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fiesta cookbook


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                     A CELEBRATION OF
                 “THE COLOR OF MY WORDS”
                           A novel by Lynn Joseph

In Ms. Wynkoop’s Read 180, students find that reading comes alive by
having a fiesta day!

       Ninth grade students of Read 180, a Literacy Strategy course, at
Central High School wrote and orchestrated a “fiesta” day in Room 214 on
April 8, 2005. Spicy aromas filled our hallway and classroom that day.
       After reading and enjoying the novel, A Color of My Words, that
celebrates hope and growing up in the Dominican Republic, students were
encouraged to create their own cookbook by bringing in their favorite recipes
from home. They also became playwrights by learning what it takes to write a
short skit based on a favorite scene or event in the novel. Each student
wrote and performed his/her skit in front of the class. Each student also
learned the importance of writing clear directions on how to do something. In
this case, how to cook a special dish.

Students discussed and agreed upon the criteria for a skit.
Create a catchy title
Include 2-3 characters
Include stage directions to direct the actors and show what the actors are
Create realistic dialogue.
Choose a favorite scene from one of the 8 chapters in the novel.

Create an original title
Write a short biography of yourself and explain why you chose this family
Write the ingredients. Learn abbreviations for measurements.
Write clear sequential steps for directions.
       Students helped decorate the room, helped pick out the theme of the
day, and brought in their culinary delights. Guests were invited to watch the
performances and taste the international flavor of their foods. The Color of
My Words turned out to be The Color of Our Lives. The best result of this
project was seeing the students pull together as a learning community.
                               April 8, 2005
                      Created by Students of Room 214

                 EGG SODA (Recipe by Marry Chum)

Well, first off, my name is Marry. I’m Cambodian/Chinese. This assignment
was kind of hard for me because when my family cooks, we don’t use
measurements. We just put in whatever we feel is right. If it doesn’t come
out right, we add more of whatever it is we need.

1 egg                           sugar (optional)
Club soda                       ice
Condensed milk

Remove the white part of the egg and place the yolk into a cup.
Pour condensed milk over the egg, making sure it’s not visible. Mix the two
Pour in club soda. Mix all three contents until the egg is fully beaten. Then
   add ice.
For a sweeter taste, add as much sugar as desired.

   CANOITAS DE PLATANO (Recipe by Kimberly Alvarado)

My name is Kimberly Alvarado. I am 15 years old and I love to cook foods
from my culture.

Platanos (as many as you want)
Ground beef (a package 1-2 lbs)
American cheese (as much as you want)

Peel the plantains and put in the oven for about 30-45 minutes.
Take the ground beef and season it with adobo sazon con achote.
Add pieces of green peppers and a little bit of tomato sauce.
Cook for about 25-30 min.
When the plantains are done and ground beef mixture is done, you slit the
   plantain open but don’t cut into two parts. Then put the ground beef in
   the platano and you melt the cheese in the microwave and put it on top of
   the ground beef.

           (Recipe by Stephanie De Los Santos)

My name is Stephanie De Los Santos. I am 14 in the 9th grade at Central
High School. This meal is one of my favorites breakfast, lunch, dinner doesn’t
matter. I love how my mom makes it. This is a meal that both Dominicans and
Puerto Ricans prepare. A lot of other cultures will love it too.

¼ cup oil
The platano squisher
Sharp knife

First you have a pan then you put like a ¼ of oil on low while cutting the
platanos in pieces. You wait until the oil is hot then you put the platanos to
fry until they get yellowish. So you take them out and squish them with the
platano squisher. Then when you squish them, put them back on the pan and
fry them again. While you fry the platanos you get another pan and you put
¼ oil and put the fire on low and put the salami in and start frying until you
see the salami a little crispy. Finally you put the two things together and you
serve. Pinch of salt on the tostones.

 CHOCOLATE COVER CANDY EGGS (Recipe by Marilis Hopp)

Hey my name is Marilis. This is my first year at Central High School. I don’t
really cook a lot. My mom’s the one who cooks.
I don’t know what kind of food this is.
2 box confectioner’s sugar
1 bag coconut
½ cup cherries
½ cup walnuts
Semi-sweet chocolate morsels (2-3 bags)
You may need more confectioner’s sugar.
You can put more cherries and/or nuts if you want.

Put in ¼ of confectioner’s sugar. Much cherries juice out, cut cherries and
nuts and much coconuts well. Put everything together and mix. Then shape
the candy into an egg. Freeze them for ½ hour. Melt semi-sweet morsels,
then dip eggs in chocolate. The put a little coconut on top. Freeze for an

        HOMEMADE CHILI (Recipe by Shawn Turchetta)

My name is Shawn. I’m 16 years old. I was born and raised in Providence. My
parents are Italian, but I don’t really like Italian food. Chili is my dad’s
recipe and I like to eat it.

