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					National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison
     Services, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

          Postal Address: PMB 1067, Zaria



           Telephone: 08037038580, 08035066982
   Develop, Collate, Evaluate, Disseminate
    Agricultural Technologies and Conduct
    Research in Agricultural Extension
    Methodologies and Policy; and provide
    leadership in capacity building of stakeholders
    to meet the present and future agricultural and
    developmental challenges of the country.
               Title                     No        No       Collaborating Institute           Remarks
                                      Proposed   Achieved
1. Diagnostic Survey/MTP                  -        628              ADPs                 Yam, Rice, Cassava,
                                                            PL, KG, BA, KD                  Maize, Tea
                                                            GM, ZM, NG, NA, AD
2. OFR (OFAR- Farmer Managed)            -         132              ADPs-             Various titles on Yam,
                                                            BO, PL,KG,BA, KD          Rice, Cassava, Millet,
                                                            GM,KN, KB,ZM,             Soybeans, Sorghum,
3. MTRM                                  -         24              ADPs-              Various titles on Sheep,
                                                            NA, PL,KG,BA, YB          Goat, Rice, Yam, Maize,
                                                            GM,NG,BN,                 Soybeans
4.Joint Scientific Field Evaluation      6          6       NRCRI, Special Project      Late release of funds
5. Field Days                            7          8         ARCN, Fos Special               National
6. Zonal REFILS Workshop                 5          5
7. Pre- Season Training                  5          3               ZCRIs                   NC, NW, SW
8. Zonal Steering Committee              20        14          NARIs, FMARD,          These were spread across
   Meeting                                                      FADAMAIII                   the Quarters
9. In-house Review                       5          5                 -                          -
   Meeting/Cropping Scheme
10. Zonal Technical Committee            5          1                  -                       Only SE
           Title            No Proposed   No Achieved     Collaborating         Remarks
11. National Agricultural       1             1           ADPs, NARIs           On-going
   Extension Review and
   Planning Meeting

12. Adopted Village             7             7            ARCN, FOs         HQTRS/NW(3),
                                                                             NC (1), NE (1),
                                                                              SW(1), SE (1)

13. Training Workshops          18            9              ZCRIs         National and Zonal

14. Agric Research &             -             -                -                   -
    Training Fair
15. Research Institute           -             -                -                   -
    Field day
16. World Food Day              1             1                 -                   -

17. Wet & Dry Season            2             1         NPAS, NBS, NPC,    Only Wet season
    Evaluation                                          NIMET, FDF, FLD,   evaluation
                                                        PPAS, FDA, ZCRIs   conducted

18. National Agric Shows        2             1                 -                   -
                          Title                           No.      No.        Collaborators/Remarks
                                                          proposed Achieved

