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2102 by tangshuming


									                        Aircraft Empty Weight and Empty Weight Centre of Gravity
                                                             Log Entry
Aircraft Registration ZK-             Aircraft Type:                   Serial No.                 Job No:

1. The above aircraft was weighed at:                           on:                     by:

   Weighing equipment make and model:        1.                   2.                    3.

   Weighing equipment Serial No’s:

   Date last calibrated:

2. Reason for weighing:                                           3. Datum Reference:

4. Weighing position:                                             5. Configuration:

6. The aircraft was weighed in accordance
         Manufacturer’s instructions Reference:
         Other                      Reference:
                                                          EQUIPMENT LIST

                      The following items of removable equipment are included in the Empty Weight data and listed
                                 in the CAA 2173 Weight and Balance Supplement of the Flight Manual.

  CAA 2102
  Rev 5; Nov 10
                  Information for entry in CAA 2173 Weight and Balance Supplement:

Empty Weight:                                                Kg (lb.)
Empty Weight C.G Aft/Fwd of Datum:                           m. (in)    Lateral (helicopters) CG from Centreline:           m. (in)
Moment:                                                      Kg.m (

                The maintenance recorded has been carried out in accordance with the requirements of New Zealand Civil
                Aviation Rule Part 43 and in respect of that maintenance the aircraft is released to service.

Name:                              Signed:                         Licence, Approval or Authorisation No:           Date:


                                    When completed, insert this Log Entry in the appropriate logbook.

                            Insert new CAA 2173 Weight and Balance Supplement in the aircraft Flight Manual

CAA 2102
Rev 5; Nov 10

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