One chopped up onion
1 lb. Hamburger
1 lb. Of crushed polish sausage
1 can crushed tomatoes
3 cans Hunts tomato sauce
3 cans kidney beans
2 green peppers
Add a pinch of parsley
2 little pieces of garlic

Put hamburger and sausage together.
Brown the meat over medium high heat.
Add all of the ingredients together and put into the sauce.
Simmer over medium heat for 45 minutes.
     ARROZ CON GANDULES (Recipe by Ninoshka Santana)

Hey, my name is Ninoshka aka Nino. I love Spanish food but I’m always ready
to taste any type of food. A little taste won’t hurt. I hope you will like my
Arroz con glandules because it is real good.

Rice 3 cups
Sofrito 3 spoons
Cooking oil ½ cup
Few pieces of frying ham if wanted
Gandules 2 cans
Tomato sauce (Goya) 1 can
1 package of Sazon

Put the ½ cup of oil in rice pot for about 3 min.
Put in the cooking ham until cooked
Add sofrito
Add sazon
Add the one can of tomato sauce
Add the glandules
Wait for a little while for all to cook (about 3 minutes)*
Add the rice

*stir it now, wait for it to booked. If think it’s too dry grab the can of
tomato sauce and fill it with water and put in rice pot and stir it again.

                PASTELITO (Recipe by Melissa Pena)

Hi, my name is Melissa A.K.A. Melly. I was born 8/26/90 in Dominican
Republic. I came to the United States when I was 6 months old. But anyway
now I am 14 years old and attend Central High School in the 9th grade. One
of my favorite things to do is cook. One of the best meals in my country
named Pastelito; other name Meat Pie. Pastelito are so easy to make and also
very good. My mother taught me how to make those good pastelito. Now I
know how to do it and it comes out good just like my mom.
Buy Disco Pepe at the store. A pack comes in 10 for a dollar.
You can put on your Pastelito meat like beef or ham and cheese.
Frying pan
2 cups of oil
A fork

Put 2 cups of oil in frying pan. High for 3 min.
While the oil is getting hot, start making the pastelito
Take 1 disco pep and starch it out. Then put in the beef or ham and cheeses.
   Then fold the disco pepe in half.
Put the Pastelito in the frying pan. Wait until they get golden and crispy.
   Then ready to eat!

Hope you did a nice job and hope it tastes good like mine!!!

                  (Recipe by Lubicristin Lora)

4 cups of milk
2 cups of rice
Cinnamon as you would like
Sugar as you would like
1 tbs. Vanilla
Little pinch of salt
Pan halfway of water
1 can of unsweetened milk

You put the pan halfway of water on the stove with heat on medium high.
Add 2 cups of rice
Add pinch of salt
Cinnamon the way that you would like it with a lot or only a little.
Add sugar how you like either too sweet or just normal.
Then just let boil until the water almost all dissolves.
After that, just add the 4 cups of mil, the 1 tbs vanilla and unsweetened milk.
Then just stir it all together and let it boil until it looks a little thick.
Then taste see if you like how sweet it is. If not, add more sugar.
After that, you can eat it hot or cold, how you prefer. I like it better cold.

                   (Recipe by Philip Carpenter)

2 pkg of pancit
2 chicken breast
1 green pepper
2 carrots
1 medium size cabbage
2 cloves of garlic
1 small onion
1 tbsp (annetto) food coloring (soak it with water)

Boil the chicken for 45 min.
While chicken is boiling, cut the cabbage 4 ways. Then cut it lengthwise. Do
   same to peppers. Then dice vegetables.
Peel the carrots. Then cut it about ¼ inch.
Crush the garlic.
Cut the onions into small pieces.
When chicken is cooked, take it out from the pan. Don’t throw out the broth.
Cut up chicken.
Then put ½ cup oil in the wok. Throw the chicken in, and the garlic & onions
   and 2 cups of broth. Cook for 2 min.
Then put the carrots in.
When the carrots are done, you can put in the cabbage.
Cover for 15 min. Stir every 5 min.
When everything is done, put the peppers in. Cover for 10 min.
Then you mash the food coloring so the color will come out or separate from
   the seeds.
 Then strain it in the wok with the ingredients. Cover.
 While it’s cooking, you put the rest of the broth in. Keep stirring. Put salt
   to taste. Turn the heat to medium.
 While everything is cooking, soak the pancit in hot water until it softens.
   Drain and mix it with the rest of the ingredients.
 Stir it for 5 min. so the color will mix with the pancit. Cover and turn the
   heat low.
The pancit will absorb the broth. After 5 min., stir it again and cover.
   Continue to stir every 5 min. for about ½ hour until the pancit is tender.

