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                                  ENERCON Ma gazine
                                  for wind energ y
                                  Issue 04 | 2008

Teamwork on a flagship
Page 6

“La Gloria” in Guanacaste,
Costa Rica: Wind farm in
prime location sets example
for Latin America
Page 8

E-126/6 MW in
Georgsfeld, East Frisia and
Estinnes, Belgium:
Installing giant windmills
Page 12

Electronic service technician
for wind energy converters:
Experts in fault analysis and
Page 14

EU Climate package: Green
certificates out of the picture
Page 16
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                                                EDITORIAL            WINDBLATT 04 | 2008       3

Dear Readers,
More and more people come to recognise that the future belongs to renewable energies. Even
the International Energy Agency (IEA), whose forecasts for many years stayed well behind the
actual developments, has now urged countries worldwide to increase their efforts to promote
regenerative energies. When it comes to fulfilling the main IEA criteria for an efficient growth
of electricity generation from renewable sources, fixed power purchase price systems have
proven to be most effective. This is because they address a number of key issues: Transparen-
cy and reliability of promotion frameworks; incentives for investments that use degressive
models and support specific technologies; and the removal of other, non-economic impedi-
ments. Consequently, the IEA confirmed Portugal, Spain, and Germany as the most effective
promoters of renewable energies through their power purchase price system.

As a result, these states are already well on the way towards a sustainable energy supply mo-
del for the future. Even in its worst-case scenario for the increase of renewable electricity ge-
neration by the year 2020, the German Ministry for the Environment calculates a 30 % share
of renewables – while expecting fewer investments in land-based wind energy. The nine
coal-fired power plants currently under construction would thus be sufficient to ensure a con-
tinuous power supply in Germany. There is no need for additional fossil power stations. And
why should we even assume that investments in onshore wind energy will drop? The wind
industry in particular plays a pioneering role in the development of grid-supporting tech-
nology, as well as in energy storage research. In response to the core challenges, wind
energy can already provide answers now that will stand the test of time. It would therefore be
wrong to scale back investments in land-based wind energy that has until now been key to
the expansion of renewables.

The European Parliament, too, has recognised the importance of fixed power purchase price
systems for the continued expansion of the renewable energies sector and has made sure that
national power purchase systems are not being jeopardised by harmonised certificates
trading. Instead, the draft guideline currently with the European Council changes the political
framework beyond just promotion systems: According to the parliament’s plans, renewable
energies will receive EU-wide priority access to the grid for feeding in power; proceeds from
the auctioning of emission trading certificates will in part be used for renewable energies
research; and the milestones on the way to the 20 % mark become binding for the member
states. These improvements are urgently needed to ensure a sustainable, future-oriented
energy supply model in the European Union.

                                     Yours sincerely

                                                                               Aloys Wobben
                                                           Managing Director ENERCON GmbH
         4     WINDBLATT 04 | 2008    NEWS
               DEWEK 2008                        ENERCON gets banks, project                         He pointed out the great potential for wind po-
               (Bremen/Germany)                  planners, and suppliers on board                    wer in Europe where policymakers have set
               26.11. – 27.11.2008                                                                   ambitious targets for the exploitation of rene-
               German wind energy conference                                                         wable energies. ENERCON’s ability to succeed
                                                                               in markets such as France, Sweden, Germany,
                                                                                                     Poland or Spain is due largely to the outstan-
                                                                                                     ding quality of its products, resulting from the
               3rd European Renewable                                                                reliable gearless drive system, the innovative
               Energy Policy Conference                                                              grid connection technology as well as a conti-
               (Brussels/Belgium)                                                                    nuous optimisation process leading to the
               09.02. – 11.02.2009                                                                   highest efficiency. “Replacement investments
               Platform for future strategy                                                          and maintenance costs are very low for our
               towards a sustainable energy      Banking day guests listening to ENERCON             machines”, said Lütkemeyer. “If we compare
               supply                            Managing Director Aloys Wobben.                     our market position in Europe to our manufac-
                                                                               turing and installation potential, all signs point
                                                 In early November, ENERCON invited more             to a step-by-step continuation of the ‘on shore’
                                                 than a hundred representatives from banks,          growth we’ve experienced in the past years.”
               EWEC 2009                         insurances, wind power project planners, and
                                                 industry suppliers to their banking day in Au-      “ENERCON guarantees stability and security”,
               16.03. – 19.03.2009
                                                 rich, Germany. “We would like to demonstrate        said ENERCON Managing Director Hans-Dieter
               European wind energy
                                                 why investments in the manufacturing and            Kettwig. Beside careful site assessment, tech-
               conference and exhibition
                                                 operation of ENERCON wind energy converters         nical availability is crucial for the security of
               (ENERCON in hall 1, st. 1427)
                                                 continue to be particularly safe and attractive”,   wind power investments. At 98.6 %, ENERCON
                                                 said Managing Director Hans-Dieter Kettwig.         WECs achieve top availability levels. Mr. Kett-
                                                 The two-day programme included visits to the        wig added: “Whenever there is wind to har-
                                                 manufacturing facilities in Aurich and Emden.       vest, our machines are practically always rea-
               New Zealand Wind Energy
                                                 Participants also had the opportunity to see the    dy, and are thus suitable for long term and
               Conference 2009
                                                 E-126 under construction in Georgsfeld, and         profitable investments – traceable also for the
               (Wellington, New Zealand)
                                                 the reactivated railway line between Aurich         banking sector.”
               20.04. – 22.04.2009
                                                 and Abelitz used by ENERCON to transport its
               Exhibition and conference on
                                                 WEC components to the harbour in Emden.             The ENERCON PartnerKonzept (EPK) plays a
               New Zealand’s wind industry
                                                                                                     crucial role here. This service and maintenan-
               and wider energy sector
                  The second day was reserved for presentati-         ce contract guarantees a high 97 % technical
                                                 ons and discussion. ENERCON Production Ma-          availability for 15 years within Germany and
                                                 nager Klaus Peters presented the company’s          12 years in other countries. EPK services are
               ENERGY                            current projects. In Portugal e.g., the company     secured through a special fund that by now
               at Hanover Fair                   is adding two rotor blade factories as well as a    contains around 100 million Euro. Stability is
               (Hanover/Germany)                 tower manufacturing and a mechatronics              also bolstered, said Mr. Kettwig, by the high
               20.04. – 24.04.2009               plant. Emden and Magdeburg are expanding            equity ratio of ENERCON investments (more
               Technology tradeshow for the      their tower manufacturing facilities, and other
               energy mix of the future          production plants will be built in the Canadian
            province of Quebec. Contracts have just been
                                                 concluded for a project at the Eurohafen har-
                                                 bour in Haren on the river Ems in northern Ger-
               All-Energy                        many. A new rotor blade factory, among the
               (Aberdeen/Great Britain)          most modern of its kind in Europe, will take up
               20.05. – 21.05.2009               production here in 2011. This plant will be built
               Renewable energy exhibition       in conjunction with a site that is used to test
               and conference                    possibilities of consolidating wind energy feed.
               (ENERCON at stand 26,
               Exhibition & Conference Center)   ENERCON Sales Manager Stefan Lütkemeyer             ENERCON Managing Director Hans-Dieter Kettwig
                   explained why these investments make sense:         fielding questions from the audience.
                                                                                                                                                       NEWS           WINDBLATT 04 | 2008          5

