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									     F I R S T Q U A R T E R 2 012                      A U n i o n Pa c i f i c E m p l oye e C l u b s N ews l e t t e r

New and Notable                                                                    85
                                                                                 Avondale, La.
   Club 85, Avondale, La., celebrated its first   on area residents and
birthday in March.                                communities.
   The group has grown to 16 members                Since August, members have collected
including President Bobby Roe, Vice               nearly 100 eyeglasses for donation to
President Joseph Chelette and Secretary/          several eye care providers near Addis,
Treasurer Angel Roe.                              Avondale and Baton Rouge, La., and
   As UTU Local 1337 secretary/treasurer,         approximately 85 operable cellular
Roe promotes club membership, especially          phones, batteries and chargers for the
at union meetings and safety feeds, as            Capitol Area Family Violence Intervention
do other members. They also encourage             Center’s Battered Women’s Program in                  Meanwhile, members give back to
spouses to join.                                  Baton Rouge.                                        their railroad brethren by volunteering
   As the club blossoms, members strive             They also plan a charity drive for St. Jude       to cook and serve food for Addis-area
to identify ways to make a positive impact        Children’s Research Hospital in 2012.               safety meals.

From Executive Committee Chairman Skip Reed
  2012 is UP’s 150th Celebration and there are many Family                 can take a very short jaunt off the main
Day events being planned across the system. See Page 4 for                 highway to walk in the wagon wheel
a list. If you have not already been contacted, you and your               ruts created by the tens of thousands of
club should contact the local supervision to help with these               wagons that traveled the Oregon Trail.
events. This is a great way to build your club’s community                 You can walk in these ruts that are carved
service numbers and a relationship with local supervision.                 very deep into the rocks. There is also
  The convention this year is in Denver at the Renaissance                 a register cliff in that area. Continue on
Hotel Aug. 7-10. See Page 8 for more details and contact your              to I-25 south to return to Cheyenne. This
club president for convention forms and plan to attend. Our                loop is a great on-your-own tour.
theme this year is “Pirates of the Colorado” so we should see                 Peer Support and Operation RedBlock organizations held
some amazing costumes.                                                     an auction in April 2012 in Sparks, Nev., at their meeting.
  Spend a couple extra days in the area or go to Cheyenne,                 They raised lots of cash and submitted a substantial number
Wyo., to stay in or visit the Plains Hotel where the Employee              of payroll deductions, which they donated to UPEC Friend to
Clubs began in May 1924. Cheyenne is approximately one                     Friend Network.
hour and 15 minutes from Denver. From Cheyenne, travel                        Looking for ideas to help your club raise money for char-
north on Hwy 85 approximately one hour to visit one of the                 ity or help with community service???? Read this newslet-
most famous forts on the Oregon Trail, Fort Laramie. There                 ter for many simple fundraising ideas and opportunities.
are many buildings including the stockade that remain from                 Congratulations to all these clubs for their hard work and
the original fort. Continue a few miles to Guernsey where you              ingenuity.
          AT T R AC K T I O N S 2

                                                                                                                 Bob Moore, past president, left, and Charlotte Featherling,
                                                                                                                 vice president, volunteer during the holiday season to benefit
                                                                                                                 children and families in need.

                                           Sanjel Energy Corporation executives and federal, state and local
                                                   dignitaries including U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, second from
                                                       left, participate in the March 14 safety fair.

                                                                                                              In December, Club 66 members pack donation boxes in
                                                           San Antonio Community Safety Fair attendees marvel support of the Angel Tree Christmas project at San Antonio’s
                                                           at the new wheel truck on display March 14.        Salvation Army.