         FRIED PLANTAINS (Recipe by Carolina Ramos)

My name is Carolina and I’m 14 years old. This is one of my common Dominican

Green plantains (platanos)
Salt (and ketchup if wanted)

Take the pan, add oil.
Put it on stove. Put the heat up to medium.
Cut the plantains and peel them.
Cut them into small circled pieces.
Put them in the pan and let them fry until it turns yellowish.
Take them out and smash them with a plantain smasher.
Fry again for 5 more minutes.
Add salt (or ketchup if wanted).

   EXTREME BANANA PUDDING (Recipe by Clarence Brown)

Hi, my name is Clarence Brown. I am 15 years old. Everyone calls me Buddy.
The Extreme Banana Pudding is a dish that’s been passed down from my
grandma to my mom. Hope you enjoy it.

5 bananas
2 cups milk
2 boxes of vanilla pudding
1 pack of vanilla wafers
First you get a bowl of vanilla pudding. You stir until all of the chunks are
out. Add 2 cups of milk. Pour into a pan. Put vanilla wafers on top the
bananas, the wafers, then bananas until you get to the top. Then put into
oven for 15 min. Stick into refrigerator until cold. Then enjoy.

                 SORULLO (Recipe by Vicky Castro)

My name is Vicky. I’m 15 years old. I’ve lived in the United States my whole
life and I’m Puerto Rican and my favorite food is Sorullo.

Corn flour
½ pan of water

Put a pan of water to boil for 5 minutes. Then you put the corn flour in the
water. Mix it up until corn flour is soft. Then you take a hand of corn flour,
roll it into a ball, flatten it, then put the cheese in it. Then fry it.

              Recipe by Cristela S. Moronta

My name is Cristela S. Moronta. I am 15 years old and I love to cook
Dominican food because it is my tradition.

Get a frying pan and put about 1/3 cup oil and it get hot.
While the pan is getting hot, you cut the platanos into pieces and put them in
   the frying pan.
After the platanos look yellow, you take them and smash them with platano
After you smash all of them, you put them back in the frying pan and let them
   fry for a minute.
After a minute, take them out and cut up slices of salami and put them in the
   frying pan until they get a little bit brown.

          RICE AND BEANS (Recipe by Franklin Lucero)

My name is Franklin Manuel Lucero. In my home they call me Gagi. I was born
in Los Angeles, California. My favorite color is red and favorite fruit is

Get a clean pot.
Fill it up with water, like about 75% full.
Then put it on the stove for like 2 minutes to warm up.
Put the beans in water (white, black, green, red…doesn’t matter).
Let it boil for like 20-25 minutes.

Get another clean pot.
Fill it up with water like 50%.
Let the rice cook.

              FRIED YUCCA (Recipe by Leidy Castillo)

Hi, my name is Leidy…a.k.a. Shorty. I’m from Puerto Rico, but both of my
parents are Dominican. I’m very proud of being half Dominican and Puerto
Rican. I am 100% Latina. I live with my mom and my brother and sister. We
are a really happy family.

3 yucca
1 tsp butter
2 eggs
1 tsp oil
Little bit of salt
Anise seed (no matter what amount)
Cut yucca into 2 pieces.
Peal the yucca, then grate it.
Add to yucca all the ingredients.
When everything is mixed, you put a pan with oil on the stove at high
Then take a tsp of the yucca mixtures and put into the hot oil.
When it’s done is going to come out like a flat circle, crunchy flat yucca.
I hope you like my recipe. It tastes really good.

      MORO DE GANDULES (Recipe by Francheska Javier)

Hi, I’m Francheska and I am 14 years old and I’m Dominican. I love my
culture food and this is one of the foods I like. It’s called Rice with Peas
and it’s really good. I hope you enjoy it. It tastes really good.

4 cups canilla rice
2 pieces of garlic
2 slices of onion
1 cardo de pollo chicken flavor
1 can of Gandules
1 tsp vinegar and oil

A big pot with four cups of water
Put it on the stove and put salt in water.
Get 4 cups of rice, wash it, and put it in the pot.
Put the ingredients (order doesn’t matter).
Then put the can of Gandules
Let it cook for like an hour until the rice tastes salty.
              TRIPLETA (Recipe by Samil Fernandez)

My name is Samil. I am 15 years old. I was born and raised in Massachusetts
and lived there for 11 years. My nationality is Dominican.