than 40 % in relation to the balance sheet to-                                               wind power is creating jobs, economic growth,         for the right to build 1200 MW of wind energy
tal) and the generous reserves for warranty                                                  and business for Portuguese companies.”               in Portugal. The new plant in Lanheses goes
liabilities that have been continuously increa-                                              Piementa praised ENERCON’s ability to forge           beyond these obligations. José Sócrates un-
sing over the previous years.                                                                reliable strategic alliances with Portuguese          derlined the excellent cooperation and added
                                                                                             partners. “It has been key to this success.”          that if ENERCON wished to build a new plant
ENERCON Managing Director Aloys Wobben                                                                                                             every year, they could count on his support.
put ENERCON’s main business of installing
WECs into the wider context of tackling the                                                  Cornerstone ceremony for rotor blade                  “ENERCON decided to build this additional
greatest global problems, in particular coun-                                                plant in Lanheses                                     plant in Lanheses because the business envi-
teracting the effects of climate change. While                                                                                                     ronment for our operations in Northern Portu-
coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy are                                                                                                     gal is just perfect”, said Aloys Wobben. This in-
finite resources that will be declining by the                                                                                                     cludes the skilled workforce as well as the
end of the century, the rise of the renewable                                                                                                      convenient location close to the harbour – af-
energies could prevent looming wars for re-                                                                                                        ter all, the long-term goal is for 60 % of pro-
sources. “Put together, the power generated                                                                                                        duction output to be exported. On top of that,
                                                    Picture: Viana do Castelo Municipality

by all ENERCON WECs installed so far corre-                                                                                                        ENERCON is confident that with the calls for
sponds to the annual output of 17 nuclear po-                                                                                                      tender for new wind power plants currently
wer stations”, said Mr. Wobben. ENERCON                                                                                                            under way, Portugal itself will continue to pro-
would exceed the 3 GW threshold of newly in-                                                                                                       vide a favourable environment for this rene-
stalled power this year for the first time. Ac-                                                                                                    wable energy source for years to come.
cording to Mr. Wobben, the installation curve                                                Portuguese Prime Minister José Sócrates and
for WECs will continue to go up in the coming                                                ENERCON Managing Director Aloys Wobben shake
                                                                                             hands at the cornerstone ceremony.                    Two wind farms inaugurated in
years – for ENERCON as well as worldwide.
                                                                                                                                                   Darzyno, Poland
While some bank representatives were surpri-                                                 Near Viana do Castelo in Northern Portugal,           In October, the six E-82 wind turbines at Dar-
sed at the notion that the financial crisis could                                            Portuguese Prime Minister José Sócrates and           zyno Wind Farm in Poland (approx. 100 km
also affect the renewables sector, other parti-                                              ENERCON Managing Director Aloys Wobben                west of Danzig) were inaugurated amid lively
cipants already considered this a given.                                                     laid the cornerstone for a new rotor blade ma-        festivities. NEWD out of Danzig and ZuAn
Dr. Klaus Meier, representative of project de-                                               nufacturing plant. It will be built right next to     based in Bydgoszcz each own and operate half
veloper WPD, said in his presentation: “Project                                              the mechatronics facility in Lanheses where           of the installed turbines. Marcin Tomaszewski,
development and realisation are only possible                                                the production of E-modules and generators            Managing Director of NEWD, took a look back
with reliable manufacturers on the one hand                                                  for E-82 turbines is due to start in early 2009.      at eight years of planning history: “My father
and banks on the other. As far as manufactu-                                                 As part of the ceremony, a Portuguese flag            bought the property in 2000. On the way to
rers go, ENERCON is ideal for us. We have a                                                  was unfurled at the cornerstone. Defensor             Danzig from Koszalin, my father noticed that
vast overlap in the selection of countries whe-                                              Moura, Mayor of Viana, and Francisco Laran-           the trees near Darzyno were pretty slanted in
re our companies are active. But the financial                                               jeira, Managing Director of Energias Reno-            one direction because of the wind.” But,
crisis does introduce an evolutionary process                                                váveis de Portugal (ENERCONPOR), also sig-            according to Tomaszewski, NEWD’s three
to the industry. Over the coming years, it will                                              ned a cooperation agreement for the                   E-82s were not purchased until after the latest
therefore be important to maintain stable and                                                acquisition of the plot of more than 85,000           revision of the Polish energy legislation when
durable relations.”                                                                          square metres on which the rotor blade plant          it became evident that green energy was
                                                                                             in Lanheses stands.                                   taking a positive turn with certificate trading.
Another guest speaker was Carlos Pimenta of
the Center for Energy, Environment and Trans-                                                About 500 people will work here and build             “At the beginning, people in the community of
port Economics in Lisbon who described what                                                  about 600 E-82 rotor blades per year; produc-         Potegowo weren’t really sure what to think
positive effects it can have on a country if                                                 tion is scheduled to start in 2010. Mr. Wobben        about wind energy”, Tomaszewski said. Mean-
ENERCON decides to set up business there.                                                    and Mr. Sócrates both emphasised the fact             while everyone is quite happy about it. The
“Thanks to ENERCON, Portugal is turning from                                                 that this second rotor blade manufacturing            owner organised a presentation at the local
an importer of wind energy converters into a                                                 plant – the first one is located in the harbour of    school: Every child got a t-shirt with a wind tur-
manufacturer and exporter.” Components such                                                  Viana – represents an additional investment by        bine on it. Potegowo is mainly agricultural: “No
as rotor blades, generators, towers, and E-mo-                                               ENERCON in its Portuguese operations. The ac-         industry – and practically no tax revenue. Our
dules are now produced in Viana do Castelo.                                                  tivities so far fell under the obligations the Ger-   projects alone are going to bring about 5 per-
“In addition to the environmental benefits,                                                  man manufacturer had contracted in exchange           cent of the budget into the community coffers.”
                                                                                      Wagenborg staff loading the E-82 tower segments lifted off the ship.

