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Sheet1 - Spokane Public Schools


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									American Studies                  2013                             Yearout - Cold War Unit
                                Login      TomY25                  Password Yearout2

M    11-Mar          Syllabus Cold War Unit and Overall Topic Syllabus
                     Post WWII Domestic Powerpoint
                     Chpt 17 GR/ quiz Sect 3           TOGETHER

T    12-Mar   Book   Chapter 13 Section 1 and 2 ?s       X         PERIODS 1,3,5 - T    PERIODS 2,4,6 - W
W    13-Mar

TH   14-Mar          Highway/ Car Culture/Sunbelt Readings                    25 min periods
                     Truman Presidential Video

F    15-Mar          Post WWII Quiz X
                     Intro Notes to Cold War / Foreign Origins
                     Cold War Foreign Origins PPT Review
                     Marshall Plan / Truman Doctrine Streaming Vid Clip

M    18-Mar          Essential Vocab Cold War
                     Cold War Basics PPT - Review
              Book   Chapter 12 Section 1 ?s/ Truman Doctrine ?s         X

T    19-Mar          PPT - Berlin Airlift and Formation of NATO
                     Chapter 12 Section 1 Review Quiz - Together
                     Berlin Airlift and Formation of NATO streaming video
                     Truman and Korean War PPT
                     Korean War Review HO / review sheet with Map / Korea War Notes

W    20-Mar          Forgotten War Video with ?s
                     Read Chapter 12 Sect 2 Korean War

TH   21-Mar          Review Korean War Together
                     Duck and Cover Video
                     Cold War at Home Notes with Guided Notes
              Book   Chapter 12 Section 4 ?s

F    22-Mar          Street Law - Day 6

M    25-Mar          Century Series Cold War w/?s      1946-52
                     Grade Printouts
                                                                              Truman Presidential Video
T    26-Mar          Cold War Quiz - Cold War and Korean War        X
                     McCarthyism PPT - Bronson
                     McCarthyism Video Clip 15 min
W    27-Mar Review
              1950S Foreign Policy PPT Yearout / Guided Notes
              DKMAH with ?s Cold War X

TH   28-Mar   One Pager Assignment - Cold War X            TEST SCORE

F    29-Mar   U-2 Video U-2 Reading
              Zinn Cold War Reading EC

              SPRING BREAK                                              PPT Post WWII Review

M     8-Apr   Mass Culture 1950s Day           Flaherty /Bronson PPT
                                               Music Clips              Text Review Chapter

T     9-Apr   Century Series 1953 - 1960 Happy Days
              Extra Credit Cold War Crossword Puzzle

W    10-Apr   Text Review Post WWII in America / Cold War
              LC Website Review Quizzes Post WWII and Cold War
                         ALL WORK FOR COLD WAR UNIT DUE TODAY

Th   11-Apr   Cold War Jeopardy                Bingo List / Cold War

F    12-Apr   Post WWII / Cold War Picture Test        X
                         Return Work from Unit to Study
                         Practice Test - Cold War

M    15-Apr   Cold War Scantron Content Test X
           Cold War Basics Quiz   3 Versions
           Read Chapter 16 Section 3 pg 500
           Chapter 16 Sect 3 GR/Quiz       Fill In Together

Korean War PPT in Flaherty Folder
        Review DKMAH ?s
        NATO Notes Review              Cold War Vocab Review
        Cold War PP Green Chpt 27

        Cold War overhead, Study Questions 28 Sect 1, Yearout High School Test
        Review Cold War Basics    Doc Camera Post WWII US and Cold War Origins

T Post WWII Review Together

t Review Chapters in Book pages and pictures

                  Jeopardy Cold War

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