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					                           REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) FOR
                                FOR TEMPO MADISON

TEMPO Madison Background

TEMPO Madison (hereafter known as “TM”) is an invitation only, peer-to-peer membership organization
in greater Madison that connects influential women leaders with diverse backgrounds and experience to
support, advise, learn and create relationships with one another.

TM members are interested in belonging to an organization of peers that does not demand their additional
commitment to causes or projects. They are interested in connecting with other women and sharing their
experiences openly. They are interested more in “connecting” than “networking,” in the sense that people
are not interested in exchanging business cards as much as they are interested in exchanging support and

They are dedicated to shaping the climate and culture of their community by allowing future generations
of women to succeed.

The typical TM member shares the following traits:
    At least ten years of professional experience
    Five years of senior management or executive-level professional experience
    Decision-making responsibility for staff & budget
    Direct access to the organization’s top executives
    Leadership in professional and/or civic or community organizations

RFP Position Details

TM is seeking an Executive Administrator or Association Management firm to provide administration and
management services to the organization. TM anticipates that the selected person or firm will play a
significant role in the day-to-day administration and management of TM, as well as in the realization of
TM’s strategic vision and goals.

TM invites individuals and firms to submit a proposal for these services, which include:

   1. Initiative. Take initiative to actively manage the monthly schedule. Determine needs and priorities,
      and take action on those needs and priorities, in the best interest of TM. Where such actions are
      beyond the scope of the duties outlined below, use best professional judgment in taking such
      actions, including informing the TM President and, where appropriate, seeking advance

   2. Communications and Website Management. Manage communications and social media for TM,
      including coordinating communications and preparing communication materials. Assure that the
      following tasks are accomplished in a timely and professional manner:

      updates to Member Directory;
      updates and ongoing maintenance and development of public website and members only website;
      creation and sending of e-mails and other communications, as necessary, to inform membership
       about events and significant activities.

3. Support. Be a resource to the President and provide the Board of Directors and Committees the
    support necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of TM activities.
    Assist in recruitment, screen for qualifications, and communicate application status of potential
      new members, coordinate new member activities.
    Prepare a month-by-month Planning Calendar describing the important events / activities to
      occur for the upcoming year. Provide this Planning Calendar to the President in the first month
      of each new fiscal year.
    Prepare materials for monthly Board meetings, including agendas, financials, committee reports
      and other pertinent information. Provide these materials both in advance and at the meeting as
    Prepare minutes of Board meetings for the Secretary’s approval.
    Provide support for luncheons, networking activities, the Betty von Rutenberg scholarship
      luncheon and other special events, including but not limited to providing nametags, necessary
      materials, and equipment; support and assist speakers; coordinate contracts and arrangements
      with facilities.
    Assist Officers and Committee Chairs at the President’s direction and/or as requested by other
    Prepare checks for signature; organize monthly financial statements for the Treasurer.
    Make necessary preparations for transitions of incoming and outgoing Board members.
    Complete, update, and maintain a Business Continuity Plan. Provide a copy to the President by
      June 30th of each year. Such plan to include but not be limited to detailed instructions on how
      to i) locate and access all TM documents/records, and ii) maintain appropriate separate systems
      and safeguards to preserve TM records at all times.
    Maintain a monthly backup system and procedures with the Treasurer.
    Prepare conflict of interest statements for all board directors and obtain their signatures.
    Produce the monthly newsletter no later than the 3rd of each month. The newsletter should be
      reviewed and approved by the Communications Chair prior to being delivered.

4. Membership: Be a resource for members of TM. Assist members in any way, which will enhance
    their connection and satisfaction with TM. These tasks include but are not limited to:
    User Name and Password assistance
    Photo uploads
    Communication assistance for special interest groups
    Posting of information on the website and/or in the newsletter
    Attending networking or other special events as needed and/or requested
    Dues collection

5. Administration. Function as the operational center of TM.
    Initiate and respond to telephone calls, e-mails, social media connections and posted mail;
      coordinate and attend luncheon meetings and board meetings in a timely manner.
    Retain important external and internal TM records and documents (paper and electronic) in an
      organized fashion.
    Serve as archivist for TM.
    Collect funds, make bank deposits, research appropriate return options, and manage Accounts
      Receivable and Payable.
    Act as Agent for federal and state reporting purposes; perform accounting duties needed for
      internal and external financial reporting; assist auditor.
    Maintain monthly time and activity records; submit on the last day of the month.

   6. Perform other duties as requested and needed to ensure a smooth running day-to-day operation.

You may submit any additional advantages or resources your company may offer to TM. Please add
descriptions of these advantages/resources in the body of the proposal under question 8.

RFP Timeline

   1. RFP proposal sent out                                                  January 11, 2013
   2. Final receipt of all proposals                                         January 28 , 2013
   3. Initial screening of proposals by Executive Committee                  Week of January 28
   4. Due diligence by the Executive Committee on proposals
      taken to the next level. Interviews with finalists                     Week of February 4 & 11
   5. Presentation of one or more proposals to the Board of Directors        February 14, 2013
   6. Final determination                                                    February 18, 2013
   7. Formal start date                                                      February/March

If the timeline changes, you will be kept apprised.

