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                               Flags at Wholesale Price
Meierfrank.com is a leading source of all types of flags. To get Flags at Wholesale price,
                         please check the below quantity box.

      Price breaks are calculated by the total amount of all 3 x 5 foot flag styles purchased.
      Order 100 of 1 flag style = $1.95 each*
      Order 1 of 100 different styles = $1.95 each*
      *Military flags are slightly higher due to recent licensing fees, but they still count toward
      your total quantity. Our Flags have great features like:
          • Our flags are made from a special polyester fabric to ensure quality.
          • We only use 100% Never Rust Brass Grommets in our 3 x 5 foot flags.
          • The hoist and fly ends of each flag are reinforced to extend its serviceable life.
          • Each flag is shipped to you in an individual poly bag.
          • All of the colors used to manufacture our flags are fade resistant to direct

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