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					                            Therapy Partners, Inc™
                                         Honoring the human-animal bond to                                    Autumn 2007
                                          enhance the quality of life for all.                                  Issue 42

                     1015 A Cleaner Way • Huntsville, AL 35805 • 256-881-5700 •
                                     Therapy Partners, Inc.™ is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency

                                                                                      A Winner!
                                                 A beautiful late July’s eve was the perfect backdrop for our second Dog Days
                                                 of Summer. Stephanie Sherman, Event Chairman, Dan Halcomb, Co-chairman,
                                                 and Margie wiesman, Executive Director, joined Kay and Sam Lowry in
                                                 welcoming hosts and guests into the Lowry’s lovely home in the Twickenham
                                                 Historic District. Sam’s father’s carved dog quietly lay under the grand piano
                                                 while guests mingled throughout the house and gardens and met around the
                                                 pool. To everyone’s delight, Therapy Partner teams were on hand – Deanna
                                                 Bayless & Millie, Linda Cherry & Cyrus, Carol Kimball & Chelsea, Judy
                                                 Smith & Chipper, Mimi Bynum & Abbey, and Connie Hawie & AJ.

                                                The signature drink for the evening, Bad Puppy Punch, a sneaky concoction of
                                                limeade, lemonade, orange juice, rum, and sparkling water over crushed ice,
                                                was the number one choice of guests. Ron
  Dan Halcomb, Mardie Wiesman and Sam and Cooper and Mark Kimbrough of In Bloom
  Kay Lowery                                    Five Points expressed the joyful playful-
                                                ness of the Dog Days logo, designed once
again by graphic artist and great Therapy Partner friend Karen Rouse, with whimsical
(okay, they were hysterically tasteless) flower arrangements inside and out. Lyn Wigin-
ton and her Gracious Entertainments catering staff prepared and served fabulous hors
d’oeuvres plus her trademark mint tea. Therapy Partners Handlers, under the direction
of Judy Carden, made hundreds of brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and lemon bars for
dessert – too good. Lara Isbell created a custom Dog Days wine label for the fine reds and
                 whites at the bar. Jimmie Parvin, Billy Collins, and Michael wiesman
                                                                                              Ralph Kimball, Carol Kimball & Tori,
                      handled the myriad logistical details with all of their legendary thor- Michael wiesman, Mimi Bynim &
                      oughness and good humor. And Theatrical Lighting Systems created Abbey and Conie Gates
                     a surreal fantasy light-
                       ing backdrop in the
                         lower garden.

                       Frances Huffman,
                                                      Mark your Calendar!
                 Reservations Chairman,
                 kept up with the party
                  responses with her
                                                      Therapy Partners, Inc.™ Open House
                  usual efficiency and                 Sunday afternoon, November 18th
        aplomb, aided by Karla Stults
who maintained the mailing list and
                                                              1015 A Cleaner Way
made sure the invitations went out to the
                             Continued p. 5
   The                                       the training room on page 14 and the
                                                                                                         Therapy Partners, Inc.™
                                                                                          1015 A Cleaner Way • Huntsville, AL 35805 • 256 - 881-5700 •

                                             many types of classes we have there.
                                                                                           Therapy Partners, Inc.™ is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency honoring the human-animal bond