ATA BULLETINS                                              15      15         •The ATA bulletins came
1. Value Chain of Cotton in Nigeria                                           as urgent national
2. Maize Production, Marketing, Processing & Utilization                      assignment and these
3. Sorghum production, processing, marketing and                              were completed.
4. Cassava production, processing and utilization                             •Work on originally
5. Aquaculture value chain: A manual for profitable                           proposed 18 Bulletins
    ventures                                                                  and 17 Guides by staff
6. Profitable commercial poultry farming in Nigeria:                          are at various stages of
    Production, Processing, Marketing and Utilization                         Production
7. Leather Value Chain in Nigeria
8. Beef Cattle Production Value Chain
9. Small-Scale Milk Production Handbook
10. Milk Collection, Processing, Marketing and Utilization
11. Demonstration methods in Agricultural Extension
12. Tools and Techniques for effective Facilitation for
    Agricultural Extension Workers
13. Agricultural Mechanization Inputs for Livestock,
    Poultry and Fisheries Value Chains
14. Development of Producers Organizations
15. Value Chain Concept and Development
                      Title                           No       No.     Participating      Channels
                                                   Proposed Achieved     Agencies
1.    Tick control in domestics animals            14       14                         FRCN, Ibadan
2.    Use of organic manure to improve soil                                            Power FM, FRCN,
      fertility                                                                        Kaduna, Borno
3.    Fertilizer quality Problems.                                                     Radio TV (BRTV)
4.    Maize, Sorghum and Millet Production
      Techniques (in Hausa)
5.    Rodent control in irrigation farm (in
6.    How to cost Farm Resources
7.    How to increase Profit in Fish Business
8.    Animal drawn tools and Implement.
9.    Planning and conducting field days
10.   Prevention and control of soil erosion (in
11.   Requirements for tomato production
12.   Backyard Rabbit Rearing
13.   Health Benefit of Baobab
14.   Viable Agricultural income projects for
                       Title                         No Proposed      No.      Collaborators    Channels
1.   Best practices in rice processing, storage 10                 10                          NTA, KSTV
     and marketing.                                                                            Kaduna
2.   Prevention and control of soil erosion (in
3.   Poultry brooding Techniques
4.   Mycotoxin and their control in stored
     grains/ legumes
5.   Establishment      and    Management       of
6.   Animal drawn tools and Implement.
7.   Requirements for tomato production
8.   Processing and utilization of garden egg
9.   Processing and utilization of garden egg
10. Management of tubewell
                  Title                    Categories of      No of      Collaborators Duration
                                           trainees           trainees
1.   Leadership skills for effective ATA Workshop
     Cooperative Society management        on extension staff
2.   Conducting effective field diagnostic capacity building 240         ZCRIs         5 days
     surveys      for   field     problem (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
3.   Agricultural data generation and
     management                            Staff of ADPs,
4.   Group Dynamics for Effective FMARD
5.   Effective Extension Communication
     Methods and Techniques
6.   Formation,       Building        and
     Management of Farmer Groups and
     Associations for Empowerment and
     Sustainable Development.
7.   Advanced Radio/TV post-production
8.   Digital Camera Operation and
     Production Techniques
9.   Geographic Information System NAERLS staff               30                       2 batches of
     (GIS) application in agriculture.
                                                                                       2weeks each
   Location/Title          No          No             Technologies Promoted           Remarks
                        Proposed   Established
1.Nasarawan Buhari,        7            7        •High density maize                  •Farmers’
     Kaduna State                                                                     productivity and
2. Sakadadi. Kaduna                              •Double cropping of maize            group
     State                                                                            management
                                                                                      skills enhanced.
3. Tudun iya, Funtua,                            •Sorghum/maize intercrop
     Katsina State                                                                    •Facilitation of
4. Nwogi, Niger                                  •Rice milling;                       groups linkages
     State                                       •Fish culture;                       with input
                                                 •Shea butter processing/ packaging   agencies, markets
                                                 •Production & processing of          and NAB
                                                  Soybeans                            achieved
5. Odu-Imenyi, Abia                              •Rapid multiplication of Cassava
6. Shuwari, Borno                                •Rapid multiplication of Cassava
     State                                       •Millet production technology
7. Okolo, Oyo State                              •Rapid multiplication of Cassava
                                                 •Water melon cultural practices
                                                 •Fertilizer & Spacing for maize
Secondary              No           No      Technologies promoted                 Remarks
schools/Location       Proposed established
1. ITN Zangon          8        8           •High density maize                   Skills of youths were
   Shanu, S/gari                                                                  enhanced and
    aduan State                                                                   interest stimulated in
2. Basawa S/gari                            •High density maize                   taking agriculture as
   LGA Kaduna                                                                     a profession
3. Tudun iya, Funtua                        •Rice milling
   LGA, Katsina
4. Verwa, Jere LGA                          •Strip cropping of Millet/cowpea
   Borno State
5. Eruwa, Ibrapa                            •Rapid multiplication of cassava
   LGA, Oyo State
                                            •Use of organic manure for
                                             vegetable production

6. Baddegi, Kacha                           •Rice milling;
   LGA Niger State
                                            •Production/ processing of soybeans

7. Uzuakoli, Bende,                         •Rapid multiplication of cassava
   LGA Abia State
8. Yerwa GGSS                               •Maize production technology
● Inadequate funding
● Late release of approved funds for planned
● Security challenges threatened timely and full
  participation in planned activities especially in
  the North-East Zone
● School sessions are not compatible with
  agricultural calendar
● Shortage of field staff, especially in zonal offices

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