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									Travis Ranch Newsletter
March 2013

                                    Principal’s Letter
Dear Travis Ranch Parents:

Does your child miss school when it isn’t necessary? Do you schedule doctor’s appointments
during the school day or let your child oversleep and arrive late for class? Do you plan special
days off of school for family vacations and celebrations? Most of you do not and are very
responsible to see that your children get to school every day and on time. But there are a fair
number of parents that consistently bring their children late or check them out early for a variety
of reasons. These actions are risky. When parents allow kids to miss school, they send the
message that:

      School is not that important.
      Rules can be broken.
      Commitment to teachers and classmates isn’t essential.
      It’s okay to let other activities take priority over an education.

These messages are certainly unintentional, but we would be surprised to find out our children
learn more from what we do than what we say. People who know me best hear me often say,
“Intentions are irrelevant. Perception is everything!” For example, honesty is a value that I
have carefully taught my children over the years. One time, I accidently walked out of Target
with a small container of Tic Tacs. As I was putting the kids in the car, I notice them in my
hand. I say out loud, “Oh no! I totally forgot to pay for this!” My 10 year old son says, “Come
on, Mom…I’m tired. Let’s go home. It’s only Tic Tacs.” What I said and did those next few
moments could have reinforced all those years of teaching about honesty or undone years of
instilling that value into their lives. Yes, I made that long walk back to pay for those darn Tic
Tacs (I hate Tic Tacs to this day). But my kids have remembered that incident for years.

We need to ask ourselves, what messages do we intend to send to our kids and what are they
truly perceiving. Those might be very different. Being present and on time to school shows
respect for others—and oneself. Luckily, kids can learn this habit. Start by setting a good
example. Also, help your child develop routines that keep her on schedule, such as packing her
backpack at night and putting it by the front door. Let your children see that being on time and
present at important events is of high value.

Cindy Freeman

                    2012-2013 PTA Executive Committees
President                  Kathleen Callahan           Financial Secretary       Brenda Stutzman
Executive Vice President   Shannon Benson              Recording Secretary       Jen Shearer
1st VP, School Programs    Sheri Stewart               Corresponding Secretary   Kristina Peterson
2nd VP, Elem Programs      Erin Gary                   Historian                 Terise Schweers
3rd VP, MS Programs        Kym Pittman                 Parliamentarian           Carrie Johnson
Treasurer                  Cyndi Fixa                  Auditors                  Cindy Flanagan
      Travis Ranch Newsletter/ March 2013

                                               March 2013
    Sun.        Monday            Tuesday      Wednesday           Thursday           Friday             Sat.
                                                                                 1                  2
                                                                                 Minimum Day

                                                                                 Kdgn. Field trip
                                                                                 - All Later
3           4                5                 6               7                 8                  9
                                               Early Release
                                               MS – 2:18p

10          11               12                13              14                15                 16
            PTA Exec Mtg     1st Grade Field   Early Release   5th Grade
            – 7-8p           trip – Zoo        Elem-1:47p      Parents Night,
                                               MS – 2:18p      6:30-8p, MPR
                             Blood Drive,
                             8:30-2:30p        Choir Spring
                                               Concert – 6-
                                               9p, Gym
17          18               19                20              21                22                 23
Shamr       Salute to Read                     Early Release   Community         MS Jog-A-Thon
ock         Week!                              Elem-1:47p      Read
Run for                                        MS – 2:18p
                                               Roundup 8:30-
24          25               26                27              28                29                 30
            PTA Gen. Mtg                       Early Release   5th Grade Field
            – 7-8pm, MPR                       Elem-1:47p      Trip – UCI
                                               MS – 2:18p      Water Festival

                                       Attendance Reminder
           Please call the Attendance Line each day that your child is absent. 714-986-7460, option 3
Travis Ranch Newsletter/ March 2013

             Travis Ranch
          under the big top
                    Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls!
             Step right up and mark your calendars for the annual
                   Travis Ranch Under the Big Top Carnival.
                      Saturday, June 8th ~ 11am to 3pm

          If you would like to get involved and help out, please contact
                 Shannon Benson at

       Travis Ranch Pride Day is coming!

