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					IT Department Budget Template Instructions
The IT Department Budget Template is an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to develop your annual IT Department budget. There are four worksheet tabs: 1. Instructions Read the instructions on this first tab before using this template to develop your budget. 2. Monthly Worksheet This is an optional tab that you can use to better estimate the totals for indivual revenue and expense items over the year. If you use this tab to help calculate the totals for some or all line items, simply transfer the numbers from the 'TOTALS' Column into the corresponding line on the Department Budget tab. Inputting last year's budget is not required, but it may help to estimate numbers for this year. 3. Department Budget Use this tab to develop your department budget. Input any numbers from the Monthly Worksheet tab, and then fill in any other numbers that are appplicable to your department. 4. Budget Summary and Graphs Once you have completed your Department Budget, you can use this tab to analyze your results. The data for this tab is automatically generated from the Department Budget tab. Please note the following: Only input numbers into cells that have a blue font color To add or change line items in the Monthly Worksheet or the Department Budget, go to 'Tools' menu in Excel, select 'Protection', and unprotect the sheet. Be sure to protect the sheet using the same steps once you have made these changes so that you do not mistakenly input data into an incorrect cell.

IT Department Budget
Monthly Worksheet
DEPARTMENT REVENUES Fees IT Charges for Services Performed Proceeds from Sales of Assets Other Total Department Revenue PERSONNEL Headcount (People not Dollars) Full-Time Contract Other Total Headcount DEPARTMENT EXPENSES Personnel Expenses (Dollars not People) Full-Time Salaries Temporary Workers Bonuses / Other Compensation Employee Benefits Consultants Outsourcing Contracts Training / Seminars Automobile Expense Travel (e.g. Plane Tickets) Accomodation (e.g. Hotels) Meals Employee Relocation Total Personnel Expenses Office Su
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