Laptop Screen Repair by PastGallo


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									                                     NIMMO LAPTOP SCREEN REPAIR



                                               John C. Baumann
                                Presented to the SCTXCompClub Hardware SIG
                                           On or about 20 May 2008

* with thanks to Bill Buppert

Before you start:

Some recommendations before you start:
1. Google the repair and see if you can find a manufacturer’s maintenance manual on your
   model or other specific instructions.
   a. For screen problems, see
   b. A list of Dell models is given at: )
2. Work in a clean room. You don’t want dust and lint inside your machine.
3. You’ll remember to remove the power cord - REMOVE THE BATTERY, TOO!
4. There are just two or three different sizes of screws: use jar lids as collectors/sorters.
5. Make notes, so you know how to reassemble.
6. Take pictures: look at your picture to be sure that you got the detail you wanted.
7. Before you remove something, take a closer look at the part and memorize how it is
   assembled. Be especially observant around hinges since they are wire/cable runways.
8. When you are reassembling, remove dust and lint with compressed air. Do not use cloth.

Links for laptop repairs:             - specific to Toshiba units         - claims board level repair, rather than motherboard replacement - “spare” laptop

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