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					               Meeting of the Weatherly Residential Association Board
                      June 21, 2011

Attendees (* present)

Sector                        Board Member                         Alternate

Aberdeen                   Mary Anne Brown*
Belvedere                  Pat Cannon*
Berkshire Manor            Kelly Preveaux, Sec.*                   Glenda Dicks Brentwood
              Karen Rogers*
Broadmoor Abbey            Paul Mandy                              John Harmon
Chandler                   Tim Durrett*
Credenhill                 Terry Harrison*
Glen Abbey                 Todd Goode, V. Pres./Treas.
Treymoor Abbey             David Hougland*
Warwick Village            Donna Wilkins, Pres.*                   Pat Hallaren
Weatherly Club Drive       Art Amerson*                            Jack Harris
Wixford Forest             Open
Wixford Moor               Jerry Tibbett*

Donna opened meeting with prayer.

Sophie Martin
Butch Roberson, Weatherly Management Services

Sophie Martin met with the Landscaping Committee to look at the original street light plans. It
was decided to go with the same number of lights but use them on the bike lane side of the street
for safety issues. Alabama Power met with Mark Harris from the city. There are no
transformers or pedestals that are needed. City leaders will be out next week to give WRA a

Sophie suggested that the reflector project of adding reflectors to the bike lane on Club Drive
needed to be put on the WRA agenda and discussed further. There are several pros and cons that
should be considered such as, safety issues to bikers and how it will look on Club Drive.

Sophie also reminded residents to lock car doors. There are several residents who had items
missing from unlocked cars.
The Annual Bike Parade will be held on Saturday, July 2 at 10:00 am at the clubhouse. Pizza
will be served and Kona Ice will be there.

Sophie mentioned the 18 wheeler accident that occurred on Windsor Lane and Alabaster
Boulevard. No one was hurt in the incident but there was damage to the resident’s yard and
WRA stone column.

The dips on Alabaster Boulevard should be fixed soon according to the city and Sophie will ask
that the shrubs in that area be pruned so that visibility is better for motorists.

President’s Report

Donna reported the following activity by Weatherly Management Services for May:

-Assessment collections for May were $2,413.67.
-There were 3 architectural requests submitted during May and approved.
-Compliance inspection identified 21 non-compliance issues.
-There were 0 closing during May.

Treasurer’s Report

No report.

Committee Reports

Project Planning:
No report

Karen reported that a response was received from the resident concerning the green roof on June
2. She briefed the board on contents of the letter and reported that the resident had asked for a
variance on the roof or to consider an option of painting the roof with a product formulated to
cover asphalt shingles. The compliance/ARC committee agreed that no variance would be
granted, but would allow resident to submit a sample of the current shingles on the house painted
with the specified paint for the committee to consider. A letter to the resident will be sent with
this information.

Karen also presented another letter that will be sent to all Weatherly residents concerning the
importance of submitting an ARC approval request before any changes are made to exterior of
homes, which includes re-roofing. The committee felt this general mailing was necessary due to
the amount of re-roofing taking place in Weatherly.

Karen made a motion to send mailing to all residents regarding ARC requirements relative to
Section 3.06 of the Protective Covenants. Motion seconded. Motion passed.

Donna made a motion to accept Weathered Wood and Driftwood as approved roof colors. The
exception to this is the Aberdeen Sector where all roofs must be the exact same color (Weathered
Wood). Motion seconded. Motion approved.


Terry stated that the park at Wembley Way was starting to be cleaned out. Trees behind the
tennis court will be trimmed and eleagnus at the Glenn Abby pond will be trimmed significantly.
Todd asked for volunteers to clean up around the pond.

Donna mentioned that the Garden Club was donating $1000 towards the purchasing of benches
on Club Drive at Brentwood, Wembley, and Broadmoor. The city has agreed to pay for the
installation of the benches. The total cost of the benches is $1,724.24. Donna made a motion to
approve $724 for the benches. Motion seconded. Motion approved.

Swim & Tennis:

Kelly presented a quote for the purchase of 3 commercial style picnic tables and umbrellas to be
installed in the grassed area between the tennis courts and pool. The tables will be purchased
from the same company as the benches. Kelly made a motion to purchase the picnic tables and
umbrellas for the total cost of $3,537.63. Motion seconded. Motion passed.

Kelly presented the 3 quotes Butch received on resurfacing the floor in the office area of the
basement with the same flooring material used upstairs of the clubhouse. Kelly made a motion
to accept Floorz quote not to exceed $2500. Motion seconded. Motion passed.

Kelly presented a quote from Butch on repainting the exterior of the clubhouse from Pickett
Construction for $3625.00 and also a Tiki Hut for $4100. The board asked for at least 2 more
quotes to be presented at the next meeting.

Old Business

The newsletter will be sent out by the end of the week or first of the next week.

New Business

Elections for the 2011-2012 year were as follows:
President: Donna Wilkins
Vice President: Todd Goode
Treasurer: Paul Mandy
Secretary: Kelly Preveaux

These minutes were compiled from handwritten notes taken at the meeting of major
points/voting actions by the Weatherly Residential Board and are deemed to be accurate, but
may not contain details of all discussions which took place at the meeting.

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