Repowering in Eemshaven, Netherlands

Teamwork on a flagship project
In the Dutch port of Eemshaven, the construction of 64 E-82 turbines                                  half for transport. They’d otherwise be too
is under way. ENERCON transports the concrete towers for this wind                                    wide for the road”, explains construction su-
farm by ship directly from its plant in Emden, Germany, across the                                    pervisor Christian Bohnewald. But in Eems-
                                                                                                      haven, segments can be transported to the
estuary of the river Ems. A temporary storage area of 15,000 square
                                                                                                      construction site in one piece. “Having the
metres has been set up near the harbour where the pre-assembly of                                     harbour right in the centre of the wind farm
WEC components is carried out. Rotor blades, machine houses, and                                      is also convenient because it saves pre-
rotor hubs for Europe’s largest repowering project are stocked here.                                  assembly time at the individual sites.”

“We can supply components to the con-           ENERCON teams can continue their installa-            Temporary lane for through traffic
struction site as needed, at very short noti-   tion work. Three out of eight wind farm clu-          Haulage company Wagenborg transports
ce”, says ENERCON installation coordinator      sters have already been completed. There              the segments by lorry from the quay to the
Jörg Zimmermann who mainly devised the          are still 29 turbines to install and about 40         construction site. The largest, bottom-most
logistics plan. Throughout October, there       still to be connected to the grid. “For the re-       element of a 98-m tower measures 7.56 m
have been almost daily ship transports from     mainder of the year, we need to connect               in diameter and sits across the truck bed.
Emden to Eemshaven. The “Freedom” car-          three to four WECs to the grid each week”,            Each transport is accompanied by two sa-
ries entire concrete tower assembly sets for    says project manager Din Rijniers.                    fety vehicles. To avoid having to block the
the E-82 wind energy converters (WEC) that                                                            traffic in the harbour area, Dutch Essent –
are installed near the harbour and in the       The transport by ship is one contributing             operator and owner of the majority of turbi-
neighbouring polder. After a week and a half    factor to the extraordinary speed with which          nes – had a temporary lane built for through
of inclement weather, the wind at the Nor-      the teams perform the installation. “Normal-          traffic parallel to the arterial road: Kwelder-
thern Dutch coast has finally abated and the    ly, the five bottom segments are divided in           weg. The road can thus be used exclusively
                                                                                                  TITLE STORY               WINDBLATT 04 | 2008         7

by ENERCON for their cranes and trans-            ENERCON devised a special instal-
ports. Bypass roads were built at all traffic     lation concept for the project. One
roundabouts because the blade transports          team prepares the components in
with their lengths of 40 metres could other-      the harbour. Lorries transport them
wise not negotiate the roundabouts.               to the construction sites. Three
                                                  teams aided by 500 t cranes con-
Quadrupling the installed power                   struct the precast concrete towers.
Eemshaven is the epitome of a successful          Two teams use 800 t mobile cranes
repowering project. Eight clusters with a to-     to hoist the steel sections for the to-
tal of 64 E-82 plus 24 competitor WECs re-        wers as well as the machine hou-
place 134 old turbines from manufacturers         ses, generators, spinners, and rotor
Kenetech and NEG Micon constructed be-            hubs. Another team with a 300 t
tween 1993 and 1995. The repowering al-           crawler crane is dedicated solely to
most quadruples the installed power. Once         blade installation. Two finish teams Loading tower segments, cruise liner “Celebrity Solstice” in the background.
the old WECs have been dismantled, there          take care of all remaining tasks.
will be only 70 WECs running in the harbour       Grid connection teams install the cables in      compasses the following units: An already
area. Another 20 high-performance turbines        towers and machine houses. Service teams         existing gas-fired power plant (Essent); a
will be located in the Emma polder west of        finally carry out the commissioning. “Thus,      coal power plant (RWE); a 1200 MW power
the harbour. The turbines are owned and           we complete two to three turbine installati-     plant fuelled by gasified coal or biomass
operated by energy suppliers Essent (52           ons per week. Under optimal conditions, we       (Nuon); and a liquefied petroleum gas sy-
E-82) and Electrabel (9) and by Bakker Bie-       can even make four or five installations in      stem (Essent, Gasunie). With their WECs,
rum, a local agricultural business (3).           one week”, explains Bohnewald. As the            Essent, Bakker Bierum, and Electrabel add
                                                  work progresses, small corrections to the        the only climate-friendly components to this
The harbour at the estuary of the river Ems       system emerge. “With weather conditions          scenario that – except for biomass electri-
was built in the 1970s on land reclaimed          worsening by the day now, it’s a good thing      city – otherwise builds entirely on fossil fu-
from the sea. Because the soil is very soft,      we’ll be getting an additional crane for bla-    els. “This project could support the Nether-
the E-82s are built on pile foundations. Per      de installation next month.”                     lands considerably in reaching their goal of
foundation, 30 concrete pillars reach 25 to                                                        a 20 % share of renewable energies by
39 metres into the ground. The options for        “Energy cluster” Eemshaven                       2020”, says van Noort. “But unfortunately,
creating crane platforms are limited, espe-       “For ENERCON, the Eemshaven project with         recent amendments to our promotion sys-
cially along the traffic routes. Moreover,        its size as well as its repowering success is    tem are creating obstacles. The new
there are many cables that traverse the           groundbreaking“, says Bram van Noort who         purchase price is based on full-load hours,
ground in this heavily industrialised area –      manages the project from ENERCON’s sales         a model geared towards the installation of
most famous among them the 450 kV DC              office in Zwolle, Netherlands. The E-82s         the highest possible rated power. But this
cable from Eemshaven to Feda in Norway            surround an “energy cluster” that was plan-      has no bearing whatsoever on the efficien-
(NorNed) that went into operation last May.       ned by the province of Groningen and en-         cy of a wind energy converter.”

