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Energy Partnerships Act

Offset Credit Program for Domestic Emission Reductions  Scientific Advisory Committee to provide recommendations on project types and methodologies  USDA the lead agency on all agriculture and forestry projects and EPA will oversee all other projects  List of eligible projects to provides predictability  Standards to ensure additionality, prevent leakage and provide measurable results  Stackability of credits to reward co-benefits to the ecosystem and ensure offset program workability? Functionality? with existing government stewardship programs  Short-term carbon easements to provide land use flexibility and true carbon accounting  Early actor rewards going back 2001  Clarity that agriculture and forestry shall not be regulated Carbon Conservation Program The purpose is to achieve supplemental emission reductions from landowners on private and public land by:  Preventing the conversion of land (i.e. native prairie, altered tillage, forest) that would otherwise release emissions  Serving as an incubator program to develop new offset project methodologies that involve all producers and landowners  Helping small landowners overcome the transaction costs of carbon agreements  Restoring federal forest and grazing lands to sequester more carbon  30% of all funds are to be used to purchase conservation easements with priority given to projects sequestering carbon and protecting forest land, native prairie and grasslands.

Rural Clean Energy Resources & Agriculture and Forestry Research for GHG Mitigation  Expand funding for energy programs in the farm bill programs as well as USDA research to study on the effects of climate change on agriculture as well as mitigation opportunities.

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