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					Cell Phone Audit workplan
Vivianna Check (
May 2002


The Department recognizes that a cellular phone in some cases may aid an employee in
the performance of his/her job duties. Branches are responsible for determining when the
utilization of this communication is appropriate and will enhance work performance and
efficiency. Below is a trend analysis and the results may aid the Department in creating
policies and procedures surrounding cell phone utilization.

   1. Obtain Cell phone data in electronic format from EPS (April 2001-May 2002)       REF BY

   2. Obtain Gov’t phone #’s and school board numbers in electronic format from

            a) Load data into ACL
            b) Match Cell phone data to Gov’t phone numbers
            c) Sort and exclude gov’t & school board #’s

   3. Perform trend analysis on all unmatched called/received phone calls by:

   Sampling data:
                                                                                  REF BY
            c) Sort by frequency of calls received/made and sample 20 calls for

            d) Sort by length of calls received/made and sample 20 extended

            e) Sort by amount charged per call and sample 20 high charged calls

            f) Sort by time of day call received/made and sample 20 calls made
            after regular business hours

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