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					                                 XBOX 360          called XBOX 360. XBOX 360 can play
     If you want the inside                        DVD’s, CD’s, and video games (it also has
                                                   HD TV built in). Instead of coming in black
scoop on the new                                   and green, like the XBOX, XBOX 360
generation of game                                 comes in different colors. Such as solid
                                                   black, multi colored, white and green, and
systems, or if you don’t                           see through. With XBOX 360, XBOX live
know anything about video                          comes built in! Now that’s an improvement.
                                                   The graphics are amazing!! They are 1080
games and you want to get                          B graphics, and for those of you that don’t
started playing, then this is                      know, those are terrific graphics. With
                                                   wireless controllers, 20 GB hard drive &
the article for you.                               memory cards, XBOX 360 is the new
XBOX HISTORY                                       generation and it’s a lot newer technology,
                                                   it’s slimmer, better, and it’s here waiting for
        I’m here to inform you about the           you to play it.
newest game system XBOX 360, but let’s                      As for my final thoughts, XBOX,
start at the beginning with XBOX. The              great system, maybe a 7 out of 10. XBOX
original system, created by Microsoft. It was      360,awsome, phenomenal, of the charts.
a sixth generation game system first
available Nov. 15, 2001. Since then, 24.10
million units were sold. XBOX also has             By, Gabriel
phenomenal features. It comes with four
wired controllers, online service (XBOX
Live, where you can play with up to 36
other payers), and you can play DVD’s &
CD’s. Out of all the games sold and made,
Halo 1 and the sequel Halo 2, have
become the most popular, and the top
selling game for XBOX.
 INFO ON 360
        Now that we’ve gone over the
basics with XBOX, let’s talk about some              If you could make a game
improvements on XBOX 360. That’s what                system what features
I’m going to inform you about in the                 would you have?
paragraph. Also made by Microsoft, starting
at $299.99 or $399.99, XBOX 360 is here              Color:
and it’s great. 360 is a seventh generation
game system. 10.4 million units have been            # of controllers:
sold worldwide as of Dec. 31, 2006. Also,
4.5 million of the 10.4 million units sold, were     Graphics:
sold in the U.S. To top Halo, and Halo 2,
Gears of War made it to the top of the charts        Variety of games:
as the most popular game for Xbox 360.
                                                     Anything else:
      The new generation of game
systems is here, it’s phenomenal, and it’s

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