ENERCON rents this logistics area in Eemshaven.                                  Pre-assembly of a machine house.
8    WINDBLATT 04 | 2008           INTERNATIONAL

“La Gloria” in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Wind farm in prime location
sets example for Latin America
This November saw the completion of the first half of the ENERCON                                        consortium formed by the Juwi group from
wind farm “La Gloria” in Costa Rica. In early 2009, after the                                            Wörrstadt, Germany, and French utility com-
                                                                                                         pany GDF Suez. In developing “La Gloria”,
connection of a transmission substation and a trial run,
                                                                                                         Juwi has created the largest wind farm in
28 E-44/900 kW turbines will be on the grid here, at the worldwide                                       Central America so far. A 230 kV high volta-
strongest ENERCON wind site so far. Because these wind energy                                            ge cable run by utility company Instituto
converters must brave winds rushing in at average speeds of 12 m/s,                                      Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) is pas-
ENERCON’s design engineers came up with a specially reinforced                                           sed through the wind farm areal. PEG has
steel tower that is only 44 metres high.                                                                 ordered a transmission substation at Sie-
                                                                                                         mens with which the wind farm will be
“In this part of Costa Rica, our time window              and commissioning”, explains Oberbeck.         connected to the high voltage grid.
for installation is July to October”, says pro-           The civil engineer hopes that the second
ject manager Christian Oberbeck. During                   project stage involving 27 turbines will go    20 years power feed-in contract
the rest of the year, the wind is too strong              as smoothly next year.                         “Once the project has been completed, the
                                                                                                         substation will become property of ICE”,
                                                                                                         says Juwi project manager Alejandro Lobo-
                                                                                                         Guerrero. Costa Rica does not have any le-
                                                                                                         gislation comparable to the German Rene-
                                                                                                         wable Energy Sources Act, Lobo-Guerrero
                                                                                                         explains this approach. “You can’t just feed
                                                                                                         power into the grid here.” First, there had to
                                                                                                         be a public call for tender by the ICE mono-
                                                                                                         poly. Juwi won the bid and concluded a con-
                                                                                                         tract for 20 years of power feed to the grid
                                                                                                         from the “La Gloria” wind farm. The Contral-
                                                                                                         oría General de la República (CGR), the na-
                                                                                                         tional Court of Auditors, has already appro-
                                                                                                         ved this contract in public proceedings.

                                                                                                         Costa Rica actually has a long history of re-
                                                                                                         newable energies exploitation through the
                                                                                                         intensive use of hydropower, explains Ran-
“La Gloria” wind farm site in Guanacaste (in November).                                                  dolf Heine, Regional Director for Latin Ame-
                                                                                                         rica at Juwi. But because of this history,
for wind turbine construction. This year,                 The tropical climate of Guanacaste creates     there is a strong focus on hydropower. Says
they were able to make optimal use of the                 some particular challenges for the con-        Heine: “All model contracts for example are
time window. It only took seven weeks for                 struction of wind energy converters. “We       geared towards hydropower. For this rea-
the ENERCON teams together with their lo-                 need to get started at the crack of dawn and   son, ‘La Gloria’ plays an extremely impor-
cal project partners to install 28 wind ener-             finish up by two o’clock at the latest. Be-    tant role in expanding the awareness of re-
gy converters. “We had two teams putting                  cause after that come high winds and the       newable energies in Central America.” In
up towers and hoisting nacelles. Three                    daily downpour of rain.” The project custo-    the beginning, there was a lot of scepticism
small teams took care of grid connection                  mer is Proyecto Eólico Guanacaste (PEG), a     about the wind power project. But this has
                                                                                           INTERNATIONAL                WINDBLATT 04 | 2008        9

gradually turned into curiosity. “People here     work in three teams:
are really excited about the project.”            The first team takes
                                                  care of pre-assembly
“La Gloria” also introduced Juwi to Costa         and installation of the
Rican bureaucracy. “Official procedures in        bottom-most tower
Costa Rica are very complex”, says Heine.         section. The second
For someone who is not well informed and          team adds the upper
well connected, it is easy to get lost in the     tower sections and
bureaucratic jungle. “But basically, there        hoists the nacelle. The
are very good prospects for wind projects in      third team adjusts the
Costa Rica because the site conditions are        tower bases to the
excellent.” The yield is unusual by Europe-       foundations and in-

                                                                                                                                                        Picture: Juwi
an standards: At 45 metres hub height, the        stalls the E-modules”,
55 turbines of “La Gloria” are expected to        explains Stead. Once
produce 240 million kWh of electricity per        all bottom sections had Transporting towers in the Cordillera de Guanacaste.
year. “This corresponds to a 55 % capacity        been put in place
factor, roughly twice as much as we get in        (within seven days), the first team worked in       re ENERCON’s ability to deliver on projects
Europe on average”, explains Heine.               parallel with the second team. “For the last        worldwide, maintaining their high quality
                                                  14 days, the teams have been waiting to be          standards while productivity at home and
Complementary wind and                            able to hoist the last turbine”, says Stead.        abroad is increasing dramatically. Nacelles
hydro power                                       The windy season has started. “The locals           and rotor blades were manufactured in the
The Latin America expert emphasises the           here think the wait will continue till June         Wobben Windpower plant in Brazil. All other
many ways in which people in the region           2009.” But Stead is hopeful that the wind           components were mainly made in Germany.
benefit from the project. “Especially during      will ease off one more time to allow instal-        “All deadlines and agreements between
the dry season from December to May, the          lation to finish.                                   ENERCON Germany, the Pecem and Soroca-
turbines will provide electricity almost conti-                                                       ba plants in Brazil and PEG were honoured
nuously.” Because hydropower units opera-         It was mostly local companies that carried          and fulfilled to the letter. The cooperation on
te at partial load during this time, in the dry   out geotechnical investigations and prepa-          this project between the customer and the
season Costa Rica is forced to resort to po-      ratory work such as building foundations            sales and production teams could not have
wer generation by generators that consume         and access roads. “The way our partners             been better”, states Hoch.
expensive diesel fuel “Wind energy and hy-        were involved in the project worked out
dropower will complement each other per-          very well. With their excellent knowledge of        Representatives of the German Federal Go-
fectly”, says Heine. Moreover, the country        the region, we really came to depend on             vernment highlighted the exemplary nature
benefits through direct job creation, orders      them”, says Lobo-Guerrero Rodriguez.                of the Costa Rican project. State Secretary
to subcontractors, and knowledge transfer.                                                            Michael Müller from the Federal Ministry for
For instance, ENERCON is setting up a new         Tower design factors in                             the Environment made the wind farm one of
Service centre for Central America in the         earthquake loads                                    several stops on his trip to Latin America.
nearby town of Liberia. The four new techni-      The design engineers at Wobben Research             He considered the PEG wind farm a great
cians staffing this centre have the opportu-      & Development (WRD) in Aurich, Germany,             example of the successful transfer of tech-
nity to gain as much experience as possible       did site-specific load calculations especially      nologies and know-how. “Importantly, Costa
with ENERCON WECs during the installation         for this project. The 44-m tower consisting         Rica is taking on a pioneering role for all of
phase. They are already able to put E-44          of two sections was designed accordingly;           Latin America in the fields of climate pro-
turbines into operation and to carry out          of course it is also suited to “regular”            tection and biodiversity”, added Müller. He
maintenance during the 300-hour test run.         strong-wind sites according to IEC IA. “We          also pointed out that Costa Rica plans to
                                                  also factored in the earthquake loads that          source 100 % of its power supply from re-
The installation teams pair Costa Rican staff     are very high in this region: The design com-       newable energies and thus achieve CO2
with experienced technicians from Ger-            plies with Costa Rican and European safety          neutrality by the year 2021, the 200th anni-
many and Brazil. With Australian Terry Stead      standards”, says Martin Kraft, WRD engineer         versary of Costa Rican independence. “Our
as installation supervisor, these ENERCON         and expert for towers and foundations.              country can be proud that German compa-
old timers pass on their knowledge to their                                                           nies are among those who contribute to this
new co-workers. Out of the total of 28 in-        Sales representative Gordon Hoch believes           goal by their investments in wind farms and
stallation workers, 20 are Costa Rican. “We       that the “La Gloria” project proves once mo-        other renewable energy sources.”
        10     WINDBLATT 04 | 2008            INTERNATIONAL

