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Insight Overview.                                   AGENDA
Management Practices
Bridge System
Insight’s Staff
Insight’s Mexico Coverage.
Line card
Distribution Partnership Strategy.
EMS Provider Program
Technical support
Demand Creation Strategy to increase design wins.
Fulfillment strategy to increase market share.
Why insight
                                    INSIGHT OVERVIEW
Insight Demand Creation was founded in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico in
August 2005. Legally incorporated under registration number 11928201. The
company is a manufacturer’s representative organization specialized in
Electronics   Components. Our Field Applications Engineers and Sales
Team have over 14 years of experience in the Mexican & South American
markets and had provided professional support through the knowledge in
each one of the lines that we represent.

Our focus is on Demand Creation as well as Fulfillment Services
maintaining Quality Personal Assistance utilizing our custom web based tool
called “Bridge”.

Insight DC has logistic capabilities to service and fulfill the demands from our
suppliers to our customers in a short time. Due the legal incorporation, IDC can
be the import of record of the principals material for the SMI programs taking
control for IMMEX.
Focus Mind Share
Continuous Training
Account Management Per Experience
No Micromanagement
Focus On Revenue
Web Based Tool “Bridge” To Control Backlog, Quotes And
Opportunities. CRM Custom Software.
Open Door Philosophy
No Rotation On Personnel
The Best Pay Plan And Benefits In Our Industry
Win-win Partnership
                                              BRIDGE SYSTEM
Supplier application:
   Backlog information. Supplier can modify on the web and the inside sales
   will receive a notification of the change.
   Design Opportunities
   Quote Activity
   Security. Every supplier will have access ONLY to their information.

Customer application:
   Backlog on line. Confirmations on changes in the orders.
   Automatic email notification with the tracking information for the
   ISR will be available all the time, but this access is to give our customer the
   capability to access the data 7/24.

Distribution Partners:
   S & D on line
   Design opportunities

Web meeting support (Fuze - Meeting)
US numbers in all the offices.
Distribution List for OEM’s and EMS’ (by
Monthly technical bulletin
Customer Workshop & Distribution Training
Live Chat Support
                                                                                INSIGHT’ STAFF
                                                                                                 Octavio Quirarte
                                         Jaime Morales                                                        CPA

                                         Gerardo Martinez                         Alvaro Quirarte                     Beatriz Tornel
                                     Technology & Sales Manager
                                              TAM/FAE                                Tax/Account                       HnR/Account

    Antonio      Alberto         Alex                                           Alejandro                             Annel
                                                  Ivan Robles                                     Pedro
Villavicencio   Sanchez         Vargas                            Enrique Paz    Aguilar                            Avendano
                                                   TAM/FAE                                        Gomez
  TAM/FAE         TAM           TAM/FAE                            TAM/FAE      TAM/FAE         CSR Manager /
                                                 Guadalajara                                                        MTY & RIO GRANDE
CD. JUAREZ      QRO/MX          BRAZIL                                           Guadalajara         FAE                 VALLEY

                                                                                Dalila Colin      Marcela           Rodrigo Gomez
                                                                                                  Guerrero            Business
                                                                                Guadalajara &   Marketing & CSR     Development
                                                                                 CHIHUAHUA      Rio Grande Valley   Analyst & CSR
                                                                                                      & BZL

                      INSIGHT’ STAFF

                          AAM – MTY &          TAM
                       Rio Grande Valley   Central Mexico

                              AAM               ISR
Insight’s staff GDL
                           Chihuahua        Chihuahua
                                                                                   INSIGHT’ STAFF
                                                                                              Professional experience (years) &
Name           Title                  Coverage                  Birth place   Grade           Background

                                                                                              Diagnosis engineer for 1 year (Sanmina),
Alejandro      TAM / FAE              GDL: Flextronics, Jabil & Guadalajara, Electrical       account manager for 1 year (Induspack)
Aguilar        Guadalajara            OEM's National Accounts Jalisco        Engineer         and FAE for 4 years (Insight)

               TAM / FAE              GDL: Sanmina &            Durango,      Electrical      Design Engineer for 3 years (Sony); FAE for 8
Ivan Robles    Guadalajara            Flextronics               Durango       Engineer        years (Arrow)

