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									                 Winston Churchill and the Twentieth Century World
                                 NITZ 180, CH 4
                                     Fall 2009

Professor Savage
KH 326, x4447 (o), x4392 (Division)
office hours: TTh 2-3, and by appointment

TEXTS:    Roy Jenkins, Churchill
          Arthur Herman, Gandhi & Churchill
READINGS: Winston Churchill, My Early Life
          Mary Soames (ed) Winston and Clementine: The Personal Letters of the
          David Reynolds, From World War to Cold War: Churchill, Roosevelt,
                 and the International History of the 1940s


Sep    1      Introduction: The Individual and Events in History
       3      Background: Herman, Chapters 1-3
              When does the beginning begin?

                          I. The Young Winston, 1874-1908
                                   Jenkins, Part I
                                Herman, Chapters 4-7
                           Winston Churchill, My Early Life

       8      Topic: Using the examples of Churchill and Gandhi, how would you
              explain the relationship between culture and personality?
       10     Identify the most important formative experiences of Churchill and
       15     DISCUSS: My Early Life (Among other issues, we will consider what
              use that Roy Jenkins makes of this early autobiographical effort by

                                  II. The Young Politician
                                        Jenkins, Part II
                                   Herman, Chapters 8-10
                                     Letters, Chapters 1-3

       17     What led Churchill to a political career? How did Gandhi’s path to
              politics differ?
       22     Was Churchill a liberal or a conservative?
       24     Why did Churchill oppose women’s suffrage?
                                      III. World War I
                                      Jenkins, Part III
                                   Herman, Chapters 11, 12
                                    Letters, Chapters 4-9

      29      What was the degree of Churchill’s responsibility for the disaster of
Oct   1       Churchill at the Admiralty, Churchill at the front, Churchill and munitions:
              how would you assess Churchill’s role in the first world war?

                       IV. The Conservative Politician in Power
                           Jenkins, Part IV, Chapters 19-21
                               Herman, Chapters 13-16
                               Letters, Chapters 13-16

      6       Churchill and the reassertion of English imperial power: Churchill at the
              Colonial Office again
      8       Did Churchill understand fiscal policy in the 1920s?: Churchill at the

      13      Fall Break

                   V. The Conservative Politician in the Wilderness
                          Jenkins, Part IV, Chapters 23-26
                              Herman, Chapters 17-22
                              Letters, Chapters 15-19

      15      Churchill and India
      20      Churchill and the Monarchy
      22      Churchill and Appeasement

                                     VI. His Finest Hour
                                Jenkins, Part V, Chapters 29-34
                                   Herman, Chapters 23-26
                                   Letters, Chapters 20, 21

      27      Churchill and the Home Front: What made Churchill a Great War Leader?
      29      Churchill and India: Weaknesses in Churchill’s Wartime Leadership?

          5   NO CLASS: Nitze Meeting

                                  VI. Grand Alliance
                            Jenkins, Part V, Chapters 35-40
                              Herman, Chapters 27, 28
                              Letters, Chapters 22, 23

       10    Who made the greatest contribution to forging the alliance between the
             USA and the English, Churchill or Roosevelt?

      12     NO CLASS: Nitze Meeting

      16     What was Churchill’s greatest contribution to the war effort? His biggest

       19    DISCUSSION: David Reynolds

                                 VIII. Hot War to Cold War
                                       Jenkins, Part VI
                                  Herman, Chapters 29-31
                                  Letters, Chapters 24-29

       24    Why did Churchill lose the 1945 election?

       26    Thanksgiving

Dec    1     Churchill and the Cold War
       3     The Last Premiership: looking back or looking forward?
       8     in class reports
      10     in class reports

Final Examination: Thursday, December 17, 2-4:15: in class reports

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