                                                                                                                        to enhance the quality of life for all

                                             By the time you receive this newsletter                                  Editor
                                                                                                                 Jean Greenwood
                                             we will have grass in the playground
  Desk                                       class area (as I hold my breath waiting
                                             its arrival).
                                                                                                                       Linda Cherry
                                                                                                              Executive Director
Thanks to many of you our Dog Days of        Also in our new exterior space we will                            Margie Wiesman
Summer was a success! The money we           have a garden designed by Anne Burns.                             Program Manager
raised from this event will help fund our    Karla Stults is our garden project man-                              Karla Stults
Partners Achieving Literacy, Partners        ager. we’ll tell you more about your                    Administrative Assistant
Achieving wellness and Partners in the       opportunities to participate in its growth                   Judy Carden
Community programs. Each program             in your invitation to our Open House. It’s           Board of Directors
is special to someone in the community       Sunday afternoon, November 18th. Mark               President - Alan Bibb
and helps them learn to read, fill their     your Calendar!                               Vice-President - Mark Russell, DVM
day with the warm purr of a Therapy                                                            Secretary - Sheree Kelley
Cat or learn about caring for a Therapy                                                        Treasurer - Dan Halcomb
                                             I was honored to be at The Caring House
                                                                                                     Connie Gates
Dog. Thank you!                              Carnival with Connie Hawie and AJ in                  Catherine Hubler
                                             July. [Ed note: see page 3] There was                    Paul Seeley
I hope you read the article about Abbey      one youngster who came in with a face
visiting at Huntsville Hospital pediatrics   carrying all the burdens of the world.                                Active Handlers
in the Huntsville times Enjoy section.       He sat next to AJ and began petting him       Michelle Andrews                              Darlene Kerr
Beth Daniels arranged for the times to       and talking in a very low voice. I don’t      Deanna Bayless                                Carol Kimball
photograph the team working. Mary            know what he said. As moments passed          Mimi Bynum                                    Linda Lee
Anne Swanstrom did a wonderful job of                                                      Judy Carden                                   Andrea McCarley
                                             some of his burden seemed to lift. AJ
                                                                                           Linda Cherry                                  Donna Palumbo
capturing in words the work our Therapy      had worked his magic again.                   Jennifer Frank                                Ted Parker
Partner handlers and their partners do.                                                    Jeannie Gamble                                Diane Rodgers
Thanks Mary Anne, Beth and Mimi              The financial contributions you make          Connie Gates                                  Sue Slagle
Bynum (Abbey’s handler)!                     to Therapy Partners keeps the magic           Jean Greenwood                                Judy Smith
                                                                                           Sandra Harrison                               Ed Sorden
                                             flowing to children, adolescents, adults      Connie Hawie                                  Rusty Totora
we’re beginning to settle in our new         and elders. Please remember us as you
home. we still need some decorating, but     approach the holiday season. Once again      Handlers with Non-working Partners
the space is wonderful! Our Kind Hearts      we will be offering very special holiday                                  Gloria Bink
Instructors are enjoying the openness of     cards for you to honor or memorialize                                    MariBeth Hill
our training room and the peaceful effect    your friends, family or office workers. A                                Sharon O’Neil
it has on dogs in training. Linda Cherry                                                                              Cheriè Orcutt
                                             form is on page 4. Celebrate your holi-
                                                                                                                       Karla Stults
has done a wonderful layout showing          day and help us at the same time!                                       Margie Wiesman
                                                                                                               Support Volunteers
                        Congratulations to the new teams of:
                                                                                          Beth Andrada                                       Gail Meyer
                                                                                          John Bayless                                       Landon McCrary
                  Ed Sorden and Sarum, Jeannie Gamble and Claire, and                     Rusty Bynum                                        Sue Morgan
                                                                                          Elizabeth Christian                                David Rodgers
                  seasoned handler Jean Greenwood and Maggie Mae                          Jeanie Davis                                       Karen Rouse
                                                                                          Debbie Elliott                                     Madeleine Sparks
                                                                                          Vinny Gracchi                                      Alisa Spray
                               and recertifying teams of:                                 Terry Greenwood                                    Mark Spray
                                                                                          Caroline Hopenwasser                               Donna Stott
                                                                                          Lance Hopenwasser                                  Kendra Straw
                  Darlene Kerr and Sunny, Judy Smith and Chipper, Judy                    Richard Kerr
                                                                                          Cathie Lang
                                                                                                                                             Diane Strickland
                                                                                                                                             Allen Stults
                  Carden and Sadie, Linda Cherry and Cyrus, Linda Lee                     Nancy Lovell                                       Michael Wiesman
                  and Vally, Carol Kimball and Tori, Mimi Bynum and                       Barbara Marsh

                  Abbey, Connie Gates and Katie, Donna Palumbo and                             Therapy Partners’ newsletter is published quarterly

                  Charlotte and Diane Rodgers and Lady
                                                                                                    the months of Mar, Jun, Sep, and Dec.
                                                                                                         Available online in color at:

