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Aim_ How have geographic features promoted or hindered Cultural


									                  Do Now:
in your groups come up with a definition for:

      Cultural Diffusion
Cultural Diffusion* - the spread of culture from one
 group of people to another

               Geography Essay Vocabulary
   Theme - the subject, the topic or the main idea
   Geographic factors* – details of the Earth, examples
    include mountains, rivers, deserts, oceans, etc
   Promote – to help or encourage, to advance
   Hinder – to cause delay or interruption, to impede
   Introduction
     State the main idea or theme of the essay & cite
   Body Paragraphs
     Provide specific details
     Address the task
   Conclusion
     Restate the main idea or theme
     Share your opinion & other examples
Task # 1
-Read the Regents essay on Geography
-Use today’s vocabulary & the essay to answer questions 1 – 4 in

Task # 2

  -fill out the 4 square outline
         -body paragraphs
Introduction Paragraph:                          Body Paragraph #1:
-Restate the main idea in your own words. This   -Use the TASK BOX to see what JOB you have to
is your THESIS STATEMENT; it tells us what       address in this essay.
your essay is about.                             -Explain the people, places or things in your
____________________________________________     paragraph (if it is a vocab word, define it)
____________________________________________     Geographic factor: ________________________
____________________________________________     Definition:
____________________________________________     __________________________________________
____________________________________________     Affect on nation or region (+ or -):
____________________________________________     ___________________________________________
____________________________________________     ___________________________________________
____________________________________________     Promoted (helped) or hindered (hurt) cultural
____________________________________________     diffusion:
____________________________________________     ____________________________________________
____________________________________________     ____________________________________________
Body Paragraph #3:                               Conclusion Paragraph:
Geographic factor: ___________________________   -Restate the THESIS STATEMENT. Tell us what you
Definition: __________________________________   wrote about.
Affect on the nation or region (+ or -):         - Share you opinions or examples from history that
___________________________________________      support your main idea.
Promoted (helped) or hindered (hurt) cultural    ____________________________________________
diffusion:                                       ____________________________________________

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