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  The Newsletter of the University of Texas at Austin Option II Executive MBA Association                    June, 2003

Another OII Group Moves To Alumni Membership Status

From The President                                        Core Team                    Theme: Evaluate our legacy
                                                                                          and create our future
                                                     Grant Haddix (1999)
First and foremost,
congratulations Class of 2003!!!                     Kathy Crosby (2001)                    •   Create a 5 & 10 Year
You have completed one the                           David Taylor (1999)                        Strategy
greatest accomplishments of your                     John Fanning (2000)                    •   Establish the Marketing
life and now are part of the                     Michael ThomasClarke (2000)                    Plan
University of Texas Executive                         Lynn Wright (2001)                    •   Align the Operational
MBA Alumni Association                                 Sam Farias (2000)                        Plan
network. Alumni, please join me                   Curtis Bissonnette (1998)
in welcoming the Class of 2003 to                                                           •   Derive the Fiscal Plan
                                                     Van Williams (1994)
the party!!!                                                                                •   Deploy the Organizational
CEADD Program Update
As communicated during the                                                              resulting in approximately $7,500
                                            Membership Drive Update                     for operating funds, which is
February 2003 Options
Newsletter, the board has                   As we think about resources for             consistent year over year.
embarked on a business plan                 the future, it is through your
                                            voluntary payment of a $25                  As of May 2003, 184 members
initiative, known as the CEADD
                                            membership fee each year that we            (16%) contributed dues,
program, which will determine the
                                            succeed in meeting our objectives.          resulting in approximately
strategic direction for the alumni
                                                                                        $4,600 in funds, which is
association for the next 5-10 years.
                                            Your financial payment                      significantly short to our yearly
I would like for you to meet the
                                            supports activities such as:                averages.
alumni who make up the CEADD
core team and are dedicating time           •   Publication of the Option II            If you have not already
and intellectual capital to develop             newsletter four times each year         contributed your voluntary dues, I
our strategic direction.                    •   Regional event planning and             invite you to support the UT
As alumni, you can contribute to                underwriting                            Executive MBA Alumni
the CEADD initiative by                     •   The annual Fall Business                Association. Visit the
completing an on-line survey that               Seminar – now in its 11th year          www.optionii.com Website to
will be emailed soon. Your inputs           •   The Option II alumni Website            make an electronic contribution or
will be used to determine where                 -- www.optionii.com                     mail a $25 check today to:
and how the alumni association              •   The annual Outstanding
will focus energy and resources in              Professor Award                             UT Executive MBA Association
the future.                                                                                      P. O. Box 684325
                                            During 2002, 299 of our 1,062                     Austin, Texas 78768-4325
                                            members (28%) contributed dues,
Note: As an Option II alumnus,        If you are interested in board           Association Objectives
you are AUTOMATICALLY a               activities, this is a great way to see
member of the Executive MBA                                                    ENHANCE DEGREE
                                      things in action first hand.
Association. Nothing else is                                                   VALUE
required of you.                                                               Increase the value of graduating
                                      •   Saturday, July 26 (9am to
What is required to keep the                                                   from the University of Texas at
                                          12pm) room BBR 6.420 (in
alumni association viable is your                                              Austin Option II MBA Program
                                          the business school)
personal and financial support.                                                CREATE A PROFESSIONAL
Send in your dues today.              •   Wednesday, August 20 (7pm            NETWORK
                                          to 9pm) at Barton Creek,             Strengthen the bond between
                                          Republic Board Room                  Option II graduates through a
UT Executive MBA Alumni
                                      •   Saturday, October 25 (9am to         continuing network that fosters
                                          12pm) room BBR 6.420 (in             business opportunities and
2003 Board of Directors
                                          the business school)                 provides professional assistance,
Wade Allen, ‘90                                                                career support, and friendship
Burton Anderson, ‘00                  Seeking YOU…                             PROVIDE CONTINUING
Curtis Bissonnette, ‘98                                  nd
                                      As we enter the 2 half of 2003,          EDUCATION
Kathy Crosby, ‘01
                                      we enter the period where we look        Serve as a forum for continually
Debbie Day, ‘94
                                      to establish the board members           updating the education received
John Fanning, ‘00
                                      for next year and begin to seek out      from the Option II MBA Program
Sam Farias, ‘00
                                      alumni who want to lead the              via access to seminars and
Robert Floyd, ‘93
                                      organization.                            materials
Zoe Griffith, ‘90
Tom Heyer, ’02                        Our goal is to have a 1st draft of       FACILITATE ALUMNI
Anthony King                          2004 board members by the                PARTICIPATION
Roy Longoria, ‘99                     August 20th board meeting. The           Maintain a constructive and
Ed Paulson, ‘90                       final 2004 board members will be         enduring link with the University
Teresa Phillips                       approved during the October 25th         of Texas at Austin, and, in
Christopher Plummer, ‘01              board meeting.                           particular, the Option II MBA
Crispin Richards, ‘02                                                          Program
Jerri Saunders, ‘01                   Key board positions may be
                                      available in the following areas:        IMPROVE THE OPTION II
Brett Schurle, ‘01                                                             PROGRAM
Tiana Scruggs                                                                  Support the continuing
David Taylor, ‘99                     •   President
                                      •   President Elect (Seminar             improvement of the Option II
Kandace Tornquist ‘91                                                          MBA Program through continued
Michael ThomasClarke, ‘00                 Coordinator)
                                      •   Treasurer                            alumni involvement and support
Van Williams, ’94                                                              of the Program
Lynn Wright, ‘02                      •   Web Coordinator
Maureen Zoric, ‘98                    •   Secretary                            PROVIDE RECRUITING
                                      •   Newsletter Editor                    SUPPORT
                                                                               Assist the Option II MBA
                                      •   Regional Board
Test Drive A Board Meeting                                                     Program administration in
Join the master minds of your                                                  recruiting high caliber executives.
alumni organization and see how       Send an email to Michael Thomas
                                                                               PROVIDE PARTICIPANT
things really get done. Here is the   Clarke (2003 Secretary) and Curtis
board meeting schedule for the        Bissonnette (2003 President) if you
                                                                               Assist current Option II MBA
rest of the year.                     desire become a board member.
                                                                               Program participants.
                                      Email addresses are available on
                                      the www.optionii.com website.
  Van Williams: Another                                       Fall Seminar Preview – Sept. 26th
       Close Call
                                             “Business Environment 2003: Opportunity or Threat?”
Returning from the most recent
EMBA Association board                  In addition to a host of outstanding speakers, this year's seminar will include a
meeting, Van Williams, Seminar          new and highly anticipated session: A debate between Drs. Court Huber and
Coordinator, experienced a car          John Doggett. We will also host another session of the immensely popular
accident which totaled his car but      Courtside event. Last year's Courtside event was sold-out, so be sure to
left him unscathed.                     register early this year.