               CSR                   North West, Chihuahua,     Guerrero,     Analyst
Dalila Colin   Guadalajara/Chihuahua Jabil & Continental        Guerrero      Programmer      ISR for 13 years (Insight – Memec)

Marcela        CSR &                  MTY, Rio Grande Valley,   Guadalajara, Administrative
Guerrero       Marketing              Brazil & Latin America    Jalisco      informatics      ISR for 4 years (Sanmina & Insight)

                                                                                              Account manager for 4 years (Integrated
                                                                                              Device Technology), FSE for 9 years (TI), FSE
                                                                                              for 4 years (Mexicana de Electronica
               TAM / FAE                                                      Electrical      Industrial), Service Engineer for 10 years
Enrique Paz    Guadalajara            Local OEM’s               Veracruz, Ver Engineer        (Varian , Philips, Teletec)

                                                                                              Purchasing manager for 1 year (Flextronics),
                                                                                              material planner for 2 years (Electrolux),
                                                                                              E&O Coordinator for 2 years (TTE
Antonio       TAM / FAE               Chihuahua/Ciudad          Ciudad        Electrical      Technologies) and procurement buyer for
Villavicencio Chihuahua/Cd. Juarez    Juarez                    Juarez        Engineer        3 years (TTE Tech)
                                                                                   INSIGHT’ STAFF
                                                                                              Professional experience (years) &
Name          Title                  Coverage                  Birth place   Grade            Background

                                                                                              Director Mexico and South America for 14
Jaime                                Supplier Relationships,   Guadalajara, Business          years (Insight)& Director Mexico and Latin
Morales       Director               Tijuana/Nogales           Jalisco      Administration    America for 8 years (Eco-Air products)

                                                                                              Customer service representative for a year
                                                                                              at World Mark. Customer service and
                                                                                              program administrator for 2 years at
Rodrigo       CSR & Business         Chihuahua, Mexico city & Guadalajara, Business           Sanmina. Program manager for several
Gomez         Development Analyst    Queretaro                Jalisco      Administration     years at Rosty.

                                                                                              Sales Manager for 5 years at Insight DC,
                                                                                              Account manager for 5 years (Memec
                                                                                              United), FAE for 3 years (Unique
Gerardo       Technology & Sales     GDL: Sanmina, Flextronics, Guadalajara, Electrical       Technologies), Project manager for 1 year
Martinez      Manager – TAM / FAE    Continental                Jalisco      Engineer / MBA   (Sistemas Digitales)

                                     Flextronics, Sanmina & ISR Guadalajara, Electrical
Pedro Gomez ISR Manager & FAE        Manager                    Jalisco      Engineer         FAE & ISR for 12 years (Insight)

                                                                                              Support Supervisor for projects and Shop
              TAM / FAE                                        Sorocaba,     Electrical       Floor systems for 9 years (Flextronics), lean
Alex Vargas   Brazil                 Brazil & South America    Brazil        Engineer         Manufacturing, Kaizen and 6 sigma.

                                                                                              Sr. Account manager in Telecom for 1 year
                                                                                              (Desca); Business development in telecom
                                                                                              for 4 years (Nextira One); Jr. Proyect
Alberto       TAM                                                            Electrical       manager in telecom for 1 year (Nextira
Sanchez       Mexico/Queretaro       Mexico City & Queretaro Mexico City     Engineer         One)
                                     MTY: Celestica, Elcoteq,
              SAM                    OEM Accounts. Rio
Annel         Monterrey/Río Grande   Grande Valley: Kimball,                 Business         Account manager and ISR for 11 years
Avendano      Valley                 LG                       Mexico City    Administration   (Insight)
                            CONTACT INFORMATION
GUADALAJARA -HQ                     QUERETARO
    Real Acueducto 360, 4th floor
    45116, Puerta de Hierro             Prolongación Tecnológico No. 950
    Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico            Piso 8, Edificio Corporativo Blanco
    PH2 011 52 33 3611-3416             San Pablo Querétaro 76160
    US. PH. (408) 716-8311
    US. PH. (408) 716-8312              Phone: 011 52 442 290-2512
                                        Mobile PH: 011 52 14 42 180-4298