RFP Details

TM invites you to submit a proposal for TM administration and management services. Your responses to
the information requested below will be the sum and substance of your proposal.

Proposals are due by (January 28, 2013), and should be sent to TEMPOmadisonresumes@gmail.com.
We will review all proposals and then conduct interviews with select candidates shortly thereafter. These
interviews will include TM’s President and other members of the Executive Committee and/or Board of

To avoid any conflicts of interest, the successful candidate may not be a member of TEMPO Madison
during the contract term. If a current member is selected it will be necessary for that individual to resign
her membership during the contract term.

Instructions for completing the RFP
To respond to this RFP, please answer each question and request for information below in a Word
document using the expandable box format. Please address each of the items individually in the order in
which they are listed. Do not use one answer to address multiple questions or requests for information.

                                              TEMPO Madison
                                    Executive Administrator RFP response

  1. What is the name of your company?

  2. What is the name, title, and contact information of the lead person for this position? What are this
     person’s qualifications and experience?

  3. Please provide a brief description of your company, including the types of clients you serve or have
     served. (You may attach brochures and other materials to elaborate on your answers to this question.)

  4. Please provide a list of two (2) associations and/or other client organizations with which you have
     worked. Please indicate (a) the types of services you provide/provided your clients, (b) the length of
     time you have worked for each client and (c) the name and contact information of a person at each
     client who we may contact for a reference.

  5. If there will be more than one person providing service to TM, please provide a list of the staff
     members who would be involved. Include a brief description of (a) their role and responsibilities
     individually for TM, and (b) their qualifications and experience.

  6. Using the position description matrix below, please indicate if you have had experience in each area.
     There is a comment section where you may elaborate.

                                         MANAGEMENT SERVICES
                         Management Detail                             Yes or No       Examples        Comments
                                General Management Operations and Infrastructure
Act as the freelance (non employee) dedicated administrator, financial
manager, and/or meeting coordinator
Maintain Association’s D&O and other insurance
Act as Agent of Record
Maintain and follow a continuity business plan
List any other services below that you have provided in this area

                                         MANAGEMENT SERVICES
                       Management Detail                               Yes or No    Examples   Comments

                                                Financial Management
Prepare monthly and yearly consolidated and program operating
budgets, budget variance analyses, etc.
Establish and manage bank accounts
Maintain financial books
Arrange for tax returns to be prepared
Arrange for financial audits
Process accounts payables and receivables
Prepare monthly financial statements for Board of Directors and/or
   List any other services below that you have provided in this area
                                       Governance and Logistical Management
Make all logistical arrangements for board and committee meetings
Organize and distribute board books and other committee meeting
materials in advance of meetings
Staff board meetings and teleconferences and take minutes
Track board and committee members’ terms and assist with
board/committee appointment/election process
Prepare meetings and meeting materials
Prepare minutes
List any other services below that you have provided in this area

                                            Legal/Policy Management
Manage contract process with meeting locations and vendors
 List any other services below that you have provided in this area
                                               Membership Management
Establish and maintain member database located on web site
Prepare and distribute annual dues statements, payment reminders and
final notices
Manage overall policy and plan for dues/member management
   List any other services below that you have provided in this area
                                            Marketing Management
Aid in membership recruitment
Manage LinkedIn Accounts and other social media
  List any other services below that you have provided in this area
                                                Website Management
Manage website, including updates, design, etc.
Maintain general updates – add events and registrations forms and
upload documents and photo as required
Ensure data back-up and recovery

                                          MANAGEMENT SERVICES
                        Management Detail                                Yes or No    Examples       Comments
List any other services below that you have provided in this area

                                                 Newsletter Management
Establish timetable for newsletter production, including deadlines for
content submission from members
Manage/provide newsletter content
Present newsletter to Communications Chair for edits
Manage/provide newsletter distribution via website
  List any other services below that you have provided in this area
                            Meetings Management (Monthly Meetings & Annual Meeting)
Assist program chairs with drafting and finalizing annual meeting
program and annual meeting PowerPoint Presentations
Prepare meeting agenda and other meeting materials, including
signage, if necessary
Provide on-site meeting support
Arrive early to set up for meeting: equipment, table tents, meal cards,
nametags etc.
Greet members and guests at every luncheon and other events as
Meet speaker and ensure that equipment is working / last minute
details are managed
Provide a set of meeting notes to President, person introducing guests
and to the person introducing the speaker.
   List any other services below that you have provided in this area

                                                Day to Day Duties
Handle correspondence – mail, emails in a timely manner
Respond to phone calls promptly and efficiently
Work with committees as needed

  7. Please provide your management fee structure for the services listed in this RFP.

  8. Using the position description details in this RFP, please tell us how you would provide this service
     and include any additional experiences and/or information that would be important for us to know in
     the selection process.

  Proposal Submission:
  If you are interested in submitting a proposal for the TEMPO Madison Executive Administrator position,
  please send your proposal using this RFP format to TEMPOmadisonresumes@gmail.com by January 28,
  2013. If you have any questions regarding this RFP, please contact TEMPO Madison: Tammy Thayer,

President at tthayer60@gmail.com or Linda Bochert, Vice President at LHBochert@michaelbest.com.
We thank you for your interest in TEMPO Madison and we look forward to receiving your proposal.


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