       Get ready to help beautify our school! On Saturday April
       13 from 9-12pm, students, teachers, parents and family
       members will come to school and work together to rake,
       weed, remove litter, plant flowers and add some “shine”
       to campus. Watch for a flyer coming home in March to
       sign up for a Pride Day “clean team.”
Travis Ranch Newsletter/ March 2013

                          Reflections Art Program
           "The Magic of a Moment" 2012 Reflections Art Program
We are thrilled to announce that Travis Ranch performed in spectacular fashion in the PYLUSD and
the Orange County Reflections contests! We had several winners in the school district contest, a
few more that won at County, and even two that are going to compete at the state level!

Winners the school district level:

       Isabella Paulus (Visual Art, 1st place, Intermediate)
       Peyton Bladow (Visual Art, 1st place, Middle School)
       Troy Mills (Music, 1st place, Primary)
       Angelina Hellwig (Music, 1st place, Intermediate)
       Erin Lee (Photography, 1st place, Primary)
       Regan Rodriguez (Visual Art, Honorable Mention, Primary)
       Janelle Casacchia (Literature, Honorable Mention, Intermediate)
       Vy Pham (Literature, 2nd place, Middle School)
       Alex Koch (Film, Honorable Mention, Middle School)

Winners in the Orange County contest:

       Isabella Paulus (Honorary Mention)
       Peyton Bladow (Honorary Mention)
       Erin Lee (1st place)
       Troy Mills (1st place)

Erin Lee and Troy Mills are going on to compete in the state contest.

In meantime…start thinking about next year’s contest…the theme is Believe, Dream, and Inspire.

Congratulations to all our winners!!

Sheri Stewart, Cara Wilson, Pam Lemmons,
Reflections Co-Chairpersons

Travis Ranch Newsletter/ March 2013

                              Volunteer Corner
	                                                           Every Minute Counts . .
    Thank you to all of our generous volunteers. We have accumulated over 7,000 hours
    since July. The Volunteer Log is located at the front counter in the office – next to the
    Visitor Sign-In Book. Please sign in on both pages because every minute counts and
    we need to know when you’re on campus. Volunteer hours include any time you’re
    working in your child’s classroom or assisting the teacher, including fieldtrips. PTA
    volunteer hours include any time spent helping with a PTA activity. This also includes
    the time spent on the phone or computer, running errands, attending any meetings or
    training for a PTA position, even time spent driving to and from PTA functions

    Thank you for making a difference.
    Terise Schweers


                                TR Worker Bee Volunteers
    I would like to personally thank every volunteer that will be assisting our caring Health
    Clerks for the Elementary & Middle School Vision & Hearing Screening in March. We
    really appreciate everyone's help to run the screenings efficiently for our students and
    Joining the TR Worker Bees is easy, simply go to the Travis Ranch PTA web site and
    go to the Contact tab on the screen. Enter your information and I can add your name or
    call 714-986-7460, option 7 and leave a message. Here are some possible Worker Bee
    tasks: work a shift at the Book Fair, help distribute fundraiser prizes, count Box Tops or
    help sell tickets for an event to name a few. It's a great way to get involved when it fits
    into your busy schedule.

    Terise Schweers
    TR Worker Bee Coordinator
Travis Ranch Newsletter/ March 2013

                                       Library News
                Our	Library	needs	your	help!!	Please	look	through	your	magazine	
          collections....	We	would	love	to	have	gently	used	issues	from	2011,	2012	and	
                      2013	in	any/all	of	the	following	children's	magazines:	
        	                           National	Geographic	‐	Kids	
        	                                   American	Girl	
        	                      Boy's	Life...and	similar	publications.	
        	                   Battle of the Books!
        	           Congratulations	to	our	Battle	of	the	Books	Participants!		
        	                    We	are	so	proud	of	your	hard	work!!	
        	          Travis	Ranch	took	1st	and	3rd	place	in	the	6‐8	grouping!	
        In	the	4th‐6th	grouping	we	had	students	participating	in	two	groups	and	both	
        	              those	groups	made	it	to	the	3rd	level	(top	25%)!	
                           REACH Foundation
                           ShamRock ‘n Run

         Did you hear Our School can earn $5.00* for our school from each and every one that
                                           registers for this event?
         If you are not familiar with the REACH Foundation yet, they are a non-profit organization
                                that is dedicated to serve PYLUSD students.
                     Our School's PTA would like to invite our Families to come out and
                 support the REACH Foundation in their FIRST Annual ShamRock n Run.
                          There is fun for everyone, even a 2Kwalk/run for the kids!
                                               *Register Online
              and remember to allocate/pledge $5.00 of your registration towards Our School!
                                  Invite your friends, family and neighbors!
Travis Ranch Newsletter/ March 2013