GUADALAJARA -Flextronics            BRAZIL
    Carretera Base Aérea #5850          Rua Itapura 300 – suíte 1001
    Km. 5, Edificio #15
    Zapopan, Jalisco                    Zip Code: 03310-000
    México, 45100                       São Paulo, SP, Brazil
    PH1 011 52 33 3836-6682             Phone: 55 (11) 80161313
    PH2 011 52 33 3165-7379             Mobile Phone: 55 15 9709 4014
    US. PH. (408) 716-8311
                                    CD. JUAREZ
MONTERREY                               Rio Pecos 4619-203
    La Escondida 461-11                 Fracc. Fovissste Chamizal III
    Cumbres Campanario                  Ciudad Juarez, Chih. 32310
    Monterrey, N.L. 64610               US PH (915) 219-5228
    PH / Fax 011 52 81 8106-9603
    US PH (408) 856-6059
                   LINE CARD
Lines for Brazil
                LINECARD STRATEGY

No Competing Commodities Among
Complimentary Lines For Demand
Creation. Block Diagram Strategy
Diversification Of The Line card Based
On Commodity And Market
                              INSIGHT’S DISTRIBUTORS
       Distributor                             Manufacturers
All American             Delta, Taiyo Yuden
Arrow                    Maxim, CHML, Delta, Fujitsu Components, Numonyx, Sharp, TSC
                         Maxim, Numonyx, Rochester, Sharp, Taiyo Yuden, Fujitsu
Avnet                    Components
Century Fasteners        E-Switch
Digi-Key                 Delta, E-Switch, Sharp, Taiyo Yuden
Future                   CHML, Delta, E-Switch, NEC Tokin, RAMI, Sharp
Heilind                  Delta, E-Switch, Fujitsu Components
Jaco                     NEC-Tokin, Sharp
Mouser                   Laird Technologies, Sharp, NEC-Tokin
Newark                   CHML, E-Switch, RAMI, Taiyo Yuden
Nu Horizons              Sharp, Micron
RFMW                     TriQuint
Symmetry                 Fujitsu Microelectronics
Tecal Electronics        Taiyo Yuden
WPG                      NEC-Tokin, TSC
Richardson Electronics   Laird Technologies, TriQuint
                    DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM

Lunch & learn training with Sales, FAE’s and customer service
Registration program
Team Account calls
Logistics integration and expertise
Great relationship with distributors

Strong relationship with all the EMS in Mexico & Brazil

Successful VMI implementations with Continental, Flextronics,
Sanmina, Celestica & Jabil, among others. Programming
centers involved in the model.

Supply analyst team in charge of the VMI programs. Local 3PL
CRM system to control all the orders and automatic
notifications on shipments, proactive work all the time.

Quote tracking system. (BRIDGE)

In compliance with all web based systems of the EMS(FSP, SIS,

Synergy work with our principals - customers to achieve a WIN-
WIN business relationship.
Search For Local Approvals With Local EMS
Look up for opportunities in AVL’s and search for crosses
where the commodity allows it.
Team work with the US Rep firms to define strategic OEM’s
manufacturing in the region to close opportunities.

Technical Leader Focus For Every Line.
On Line Trainings With Customers.
University Program
Distributor Training On The New Technologies.
Design Tracking Web Tool For Suppliers & Distributors.
On hands workshops with design engineers
Manufacturability advise, local EMS’ providers for faster time to
market and reliable supply chain base
Viability analysis, ROI
                    TECHNICAL SUPPORT

Local and remote technical support
Tech team comprised of 7 engineers (BSEEs)
Design services, depending on the application
Endurability test
Firmware analysis
Manufacturability advise
NOM / ANCE / NYSE certification process (Mexican
Design Services (QPCB), time to market
                                      WHY INSIGHT?
Superior market penetration
Strong industry business relationships - experience team with
technical know how – passion – drive – motivation and
Strong customer service with over 14 years of experience.
Not competing and complimentary line card creating synergy
among all our principals.
100 % Mexican rep firm, 100% dedication to our territories,
management works in Mexico and keep’s investing in Mexico.
Exceed customers , distributors and principals expectations.
Thanks for your time!

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