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					                  Entrance Examination Information Sheet
                         for International Students
                           Master’s Program in Nursing
                            School of Nursing Science
                      The Graduate School of Saku University

                               Administration Office
                    Tel: +81-267-68-6680 Fax: +81-267-68-6687

I. Requirements for the candidates
To be eligible to register for the entrance examination, international student
candidates are required to have certain base-line qualifications.

   A. Bachelors degree received by April 1, 2012.
        (Length of education must be at least 16 years). A registered nursing (RN)
        license is recommended.


   B. Diploma from vocational school or junior college and clinical experience of
      more than three years. In this case, a registered nursing (RN) license is

To screen for these qualifications, we require all international candidates to submit
the following documents in Japanese or English to the admissions office.

   1.   Application for Admission (download prescribed form).
   2.   Curriculum vitae
   3.   Certificate of university graduation
   4.   Transcript from final school of attendance (list of grades)
   5.   List of research activity or publications (if any)
   6.   Copy of RN license if available (see below)
   7.   Self-addressed envelope for return delivery

Mail the above document to the admission office before 28 August, 2012:
         Saku University,
         Administration Office
         2384 Iwamurada, Saku City
         Nagano Prefecture 385-0022
II. Entrance Examination

Candidates who pass the screening process will be eligible to site the exam. After
receiving notification of eligibility, please pay the necessary exam fee of ¥30,000
and attend the exam on 15 September 2012.

Registration and fee:
Please pay the registration fee of ¥30,000 between 3 and 7 September 2012.
Payment of this fee will stand as confirmation of your intention to sit the examination
on 15 September 2012.
Pay to Bank Account Below

Bank Account
Beneficiary Bank:HACHIJUNI BANK
Beneficiary Bank number:0143
Beneficiary Branch:Iwamurada
Beneficiary Branch number:381
Account Type:Savings
Account Number:0787302
Beneficiary Name:SAKU UNIVERSITY

Examination time and location:
Arrive by about 10:00am
15 September 2012
Saku University Campus
Saku City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan (Sakudaira Station of Nagano Shinkansen,
1.5 hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen bullet train)

Exam Content:
English essay, interview
Announcement of the results will be held on September 21

Course and faculties (
1) International Nursing:            Prof. Keiko Takeo PhD

2) Nursing Education:                     Prof. Keiko Takeo PhD

3) Nursing Administration:                Prof. Fusako Ozaki PhD

4) Adult Health Nursing:                  Prof. Keiko Imai Kishi DSN

5) Gerontological & Psychiatric Nursing: Prof. Keiko Shichita PhD

6) Maternal & Child Health Nursing        Prof. Kayoko Kawasaki PhD

7) Community & Home Health Nursing:
      Community Nursing                   Prof. Yuko Bessho PhD
      Home Health Nursing                 Prof. Fumiko Miyaji PhD

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