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					 south eastern baptist association

 Annual Report of the Executive for 2008

WELCOME                                    •   The SE Team working together well
The purpose of this short leaflet is to        in a spirit of support and co-
give you a summary of what has been            operation
happening in SEBA during 2008. 146         •   Travelling Annual Meetings in
Baptist churches in Kent, Sussex and           Networks
parts of Surrey and north-east
                                           •   Churches and Ministers helped
Hampshire are the members of the
                                               through difficult and challenging
Association. Your support and
involvement are vital for its continuing
development. 2008 was only the             •   Greater awareness of SEBA in the
second year of SEBA so we are still            churches
learning!                                  •   Website greatly improved and used
                                               much more
                                           •   New SEBA leaflets widely
A GOOD YEAR!                                   distributed and well received
God has blessed SEBA during 2008           •   Churches settled with new Ministers
and as we look back, we see many               and Ministers with new churches
encouraging developments. For a
                                           •   A training day for secretaries and
young association, much was achieved
during the year including:
                                           •   The setting up of a new Evangelism
                                               Strategy Group
•   Huge involvement of young people      THE EXECUTIVE
    – especially an encouraging
                                          The Executive Committee looks after
    increase in Kent and Surrey
                                          the affairs of the Association and each
•   Increasingly supportive Executive     Network appoints one person to be on
    members                               the Executive. Three of the nine retire
•   A very effective and innovative       at the end of each year and this year
    Seniors for Christ day                was the turn of
                                          the Revd Michael Fanstone (North
•   Being a venue for the Fresh
    Horizons national tour
                                          the Revd Bob Kirby (South Kent) and
•   An increase in giving to Home         the Revd Tim Langdon (Guildford).
                                          We are grateful to all three for being
•   Sent a gift to the Baptist Union of   willing to be nominated for a further
    Uganda to help develop their work     three years and pleased that they were
    among children.                       overwhelmingly affirmed by the
•   Full complement of administrative     churches.
    staff to assist the Regional Team
                                          Others who continue on the Executive
Below are a few more details of what      are
has happened                              the Revd Geoff Cook (East Kent);
                                          Mrs Rosie Davis (Gatwick);
                                          the Revd Tom Duncanson (Mid
THE NETWORKS                                    Sussex);
                                          the Revd Paul Kerley (West Sussex);
These are our geographical groups of
                                          Mr Colin Marchant (East Sussex) and
churches which we are encouraging to
                                          the Revd Graham Wood (Tonbridge).
work towards becoming valuable ways
of offering local support and             The Regional Ministers, the Treasurer
encouragement, sharing resources,         and the Moderator are also members
arranging training events and             of the Executive. Mave Whitchurch,
celebrations and engaging in mission      Brian Hasler and Chris Andre-Watson
opportunities together etc. etc.          attend. During 2008, the Executive had
                                          presentations from people who have
A second Network Day was held at
                                          strategic roles in SEBA including the
Worth Abbey in November when
                                          Revd Penny Marsh (Kent Thameside
representatives from all the networks
                                          Church Project); Sheila Smith
met to share experiences and
                                          (Ministerial Recognition Committee)
investigate possible ways of increasing
                                          and Reg Hughes (Baptist Union
their effectiveness.
                                          Corporation and Spurgeon’s College).
In time, it is hoped that each network
will also have a voluntary co-ordinator
to work alongside the elected
executive member.
THE SEBA TEAM                               FINANCE
For the whole of the year, we had two       During 2008, £403,626 was
full-time Regional Ministers – the Revd     contributed for Home Mission - 25% of
Norman Tharby (Team Leader) and             which will be returned to the SEBA to
the Revd Stuart Davison (Mission            fund the association’s work in 2009.
Enabler). Together with Mave                Our grateful thanks go to churches and
Whitchurch (Youth Officer), the Revd        individuals who gave so generously.