 Therapy Partners, Inc.™                                         2                                                                               Autumn 2007
Partners on the Go...
On May 5th Therapy Partners’ teams traveled to Madison to participate in ‘Safety
                                                                                          The Caring
Optimist Style’. On hand to talk to the kids about therapy animals and how to greet
dogs safely were Connie Hawie and AJ, Sandra Harrison, Michele Andrews and                 Carnival
Zoë, Judy Carden and Sadie, Jean Greenwood, Sue Slagle and Hobo, Darlene Kerr
and Sunny and MariBeth Hill. They were a hit with the kids in Dublin Park and
managed to give away over 200 WAGS stickers. That’s a lot of kids and stickers!           The Caring Carnival, July 10th, 12th
Thank you to Margie and Michael wiesman for setting up the tent and display.              and 17th, was a wonderful event
                                                                                          planned for the kids who participate
Therapy Partners joined our sponsor,                                                      in berevement programs at the Car-
Redstone Federal Credit Union, to                                                         ing House, a program of Hospice
support the annual Arthritis walk on                                                      Family Cares. The children and
May 19th. It was a beautiful day to take                                                  their family members were encour-
a stroll and Darlene Kerr and Sunny,                                                      aged to come and have fun while
Connie Hawie and AJ, MariBeth Hill,                                                       engaging in all of the activities, in-
Judy Carden and Sadie and Michelle                                                        cluding door prizes, face painting,
Andrews and Zoë were there to repre-                                                      balloon art, crafts, sports activities,
sent Therapy Partners and support this                                                    and, of course, petting and visiting
worthy cause.                                                                             with AJ. It was a good opportunity
                                           Darlene & Sunny, Connie & AJ, MariBeth,        for the children who don’t normally
                                           Judy & Sadie and Michelle & Zoë
                                                                                          get to see AJ to hang out with him.
                         The Huntsville-Madison County Public Library hosted a            Of course, AJ welcomed the oppor-
                         summer program for children, created by Youth Services           tunity to make new friends and get
                         Madison Librarian, Lexie Robinson, called ‘Readers to            some extra pets. At the end of the
                         the Rescue’. Therapy Partners presented, as part of the          evening, the kids prepared special
                         program, the video “A Journey of Healing”, reading “May          balloons with an attached note for
    Deanna & Abby
                         I Pet Your Dog” and providing teams of therapy cats and          their loved ones that have passed
                         dogs for the children to meet and pet. with over 400 chil-       away. All of the children went out-
                         dren participating, that’s a lot of pets! Thank you to Karla     side and released their balloons,
                         Stults for presenting the programs, Margie wiesman for           many saying goodbye to their loved
                         taking pictures and to all our wonderful teams who gave          ones as they released the balloons
                         their time to be there:                                          into the sky.
                         •May 31st Monrovia Place Library, Sue Slagle & Hobo
    Judy & Chipper       •June 5th - Madison Library, Carol Kimball and Tori
                         •June 7th - Huntsville Main Library, Judy Smith and
                         •June 7th - Madison Library, Sandra Harrison and Rags
                         •June 19th - Eleanor Murphy Library, Sandra Harrison
                                      and Rags
                         •June 20th - Eleanor Murphy Library, Deanna Bayless
                                       and Abby
                         •June 21st - Hazel Green Library, Judy Carden and Sadie
     Judy & Sadie        •June 27th - Gurley Library, Michele Andrews and Zoë
                                                                         continued p. 6
                                                                                          It was a wonderful evening filled
                                                                                          with fun and meaningful activities.
                                                                                          AJ and I are proud to be a small part
                                                                                          of an organization that invests so
                                                                                          much in the lives of children.
    Sandra & Rags              Linda & Vally                                                                     Connie Hawie
                                                                Carol & Tori
 Autumn 2007                                                    3                                     Therapy Partners, Inc.™
                Cards, Caning, Quilting, Jenny & Nelson
                                There’s always something going on at the Hunts-
                                ville – Madison County Senior Center on Drake
                                Avenue. For the second year the Therapy Partners’
                                teams of Darlene Kerr and Jenny and Linda Cherry
                                and Nelson, while on hiatus from the PAL Pro-
                                gram, added to the fun by visiting with the seniors.
                                Dressed in their official uniforms and strutting their
                                stuff the canines caused everyone to stop what they
                                were doing to come pet and love on them.

                                when asked why she enjoyed having the dog’s
                                visit receptionist Frances King remarked, “I just love animals.
                                           I have a dog at home and it’s nice to see one dur-
                                           ing the day.” Bob Hunter stopped gardening to pet
                                           Nelson and said he thought dogs should be “part of
                                           everyday for everybody”.

                                            Thanks to Claire wood, Health Programs Coordina-
                                            tor, who requested teams and Darlene and Linda for
                                            taking their partners to visit, a little summer sizzle
                                            was added to the halls of the Senior Center.
                                                                                 Linda Cherry

    I  t’s never too early to think
       about Christmas, Hanukkah or
    Kwanzaa gifts for your friends.
                                                  w     e must receive the completed form, along with your tax
                                                        deductible contribution of $25.00 for each card, no later
                                                  than December 12th.
    Just think of all the great things
    you could do with your time
    if you didn’t have to brave the
    crowds shopping as the holidays
                                                 L    et us help you put some holiday joy in your friends’ lives and
                                                      provide holiday stress relief for you!
                                              Please print
    approach. You could visit with
    your friends, take time to bake
                                               Your name:_______________________________________________
    special holiday treats, or spend
    extra time with your dog or cat!
                                               City:_________________________State________ Zip:____________

         ive the gift that lasts all year
         long by supporting Therapy
                                               Send card to:
    Partners. we’ll mail a personal-
    ized card from you to the people
    you’d like to remember. They’ll
                                               City:_________________________State________ Zip:____________
    receive a holiday card with a
    working therapy animal on the                       Circle one: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or
    front and an appropriate greeting                            Happy Kwanzaa card @ $25.00
    inside.                                                   Make checks to Therapy Partners, Inc.