   A month rarely goes by that
Club 66 members aren’t actively
giving back to San Antonio and
its residents.
                                      San Antonio
   In October, the club teamed
with the Black Employee Network to col-
lect clothing, hygiene items, canned foods
and other goods to aid Texas fire victims.
Donations were delivered to a Bastrop,
Texas, church.
   The group enrolled 65 club members
Nov. 10 during the San Antonio Service From left, Charlotte Featherling, vice president; Randol, Denise and Reese Royce; Kari and Courtney Brown; Bob Moore,
                                               past president; Gary Featherling; and Buck Russel, president, partner with Sanjel Energy Corporation March 14 to educate
Unit Health and Safety Fair. Charlotte the public about railroad safety.
Featherling, vice president, won the raffle
of two Amtrak tickets. Fourteen people and families in need.                                                  booth. Nearby, a new wheel truck used
also pledged payroll deductions to UPEC           The club also joined forces with Sanjel by the San Antonio Service Unit Car
Friend to Friend Network.                      Energy Corporation March 14 for the Department was on display. More than
   Throughout the holiday season, mem- opening ceremony and Community 500 people learned railroad trespassing
bers supported the Salvation Army San Safety Fair at Sanjel’s new Cibolo, Texas, dangers and to always expect a train.
Antonio’s Angel Tree project. Through location. Members participated in the The club plans to join Sanjel in upcoming
the year, the organization assisted nearly ribbon-cutting ceremony with federal, community safety activities.
6,000 children and 1,685 families with state and local dignitaries, including U.S.                               In May, members plan to complete yet
toys and clothes. Club members packed Rep. Henry Cuellar.                                                     another adopt-a-park trash cleanup at
donation boxes for Angel Tree children            They also operated a railroad safety Cassiano Park.
                                                                                                                             AT T R AC K T I O N S 3

Promotion = Participation                                                                                                                           Club
  Since Club 86, Roseville, Calif., formed Aug. 18, it has grown                        ate about,” she said.                                   Roseville, Calif.

to more than 60 members.                                                                  The club hosted socials with snacks for
  Club officers include Raj Randhawa, president; Cathy Gregg,                           crews on all three shifts, which created addition-
vice president; and Tracy Standridge, secretary.                                        al opportunities to promote club membership.
  Members capitalize on every opportunity to educate fel-                                 “Second shift has been very supportive,” said
low employees one-on-one about the many benefits of club                                Randhawa, second-shift mechanical service
membership.                                                                             operator. “We can continue to raise member-
  “The club gives members a great way to assist residents in                            ship if we promote the club more to first- and
need within our community and to assist employees in need                               third-shift employees.”
through UPEC Friend to Friend Network,” Randhawa said.                                    Gregg, also Club 86’s Operation Lifesaver presenter, pro-
  Gregg said the club promotes belonging.                                               motes both organizations at schools and community events,
  “Club members get to know each other and other railroad                               including Downtown Tuesday Nights from May through July
families outside of work, and can improve our community                                 when Roseville’s Vernon Street closes for local vendor booths
through service by raising funds for charities they are passion-                        and exhibits. She will attend May 15 and June 19.
                                                                                          In 2012, Randhawa hopes Club 86 members will not hesitate
                                                                                        to participate in a cause dear to his heart, the Fighting Against
                                                                                        Leukemia and Lymphoma Cruise, hosted by a local car club.
                                                                                        Randhawa’s mother is a cancer survivor.
                                                                                          Randhawa has participated the past four years. In the
                                                                                        October 2011 event, which occurred too soon after Club 86’s
                                                                                        inception, more than 50 automobiles traveled from Roseville to
                                                                                        the former Miller’s Outpost parking lot near South Lake Tahoe
                                                                                        for a charity raffle. Prior to the cruise, participants solicited local
                                                                                        businesses and organizations to donate raffle items, raising
                                                                                        $1,500 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Greater
                                                                                          During the holiday season, Club 86 hosted a canned food
                                                                                        drive to support the North Roseville Recreation, Education and
                                                                                        Creativity Center near Roseville Yard. The center provides
From left, Bill Gregg, club member, and his wife, Cathy, vice president and Operation
Lifesaver coordinator; and Raj Randhawa, president, give back to co-workers and the     day care and nutritional needs for children of single parents.
community through their work with Club 86.                                              Seventy-five families received food baskets thanks to the club.

Club 83 Enjoys Charity, Camaraderie
   Nevada is a better place in which to live thanks, in part, to
Club 83, Sparks.                                                      Club
   The group’s annual December food drive produced 268
pounds of canned goods for Evelyn Mount Community Outreach.
                                                                    Sparks, Nev.
   Members gathered Feb. 11 at the Eldorado Hotel Casino for a
Valentine’s Day brunch buffet. Two dinners and an Easter basket were raffled.
   “A good time was had by all who attended,” said President Larry Palmer.
   The club also assembled March 10 to nominate officers — Steve Hancock,
president; Greg Elems, vice president; and Ruby Hancock, secretary and
   Cleve and Judy Cox welcomed members to their home April 14 for a
potluck. They enjoyed barbecue pulled pork thanks to Steve and Ruby
Hancock. Larry and Carol Rathjen brought potato salad, Larry and Patricia
Palmer provided coleslaw and Dave and Wendy McCune furnished dessert. Larry Palmer, president, left, delivers food donations to Evelyn Mount
The club provided beverages.                                                   Community Outreach.
        AT T R AC K T I O N S 4

