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					         G r e e n Portfolio Resume Project (due ________)                                                Name: _________________________
  Portfolio         Due Date                                     Required                                       Possible    Student      Teacher     Extra Credit
    Item            Guideline                                     Criteria                                       Points    Assessment   Assessment
     Job                        E/I? S/N? T/F? J/P? Identify your Job Personality report, then summarize
 Personality           Fri      the findings from your Job Personality Quiz. Explain how specific                  5         _____        _____      X
  Analysis            5/17      attributes agree with you personally; explain if any attributes do not fit
                                your personality and why.
                                Original research facts and summary regarding your green job that
 Green Job            Thur      connects to your personality quiz, includes major facts such as proper             5         _____        _____      + ___
 Research             5/30      degree, experience, requirements, salary range, location, etc.
                                Extra Credit +2: Include a job that you decided against choosing and why.
                                Take a virtual tour of your college or university, then research school facts
Virtual Tour:                   and display them creatively in a one-page montage including geographic             5         _____        _____      + ___
  College/            Wed       location, school mascot, number of students, campus map, major
 University           6/5       educational buildings, sports team records, plus other facts specific to your
                                college/university. Extra Credit +2: Include an activity or club from the
                                Student Life school organizations
                        Fri     Create a personalized portfolio cover all about you, your personality, your
    Cover              6/7      projected image, your future by using illustrations, photo montage, words,         3         _____        _____      + ___
                                etc. Extra Credit +2: Design your own business logo for your green job.
  Table of             Tues     Each entry of your portfolio should have its own page. Create an
  Contents            6/11      organized Table of Contents; number each page accordingly.                         2         _____        _____      X
 Reflection           6/14      *See attached rubric for requirements for reflection entry options                10         _____        _____      X
IB:Criterion A        6/14      *See attached rubric for specific International Baccalaureate requirements         6         _____        _____      X
                     Tuesday    Proper use of shared classroom materials and equipment; appropriate time
Professionalism       6/14      management skills and work ethic; professional appearance and quality of           5         _____        _____      + ___
                                portfolio project; required criteria show effort, enthusiasm, and creativity.
                                Extra Credit +2 for every day that the project is handed in early (up to +8)

            Total                                                                                                 41         _____        _____      + ___

                                                                                                                               ___ / 41
                                     BASIC RESUME TEMPLATE

Your Name
Street Address, City, ST, Zip Code







                        Resume Component                                   Possible Points     Earned Points
Basic Information including:
full & proper name; address; phone; e-mail; (optional: website                    3
-clearly states job position that you are applying for                            2
-well worded, succinct, grammatically correct
5 Key Skills
-key skills are special talents and/or learned practices that are
necessary for the job you are applying for.
-Example #1: If you are applying for a job as a Nurse, it would be                5
important to list that you are CPR Certified.
-Example #2: If you are applying for a job as an Engineer, it would be
important to list that you have taken a CAD design course.
Education including:
-High School name, location, degree earned, and graduation date                   4
-College name, location, degree earned, and graduation date                (+2 extra credit)
-Extra Credit: Secondary college information for Masters Degree or
Post-Doctorate degree
Employment History including
3 examples of jobs that you currently have and/or wish to have by the
time you graduate
-Example: Include your current summer job, and if you are applying                3
for a job as a Lawyer, include a second fictional job of clerking in a
local law office during high school, then a third fictional job of being
an assistant to a law firm during college
3 Activities and Interests
-these show the employer that you are well-rounded                                3
and include such things as extra-curricular activities, volunteer work,
2 Languages (other than English)
-If you are proficient in a second language, include that here
-If you are currently taking a language course, or anticipate taking              2
another language next year or in college, include that as well
3 References (other than family members)
-these are people that will vouch for your credentials and communicate   3
your worthiness to the potential employer
Quality & Appearance
-typed/word processed                                                    5
-neat and organized layout
-appropriate format (use basic format or create similar format)
-proper grammar, punctuation, spelling
                         TOTAL POINTS                                    30

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