                                       Community Partners
Please support the Travis Ranch PTA through these Community Partners programs! Thank you!
Your Community Partners Chair, Erin Gary

Box Tops Marketplace
Earn cash for our school when you buy from Box Tops Marketplace stores. Choose from Oriental Trading,
Target, Staples, 1-800-Flowers, Personal Creations, Best Buy and hundreds more! Just log on to www.btfe
(Box Tops for Education) and go to “shop online and earn” or “shop marketplace” under the Earn tab. Our
school can earn up to 8% with your online shopping. Also, while you’re on the Box Tops website, look for
coupons for Box Tops products and other promotions.

                                      Sign up for a Target Visa card and up to 1% of each purchase
                                      can go back to our school in the form of a cash donation from
                                      Target. The money will be used in many ways to benefit the
                                      school and our kids’ education. If you already have a Target Visa
card, please be sure to link it to Travis Ranch.
Here are two easy ways to link your Target REDCard or Visa Card with our school:
       1) Use the gift registry kiosks in the store located near the customer service desk
       2) Go online to and link your Target Card to our school

                                                    It’s that time again!!
                    SEPTEMBER 1, 2012.
There is no pre-registration! This means that you cannot register for the new term until September 1,
2012 or after.

   1. All of your members who are currently enrolled in the Ralphs Community Contribution Program will
      remain active until August 31, 2012.
   2. Participants will be required to register or re-register for the new term at or by using
      the scan bar letter at the register starting September 1, 2012.
   3. If you received a scan bar letter last year, it is still good and can be used this year.
   4. Even if your participants registered as recently as June or July 2012, they will be required to register
      again, on or after September 1, 2012.
   5. Your organization does NOT need to re-register, only your participants.
   6. This notice does not apply to participants of the Food 4 Less/Foods Co Community Rewards program.
     Although the Travis Ranch PTA cannot endorse any business or service mentioned in this newsletter, we thank them for their support.
Travis Ranch Newsletter/ March 2013

                               Elementary News

                             Box Tops Competition
     It’s what you’ve been waiting for! The competition between the 1st through
     5th grade classrooms starts February 1st and runs until May. The class from
     each grade that turns in the most Box Tops will receive a popsicle treat
     during lunch in June. AND, each student that turns in 50 or more gets their
     name entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card to the place of their choice
     (Game Stop, Cold Stone or Cinema City). Two gift cards will be given away! Be
     sure to put your child’s name on the baggie when entering the drawing.

                           Birthday Book Club News
The Birthday Book Club wants to thank the following students who donated books, in honor of their birthday.
We have received close to 90 books this year. Way to go Trailblazers!

A Big “Thank you” and “Happy Birthday” to the following students who donated books to our library:

Student              Teacher                       Book Title
Natasha El-Maissi    1 / Mrs. Rose                 The Big Book of Love
Katie Flanagan       2 / Mrs. Aho                  Frankly Frannie
Katherine Paulus     2 / Mrs. Aho                  American Girl – Aloha, Kanani
Sawyer Scialdone     2 / Mrs. Sitar                Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Third Wheel
Ashna Ahmed          3 / Mrs. Greenspan            Infinity Ring – A Mutiny in the Time
Emily Krohn          3 / Mrs. Greenspan            The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe /
                                                      The Magician’s Nephew
Ryan Clark           3 / Mrs. Hennessy             Extra Credit
Sara Slonkosky       3 / Mrs. Hennessy             Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge
Hannah Winstead      4 / Mr. Wilkerson             Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Third Wheel
Sarina Tayui         4 / Mr. Wilkerson             Guinness World Records Group
Adila Ahmed          5 / Mrs. Mullen               Infinity Ring – Divide and Conquer
Isabella Paulus      5 / Mrs. Caderao              American Girl - Saige

Thank you again,

Cindy Flanagan and Janice Krohn,
Birthday Book Club Co-Chairpersons
Travis Ranch Newsletter/ March 2013

                          Elementary News
                           5th Grade Celebration

                                              The Big Finish!
                                               An Olympic Day of Fun

   Hello 5th Grade Parents,
   First of all, who could have believed that 6 short years ago we were walking our kiddos to
   kindergarten. Now, we are getting ready for them to finish Elementary School before
   embarking to Middle School.

