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									                  JIM SCHMUTZ ’79
                              SOCCER, GOLF

                          J  im Schmutz was possibly the best “keeper” in New Jersey
                             his senior year. He was overwhelmingly voted captain of
                          the soccer team for his “cool-headed” leadership. Receiving
                          honorable mention All-Prep accolades as a junior, Jim was
                          an integral part of the “diamond defense” executed by the
                          team, which ranked third in the state that year. His soccer
                          trajectory began as a sophomore on the varsity squad when
                          he recorded two shutouts.
                           “Not only did he make amazing saves when he stepped into
                           the goal, but he brought a personality to games and practices
                           that enriched the experience for teammates and coaches,”
                           according to Coach Ted Haynie. “When I saw Jimmy play
                           for the first time, I recall walking over to the other coach I
                           was working with and delightedly saying, ‘We have a goalie!
We have a goalie!’ At the time he was an underclassman and I knew Peddie was set as
far as that crucial position for years to come. He was that good, and it was obvious
from day one.”
On the golf course, Jim was just as skilled. As a sophomore, he was part of the state
championship foursome that scored 317, the third lowest score in the history of the
tournament. Captain Len Brooks led the team with a 5 over par 75. Schmutz was a
close second with 77. The winning four-man score was the highest ever on the very
difficult course.
Jim captained the golf team as well, earning honors such as the Golf Trophy for “abil-
ity, loyalty, and sportsmanship” and a berth on the Blair-Stowe team that traveled to
England. He was honored as a member of the Gold Key his senior year.
Practicing and competing in three sports throughout his years at Peddie had a pro-
found impact on Jim’s life. He turned the lessons he learned into a 19 year career with
the Special Olympics. For Jim, the values of sportsmanship, preparation, repetition,
and friendship outweigh wins and losses. Now, Executive Director of the American
Sport Education Program (ASEP), Jim is perpetuating these lessons through the edu-
cation of coaches.
For his athletic abilities, character, and leadership, the Hall takes pride in Jim’s induc-

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