The injuring party blames incident      The August issue of the Options newsletter will include detailed information
on a malfunctioning traffic light.      about speakers, topics, timing and additional seminar-related activities.
Anyone in the area wishing to
donate a car or provide shuttle         Mark your calendars for Friday, Sept. 26 (and Thursday night for the
service for the now stunned             Courtside event). Pre-registration will be offered in the upcoming months, so
Seminar Coordinator, should             be on the look out for more news to come.
contact Van by email at
                 Van Williams           Take Action Now!!!
       Your Temporarily Stranded        In closing, pick up the phone and call your study group and graduating class
            Seminar Coordinator         members. Grab lunch with Option II peers in your office. I encourage you to
                                        stay in touch with your Option II network as it will lead you toward an
                                        exciting future.
                                                                                                  Curtis D. Bissonnette
                                                                                                          President, ‘98

 A Note From The Editor                   A Few Quotes About
                                         Action and Commitment
Just to let you know, the last time I
heard from someone regarding            “Thunder is loud and thunder is
their activities was way back when.     impressive, but it is lightning that
As usual, I know you are all doing      does all of the damage.”
things … just don’t know what                                    Mark Twain
they are. If you can, take a few
moments to drop me a line about         “A fellow doesn’t last long on
what you are up to so that I can        what he has done. He has to keep
include your information in the         on delivering.”        Carl Hubbell
August newsletter in anticipation       (I this one applies to the ladies as well.)
for meeting up with your
colleagues and classmates at the        “Every noble work is at first
Fall Seminar on September 26th.         impossible.”    Thomas Carlyle
Email your information and              “The only things that evolve by
comments to:                            themselves in an organization are
  Ed Paulson, the Options Editor:       disorder, friction and
         author@edpaulson.com.          malperformance.” Peter Drucker
Ongoing Regional Events
Contact Kathy Crosby (’01), (512) 731-7987, Kathy@furbrain.com for information.
Stay tuned for information on upcoming events.
Held regional event on May 30th where John Daly spoke at the University Club at The Galleria on: communication, corporate
politics and your personal brand. THE GOOD: John Daly was his normal animated and insightful self. THE BAD/UGLY:
Attendance was down...less than 15
On tap: Author of Totally Integrated Enterprises, a book from employees of Raytheon Services on Organzational
Architecture and Collaborative Process Design. Contact David Taylor (’99) david.r.taylor@hp.com for information.
JUNE: Dinner to welcome the new 2003 alumni
AUGUST: Dinner to welcome the 2005 (how time flies!) students
DECEMBER: Dinner to say 'farewell' to yet another year that was surely enriched by having had the Option II
experience! We also hope to be able to bring all alumni, including the Dallas group, some of the presentations given to
the larger bodies in Austin and Houston, by Internet.
Contact Christopher Plummer (’01) christopherp@prodigy.net for additional information.

The University of Texas at Austin                                                                FIRST CLASS MAIL
                                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
Option II Executive MBA
Alumni Association                                                                                  PAID
P.O. Box 684325                                                                                   AUSTIN, TEXAS
Austin, Texas 78768-4325                                                                           PERMIT #391

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