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					                     SCS Faculty College and University Recommendations

Bethel College – Arden Hills, MN

“Bethel University is a leader in Christian higher education with approximately 6,200 students from 48
states and 29 countries enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, seminary, and adult education programs.
Based in St. Paul, Minn., with additional seminary locations on both coasts, Bethel University offers
bachelor’s and advanced degrees in nearly 100 relevant fields. Programs are taught by renowned faculty
within a distinctly evangelical Christian framework, equipping women and men for culturally sensitive
leadership, scholarship, and service around the world.”

        Recommended by Mr. Lynch

Calvin College – Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“Calvin College is a comprehensive liberal arts college in the Reformed tradition of historic Christianity.
Through our learning, we seek to be agents of renewal in the academy, church, and society. We pledge
fidelity to Jesus Christ, offering our hearts and lives to do God's work in God's world.”

        Mrs. Hackert – “It's a strong liberal arts college. I had a great experience there.”
        Mrs. Baas – “I graduated from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan with a Bachelor in
        Music. … (It is) a Christian college … (that has) very strong educational programs.”
        Mr. Miller also attended and recommends Calvin College.

Clearwater Christian College – Clearwater, FL

“Clearwater Christian College exists to provide an excellent liberal arts education centered on God's
Word, with a focus on challenging students to love God wholly, to know Him intimately, and to serve Him
fervently; educating men and women to minister faithfully and humbly with evangelistic zeal as they
impact eternity for Jesus Christ in every avenue of life.”

        Recommended by Mr. Lynch

Florida Atlantic University – Boca Raton, FL

“People from every walk of life find a place at FAU. Students choose from more than 140 degree
programs, faculty researchers utilize more than 40 research centers and the community engages
hundreds of cultural and educational events every year.”

        Mrs. Baas – “I received … my Masters in Elementary Education and Educational Leadership
        (there) … (it has) very strong educational programs.”

Geneva College – Beaver Falls, PA

“Geneva College provides an array of academic options and opportunities rooted in liberal arts and
science. Professors with wide-ranging experience and expertise will expand your mind, challenging you to
learn more about yourself and the world around you. Of course we offer strong academics and plenty of
fun activities to enhance the classroom experience, but we never lose sight of our mission to provide
Christ-centered education.”

Goshen College – Goshen, Indiana.

“Goshen College is a liberal arts college dedicated to the development of informed, articulate, sensitive,
responsible Christians. As a ministry of the Mennonite Church, we seek to integrate Christian values with
educational, social and professional life. As a community of faith and learning, we strive to foster
personal, intellectual, spiritual and social growth in every person. We view education as a moral activity
that produces servant-leaders for the church and the world.”
        Nurse Linda – “It is a small Mennonite Liberal Arts School that offers a wide variety degrees in
        both art, music, & communications as well as accounting, science, education, TESOL and
        Nursing. They now offer a master's program in Nursing and Environmental Eduction. They have
        a very good Nursing program, and cross cultural experience requirement. … the SST program.
        Study Service Term is a program, which sends students in groups to various locations throughout
        the world, most often 3rd world, to study but also to serve. The 1st half of the time you are in
        country you study the language, culture, people, politics, religion, etc. You live with native
        families, and you are immersed in the culture. The 2nd half of the time, you are spread
        throughout the country and given a service assignment.”

Recommended by Mr. Lynch

Letourneau College – Longview, Texas

“LeTourneau University is an interdenominational, evangelical Christian university of more than 3,500
students. Academic majors include the aeronautical sciences, business, education, engineering,
engineering technology, the liberal arts and natural sciences. … LeTourneau is a national university,
drawing a majority of our student body from across the country. LETU students represent almost all 50
states, approximately 20 foreign countries, and more than 45 different denominational groups. This
diversity makes for a rich educational experience.”

        Recommended by Mr. Lynch

Milligan College – eastern Tennessee.

“Milligan is a flourishing liberal arts college with a distinctively different approach to higher education.
Everything we do -- in the classroom, in the dorm room, or on the athletic field -- encourages students to
reflect on what it means to be called to lives of service. Few institutions hold Milligan's conviction to mold
both mind and spirit, to develop servant leaders to engage the culture for Christ.”
         Ms. McConnell – “It is a Christian liberal arts college. It is a good size for our students (about
         1,000 students) with really helpful professors. … I really like the Humanities approach that it
         has. Instead of typical individual freshman courses, it requires all freshman and sophomores take
         Humanities, which includes the English, History, Philosophy, Art Appreciation, etc. It goes
         through history and looks at the literature, politics, architecture, art, philosophy, etc of the time. It
         does a great job of connection. It also has a Biblical world view, along with 2 required Bible
         classes for freshman and one for Seniors. It offers good programs in premed and nursing. I
         understand its media program is good. I love the professor of Drama. … Overall, it was a
         wonderful experience for me, although I know it is not a school for everyone.”