Making a Grandiose Impact
    Many lives in and near La Grande, Ore.,      donated to Urbanski.                    Club
benefit from the benevolence of Club 17.
    In December, the group purchased,
                                                    Also this year, the club will
                                                 gift a taxidermied wild turkey             17
filled and gifted stockings to 550 children      to a local youth whose father La Grande, Ore.
who awaited Santa’s arrival at the La            died unexpectedly the day of
Grande depot.                                    the turkey hunt. The bird was shot by the
    Also in December, more than 250              youngster alongside his father.               Children await Santa’s arrival in December.
members, retirees and their families gath-          “In La Grande, approximate population
ered for a traditional holiday meal at the       13,000, these things don’t happen every day
Union County Senior Center in La Grande.         and charity is what we do,” said President
Proceeds from each $5 meal were donated          Don Flowers.                                  Bowen, member and locomotive engineer,
to Meals on Wheels.                                 The club will host a June 20 golf tourna- at 541-910-4884.
    In February, the group returned to the       ment to benefit a local backpack program.       Club 17 members will operate a booth
senior center for a crab feed. Proceeds from     Every Friday, the program fills backpacks Aug. 1 at the Union County Fair to raise do-
each $5 meal again were donated to Meals         with nutritious and easy-to-prepare food nations for a local charity not yet determined.
on Wheels.                                       and distributes them to children in need.       “If your heart is in it, you’ll get a much
    In 2012, Club 17 hosted a steak dinner and      Golfers will gather at Buffalo Peak Golf better result,” Flowers said.
silent auction, also at the senior center, in    Course in Union, Ore., for 18 holes of play.    Without the teamwork of club members
support of member Susan Urbanski, who            Cost is $60 per person, which includes a and support of a diverse group of commit-
was in a collision requiring surgeries. A        cart and dinner. Raffle prizes will be given ted officers and Darren Baird, manager-
portion of the dinner proceeds and all silent    away upon the tournament’s conclusion. To train operations, these events would not be
auction proceeds resulted in about $7,000        register or for more information, contact Dan possible, he said.

Join UP in Celebrating 150 Years of Safety, Service, Excellence
  Union Pacific was created July 1, 1862,
                                                     *Family Days
when President Abraham Lincoln signed                May 12             Council Bluffs Service Unit                            Council Bluffs, Iowa
the Pacific Railway Act.                                                Livonia Service Unit                                   Livonia, La.
  Today, UP’s system links 23 states                 May 19-20          St. Louis Service Unit                                 St. Louis, Mo.
in the western two-thirds of the nation              June 9             Chicago Service Unit                                   Union, Ill.
                                                                        Commuter Operations Service Unit                       Union, Ill.
by rail, providing freight solutions and             June 16            Twin Cities Service Unit                               Des Moines, Iowa
logistics expertise to the global supply                                Roseville Service Unit                                 Fresno, Calif.
chain.                                               June 17            Omaha, Neb.-area (UP Center)                           UP’s Home Plate
  UPECs began in Cheyenne, Wyo., in                  June 20            Chicago Commuter Ops                                   Multiple Locations
                                                     June 23            Twin Cities Service Unit                               Mankato, Minn.
1924. By 2012, the philanthropic society                                Utah Service Unit                                      Salt Lake City, Utah
has grown to 51 clubs systemwide.                                       Roseville Service Unit                                 Fresno, Calif.
  In April, UP’s 150th Anniversary cel-              June 30            Twin Cities Service Unit                               St. Paul, Minn.
ebration shifts into high gear. Don’t
                                                     *Public EvEnts
miss the many opportunities to celebrate             May 4-5            Fried Onion Burger Day Festival                        El Reno, Okla.
the anniversary at upcoming family                   May 5              Heritage Equipment Rides                               Fremont, Neb.
days and public events throughout the                May 10-13          Celebrate Council Bluffs                               Council Bluffs, Iowa
system. These events also offer prime                May 11             UP Museum new exhibition opening                       Council Bluffs, Iowa
                                                     May 19             Celebrate Council Bluffs Parade                        Council Bluffs, Iowa
opportunities for UPEC volunteerism.                 May 26             Heritage Equipment Rides                               Clinton, Iowa
  Many community gatherings will fea-                June 15-26         College baseball championship                          Omaha, Neb.
ture the No. 844 steam locomotive, an                June 30-Sept. 16   A.J. Russell exhibition at Josyln Art Museum           Omaha, Neb.
E-9 Streamliner, new museum car and                  July 2             New York Stock Exchange closing bell ringing           New York City, NY
                                                     July 6             Pocatello display                                      Pocatello, Idaho
other passenger equipment. At most                   July 8             Boise display                                          Boise, Idaho
family days celebrations, employees                  July 11            Spokane display                                        Spokane, Wash.
and their families will enjoy short excur-           July 13-19         Screenings of 1939 film ‘Union Pacific’                Omaha, Neb.
sions aboard three coach cars pulled by              July 14            Portland display                                       Portland, Ore.
                                                     July 18-29         Cheyenne Frontier Days                                 Cheyenne, Wyo.
modern diesels.                                      July 24            Days of ‘47 Parade                                     Salt Lake City, Utah
  To learn more about family day events,                                Great Big Rollin’ Railroad Competition judging event   Omaha, Neb.
keyword search “Family Days” on the
Employees site homepage. For external                *Through July
events, visit the “events” tab.
                                                                                                                                     AT T R AC K T I O N S 5

