DOCX - Premier Designs Jewelers by tangshuming


									                              My Premier Goals
My Premier sponsor is __________________________________________________

I understand the importance of setting goals in my Premier business. In order for
my business to move to the next level, I know that I should have a purpose and
direction. I am striving to accomplish the following goals:

Home Shows (1 entry ticket)
_____25 Home Show Club (any 120 consecutive days)
_____100 Home Show Club (No time period)
_____Busy Bee Award (4 or more shows in acct period)
_____$1000 Home Show
_____$2000 Home Show
_____Quick Start (6 or 9 Shows in 45 days)- or any 6 or 9 Shows in any 45 days

Other Awards (2 entry tickets)
_____Amethyst ($3000CV in any 30 days)
 _____Sapphire ($6000CV in any 60 days)
_____Ruby ($9000CV in any 90 days)
_____Emerald ($12000CV in any 120 days)
_____Century Club (100 Home Shows held between Jan 1 and Dec 31)
_____Monthly Stars (Top in the Nation in: Home Shows, Retail, Sponsoring, or Training Shows)
_____Wonderful 10 (Hold 10 Home Shows in one month)
_____Founders Club (Top 5% of the company for Feb, March, and April)
_____Founders Circle (Top 5% of Founders Club)

Sponsoring/Leadership (1-2 entry tickets)
____Bring a guest to an Opportunity Presentation. (1t)
____Practice the Opportunity Presentation with my sponsor. (1t)
____Sponsor my first Premier Jeweler. (2t)
____Joan’s Rookie Team (Sponsor 2 first level & 12 Home Shows in 6 months from TS). (2T)
____Sponsor a Premier jeweler. (1t)
____Become a Builder (Sponsor 4 first level & 24 Home Shows in 12 months). (2t)
____Become a Designer (Sponsor 7 first level & 36 Home Shows in 12 months). (2t)
____Become a Diamond Designer (2t)

Other Goals
____ -- _________________________________________________________________
____ -- _________________________________________________________________
____ -- _________________________________________________________________
____ -- _________________________________________________________________


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