        3 x E-33 Wind farm on Ross Island

        Green energy for two
        Antarctic research stations
        Three E-33 turbines are currently underway to the Antarctic where they will arrive via New Zealand in
        February on board of the supply vessel “American Tern” on its annual voyage to McMurdo Sound. The turbi-
        nes are intended to provide the research stations, Scott Base (New Zealand) and McMurdo (USA) on Ross
        Island, with environment-friendly electricity. Because the Antarctic “summer” is already drawing to a close
        by February, installation is scheduled to take place at the end of 2009/beginning of 2010 when a team of
        ENERCON engineers will build up the machines together with staff from Meridian Energy and Antarctica NZ.
        Situated 3000 kilometres from New Zea-                                             Zealand (AntNZ) and with support from the        ges have been made to the E-33 turbines
        land’s South Island, ENERCON will be buil-                                         US National Science Foundation (NSF). In the     destined for Ross Island.
        ding the world’s southernmost wind farm for                                        first stage, the wind power plant is predicted
        Meridian Energy Ltd (New Zealand’s largest                                         to reduce the need for fossil fuels at Scott     For instance, the towers are made of speci-
        electricity producer), backed up by the go-                                        Base and McMurdo by 11 %. Further WECs           al low temperature resistant steel, the
        vernmental organisation Antarctica New                                             are scheduled to follow. By saving energy        nacelle casing is thicker, the resistance of
                                                                                           wherever possible and using renewable            the cast components has been tested at ex-
                                                                                           energy Meridian, AntNZ and NSF (responsi-        tremely low temperatures, the control cabi-
                                                                                           ble for McMurdo) are aiming at halving gre-      nets in the nacelle are heated and the PCBs
Australia                                                                                  enhouse gas emissions at both stations.          in the electro-cabinets have been treated
                                                                                                                                            with a special varnish coating. The latter is
                Sydney             New Zealand                                             “Both stations are closely linked – and not      done not really because of the climatic con-
                                                                                           just by the longest road in the Antarctic        ditions on Ross Island, though. Although the
                                                                                           (three kilometres)”, explains Andrea von         air is cold there, it is actually very dry. “It’s
                                          Christchurch                                     Lindeiner, ENERCON sales rep for Australia,      actually because the sensitive PCBs have to
                                                                                           New Zealand, Central and South America.          be protected against the consequences of
                                                                                           “The site at Crater Hill is situated on a        condensation which occurs during transport
                                                                                           mountain ridge just 1100 metres from Scott       through the different climate zones across
                                                                                           Base and only slightly over 1500 metres          the globe”, explains von Lindeiner.
                                                                                           from McMurdo.” Meridian Energy and AntNZ
                                                                                           will be operating the wind turbines. “Electri-   Up until now diesel generators have
                                                                                           city produced will be shared between the         been supplying both research stations on
                                                                                           two stations as part of an arrangement,          Ross Island with power. During the summer
                                    Scott Base/McMurdo
                                    (Ross Island)                                          whereby NSF and AntNZ share the logistical       season, there are up to 1100 people, in
                                                                                           support requirements for the two.”               McMurdo alone. A consumption of approx.
                                                                                                                                            4.5 million litres of diesel fuel is non-negli-
             Antarctica                                                                    ENERCON WECs are normally designed to            gible and transporting the fuel to Ross
                                                                                           withstand ambient temperatures ranging           Island’s harbour can be perilous as the peri-
                           South Pole                                                      from -25 to +40° C. Von Lindeiner points         od in which it is ice-free is quite short. “The
     Mawson (Aus)
                                                                                           out though that ENERCON wind turbines are        Americans are upgrading their diesel gene-
                                                                                           already running extremely well at much lo-       rators and introducing systems to recover
                                                                Source: NASA/Blue Marble

                                                                                           wer temperatures, as the two E-30 machi-         lost heat. Until now, a lot of the energy pro-
                                                                                           nes at the Australian Antarctic station,         duced by the old generators was wasted”,
                                                                                           Mawson base, have demonstrated. In com-          explains Shaun Cornelius, the wind project
        From Scott Base, the distance to the pole is 1350 km.                              parison to the standard version, a few chan-     development manager at Meridian. “These
McMurdo station located at the base of Crater Hill, Scott Base right of the road. The wind farm will be installed on the incline to the right of the buildings on the high plane.

improvements will complement the addition                    last year. Cornelius: “NSF are bringing in the                                taking wind measurements on Crater Hill,
of renewable energy.”                                        rest of the material by plane so that the fo-                                 amongst other places, since 2005. The
                                                             undation can be completed this summer.”                                       average wind speed at the 190 metre high
Building the foundations on Crater Hill (na-                                                                                               site is around 7.8 m/s at 37 metres hub
med after the volcanic crater nearby) will be                Construction started in November this year.                                   height. In addition to Crater Hill, at least two
a challenge. “The permafrost layer begins at                 Each WEC foundation consists of eight                                         other suitable sites have been singled out
only 45 centimetres below the surface”,                      13-ton prefab concrete blocks arranged in a                                   on Ross Island.
Cornelius reports. Due to the cold, conven-                  circle in the foundation pit, Cornelius ex-
tional concrete foundations would not har-                   plains. Each block is fastened to the volca-                                  The average annual temperature on Ross
den properly. “That is why Meridian had a                    nic rock with two 12-metre steel anchors,                                     Island is -20° C. Even on the “warmest”
steel construction with precast concrete feet                which are grouted into the permafrost layer.                                  days in summer, with 24 hours sun, the
made in New Zealand.” The feet were alrea-                   And finally the foundation builders bolt on                                   temperature only rises to +6° C. ENERCON’s
dy brought to Ross Island on the supply ship                 an eight-arm steel construction, “a steel                                     installation team will have to bundle up.
                                                                                            spider” to                                     Lindeiner is not worried: “The New Zealan-
                                                                                               Pictures: Meridian Energy

