down with the biggest cargo straps I could find
as well as track back / forth from the runway edges         at Home Depot. The boys at the airport called them
back to the centerline, before we moved into                Sho-a-Nuf straps. As in “those straps will sho-a-nuf
“landings”. The winds started picking up so as we           hold that plane down. We hope to flew her back the
moved into flap landings I was faced with mastering         week before the Yuma Airshow.

Upcoming WWAM Tour:
Davis Monthan Bone-
                                                                   Help Restore A-6 Intruder
yard, Titan Missile and
                                                                   13-15 Feb SDASM
Pima Air Museums
                                                                   My college NROTC buddy Kevin Smith flew A-6
WWAM is hosting a fly in to the Pima Air and                       Intruders for the Navy (see his photo below with his
Space Museum and USAF AMARC “boneyard” 10-                         BN and plane crew next to 522). He recently pur-
13 April. I have invited the T-34 association A(15                 chased an A-6 Intruder cockpit section and is plan-
T-34’s have pre-registered) T-28 association (4 T-                 ning on restoring it here in San Diego. Currently
28’s are pre registered) and 6 ‘civilian planes are all            the A-6 cockpit is over at the SDASM restoration
signed up (62 people total). The plan is to base out               facility at Gillespie Field. Craig Covner I think took
of former Mirana Air Force Base (now Pinal Air-                    the photo above which shows how it looks now.
park) with a arrival Thursday night. We will fly                   Kevin is coming out to San Diego the week of 13-15
down to Tucson on Friday am to meet our bus and                    Feb and is looking for some volunteers to help clean
proceed to a tour of the USAF AMARC boneyard at                    up the outside of the aircraft and then paint it Navy
around 11am. After about an hour and a half bone-                  light grey and white and put the markings back on
yard tour we will visit the Pima Air Museum for                    the plane. Unfortunately, the SDASM Annex is
lunch, then reboard the bus for a trip out the Titan               only open on the weekends, so weekend work is not
Missile Museum in the pm. We will return to Tuc-                   going to be possible Anyone interested call me up
son Airport and fly back to Mirana for dinner and a                and I will hook you up with Kevin. Once we get a
lecture by Tom at Evergreen on the History of                      larger facility we can store the A-6 and Kevin’s UH-
Mirana. Mirana is now the “civilian” equivalent of                 1 Huey for static display.
Davis Monthan and has the Beech Starships, and
commercial airlines all stored there. On Saturday
we will return to Tucson for more tours. CAPT Ja-
mie Hunt USAF has made arrangements for us to
attend a Desert Survival Training Course on Satur-
day am at Davis Monthan AFB. Following that
course we can tour an A-10 Thunderbolt II (which
Jamie flies currently — and Don Ramm used to fly
when he was “in” the USAF. Following the class
and tour at DM AFB we will return to the Pima Air
and Space Museum for lunch and then spend the
rest of the day touring the Pima Musuem. Let me
                                       (Continued on page 5)

                           Scout Corner: Aviation Merit Badge 2/3

Superbowl Sunday dawned wet and rainy which                port layouts, runways, and aviation careers. Gus
cancelled the Gillespie Display day but didn’t             Almond one of the Scoutmaster brought his nice
dampen our Aviation Merit Badge program that day.          Piper Arrow, and during a break in the rain, went
16 Scouts from 2 troops attended, with Jim and             through the preflight as well as basic pilot opera-
Steve Marquez teaching the Scouts all about air-           tions with the scouts at the controls. The class fin-
plane control surfaces, the 4 four forces of flight,       ished with the construction and flying of your own
poweplants, charts, navigation, wind problems, air-        paper aircraft, with all the boys receiving the badge!

                                                           DAVIS MONTHAN Boneyard Tour
                                                           (Continued from page 4)
                                                           know if you want to attend we have 5 empty seats in
                                                           our C-45. Since this is a LONG flight (about 6
                                                           hours of flying time) the donation amount to cover
                                                           the fuel / engine expenses will by $381 per person
                                                           round trip ($64 / hour). That will include the trip
                                                           there (2 hours each way) and 30 min each day to /
                                                           from Mirana to Tucson. We will leave Thursday
                                                           night around 3pm and come back Sunday before