Club 1: A Friend of UPEC Friend to Friend Network                                                                                                                    1
   Payroll deductions are vital to the prosperity          safety meeting.                                            a Signal Department safety               Cheyenne, Wyo.

of UPEC Friend to Friend Network.                             Others involved with the blitz included                 meeting.
   An increase in pledges occurred in                      Locomotive Engineers Terry Cooke, Chuck                       The additional payroll deductions totaled
February thanks, in part, to Club 1 mem-                   Douglass, Sean Girard, John Niles and                      an annual increase of $6,000 to UPEC Friend
bers and UPEC Friend to Friend Network                     Larry Wessel; Conductors Jeff Collins, Tony                to Friend Network.
Ambassadors Skip and Pat Reed.                             Leichtweis and Lance Towle; Senior Manager-                   For the sixth year this May, the Reeds
   They solicited payroll deductions for the               Terminal Operations Shawn Engel; Managers-                 will volunteer at the UPEC Friend to Friend
network Feb. 14 at the Cheyenne Cross                      Operating Practices Jesse Abeyta, Sam                      Network golf tournament in Council Bluffs,
Functional Safety meeting.                                 McGuire and Brian Taullie; and Manager-                    which raises several thousand dollars
   The couple also promoted the network at                 Terminal Operations Douglas Martin.                        each year.
the Transportation Department’s safety blitz                  Skip completed another UPEC Friend to                      Join in the fun. See page 7 of this newsletter
that followed the Feb. 14-16 cross-functional              Friend Network presentation Feb. 17 during                 for more information.

  1                                                2                             3                            4                            5

1. From left, Denise McNally, St. Mark’s United Methodist Church administrative assistant, accepts much-needed donations for the food pantry from Club 4 Members Collene
Newbold, Charles Haley and Joan States, president. 2. Bill McCune, club member and WWII Navy veteran, teaches Kansas City area youth through his military experiences. 3.
Bill McCune, club member and WWII Navy veteran. Photo courtesy of Gary Swanson, The Best of Times 4. Ed Boswell, club member and WWII U.S. Marine veteran, stands as a
piece of living military history. 5. Club Members Collene Newbold and Charles Haley deliver donations to St. Mark’s United Methodist Church food pantry in Overland Park, Kan.