                                                                                            which the                                      ders will provide our guys with the appro-
                                                                                            steel tower                                    priate cold weather gear.”
                                                                                            is flanged.
                                                                                                                                           Until their installation at the end of next year,
                                                                                                                           There is a      the wind turbines will be kept in storage in
                                                                                                                           potential for   heated containers at Scott Base. Shortly be-
                                                                                                                           even more       fore installation next year, four engineers
                                                                                                                           extensive       from Meridian will travel to Germany for four
                                                                                                                           use of wind     weeks of training at ENERCON’s home base
                                                                                                                           energy on       in Aurich to learn the essentials of WEC in-
                                                                                                                           Ross Island.    stallation and maintenance. These trained
                                                                                                                           Meridian and    technicians will then be able to assist in as-
                                                                                                                           Antarctica      sembling the turbines on Ross Island and la-
                                                                                                                           New Zealand     ter support the Service centre in Aurich with
The supply vessel “American Tern” lands at Ross Island only once a year.                                                   have been       vital information.
                                                                                                  Foundation construction for E-126 in Estinnes, Belgium.

E-126/6 MW in Georgsfeld, East Frisia and Estinnes, Belgium

Installing giant windmills
Currently, ENERCON is in the process of installing further E-126/6 MW                                to communicate a lot more.” Since the in-
prototypes in East Frisia and Belgium. Because of the enormous size                                  stallation of the first prototype in November
                                                                                                     2007, the speed at which the blades are
of the components, installation can be quite a challenge. This task
                                                                                                     assembled has significantly increased.
will, however, soon be eased by a new crane.                                                         “Now we only need a day and a half per
                                                                                                     blade.” Other improvements are expected
Aurich, in September: Two 131-m towers            segments into the exact mounting position.         to speed up the installation process even
for the E-126/6 MW wind turbines stand out        A loud clattering of ratchet wrenches is           further. The teams in Georgsfeld are preas-
against the horizon in Georgsfeld on the          sounding from inside the blade. Three wor-         sembling the blades using a 150 t crawler
outskirts of Aurich. At the base of one of the    kers inside the blade are connecting the           crane, a 250 t telescopic crane and a work
towers, a blade is nearly ready to be hoi-        huge steel blade components to the GRP             platform. “For the E-126 project in Estin-
sted. Attached to both a crawler and teles-       with twenty M52 bolts.                             nes, we only want to use two crawler cra-
copic crane, it is hanging in mid-air. Two                                                           nes, each with a 180 t lifting capacity”, ex-
teams, of nearly two dozen technicians, are       Preassembly on site                                plains Behrends. Easier to manoeuvre,
working on the suspended giant measuring          Since the E-126 blades are divided into two        these cranes will facilitate lifting.
the length of two fully grown blue whales.        parts, delivery is relatively uncomplicated.
Workers on a small aerial platform at the         Transport to the construction site is just as      20-man installation team
trailing edge are fitting the so-called spoiler   easy as for the E-82. “Preassembly on-site         An E-126 installation crew is more than
components to the blade.                          takes a bit longer, but this procedure opens       double the size of a 2 MW installation team.
                                                  up a lot of locations for the E-126”, says         “We constantly have about 20 people on-si-
From inside the blade, team leader, Jacobus       construction supervisor, Stefan Behrends.          te”, Behrends reports. The big wall inside
Franken is radioing directions to guide the       “As with every new model, the teams have           his crew container is covered with drawings
                                                                                                                                                       PRACTICE          WINDBLATT 04 | 2008         13

                         showing the assembly steps. “Installing an
                         E-126 is tricky, mainly because of the size
                         of the components”, he explains. E.g., the
                         two generator components – rotor and sta-
                         tor – have to be hoisted separately because
                         of their weight, i.e. at least until ENERCON
                         receives the specially made crane schedu-
                         led to be delivered next year.

                         Nacelle hoisted in three steps
                         Pointing to a drawing, Behrends shows how
                         the rotor is heaved onto the stator at 140 m
                         above the ground. The rotor weighs 140 t
                         and with only a few centimetres clearance
                         in the stator, moving it into place is a feat in
                         itself. To facilitate inserting the rotor, a spe-
                                                                              Picture: Romuald Banik

                         cially designed steel support is mounted on
                         the stator ring and crane wheels are fixed
                         to the centre of the rotor to ease it into pla-
                         ce. “The steel support beam and crane                                         Machine house assembly in Georgsfeld.
                         wheels are used to guide the rotor into the
                         exact position.”                                                              In Estinnes, a municipality near Mons in         had built. Each foundation consists of more
                                                                                                       Wallonia, ENERCON is in the process of buil-     than 1400 cubic metres of concrete and
                         In Georgsfeld the rotor blades and hub are                                    ding an E-126 wind farm for WindVision, a        more than 120 tons of steel. “The soil is not
                         still being lifted separately due to their                                    planner/operator firm in Leuven. Two out of      stable enough to support the huge load, so
                         weight. “In future, though, we will be hoi-                                   a total of 11 foundations (29 m diameter)        we have to create reinforcing elements”,
                         sting the machine house, rotor and genera-                                    have already been completed. Sixty metres        Kunert adds.
                         tor in three stages”, explains Beherends. At                                  above the first foundation a tower installa-
                         the next site, hub and rotor are going to be                                  tion team is in the process of joining the       A special vibratory probe injects approx.
                         lifted together and with the new crane, the                                   next precast tower segment. At the same ti-      200 vibro-replacement columns for each
                         generator will be assembled on the ground                                     me, a bulldozer and compactor/roller are fil-    foundation. The vibrator first penetrates the
                         for the first time. The key factor is the cra-                                ling in the soil around the second founda-       ground until is reaches load bearing soil,
                         ne’s lifting capacity: In Georgsfeld, a Terex                                 tion. WindVision is having crane platforms       and then the machine fills the void with gra-
                         Demag CC 6800 is being used to heave the                                      built at two other sites.                        vel as the probe is progressively raised.
                         enormous components separately. In Estin-                                                                                      Vibration compacts the columns, building a
                         nes, weather permitting, a larger Demag                                       120 tons steel in foundation                     soil-column matrix able to support the four-
                         CC 9800 will hoist the entire rotor hub.                   “The first WEC components arrive in Octo-                           metre deep foundation.
                                                                                                                    ber      and
                                                                                                                    then we can                         The first installation technicians will be arri-
                                                                                                                    start preas-                        ving soon from Georgsfeld to start preas-
                                                                                                                    sembly”,                            sembly in Estinnes. Once the nacelles have
                                                                                                                    reports pro-                        been installed in Aurich, the rest of the crew
                                                                                                                    ject mana-                          will also travel to Belgium where the first
                                                                                                                    ger, Olaf Ku-                       hub is scheduled to be lifted in November.
                                                                                                                    nert. The                           “Because of the particular nature of installa-
                                                                                                                    E-126 foun-                         tion, we selected technicians with experien-
                                                                                                                    dations in                          ce from former E-112-sites. For the E-126
                                                                                                                    Estinnes are                        we’re making sure that there are always
Picture: Romuald Banik

