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					FSU COP 4610, CGS5764 (Fall 2009)
Principles of Operating Systems
Homework 8: Storage Usage Survey (Due 11/10/2009)
        Andy Wang (
        Office: 264 Love Building
        Office hours: Th 4-5pm, F 4-5pm, and by appointment

1.   Enter the information for the computing devices you have that are actively in use. If you
     have multiple devices within a device type, enter the data for the device you use the most.
     If you have multiple OS types, choose the OS you use the most.

               Device type                                  Desktop Laptop
               Number of devices
               OS type
               Storage size
               % full
                % storage for files created/saved by you
                % storage used for media files
               Total number of files
                Number of files created/saved by you
                Number of media files

2.   How do you organize your files? When can’t you find your files? How do you locate the
     following files: (1) your homework submitted last week, (2) the submitted project 2, (3)
     your homework from last year, (4) your high school graduation photos, (5) your favorite
     music files, (7) the file that contains your emails, (8) the file that contains your browser
     bookmarks, and (9) the file that caches your recent website visit?

3.   How do you backup your files? Do you use tools to perform backup? Do you backup all
     files? If not, how do you prioritize? How many backup copies do you have? If you
     reorganize your files, how do you make sure that your copies are consistent? How
     frequently do you backup? How frequently do you need to restore files from your
     backup? How frequently do you lose your files?

4.   Do you have a personal copy of files stored on third parties’ machines (e.g., gmail,
     Linprog, blog, webserver)? Why and why not?

5.   How do you delete your files? How do you make sure a file is deleted? Suppose you
     want to delete all information related to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, how would you go
     about deleting those files? How many files do you need to delete securely before you can
     donate your machine away? What is the total size of those files?

6.   Are you happy with the following characteristics of your storage: performance,
     reliability, backup service, ease of use, security? If not, how should they be improved?

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