Club 4 Remains Active for Good of Others
    While many people take advantage                       accepts pantry donations. “Without contri-                 plete their WWII research
of spring weather by enjoying outdoor                      butions, pantries wouldn’t exist and even                  project interviews Jan. 12.
recreational activities, members of Club 4,                more people would be hurting.”                             April 12, they visited Trailridge              4
Kansas City, collect non-perishable items                     The pantry survives thanks to food and                  Middle School in Shawnee            Kansas City
for their annual spring food drive through-                monetary donations from local church                       Mission, Kan., to impact
out March and April.                                       congregations and community organiza-                      about 250 youth.
    By April 4, the club raised $268 and                   tions. Money is used to purchase edibles                      As spring fades and summer creeps
filled two cars with 145 canned goods;                     from Harvesters Community Food Network.                    nearer, the group will continue monthly
30 12-packs of toilet tissue; six three-                      Also in April, members filled and deliv-                meetings the third Wednesday of each
packs of paper towels; and more for St.                    ered five bags of clothing and about 15 pair               month. They will retreat to Wyandotte
Mark’s United Methodist Church’s food                      of shoes to Through our Children’s Lives.                  County Lake June 23 for a picnic luncheon.
pantry in Overland Park, Kan. Other                        The organization provides job training                        Already, more than a dozen mem-
non-perishable items also were donated                     and counseling services and collects, sells                bers plan to attend UPEC’s 88th Annual
by individual members and delivered by                     and distributes necessities including soap,                Convention in Denver in August. That
President Joan States.                                     diapers, toothpaste and toilet tissue to safe              number is expected to grow.
    “They shake their heads when our                       houses for abused women and children.                         As September approaches, the group
delivery arrives,” she said. “They can’t                      Since last May, the club has delivered five             will prepare to host an informational booth
believe a small club like ours can come                    sizeable donations of 47 pair of shoes and                 in Neff Yard to promote club membership
up with so much.”                                          648 clothing items, including 11 coats.                    and Friend to Friend Network during the
    The number of pantry visitors has in-                     In 2011, Ed Boswell and Bill McCune,                    Kansas City Service Unit family days.
creased each year. In January 2010, the                    club members and WWII veterans, began                         Members also plan to attend the annual
pantry assisted 249 families or 1,143 indi-                visiting metro-area middle schools to bring                Kansas Division Reunion Sept. 15 at Wyandotte
viduals. This January, the need increased                  history to life by sharing their WWII experi-              County Lake’s Beach Shelter House.
to 400 families or 1,784 people.                           ences with students. Boswell served in the                    As in past years, the group continues
    “We’re very busy because the need for                  U.S. Marines and McCune in the U.S. Navy.                  to collect old prescription glasses and/
food increases daily,” said Denise McNally,                   The duo helped eighth graders at-                       or lenses, frames and glass cases for the
St. Mark’s administrative assistant who                    tending Indian Hills Middle School com-                    Liberty Lions Club.
           AT T R AC K T I O N S 6

   From left, Richard Smith, vice
president and chief cook, and Sharon                                                            Jeff MacLean, right, brakeman, enjoys time       Janet Brynelson, governing board
 Kubik, historian and assistant chief                                                                  with his father and daughter.           member, and her husband, Dick, join
cook, do their part March 31 to raise                                                                                                          fellow Club 9 members for the club’s
 funds for local charities at Club 9’s    From left, Club 9 members Cliff Stevens and Don                                                                charity breakfast.
          charity breakfast.                and Arlene Itterley share in the camaraderie.

                                                                                                  President Don Dolan’s family — from left,
                                                                                                granddaughters Nichole Kneeland and Jessica
                                                                                                 Zuber; son-in-law Joe Zuber; daughter Julie       Bob Adams,
                                                                                                 Zuber; and granddaughter Lillian Zuber —        governing board   Club 9 member
                                                                                               support Portland-area charities at the breakfast.     member          Lee Russell

 The Portland Police Bureau’s Sunshine Division often receives a helping hand from Club 9
members. Delivering donations include, from left, Cashnita Harris, treasurer; Carol Clifton,
governing board member; Ruth Dolan, secretary; Ken Kubik, past president; Sharon Kubik,         From left, Club 9 members Lee Russell and      From left, Dawn Clifton and her mother,
historian; Louise Waters, charity committee member; charity representative; and John Doty       Joe Bonagofski and his son enjoy the club’s     Carol, governing board member, enjoy
                             and Cliff Stevens, club members.                                          charity breakfast March 31.                mother-daughter time March 31.