                                                                                                                    amongst                             enough of such technicians in the teams”,
                                                                                                                    the largest                         says site supervisor Behrends. Having assi-
                                                                                                                    ENERCON                             sted in all E-112/E-126 projects so far, of
                         Two pre-assembled rotor blades in Georgsfeld, in the foreground rotor blade steel segment. has     ever                        course, Behrends will be there, too.
14    WINDBLATT 04 | 2008           JOB PROFILES

Electronic service technician for wind energy converters

Experts in fault analysis
and troubleshooting
The work of an electronic service technician with ENERCON offers a                                     um-voltage switchgear assembly, configure
lot of variety. After completing their initial training, the technicians                               fans, ...” Once all tasks in the tower base
work in teams of two, based in distributed Service centres and wor-                                    have been completed, the two technicians
                                                                                                       use the service lift to ascend to the machi-
king with great independence. Their job offers the opportunity of get-
                                                                                                       ne house. “Luckily this WEC has a tall to-
ting to know all turbine types: from old E-15/55 kW to latest E-126/                                   wer”, says Kramer. For towers higher than
6 MW. Today’s WECs come with complex electronic control systems                                        60 metres, ENERCON equips its WECs with
and a wide variety of currents: Direct and alternate current, low volta-                               service lifts. By now, this applies to more
ges on circuit boards as well as medium voltages in the transformer.                                   than half of all turbines. In smaller or older
                                                                                                       WECs, service teams have to use the safety
Today is not an ordinary day for ENERCON              work on an E-82 turbine model, while we          ladder installed inside the tower to ascend
electronic service technicians Sven Thiele            normally work on E-126, E-112 and E-66           to the machine house. Says Kramer: “You’ve
and Lee Kramer. Their Service dispatch cen-           models”, explains Thiele. In the flat surroun-   got to be in good physical shape for that.”
tre has tasked them with the commissioning            ding landscape, the Eemshaven wind farm
of an E-82 turbine in Eemshaven in the                is visible from afar. The WEC that the two       The E-82 turbines in Eemshaven have hub
Netherlands. “The Dutch team asked for our            technicians are going to put into operation is   heights of 100 metres. The two technicians
support because they have a new wind farm             the second of a whole dozen turbines stan-       have to use a ladder only for the last 15 me-
with many WECs waiting to be connected to             ding along a road behind the industrial har-     tres of their ascent into the nacelle where
the grid”, says 34-year-old Sven Thiele. For          bour on the Ems estuary.                         they check control cabinets, generator exci-
him, the trip to the other side of the river                                                           tation controller, plugs and pins as well as
Ems estuary is a welcome change from rou-             “All going well, the commissioning is going      yaw inverters and blade pitch systems.
tine. “It’s only a one and a half hour drive to       to take about three days”, says Thiele and       “Once we’re done, the turbine starts its test
get here, and this gives us the opportunity to        starts measuring voltages in the switchgear      run”, explains Thiele. After that, a mecha-
                                                                                 assemblies in         nics service team checks the turbines me-
                                                                                 the tower base.       chanical systems. The operator takes over
                                                                                 In the meantime,      the WEC after about 300 hours of trial ope-
                                                                                 26-year-old Lee       ration. „At that point, we check everything
                                                                                 Kramer checks         once more when we give a demonstration
                                                                                 the rotational        to the customer“, adds Thiele.
                                                                                 field in the elec-
                                                                                 trical cabinets in    Sven Thiele has been with ENERCON Servi-
                                                                                 the E-module’s        ce for 13 years. He received his training in
                                                                                 upper level. He       communication electronics, specialising in
                                                                                 lists the tasks       radio technology, at the army depot in Wee-
                                                                                 that need to be       ner near Leer in northern Germany. After
                                                                                 carried       out:    completing the training, he heard from a
                                                                                 “Check fibre op-      neighbour that ENERCON was looking for
                                                                                 tic cables for da-    Service technicians. “In the beginning, I had
                                                                                 ta communicati-       to travel all over Germany wherever faults
                                                                                 on, check gas         occurred or commissionings had to be car-
Sven Thiele is checking the anemometer of an E-126.                              tank on medi-         ried out”, remembers Thiele. ENERCON did
                                                                                         JOB PROFILES              WINDBLATT 04 | 2008         15