5 plantains               salt
½ lb frying cheese        onions & peppers (if you want)
½ lb salami               oil
6 eggs                    butter
½ cup all purpose flour

First, peal the plantains. Then put into a pan of boiling water and let cook
   for 15-20 minutes.
While plantains are cooking, start cutting the cheese that you need. Get the
   flour and dip the pieces of cheese and cover them with flour.
Get the salami and cut it into slices.
Get the frying pan with enough oil. Leave it there on heat for 3-5 min. Then
   get the cheese and salami. Cook either the cheese or salami first. Put as
   many cheese slices in the pan that fit. Let cook 2-3 min. and flip them
   around and do the same thing until all are cooked. Then take the salami
   slices and do the same thing.
If the plantains are soft, take out of the water and get the butter so you can
   mash them.
Then make scrambled eggs (with onions & peppers if desired) and put salt on
   them after done.

                 PIONONO (Recipe by Grellin Silva)

Hi, my name is Grellin. I am 15 years old with a hard life. But even though I
have a hard life, I always put my school first. The food I have is Pionono.
This is a Puerto Rican dish and I came to bring it for all of you to taste.

7-8 Yellow plantains
Aluminum Pan
1 lb of ground beef
Mozzarella cheese
Cut the plantains in half, then cut again in half so they are long.
Heat up oil in a frying pan for about 10 min.
After oil is hot, put in the plantains…lower heat to mediu..
In another pan brown the meat in a little oil.
Add to meat Sazon and adobo to season it. (add vegetables if desired). Stir
   and let sit.
Put the plantains in a plate with paper towels, so the oil can come off a little
After you put the plantains in the plate, you put it in the aluminum pan in
Then you put the meat in layer after that.
And another layer of plantains.
Sprinkle some Mozzarella cheese on top
Set oven for 350 degrees. Bake until the cheese melts.

          STIR FRY SHRIMP (Recipe by Patria Ramirez)

My name is Patria Ramirez. I’m 14 years old. I love to cook. The reason I
picked shrimp is because it is my favorite food.

1 onion                   1 can tomato sauce
1 green pepper            cilantro
1 red pepper        1 lemon
1 tbsp olives       5 tbsp of corn oil
1 pack Sazon Goya with achiotes power chicken
1 cube Knorr (chicken flavor)
2 cloves garlic
1 lb shrimp

First put a pot on the stove at medium temperature. Then pour 5 tbsp of oil
into pot. Once oil gets hot, pour 1 can of tomato sauce and garlic. Next, put
all the ingredients and stir it and wait for 20 minutes until everything is
    PAN-IAM (SWEET DESSERT) (Recipe by Michelle Kak)

My name is Michelle. I’m Cambodian and when my family cooks, we don’t
measure it. We just put it in and if it doesn’t taste right, we just add more
of whatever is needed. I hang out with my friends and play football on my

1 cantaloupe
1 honeydew melon
1 can jackfruit
2 pkgs. Dehydrated palm seed
2 jars aroy-d nata de coco in syrup
2-3 cups sugar
1 can coconut milk
1 pinch salt
12-16 cups ice

Cut the cantaloupe and honeydew in half
Scoop all the seeds out and peel the skin
Dice it in a large bowl.
Slice the jackfruit
Add dehydrated palm seed and aroy-d nata de coco in syrup.
Pour coconut milk in and ice.
Add sugar and salt. Stir Well.

    GLAZED CHICKEN WINGS (Recipe by Ms. Hernandez)

My name is Rosa D. Hernandez. I was born in Guatemala City. My family and
I came to USA in 1985. This is my family’s favorite food.

4 tbsp of Kikkoman soy sauce
2 tbsp lemon (or lemon juice concentrate)
1 tbsp of ginger (optional)
12 chicken wings, cut joints
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp olive oil

All the ingredients except 2 tbsp of honey. When they are all mixed, pour
over chicken and refrigerate for 30 minutes. In a large frying pan place the
chicken wings in hot oil (pour off oil) add the honey. Cook for about 5 minutes
covered and 5 minutes uncovered until the chicken is glazed.

     APPLE BUNDLES (Recipe by Louise Wynkoop, teacher)

My name is Louise Wynkoop (a.k.a. Koop). I’ve been a teacher at Central High
for 3 years. I love to cook for my family, especially my granddaughters. I
come from a long line of French Canadiens and I guess you could say I learned
my skills from my mom who learned her skills from her mom and so on..This
easy dessert has been in my family for a long time.

2 large apples                   1 can (8 oz) crescent rolls
1 medium orange                  2 tbsp butter
½ cup sugar               1 tsp cinnamon

Unroll dough, cut each in half.
Place 3-4 thin slices apples at the wide end of each strip & roll up.
Arrange bundles in ungreased deep dish.
Zest rind of orange over rolls. Juice orange, pour into dish, but not over
Melt butter and drizzle over rolls.
Mix cinnamon & sugar, sprinkle over rolls.
Bake 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.

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