Club 9 Always Seeking Next Great Cause
   Members of Club 9, Portland, Ore., capital-                Sah-Hah-Lee Golf Course.                                       fishing derby at Coffenbury
ize on opportunities to feed a need.                             Raffle and net breakfast proceeds — $6                      Lake. The fisherman who                Club
   They purchase canned goods year-round
with money donated at monthly meetings. At
                                                              per adult and $3 per child under 12 — ben-
                                                              efitted the American Red Cross, UPEC Friend
                                                                                                                             hooks the largest trout wins
                                                                                                                             the entry fees — $1 per person.
                                                                                                                                                                 Portland, Ore.
every club event, attendees are encouraged                    To Friend Network and the Sunshine Division.                       Attendees may participate
to donate canned goods.                                          Throughout, members promoted club                           in a ladder golf tournament July 16. Similarly,
   The group delivered 360 pounds of                          membership. Every attendee who joined the                      the two-person, first-place team wins the
canned goods March 20 to the Portland                         club or showed their membership card at the                    $1-per-person entry fees.
Police Bureau’s Sunshine Division, which                      door received a free raffle ticket.                                The club will provide s’mores and a hot
provides emergency food and clothing relief                      Members will return to Milwaukie for                        dog roast. Attendees will contribute potluck
to Portland families and individuals in need.                 Italian fare May 15 at Pietro’s Pizza and a                    dishes.
   Just days later, the club was at it again.                 fun-filled day of bowling at Kellogg Bowl.                         Visit for more information.
   Ham, eggs and pancakes were on the                         For more information, contact John Doty at                     If interested, make reservations as soon as
menu March 31 at Odd Fellows Hall in                          503-649-5204 or President Don Dolan at                         possible to beat the summer rush. Contact
Milwaukie, Ore. The charity breakfast fed                     503-714-4186.                                                  Dolan at 503-714-4186 to advise Club 9 of
approximately twice as many individuals as                       The group will gather July 15-18 at KOA                     your reservation.
the previous year.                                            Campground in Hammond/Warrenton, Ore.,                             Club members also will celebrate Union
   Through generous donations from Portland                   for a healthy dose of camaraderie during                       Pacific’s 150th Anniversary Aug. 5 at the
Service Unit members, vendors and estab-                      their annual Beach Camp-Out. The locale                        Portland Service Unit’s Family Day event.
lishments, the club raffled 39 prizes. They                   offers deluxe cabins, camping cabins and                       Attendees may enjoy rides in two flag loco-
included a G-gauge steam locomotive train                     RV and tent sites.                                             motives, a business car, and dome and flat
set and rounds of golf and miniature golf at                     The event kicks off with a three-hour trout                 coach cars.
                                                                                                                                                       AT T R AC K T I O N S 7

        Spring Golf Classic Tournament Approaching
          The 12th Annual Union Pacific Spring Golf Classic Tournament                              If you have any questions, please feel free to         Club
        sponsored by Union Pacific Employee Club 53 is scheduled for                              contact any of the following:
        Saturday, May 19 at the WindRose Golf Club, Spring, Texas. This                           • Information: Kerry Shirley, UPEC 53 Golf
        tournament is open to Union Pacific Railroad employees, vendors                             Tournament Director, 713-577-0473, work, or            Houston
        and their friends. With your support and team entry we hope to have                         713-822-0858, cell.
        144 golfers on hand for fun, fellowship and to raise money for charity.                   • Registration: Tamrah Dean, UPEC 53 President, 281-350-
          The 2011 tournament was a great success due to your gracious                              7445, work, or 713-397-1486, cell. All team registrations must
        support and efforts. We were able to collect more than $10,000                              be in and paid for by Wednesday, May 9 to make your team
        that benefited the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Texas Children’s                        eligible.
        Hospital and our Friend to Friend Network, which helped many of                           • Payments: Checks should be made out to UNION PACIFIC
        our very own employees who met with misfortune. We are asking                               EMPLOYEE CLUB 53 (or UPEC 53) and mailed to: Rhonda
        for your generous support to make 2012 an even bigger success.                              Caraway-Krueger, UPEC 53 Treasurer, at 24125 Old Aldine
          As a vendor, sponsor or player, we are again asking for your                              Westfield Road, Spring, Texas 77373.
        support in at least two ways:
                                                                                                    We greatly appreciate your support, donations, and atten-
        1. Vendors can show their support by sponsoring a hole, which                             dance for this event. We look forward to hearing from you in the
           will guarantee a sign with their company name placed at the                            very near future. Please help by making all arrangements early.
           sponsored hole and will receive special recognition at the awards
           luncheon.                                                                              Thanking you in advance,
        2. We are asking for donated prizes such as balls, bags, putters,                         Tamrah Dean
           drivers, etc., that will be raffled off at the awards luncheon.                        UPEC #53 President

