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PS 282
Fall 2011
T 3:30-6:00
C 316

                                 (Revised September 27)

Stanley Wolpert, Gandhi’s Passion: The Life and Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi (OUP,
Judith Brown and Anthony Parel eds., The Cambridge Companion to Gandhi
(Cambridge, 2011).
Mohandas Gandhi, Gandhi: An Autobiography Mahadev Desai trans. (Beacon, 1993).
Stanley Wolpert, A New History of India (OUP, any edition) [recommended].

      Participation                  20%
      Individual Paper               30%
      Group project                  30%
      Test                           20%

Participation: Students are expected to attend classes prepared to discuss relevant
material and to discuss group projects.

Individual Papers can range over any topic relevant to the political thought or method of
Gandhi. They may also deal with an empirical application of his method. Topics may
also deal with related issues including ethnonationalism, South Asian politics, and so
forth. In any case, however, topics must be pre-approved by the instructor. It is expected
that such papers will constitute significant research endeavors. Papers should follow
normal rules of documentation. Final drafts are due on December 17.

Group Projects will consist of the formulation and to the extent possible the
implementation of a Gandhi-like campaign to affect policy change. Targets and goals of
such change must be appropriate. Methods must not contradict Gandhian principles.
Group projects must be approved by the instructor. Groups will provide project updates
to, and elicit support from, classmates throughout the term. The final written components
of the group project will be due on December 1. Projects must be joint efforts made by
two or more students. Group projects will be evaluated collectively.
                      COURSE OUTLINE AND READINGS

September 6 – Introductions; The Scope and Method of Group Projects

September 13 – Gandhi’s Early Life and Experiences in South Africa
      Wolpert, Passion, pp. 3-81; Autobiography Parts I-III; Yasmin Khan and
      Jonathan Hyslop, Companion, pp. 11-50.

September 20 – Discuss “Gandhi” (Attenborough film) Part One; Organize Groups
      Watch Part One “Gandhi”.

September 27 – Hind Swaraj
      Hind Swaraj [online]
      Tridip Suhrud, pp. 71-92; Thomas Weber, pp. 135-153; and Anthony Parel, pp.
      154-172 in Companion.

October 4 – Developing Satyagraha
      Satyagraha in South Africa (recommended) [online]
      Wolpert, pp. 115-143
      Ronald Terchek in Companion, pp. 117-134.

October 11 -- Colonial Rule and Indian Nationalism
      Wolpert, History, chapters 17-22 [recommended]

October 18 – Gandhi’s Return to India
      Wolpert, pp. 82-114; Autobiography Parts IV-V
      Brown in Companion, pp. 51-68.

October 25 – Discuss “Gandhi” (film) Part Two
      Watch Part Two “Gandhi”
      Harish Trivedi, Companion, pp. 199-218.

November 1 – Salt March
     Wolpert, pp. 144-164
     Dalton “Salt March” (handout).

November 8 – Second World War and Partition
     Wolpert, pp. 165-256
     Dalton “Calcutta“ (handout)
     Tanika Sarkar, Companion, pp. 173-195.
November 15 – Test and Discussion of Individual Papers (informal)

November 29 – Gandhi’s Legacy
     Wolpert, pp. 257-268
     Dalton “MLK and Malcolm X” (handout)
     Anthony Parel, pp. 219-238; David Hardiman, pp. 239-257 in Companion.

December 1 (Thursday) – Final Group Project presentations
     Written reports due.

December 6 – Paper discussions (roundtable)

December 17 – Individual papers due

NB. Owing in part to Gandhi’s aversion to inappropriate technology, PS 282 is a
laptop and smart phone free environment.
Also, in the unlikely event that WFU suffers from a natural or man-made disaster
(including but not limited to pandemic(s), terrorism, war, earthquake, tsunami) and
is thus forced to cease operations and/or interrupt or cancel this course please
check your email to see how we will proceed with the remainder of the course. That
is, when I figure out what to do, I’ll send you each an email. It is very likely that in
any case you will not receive any refund of tuition monies or fees from WFU.

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