not have a very dense Service network back       specifically to
then. Later, he worked in the international      the commis-
Service team and travelled to Tenerife,          sioning and
Sweden, and Finland. But when he and his         maintenance
wife wanted to start a family, he began to       of ENERCON
look for a position that did not involve tra-    WECs. “Du-
velling. The Service centre in the Wybelsu-      ring the first
mer Polder wind farm offered him the right       week, we fo-
opportunity. “This is where we store our         cused almost
tools and spare parts and hold meetings          exclusively on
with other teams”, explains Thiele.              health and sa-
                                                 fety”, remem-
There are currently 107 ENERCON Service          bers Kramer.
centres throughout Germany and more than         The new staff
160 worldwide. Each centre is staffed with       members are A job with a view: The Service team on top of an E-126 in Emden.
at least one team of electronic technicians;     trained in the
most have an additional mechanics team.          proper use of their personal protection           ring binders with wiring diagrams during
Wybelsum is among the larger centres with        equipment. They learn e.g. how to spot            that time”, reports Kramer. After two month
three teams of electronic technicians and        small tears in harness and straps as soon         of preparation, the new technician is ready:
two teams of mechanics. Their Service area       as they occur and practise correct beha-          He becomes the “junior partner” in a Servi-
in the north-western German region of East       viour in difficult situations.                    ce team. After one and a half years of tea-
Frisia stretches from the island of Borkum                                                         ming with an experienced co-worker, the
in the west to the rural municipality of Ihlow   Next, they spend three weeks accompany-           electronics technician is then ready to lead
in the east, and plans are to develop the        ing experienced technicians in the field and      a team himself.
Service centres in this region even further.     then receive another three weeks of inten-
                                                 sive training. They familiarise themselves        Kramer and Thiele have never regretted joi-
The “lookout”, a hatch for climbing onto the     with the design of the electric assemblies in     ning ENERCON Service. Says Thiele: “WECs
roof of an nacelle, is the ideal spot for a      an ENERCON WEC and the location and               consist of so many different electronic com-
short break. From the E-82 in Eemshaven,         functioning of power cabinets and rectifiers,     ponents, it makes finding the cause of a
the view stretches to the opposite side of       transformer and generator. “I filled three        fault always challenging and fascinating.”
the Ems estuary. In clear weather, the East
Frisian island of Borkum and even the
E-126 at the Rysumer Nacken near Emden           Job profile: Electronic service technician for WECs
in Germany can be seen. “True, sometimes
it’s tough to climb up there, but the work af-   ENERCON is looking for electronic service technicians for their WECs in countries around the
fords some fabulous views”, says Kramer.         world where the company is represented. Service staff are usually based in centres from
                                                 where they can reach all turbines within their Service area as quickly as possible. To check
The 26-year-old has been with ENERCON            which ENERCON Service centres are currently looking for electronic technicians, visit the
for two years. After completing his apprenti-    Careers section on
ceship in energy electronics with the city of
Emden’s municipal utility, he worked as
telecommunications technician for two            Required qualifications:                          Advantages:
years before joining the Aurich-based wind          Completed vocational training as               + Varied tasks and responsibilities encom-
turbine manufacturer. “I already had some           electronic technician                            passing maintenance and repair of the
experience with the remote connection of            Enthusiasm for renewable energies, in            entire electronics system of a WEC; great
medium-voltage switchgear assemblies”,              particular wind energy                           independence
says Kramer. This was an advantage when             Physical fitness                               + Practical introduction to all aspects of the
applying for the job, but certainly not a                                                            job
must-have.                                       Tasks and responsibilities:                       + Highest standards of safety with annual
                                                    Service, maintenance and repair of               refresher courses
The manufacturer’s Service department has           ENERCON wind energy converters,                + Option of working abroad on an annual
developed an induction training tailored            troubleshooting                                  contract basis (if desired)

EU Climate package: Green
certificates out of the picture
The main element of the EU Climate package is the Renewable
Energy Directive. Parliament and Council, and country represen-
tatives in Brussels all apparently agree to the basic concept:
Europe-wide trading of emission certificates should be abolished,
administrative barriers reduced and policies and procedures giving
renewable electricity sources priority access to the national grid
promoted. Oliver Schäfer, Policy Director of the European Renewable
Energy Council (EREC) explains some of the barriers along the way.

Windblatt: How important are the renewa-         states also have to take additional measu-
bles in the EU climate package?                  res. Countries that have already set the

                                                                                                  Picture: EREC
Oliver Schäfer: Without renewables, we           course (e.g. Spain, Germany) will only have
probably wouldn’t be able to reach our cli-      to make minor changes, other countries will
mate goals: So, from this point of view, they    have to change a lot more. They will have to                     Oliver Schäfer, Policy Director of EREC.
play a considerable role. Besides their con-     direct their policies towards a sustainable
tribution to reducing emissions, they are one    and secure energy supply based on renewa-                        Schäfer: The French Presidency has done a
of the less contested items in the package.      bles, or otherwise will eventually have to pay                   lot to promote the directive’s progress. Their
                                                 a fine to Brussels. Proper prerequisites, due                    goal is to obtain a consensus still under their
Windblatt: What are some of the stumbling        process and stability, as well as other mea-                     aegis. This would be a vital indicator for the
blocks still in the way of the directive?        sures supporting renewables are expected                         climate conference in Poznan in December.
Schäfer: Both the EU Parliament and Coun-        to be quickly adopted in most member sta-                        But although the EU would be negotiating
cil, who are debating the directive, are con-    tes once they have accepted the directive.                       with good intentions, without an agreement
sistent on many points. Basically, Europe-       This process has to be carefully monitored.                      the basis would be weak. At the beginning
wide certificate trading is to be abolished,                                                                      of December, EU government chiefs will ha-
administrative obstacles reduced and poli-       Windblatt: Will Europe-wide green certifi-                       ve another chance to substantiate their cre-
cies giving renewable electricity sources        cates become obsolete?                                           dibility by adopting the package. Neverthe-
priority access to the grid boosted. However     Schäfer: It looks that way! There are still a                    less, if negotiations continue into next year,
concerning the final details, we are current-    few countries who insist on maintaining                          the Czech Presidency should be aware that
ly in a crucial phase. Parliament is conside-    them, but these are only a minority. Invest-                     an agreement is needed before the new EU
rably more progressive and there are still       ment security is the basic prerequisite for                      Parliament elections if Europe still wants to
some member states who are holding               reaching the 20 %-target. A certificate sys-                     meet its climate protection goal.
things up. Bio-fuels and sustainability are      tem would only jeopardise this. I hope that
being debated and since the directive is a       in the end everyone will realise this and not                    Windblatt: Compared to the status quo,
comprehensive package, all parties concer-       be influenced by the particular interests of                     how ambitious is the 20 % objective?
ned need to agree to all sections.               their own large power suppliers. In any ca-                      Schäfer: In 2004, we already calculated, in
                                                 se, each government is free to support cer-                      cooperation with our member states, that a
Windblatt: What impact will the directive        tificates at the national level. If govern-                      20 % share of renewable energy consump-
have on European countries and their re-         ments want, they can organise certificate                        tion is a realistic figure, provided that ap-
newable energy policies?                         trading with other states.                                       propriate political conditions are available.
Schäfer: For the first time, objectives to de-                                                                    We’re currently working on it. If develop-
velop renewables will be binding for all         Windblatt: Do you think the next Presi-                          ment happens in all 27 member states and
countries. The directive has to become part      dency of the EU council, the Czech Repub-                        not just in a handful as currently is the ca-
of national legislation. Furthermore, member     lic, will want to hinder the process?                            se, we’ll be able to achieve even more.

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