         UPEC	Friend	to	Friend	Network	Charity	Golf	Tournament
            Mark your calendar for the seventh annual        sending raffle prizes, such as gift certificates,                       	 All	 contributions	 to	 the	 net-
         UPEC Friend to Friend Network Charity Golf          or donating money for the network to purchase                           work	are	tax	deductible.		Fax	all	
                                                                                                                                     Friend	 to	 Friend	 Network	 group	
         Tournament May 18 at Dodge Riverside Park           prizes. Prize sponsors are featured in the tour-                        solicitation	forms	to	402-271-4800.	
         in Council Bluffs, Iowa.                            nament brochure. Please include a business card                         	 In	2011,	the	Friend	to	Friend	Network	continued	to	grow	and	set	
            Register by May 1 to play a round of golf,       with donated gifts and send to 303 Pickwicket                           new	records	in	all	categories,	gifting	$730,600	and	helping	a	record	
         sponsor a hole or provide a raffle donation.        Drive, Conway, AR, 72034.                                               1,144	railroad	families	in	need.		Since	the	network’s	inception	in	
                                                                                                                                     April	2004,	more	than	$3.5	million	has	been	awarded	to	the	cause.
            Teams consist of four players and cost $350 to      Raffle tickets can be purchased at the tourna-                       	 The	network’s	most	reliable	and	fastest-growing	source	of	
         sponsor. The entry fee includes green fees and      ment for $1 each or six for $5. Railroad team                           donations	is	payroll	deductions,	but	there	are	other	ways	to	help.	
         two carts for 18 holes. For $200, hole sponsors     players are required to purchase a minimum of                           UP	employees	also	can	contribute	to	UPEC	Friend	to	Friend	by	check	
         get their name posted at their designated hole      $5 in raffle tickets. Proceeds assist current and                       or	cash.		Retirees	and	spouses	can	take	advantage	of	online	banking	
                                                                                                                                     and	bill	pay	to	make	one-time	or	monthly	contributions.
         and are featured in the tournament brochure.        retired UP employees facing difficult times.                            	 Employees	participating	in	the	Fund	for	Effective	Government,	
         There has been a shortage of hole sponsors             To register or for more information, call                            UP’s	political	action	committee,	can	designate	UPEC	Friend	to	Friend	
         in past years. Do your part to make 2012 an         Richard Baldwin, treasurer, at 501-327-1376.                            Network	as	their	matching	gift	recipient.
         exception.                                                                                                                  	 For	more	information	on	the	UPEC	Friend	to	Friend	Network,	
                                                                                                                                     email	or	visit
            Players must check in by 7:30 a.m. to receive    	 Union	Pacific’s	Friend	to	Friend	Network	is	an	employee-run	
         their hole assignments. The tournament will         organization	designed	to	assist	UP	families	suffering	health-related	
                                                             issues,	fires	or	other	accidents,	natural	or	human-made	disasters,	     Cash	or	check	donations	can	be	sent	to:
         begin at 8 a.m. with a shotgun start. Lunch will    or	anything	else	that	causes	financial	hardship.                        Friend	to	Friend	Network
         be served after the tournament.                     	 All	administrative	costs	are	covered	by	the	railroad,	ensuring	       c/o	Richard	Baldwin,	Treasurer
                                                                                                                                     303	Pickwicket	Drive
            Support UPEC Friend to Friend Network by         100	percent	of	the	donations	to	the	network	are	sent	to	employees	
                                                                                                                                     Conway,	AR	72034
                                                             and	their	families	needing	assistance.

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            AT T R AC K T I O N S 8

                                                              Terry Wynn                                                                                                           PRSRT STD
                                                              2318 South 47th Street                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
                                                              Omaha, NE 68106                                                                                                      MAIL U.S.A.