        WWAM 2008 Schedule of Upcoming Events
                                             February 2008
♦   3rd Gillespie Field Display Day and Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge Program
       ♦ Historic Aircraft Display Day at the Air Terminal (Corner of Joe Crosson Drive and Airport Way)
         from 1-2pm
       ♦ Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge program from 1200-430pm at the WWAM hangar. Scouts need
         to RSVP to Jim
♦   22nd/23rd MCAS Yuma Airshow
       ♦   One Day show; Rick Morrison is planning on taking his Skyraider, Mark Bauer is taking his T-28.
           We are planning on taking our C-45H. All seats are spoken for at $125 / seat / Round Trip dona-
                                                  March 2008
♦   2nd Gillespie Field Display Day (1-2pm)
♦   7th/8th Casa Grande Antique Aircraft Fly In
       ♦   Rick Morrison is attending in the AD-4 Skyraider. We will be taking the C-45 with empty seats!
           Let us know if you want to join us and make a donation for the fuel costs ($270 round trip hour /
♦   29th Riverside Municipal Airshow and Military Vehicle Encampment
       ♦   Combination of a nice one day Airshow and a Military Vehicle Encampment involving all the SO-
           CAL Military Vehicle Clubs.
                                                April 2008
♦   4-6th Gillespie Field EAA B-17 Rides
♦   6th Gillespie Field Display Day (1-2pm)
♦   11-13th Warbird Fly In Mirana Airpark AMARC / Pima Air Museum Tour Weekend
♦ 15 T-34’s, 4 T-28’s have pre-registered.
♦ FRIDAY: Formation Flight to Tucson International, then tour AMARC Boneyard and Titan Missile Mu-
  seum; Dinner / Lodging Former Mirana AFB; Nighttime presentation of Mirana AFB History
♦ SATURDAY: Formation Flight back to Tucson International for a tour of the Pima Air Museum; Then
  Formation flight back to Mirana, for Saturday Dinner;
♦ SUNDAY departure; Cost per seat in the C-45 is $381 per seat for 6 hours round trip flying ($64/hr/
♦   19th Warbirds in Action Airshow at Minter Field (Shafter, CA)
♦   Great Airshow, L-29s typically perform, Mark Bauer in the T-28;
♦   We will have the C-45H and can take 5 passengers to the show, and offer rides Cost $160/person/seat
                                                May 2008
♦   2-4th March Air Reserve Base Bi-Annual Air Show
       ♦   Flying the T-28, and C-45 up / back to the show, with the L-29 there already; Seats / accommoda-
           tions / food / pilot / crew party available in the C-45- Donation of $121 round trip for expenses —
           $64 / hour).
♦   9-13th T-34 Palm Springs Air Museum Fly In
       ♦   Taking our T-34
♦   23-25 Watsonville Memorial Day Fly In and Airshow
       ♦   Plan on taking the C-45 to Watsonville for Airshow Rides. C-45 cost $381 / person / round trip
                                                June 2008
♦   6-8th Earl Parks T-34 Fly In Falcon Field Mesa Az

               WWAM Aircraft and Military Vehicles
Military Vehicles                                      Military Aircraft:
•    Kaiser M35A2 6 x 6 Cargo Truck (1967)             •   North American L-17A               (1946)
•    GMC M1010 CUCV Ambulance (1985)                   •   Beechcraft C-45H 51-11472          (1951)
•    GMC M1009 CUCV Blazer           (1985)            •   Beechcraft T-34A 53-3366           (1953)
•    GMC M1008 CUCV Pickup           (1985)            •   North American T-28C 146254        (1957)
•    Ford M151A2 Jeep                (1971)            •   Aero Vodachody L-29C #53           (1968)
•    M149 Water Buffalo Tank Trailer                   •   Mig 21 Cockpit Trailer
•    M105A2 Cargo Trailer

           Volunteer Opportunities:
        Contact Jim @
                   (858) 414-6258

                                                              WWAM Hangar 1942 Joe Crosson Dr
SDFTI Hosts Qualcomm                                   Board of Directors:
                                                       • Jim Ostrich
PPGS Pre Flight Class                                  • John Widay
                                                                             Mark Bauer
                                                                             John Flippen
                                                       • Larry Bierma
Thanks to Rick Morrisson for setting our Private
Pilot Ground School Class up with a tour of their C-   Hangar 1942 B Joe Crosson Drive (Gillespie Field CA)
172’s at their maintenance hangar at Montgomery        •  Beechcraft T-34A, North American T-28C,
Field. We had a great turnout from the class stu-      •  L-17A Navion, Mig-21 Fishbed, Military Vehicles
dents which made it all worthwhile. David              March Air Reserve Base, Riverside CA
(SDFTI’s mechanic) is show above going over all        ♦      Aero L-29C Delfin Jet
the engine components (magnetos, dual ignition etc)    Ramona Airport
                                                       ♦ Beechcraft C-45H
after I had gone over the preflight items on the
plane, using the Cessna Pilot Operating Handbook.
                                                       Mailing Address:
                                                              7918 N El Cajon Blvd, La Mesa CA 91941
      Visit and join                      Contact Info:
                                                       Web Site:
     WarbirdsWest @ Yahoo Groups
                                                       Hangar:        (619) 449-1504
    for newsletter / event direct email                Cell           (858) 414-6258

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