Therapy Partners, Inc.™                                         4                                              Autumn 2007
Family Portraits...                                                                Ed Sorden & Sarum
                                                                       My name is “Apple Valley Everlasting” but my friends call
                                                                       me “Sarum.” I was bred to be a “Show Dog” but a genetic
           Jeannie Gamble & Claire                                     problem cut that short. My Partner adopted me and thought
                                                                       that I should be more than just a dog. Kind Hearts taught my
This fall my husband Donald and I will celebrate our 40th              Partner how to communicate with me and I am proud to say
wedding anniversary. In the beginning of our marriage, my              I have him well trained.
assumption was “if you could not sit at our table and eat with
a knife, fork or spoon, you did not reside in our home”. My            I live with my big brother “Scot-
attitude changed when one day a stray kitten, nudging at our           tie” and my Partner, Ed, and his
young son’s arm for attention, ended up as part of our family.         wife, Carolyn. He is retired
Soon after the adoption of the kitten our son requested a puppy        military and was a contractor
and our household was forever changed. I soon discovered               supporting NASA and Missile
that a person could have a whole conversation with a dog and           Command. Carolyn works for
come away feeling totally accepted and revitalized.                    CAS, Inc., a Missile Command
                                                                       support contractor. They have
I loved my career choice as                                            grown children, grandchildren
an RN and retired several                                              and great grandchildren scat-
years ago. Donald works                                                tered from California to New
for COLSA and maintains                                                Jersey and from Morris, Illinois to Mobile, Alabama. Carolyn
his office at MSIC on Red-                                             became acquainted with Therapy Partners through her work
stone Arsenal. we have                                                 with CAS Cares, CAS’ equivalent of the United way. when
one son who as a small                                                 Scottie came to live at our house, she encouraged Ed to enroll
child opened our eyes to                                               him in Kind Hearts. Scottie is the “home dog” and I am the
how wonderful family                                                   “working dog.”
pets can be. we value our
church; our Sunday school                                              Carolyn has been a board member of Fantasy Playhouse
class and traveling with Asbury United Methodist Church                Children’s Theater for over 35 years and Ed for 30 years.
mission teams. we also enjoy golf, soaring, hiking, skiing,            Both he and Carolyn are very involved with Huntsville Elks
and travel. Starting this fall I will be working with Claire, my       Lodge #1648, where he is the lodge’s veteran’s representa-
Golden Retriever, in the Therapy Partners’ PAL program.                tive to Tutt Fann State Veterans Home, and is the Lodge’s
                                               Jeannie Gamble          newsletter editor.                              Ed Sorden

From p.1                                                               Times for invalu-
community so Frances had something to do. Silent Auction               able publicity; the
Co-chairmen, Connie Gates and Diane Rodgers, coordinated               many merchants,
the acquisition and presentation of over 140 unique items –            businesses, artists,
art, spa packages, gourmet dinner parties, original jewelry,           and individuals
custom-designed quilts for dogs and cats, lamps, a week’s              who contributed
stay in luxury in Gulf Shores, and so much more. They were             so generously to
helped immeasurably by Gloria Bink, Lee Heath, Linda                   the silent auction;
Lee, Sharon O’Neil, and Susan Slagle. Brent Nunnally and               Connie and Di-
David Rodgers handled the silent auction finances with their           ane for managing
banking skills.                                                        such a success-
                                                                       ful auction, a very Diane Rodgers and Karla Stults record slent
                                                                                                           auction purchases.
Therapy Partners owes a very special THANK YOU to Kay                  difficult task; and
and Sam Lowry, their son Matthew, and of course, Bernie,               Stephanie Sherman, who organized so much and never sought
their inquisitive Jack Russell Terrier, and Ginger, their cool,        any credit for all of her efforts. The evening was as special as
cool cat, for opening their home and garden for this benefit;          the Therapy Partner Teams our fundraising supports. Please
the Host Committee for underwriting the evening with their             make plans to celebrate Dog Days of Summer next year!
donations; Mary Anne Zollar Swanstrom and The Huntsville                                                                Dan Halcomb

