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					                 Flex Day
Wednesday, January 30, 2013
SB 1440 Update
 What is SB 1440?
 A Degree with a Guarantee
 C-ID’s and TMC’s
 Finalized Transfer Model Curriculum
 Approved Associate Degrees for Transfer
 The Goal
 MPC Transfer Degrees for Fall 2013
 The future
   The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act
66746. (a) Commencing with the fall term of the 2011–12 academic
year, a student who earns an associate degree for transfer granted pursuant
to subdivision (b) shall be deemed eligible for transfer into a California
State University baccalaureate program when the student meets both of the
following requirements:
      (1) Completion of 60 semester units or 90 quarter units that are eligible
      for transfer to the California State University, including both of the
            (A) The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum
            or the California State University General Education-Breadth
            (B) A minimum of 18 semester units or 27 quarter units in a major or
            area of emphasis, as determined by the community college district.
      (2) Obtainment of a minimum grade point average of 2.0.
                     No Additional Requirements

A community college district shall not impose any requirements in
addition to the requirements of this section, including any local college or
district requirements, for a student to be eligible for the associate degree
for transfer and subsequent admission to the California State University
pursuant to Section 66747.
     SB 1440 Implementation
Lots of hard work, negotiation, compromise, patience
and goodwill.
   SB1440 Implementation and Oversight Committee
   Staff from CSUCO and CCCCO
   The Intersegmental Curriculum Workgroup
   The Intersegmental Marketing Workgroup
   The Counseling Resources Workgroup
   The Early Student Identification Workgroup
   Faculty from Community Colleges and CSU
The guarantee itself means that students who earn an
AA-T or AS-T degree and meet the CSU
minimum eligibility requirements are guaranteed
admission to a CSU, but not necessarily to a particular
campus or major.
With the AA-T or AS-T degree, students may be given
a GPA bump when applying to an impacted campus
outside your local area or an impacted major that is
deemed similar.
Priority Admission for the     Similar           Similar Degree
Transfer Associates            Degree          Non-Local Applicant
Degrees CSU Campus              Local
Admissions Impaction          Applicant*
No Impaction                             Priority Admission
                                         Min. 2.0 GPA
                                         (Ed. Code 66745)
Campus Impacted              Priority      Supplementary GPA
                             Admission     Requirement
                             Min. 2.0 GPA Additional .20
                             (Ed. Code     GPA Point
Program Impacted                         Supplementary GPA
(Any CA Student)                         Requirement
                                         Additional .10 GPA Point
                                         (20 seats or more)
Campus & Program                         Supplementary GPA
Impacted                                 Requirement
(Any CA Student)                         Additional .10 GPA Point
                                         (20 seats or more)
In addition, once at the CSU, if a student is admitted and
enrolled in a designated similar degree program they
have the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s degree
with as little as 60 semester units or 90 quarter units of
To pursue this special degree rather than a traditional
AA or AS degree, students should meet with a counselor
to develop an education plan that puts you on the path
toward the AA-T or AS-T degree.
High School Students
Most importantly, don’t neglect your class work:
 Take college-track courses all through high school
 Read and write often for school and for pleasure
 Take an English class in your junior or senior year that
  concentrates on critical reading and writing
 Take four years of math while in high school, including
  Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 with efforts to achieve at least a “B”
 In your junior and senior year, take the Early Assessment
  Program test to find out if you are on track to be ready for
• Courses
• Transfer Programs
 SB 1415 Common Course Numbering System
 C-ID (Course Identification Numbering System)
 Course Descriptors
Approved Course Descriptor
 General Course Description
 Minimum units
 Prerequisites/Advisories
 Content
 Objectives
 Methods of Evaluation
 Recommended Textbooks
 352 approved course descriptors and 41 draft
 MPC has submitted 39 course descriptors
 Curriculum Advisory Committee has approved 140
  additional courses for submission
 Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC)
In response to SB 1440, the Academic Senates for California
Community Colleges and California State University decided
to develop a faculty-led, state-wide, concerted effort to
identify the course content for new associate degrees for
transfer… The C-ID infrastructure is being used to develop
and vet the transfer model curriculum (TMC) in each of the
most common transfer majors.
                 Finalized TMC’s
 Administration of Justice    Elementary Teacher
 Anthropology                    Education
 Art History                    English
 Business Administration        Geography
 Communication Studies          Geology
 Computer Science               History
 Early Childhood                Journalism
 Education                       Kinesiology
                                 Mathematics
                 Finalized TMC’s
 Music
 Philosophy
 Physics
 Political Science
 Psychology
 Sociology
 Spanish
 Studio Arts
 Theatre Arts
           TMC’s in Development
 Chemistry
 Radio/TV/Film
 Engineering EE/Comp
 Engineering Mech/Civil/Aero/Manu
 Social Work
New TMC’s for the Future
 Child and Adolescent Development
 Exercise Science
 Graphic Arts/Graphic Design
 Health Science
 Hospitality/Hotel Management
 Nutrition/Food Science/Dietetics
 Environmental Science/Studies
   Approved Transfer Degrees
 Over 500 AA-T/AS-T degrees approved in 22
 MPC has approved transfer degrees in:
   Communication Studies
   Early Childhood Education
   Mathematics
                     The Goal
 All community colleges will have 80% of possible
  SB1440 degrees in effect by Fall 2013
 All community colleges will have 100% of possible
  SB1440 degrees in effect by Fall 2014
 This must be certified by each college in a letter to the
  Chancellor’s office by January 31, 2013
          Ready to Submit to
          Chancellor’s Office
 Anthropology
 Art History
 Kinesiology
 Psychology
 Sociology
      Under Review by CAC
• Computer Science
• Studio Arts
             In Development
 Administration of Justice
 English
 History
 Business Administration
 Geology
 Music
 Physics
 Political Science
                   The Future
 Discipline Input Groups (DIG)
 Additional TMC’s developed
 SB 1440 aligned high school programs of study
 UC involvement
 Challenge exams, MOOC’s

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