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					Polyhydroxyalkanoate Market worth 34,000 MT By 2018

The report "Polyhydroxyalkanoate Market, By Application (Packaging, Food
Services, Bio-medical, Agriculture) & Raw Material — Global Trends & Forecasts to
2018" ,defines and segments the global PHA market with analysis and forecasting of the
global revenue and consumption. PHA market consumption will grow from an estimated
10,000 MT in 2013 to 34,000 MT by 2018, with a CAGR of 27.7% from 2013 to 2018.

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The increasing demand for renewable and bio-based materials and shift in consumer
preference for eco-friendly products is driving the global market of PHA
(Polyhydroxyalkanoate) polymer. PHA has been commercialized and used across packaging,
food services, bio-medical, and agriculture industries. Packaging is the largest consumer of
PHA followed by food services. Bio-medical applications offer the highest growth during the
next five years. PHA would continue to be used as biodegradable controlled antibiotic
release system, making it ideal for bio-medical applications such as manufacturing implants,
sutures, and other medical equipment.

The global PHA market is consolidated in nature as it is still in its infancy. The market has
only few players but it has been making rapid technological advancement along with
increased investments in RD. The top companies in the PHA business include Metabolix Inc.
(U.S.), Meredian Inc. (U.S.), Biomer (Germany), Tianjin GreenBio Materials Co. Ltd (China),
and Shenzhen Ecomann Technology Co. Ltd (China). U. S-based Metabolix and Chinas
Shenzhen Ecomann Technology have the maximum number of developments and have been
using expansion and new product developments as their top growth strategies.

The current market scenario for PHA shows that the manufacturing plants are underutilized
due to low demand and lack of commercial applications. Research and innovation will
enhance the critical properties of PHA in the near future. As the industrialization process of
PHA continues to progress and manufacturing technology remains optimized, the product
quality will become more stable. All this will drive the cost of PHA to a level that will make it
an ideal alternative for conventional polymers.

The global PHA market is analyzed in terms of consumption (MT) and revenue ($) for all
regions. Consumption and revenues for each region have been broken down by applications
such as packaging, food services, bio-medical, agriculture, and others. The other
applications include electronic, automotive, chemicals, and domestic goods.
The report details the present manufacturing capacity of PHA producers along with the
current and future estimates of their capacity utilization. It identifies various sources of PHA
production along with their respective market shares. It also focuses on market share
analysis, and market metrics such as drivers, restraints, opportunities, and winning

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Description: Polyhydroxyalkanoate Market categorizes the global market by Raw Material, Application (Agriculture, Packaging, Food Services, Bio-Medical) & by Geography by 2018