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									                                    Re: A Victory for Freedom of Choice

Re: A Victory for Freedom of Choice


        • From: Tom Enright <freddy_hayek@xxxxxxxxx>
        • Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 21:16:00 −0800

On Nov 9, 9:36 pm, Kokopeli <wnalydS...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

         The problem out here is that you have a lot of smaller towns with a
         single pharmacy, and those towns are some distance from each other.

         In Seattle, it's nothing. The QFC pharmacy won't sell me the morning
         after? There are two Walgreen's just 5 minutes away by bus, and one of
         them is across the street from a Safeway pharmacy.

         But what if it was the Ritzville pharmacy that said no? Well, Moses Lake
         is 45 miles away. Connell is 42 miles. Spokane is 60 miles.

         There's your trouble. I'm all for making drugstores display big "WE
         DO/DO NOT STOCK PLAN B" signs and a state online registry of who will
         and won't stock it, but the problem I keep coming back to is that the
         market can't solve that problem in small town Washington, because there
         just aren't enough clientele.

         I'm not for forcing pharmacists to carry Plan B, but the small town
         problem is a hard one to solve, and I haven't heard anyone offer a good
         solution that balances religious liberty with market needs.

The small−town problem is very easy to solve:

Freedom of choice.


−Tom Enright



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