CLUB    LOCATION                   PRESIDENT
1	      Cheyenne,	Wyo.	            Gayle	Collins
2	      Denver	                    Harland	Smith	        Welcome to the Union Pacific Employee Clubs Newsletter, highlighting employee club members and club activities. This newsletter will
3	      Omaha	                     Joan	Hess	            be published quarterly. Please contact Danielle, newsletter editor, and let him know about local and national club activities, community
4	      Kansas	City,	Kan./Mo.	     Joan	States           involvement, charitable giving and anything else you would like to see in your newsletter. This newsletter is for you and you should be
5	      Laramie,	Wyo.	             Sallie	Foster         highlighted! Whatever pictures you can send via email or postal mail would be greatly appreciated. News Link, 1845 South 11th St.,
                                                         Lincoln, NE 68502-2211, 402-4756397, fax 402-475-6398, or email By submitting photos, you state that you
6	      Ogden,	Utah	               Jan	Callahan          are the sole author of the photograph and control all rights for its use. Any employee who submits a photo retains all rights to the photo.
7	      St.	Joseph,	Mo.	           Samuel	Zebelean	Sr.   By submission, you give Corporate Relations a perpetual license to use your photo and to sub-license the same for use by third parties.
8	      North	Platte,	Neb.	        Rod	Ury               Thanks to everyone for taking the time to contribute to this edition of the AtTRACKtions newsletter, including but not limited to, Ed
9	      Portland,	Ore.	            Don	Dolan             Boswell, Don Dolan, Gary Featherling, Bill McCune, Larry Palmer, Buck Russel, Joan States, and Gary Swanson, The Best of Times.
10	     Spokane,	Wash.	            Maggie	Haverfield
11	     Los	Angeles	               Ernie	Flament
        Salt	Lake	City,	Utah	
        Pocatello,	Idaho	
                                   Bev	Thrall
                                   Gene	Packer                 UPEC Convention Coming in August
16	     Grand	Island,	Neb.	        Wayne	Huebner
17	     La	Grande,	Ore.	           Don	Flowers                    Celebrate UP’s 150th year at the 88th annual 2012 UPEC Convention Aug. 7-10 in the
18	     Green	River,	Wyo.	         Dorothy	Walker              Mile High City. Denver earned the nickname because its elevation is exactly 1 mile,
19	     Hermiston,	Ore.	           Larry	Storment
                                                               1.6 km or 5,280 feet, above sea level.
20	     Evanston,	Wyo.	            Joe	Dean
22	     Seattle	                   Fred	Wilson	                   Aside from business meetings, pin night/charity auction, theme night and awards
23	     Las	Vegas	                 Chris	Mlakar                presentation banquet ceremony, Denver has plenty to offer, including rafting, hiking,
24	     Walla	Walla,	Wash.	        Ted	Bren                    bicycling, climbing, national parks, wildlife viewing, athletic events, scenic train rides,
28	     Marysville,	Kan.	          LaVerne	O’Keefe             concerts at Red Rocks and more.
30	     The	Dalles,	Ore.	          Loren	Clark
                                                                  The theme for the 2012 convention is “Preserving Our History.” Theme night will
32	     Salina,	Kan.	              Judy	Saindon
33	     Milford,	Utah	             Chris	Barnes                be “Pirates of the Colorado,” a twist on Pirates of the Caribbean.
38	     Portola,	Calif.	           Gene	Hammond                   The cost of three nights lodging and seven meals at the Renaissance Hotel on Quebec
39	     Stockton,	Calif.	          Earl	Roider                 Street is $575 for a single; $829 for a double; $1,119 for a triple; and $1,373 for a quadruple.
51	     Fort	Worth,	Texas	         Johnny	McDowell                Cars at the California Zephyr’s rear will be dedicated for Union Pacific patrons only. The
52	     St.	Louis/DeSoto,	Mo.	     Diane	Huntington
                                                               Amtrak train will run from Chicago to Denver. A roundtrip ticket costs $100 per person.
53	     Houston	                   Tamrah	Dean
54	     North	Little	Rock,	Ark.	   Dale	Fulenwider                The 2013 event will take place in Sacramento, Calif.
57	     Addis,	La.	                Margaret	Wick
58	     Laredo,	Texas	             Mike	Barrera
61	     Council	Bluffs,	Iowa	      Pam	Fogle
63	     El	Paso,	Texas	            Bennie	Grayson
65	     Alexandria,	La.	           James		Drayton
66	     San	Antonio	               Buck	Russel
67	     Livonia,	La.	              Sherman	Matthews
69	     St.	Paul,	Minn.	           Richard	Gehrke
70	     St.	James,	Minn.	          Tom	Flatau
71	     Milwaukee,	Wis.	           Curt	Schmidt
72	     Mason	City,	Iowa	          Kurt	Christensen
75	     Altoona,	Wis.	             Jim	Larson
76	     Boone,	Iowa	               David	Huntley
77	     Adams,	Wis.	               Curt	Camps
78	     Fort	Dodge/
	       Eagle	Grove,	Iowa	         Gloria	Spiegel
80	     Wichita,	Kan.	             Tom	DeMayo
83	     Sparks,	Nev.	              Larry	Palmer
84	     Herington,	Kan.	           Clay	Bingham
85	     Avondale,	LA	              Robert	Roe		
86	     Roseville,	Calif.	         Raj	Randhawa

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