Moody Bible Institute – Chicago, IL

“Moody Bible Institute will teach you how to understand, apply, and communicate the truth of God's Word
in today's world. The goal for students at Moody is both a solid knowledge of God's Word and a profound
understanding of the Word. When knowledge and understanding come together, they can't be kept inside,
but will be expressed through your life now and into the future.”

        Recommended by Mr. Lynch

Northland International University – Dunbar, WI

“The goal of Northland International University is to provide an atmosphere of academic excellence and
classroom discipleship to prepare servant-leaders for Great Commission living. True education produces
individuals with both hands of skill and hearts for God (Psalm 78:72). The Northland International
University faculty is committed to train individuals whose chief desire is to serve the Lord so that they will
be motivated to serve others in their chosen field of ministry”.

        Recommended by Mr. Lynch

Northwestern College – St. Paul, MN

“Northwestern College exists to provide Christ-centered higher education equipping students to grow
intellectually and spiritually, to serve effectively in their professions, and to give God-honoring leadership
in the home, church, community, and world.”

        Recommended by Mr. Lynch

Philadelphia Biblical University – Langhorne, PA

"Philadelphia Biblical University exists to educate students to serve Christ in the church, society, and the
world as biblically minded, well-educated, and professionally competent men and women of character."

        Mr. Lynch – This school is, “strong in Bible, Education and Music.”
        Mr. Nicom – “I liked it there because I graduated with two bachelor's degrees. One in education,
        and one in Bible. Everyone who goes there is a double major; if you are interested in really
        studying the Bible this is a great place to go.”

Roberts Wesleyan College – Rochester NY

“With an enrollment of more than 1,900 students and a tradition of excellence dating back to 1866,
Roberts Wesleyan is a dynamic leader among American liberal arts colleges with a Christian worldview.
Roberts Wesleyan, a U.S. News & World Report Best Value, offers more than 50 undergraduate
programs, as well as graduate programs in education, health administration, nursing, education, nursing
leadership and administration, school psychology, school counseling, social work, and management

        Ms. Langdon – “I went (there) for my Bachelors and Masters. I really enjoyed being there. The
        teachers were very nice and very helpful.”

St. Cloud State University – St. Cloud, MN

“At St. Cloud State, our dedicated, passionate, distinguished faculty make you the center of our world. St.
Cloud State is an accredited university, which means you'll receive an education from an institution that
has proven its quality through rigorous measures. Explore your world and expand your critical thinking
skills by choosing from more than 200 academic programs – programs that will provide you with a global
education. Conduct real research with real instructors who know you by name. Join St. Cloud State's
nationally recognized Honors Program, where you'll enjoy small, intellectually challenging classes with
professors who believe in teaching first. And you'll work side by side with more than 1,100 international
students from about 80 nations.”

        Ms. Eileen Baas – “I received my BS in Education (there) … a very strong academic college in
        education. “

Taylor University – Upland, Indiana

“The mission of Taylor University is to develop servant leaders marked with a passion to minister Christ's
redemptive love and truth to a world in need.”

        Ms. Long – “I would absolutely recommend this school to anyone because it really changed my
        life! Taylor is a small, private, Christian University in Indiana. It offers a liberal arts education in a
        variety of different fields and has been voted the #1 Christian Baccalaureate college in the
        Midwest. Campus life is thriving and wonderful, the professors are great, and I seriously wouldn't
        change my choice of universities for the world. Please have them come talk to me about it if
        they're interested! I used to work in the admissions office, so I have lots of info and connections.
        Sarah Danylak, Dave Adams, Jenn Miedema, Nathan Miller, and I all attended (current and
        former teachers at SCS). “

Trinity Christian College - Palos Heights, Illinois (20 miles south of Chicago)

“The mission of Trinity Christian College is to provide Biblically informed liberal arts education in the
Reformed tradition. Our heritage is the historic Christian faith as it was reshaped in the Reformation, and
our fundamental basis of governance and instruction is the infallible Word of God as interpreted by the
Reformed standards. The Reformed world view affirms the Biblical truths that creation is the work of God,
that our world has fallen into sin, and that redemption is possible only through the gracious work of
Christ. From these beliefs arise the convictions that those who teach and learn are called to be
coworkers with Christ in subjecting all cultural activities to the reign of God, and that genuine education
must involve the whole person as a thinking, feeling, and believing creature.“

        Ms. Van Dommelen – “This small Christian liberal arts college has about 1,200 students. The
        biggest programs here are education, business, and nursing. There is a great community of
        students, good teacher/student ratio, and campus is close to the city. The school website is And we have an awesome mascot-GO TROLLS! :)”

Wheaton College – Wheaton, Illinois

“Committed to the principle that truth is revealed by God through Christ "in Whom are hid all the treasures
of wisdom and knowledge," Wheaton College seeks to relate Christian liberal arts education to the needs
of contemporary society. The curricular approach is designed to combine faith and learning in order to
produce a biblical perspective needed to relate Christian experience to the demands of those needs.”

        Recommended by Mr. Lynch

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