Chris Andre-Watson (BMS World               Although this was 4.3% more than last
Mission) and the Moderator, they make       year it was £16,374 less than our
up the “SEBA Team”. We are pleased          target.
that links with BMS are increasing with
                                            The target figure for 2009 is £425,000.
Chris’s involvement in the Team.
                                            If every church felt able to make 5% of
                                            their unrestricted income available for
CHILDREN AND YOUTH                          Home Mission, we would far exceed
Our Youth Officer, Mave Whitchurch          this!
has been continuing to make contact         Copies of the Association’s annual
with youth and children’s leaders           accounts for 2008 are available on
across the whole association in             request from Brian Hasler.
addition to arranging the popular child
protection and first aid training events.   From Home Mission funds, eleven
                                            grants totalling £65,274 were given to
Many youngsters from our Baptist            churches and special projects in the
churches go to ecumenical n:vision          south east for what are now called
events in which Mave is also involved.      “Mission through Ministry” grants and
Four kids events were held at               £8,500 for five “Mission through
Maidstone; Canterbury; Eastbourne           Project” grants.
and a soft play venue in Burgess Hill.
Participants included Powerpack; Jim
Bailey and John Hardwick. In all some       KENT THAMESIDE
400 – 500 children attended.
                                            In an area where vast numbers of new
Youth 'ADORE' events happened in            homes are to be built, our exciting Kent
Maidstone and Haywards Heath with           Thameside Church Project was
worship by Phatfish and Yfriday. The        relaunched in 2008 with the
speakers were Ross Ciano and Mark           appointment of the Revd Penny Marsh.
Ritchie, over all there were about 800      Penny is enthusiastically making new
young people. The response amongst          contacts in the area and would love to
the youth was astounding with many          share her experiences and challenges
responding to the message.                  with churches. Why not ask her to give
A successful Leaders evening dinner         a presentation. This is our special
and worship retreat took place in           Church of the Year Project for 2008
Crawley The worship was led by Stuart       and 2009 and contributions are invited
Barbour and there were 45 youth             to further the work.
leaders present.
MINISTERIAL RECOGNITION                        LOOKING TO 2009
We are grateful to Shelia Smith who            As we go into 2009, we know that
chairs this committee and Anne Jeater          Norman Tharby is to move on at the
who does the administration. During            end of March to take up the pastorate
the year, eleven new candidates were           of Whitehouse Baptist Church in
interviewed as potential entrants to the       Ipswich. We shall therefore be looking
Baptist ministry, nine of whom were            to God to guide us as we -
recommended. Seven were
interviewed part-way through their             •   Appoint a new Team Leader
newly-accredited minister period and           •   Support Stuart Davison during the
another five were recommended as                   period of vacancy
fully accredited. As part of the
widening of the committee’s role, two          •   Rebuild the Team following the
of the new candidates and one of the               new appointment and work
full accreditations were for Youth                 towards strengthening it with a
Ministry. Also, one person was                     third (probably part-time) regional
accredited as a Preacher and one                   minister
commended as a Hospital Chaplain.              •   Help the Networks to support
                                                   fellow churches in their network
ADMINISTRATION                                 •   Continue developing the pastoral
                                                   work among ministers and
The Association’s Administrator, Mrs               churches
Steph Tidy has continued to faithfully
keep everything in order! The second           •   Build on the excellent foundations
edition of the Directory was produced              of our contacts with youth leaders
with new sections and updated details.
                                               •   Continue to take advantage of a
We also acknowledge the work done in               wide variety of mission
assisting the regional staff by Emma               opportunities.
Dann (Norman Tharby); Liz Adshead
                                               •   Actively promote Home Mission
(Stuart Davison); Richard Jago (Mave
                                                   with a view to reaching our target
Whitchurch); and Helen Boyd (financial
book-keeper). Congratulations to               •   Enhance communications with
Helen and Julian on the birth of Esther            churches via the website and
on 9 November 2008.                                develop a new format of newsletter

                                                            Roger Barnett (Moderator)

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