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$$$ $6,250,000.00 $$$ WOULD YOU LIKE TO MAKE $6,250,000.00 IN CASH WITHIN 21-DAYS?? IT’S ABSOLUTELY TRUE AND A PROVEN SUCCESS!! FIND OUT HOW BELOW: No, this is not what you think. You don’t have to send $5.00 to four or five people for a report package, receipt or a product that is basically useless. Then invest hundreds and thousands of dollars hoping for a small gain, spending all your time stuffing envelopes with requested products and sending them out. This opportunity that I’m presenting to you is completely unique and a money making phenomena. First of all this program has been receiving a response rate of at least 50% and there’s only three levels, not four, five, or more that would take you months to see the final results. PROVEN SUCCESS: With the other programs, my response rate was only 2%, but with this opportunity my response rate was over 50% and I’ve made over $5,000,000.00 in about 21-days. Only one regret, I wish I could have gotten my hands on this opportunity sooner. Eric Grant, TX


I followed the instructions, then two weeks later; money just started pouring in like I was hoping for. Now, you might think I’m crazy when I tell you this, I actually got sick and tired of counting money because over $4,000,000.00 is so much money to keep up with. But, I’m definitely enjoying my life now. Nick Smith, GA

PLEASE KEEP READING: If you choose to participate, you will be sending this program to people who are already participating in multi-level marketing (not opportunity seekers). They will realize that this program is a lot better, faster, requires no work, with a response rate of at least 50% and a return of Millions of dollars in about 21 days. Plus, you could go on vacation and not worry about sending out requested products. The money will always be waiting in your mailbox regardless because you have nothing to return. It’s that easy!! So whether you have participated or are currently participating in MLM, you have got to give this opportunity a try!! The $10.00 that everyone will give (only) to the third person on this list and the $10.00 you will be receiving when your name and address reaches the third position is called “gift money”. Basically, the IRS code explains in section 2501-2504 and 2511 that you can receive gifts up to $10,000 in any given year from any number of people, that’s tax free!! It’s the total and absolute truth, I encourage you to ask a CPA or check it out yourself. That’s why this program is a legal and completely legitimate money making gifting MLM program! This is simply the greatest money making program anywhere!! Here’s How You Do It! 1. Send $10 in cash (That’s all) only to the third name and address on the list. Note: Write your name and address on a piece of paper and wrap it around the $10 bill!! 2. Order the mailing list from “Protech List”. Tell them you need the list that consists of people who are now participating in multi-level marketing. Address: Protech Lists, 16850 Hood Hollow Lane Suite #121, Richiand Center, WI 53581 Phone: (608) 538-3737 or Customer Service at (608) 649-4916 3. Re-type the name and address on this list by placing your name and address in the first position. Just bump all the names and addresses down one position (to the right). The name and address that is in the third position is dropped completely from the list because they have made millions of dollars! Remember: Please type all the names and addresses correctly!


After making the required changes in the name list have as many copies of this entire program made and send them out immediately! Basically, you wait for a few weeks for your name and address to reach the third position and then you start collecting millions of dollars! Remember, if you are not making over a million dollars in cash within the next couple of weeks with this program, you simply did not following the instructions provided! There are no restrictions on sending out copies of this program because there are millions of people currently participating in MLM and millions more are joining every month. According to the World Almanac, there are approximately 200,000,000 adults in this country and rapidly growing (plus there are millions of people currently participating in MLM in Canada and Puerto Rico), so you’re not going to run out of prospects to participate in this MLM money gifting program anytime soon!! How Are You Going To Make Money Let’s say you send out 500 copies of this program (with a normal response rate of at least 50%). 1st Level 500 Copies X 50% = 250 Participants 2nd Level 250 X 100 Copies X 50% = 12,500 Participants 3rd Level 12,500 X 100 Copies X 50% = 625,000 Participants 625,000 Participants X $10 = $6,250,000 in CASH!! Investment of  $50 for the mailing list  $210 for the stamps  $10 for gift  $40 for printing/envelopes. Let’s say you send out 100 copies of this program, (with a normal response rate of at least 50%). 1st Level 100 Copies X 50% = 50 Participants 2nd Level 50 X 100 Copies X 50% = 2,500 Participants 3rd Level 2,500 X 100 Copies X 50% = 125,000 Participants 125,000 Participants X $10.00 = $125,000 in CASH!! Investment of  $15 for a mailing list  $42 for the stamps  $10 for gift  $8 for printing/envelopes. These examples are assuming that everyone other than you only sends out 100 copies of this program. So, just imagine the possibility of the amount of money you could make with this opportunity in about 21 days!!


HONESTY: Please follow all of the instructions because this program has decoy names in all the mailing lists to make sure that everyone who decides to participate, sends money to the third position and to ensure that no one is cheating. What goes around comes around! This way you and everyone else participating in this program will successfully reach your financial goal and everything will work to perfection! Nobody will ever have to lose money with this program due to dishonesty and incompetence on anyone’s part!! Multilevel marketing is now a $20 Billion dollar a year industry and thousands of people are using this program to become self-made millionaires everyday! Teachers, Doctors Lawyers, and everyone else from all walks of life have used this program, to purchase new homes, cars, pay off debts, take dream vacations and for whatever they want or need. No longer is money holding them back. They are now living the dream life they have always wanted! So, please take advantage of this great opportunity today and become one of the many successful self-made millionaires in this program. Don’t miss your change to participate in what is now the hottest money-producing program ever!

1 V.K Brooks 1447 Kimbark # 10 Longmont, CO 80501-3342

2 J. Duncan 129 Mott Street Trenton, NJ 08611

3 D. LaMothe 53 Armour Ave Hamilton Twp, NJ 08619


Additional ways to market to the public
Modify the names on the Report as indicated above. Create an account on or and upload the modified document. c. Create a domain name from and forward the link to the uploaded link supplied. d. Make sure to update the link above with the domain name, if this is being sent in the mail. e. Search on Free advertising and add an advertisement for Extra income and link back to the link of the uploaded link the document site gives you or the link name of the domain name you select. Go to and advertise in numerous news media. a. The advertisement should be as follows  Earn Extra Income from Home - Free Report  Please Send Legal Sized Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (S.A.S.E) to  Name Address City, State, Zip Print copies of your of this entire document after modifications are complete, print on front and back of the page if you have the ability. Stuff into envelopes when they arrive. Mail back to the Recipient. Maintain all names and you will have your own mailing list, for future mailings. a. b.


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