   For those of you who are not familiar with the 5th Grade Celebration, the PTA has in
   years past put on an Olympic Day of Fun - The Big Finish at Travis Ranch Park on
   Tuesday, June 11th. This is a fun filled day for the kids. The way that this day is even
   more memorable is all the parents helping out in various capacities. This is a day that the
   kids will recall for years to come. We need lots of help - both moms and dads are needed
   to help; aunts and uncles are welcome too.

   We will be holding an "informative" meeting on Wednesday, March 6th in the PTA
   Room (across from Mrs. Greenspan's room) from 8:30am-10:00am. Please join us if you
   can to find out what is needed and where you can help. As June draws near we will have
   1-2 more meetings in preparation and will be sending home forms to all the 5th grade
   students for additional parent help on this day.

   If you can't make the meeting and still want to be a part of this day, please let us know via

   Looking forward to seeing you.

   Carrie Johnson & Terise Schweers
   Co-Chairs, 5th Grade Celebration
 Travis Ranch Newsletter/ March 2013

                                   Elementary News
           Travis Ranch 2012-2013 Elementary Memory
                     Book is On Sale Now!!!
Memory Books are a wonderful keepsake for your Trailblazer and they provide great elementary
school memories. Pre-ordering your book now is the only way your child will be guaranteed a book
when they are distributed at the end of the school year. We will sell remaining books at an
increased price only while quantities last.

     Please be aware that our books SOLD OUT last year so purchasing your book early will
              guarantee your child will have his/hers at the end of the school year!

               Current Price: $39.00 (Presale Price is no longer available)
There are two ways to order. You may go to and order yours online. (Note
that personalization is no longer available.) If you would like to pay by cash or check (payable to
Travis Ranch PTA) cut and return the portion below, with payment in an envelope, to the front office
or to your child’s teacher.

Thank you for your help and support,

Memory Book Production Team
(714) 986-7460, option 7

           Cut and return below portion with payment in an envelope to the school office or your child’s teacher

Student Name: _______________________________________________________

Grade: ___________________ Teacher: __________________________________

# of Memory Book(s) Ordered: _________ Amount Enclosed ___________________
Travis Ranch Newsletter/ March 2013

                        Middle School News
              Travis Ranch Middle School
               "Run 2B Fit" Jog-A-Thon
                  Friday, March 22th
Great Prizes: iPad, Gift Cards, Angel Tickets, Laker Tickets and 25 raffle prizes

Donate only $25 and your your student will get a Chick-fil-A lunch at school,
Kona Shaved Ice and 2 Raffle Tickets to enter for prizes.

Envelopes will go home: Monday, March 4th

Envelopes Due (Donation/Sponsors): Friday, March 15th (First Period Teacher)

NEW: Every student who returns a signed envelope will receive a Giant Pixie Stick in
appreciation of their support for Travis Ranch PTA (even with NO donations).

Purpose of this Fundraiser: This year a portion of Jog-A-Thon proceeds will
support Middle School computer technology, Assemblies, Field Trips, Classroom
Programs, Equipment, and Supplies.
Travis Ranch Newsletter/ March 2013

                           Middle School News
                                 P.E. /Gym Clothes
            Middle School students interested in purchasing replacement or additional PE
            clothes have the opportunity every Wednesday morning from 8:15 to 8:45.
            Shorts are $12, Shirts are $8 and locks are $5. We are located in front of
            Mrs. Buckley’s office near the girls’ locker room.

            Thank you,
            Colleen Walker and Cyndi Fixa

                                      Vocal Music
Travis Ranch Middle School's award-winning show choir, ENCORE, had their first competition on
Saturday, February 9th. Our singers took first place, as well as winning the musicianship award for
best vocals! Our singers will go on to participate in several more competitions this spring, and they
will also be performing at Disney's California Adventure and Knott's Berry Farm. Come see their full
show choir set at our spring concert on Wednesday, March 13th at 7:00 p.m. in the Travis Ranch
gym. Bleacher seating is FREE, so bring your whole family for a night of great music from all our
choirs at TRMS!

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