 Autumn 2007                                                       5                                      Therapy Partners, Inc.™
From p.3
•June 29th – Bailey Cove Library, Linda Lee and Vally                   Luke and Cathie Lang and Samwise. Linda and Nelson
•July 10th – Triana Youth Center Library, Donna Palumbo                 danced, Cathie and Samwise did playground, Karla Stults and
             and Charlotte                                              Caroline, accompanied by Luke, talked about positive train-
                                                                        ing methods, Sandra, with Rags, talked about cats as therapy
                                                                        partners and Margie wiesman covered everything else. what
                                                                        fun we had! Thank you Robert Reeves and Channel 19 for
                                                                        having us on your show.

                                                                        The Alabama Cooperative Ex-
                                                                        tension System Urban Affairs
                                                                        and New Nontraditional Pro-
                                                                        grams held its first annual North
   Sandra & Rags         Michele & Zoë        Donna & Charlotte         Alabama Dog Expo at Alabama
                                                                        A&M University’s Agribition
‘Hot fun in the summertime’ seemed to be the theme for this             Center on June 23rd. Margie
years’ annual picnic held on June 16th. Handlers, volunteers,           wiesman presented a program
interns and KHBC instructors all converged on the home of               about Therapy Partners and
Sue and John Sla-                                                       Alisa Spray spoke about KHBC
gle where they got                                                      while Darlene Kerr and Sunny,
the chance to get to                                                    Jennifer Frank and Lola and
know one another                                                        Linda Cherry and Nelson got to          Alisa with Nelson
better while enjoying                                                   be the center of attention. Our
great food. Thanks                                                      thanks to Eddie wheeler, Tyrone Smith, Robert Spencer, Dr.
to all who provided                                                     Jannie Carter and Dr. Julio Correa for including Therapy Part-
the delicious food                                                      ners in this event. Thank you to Yvonne Betowt, reporter, and
and drinks. People,                                                     Glenn Baeske, photographer, for the great article in Sunday,
food, dogs, horses,                                                     June 24th The Huntsville Times.
peace and quiet – Michael Wiesman, Diane Rodgers, Karla                                                                           Staff

                                                                               Windsor House
who could ask for Stults and Jennifer Frank

On June 18 Robert Reeves did his ‘On the Road’ segment for

the Channel 19 Early Morning News at Therapy Partners’ new              Windsor House is a 119 bed long and short term rehabilita-
building. Even though given very short notice Teams and Kind            tion, nursing home with an adjoining assisted living facility.
Hearts Behavior Center Instructors got up early on a Monday             The facility, on McAllister Street, comprises the original
morning to support this effort. The stars of the show included          Crestwood Hospital built in Huntsville.
Therapy Partners’ teams of Sandra Harrison and Rags, Judy
Smith and Chipper, Linda Cherry and Nelson, Diane Rod-                  My partner, Lola, and I visit windsor House bi-monthly on
gers and Lady, Sue Slagle and Hobo, Darlene Kerr and Jen-               Mondays. Lola visits with the clients in their rooms, the hall-
                                                      ny, Connie        ways, or in the physical therapy room. She especially enjoys
                                                      Hawie and         the PT room where some clients play “ball” with her.
                                                      AJ, Andrea
                                                      McCarley                                         The clients at windsor House
                                                      and Murphy                                       may partake in physical,
                                                      and Jenni-                                       speech, or occupational ther-
                                                      fer Frank                                        apy or enjoy social activities
                                                      and Lola.                                        such as bingo, arts and crafts,
                                                      Represent-                                       church groups or courtyard
                                                      ing KHBC          walks. Lisa Johnson is the very helpful Social Services Direc-
                                                      were Caro-        tor at windsor House and Jackie Smith is her assistant. Jackie
                                                      line Hopen-       also coordinates the garden projects which some clients help
   Judy & Chipper, Margie with Nelson, Robert Reeves, wasser and        her plant, harvest and care for in the courtyard.
  Sandra & Rags and Diane & Lady                                                                                        Jennifer Frank
 Therapy Partners, Inc.™                                            6                                                  Autumn 2007
                         Dog Days of Summer Host Committee
Accents of the South                     Dan Halcomb                          Linda Montgomery
Marla & David Baer-Peckham               Dorcas Harris                        Susan & Charles Morley
Linda & Jimmy Beasley                    Kim & John Hartley                   Donna & Tony Palumbo
Lynne Berry                              Lee Heath & Brent Nunnally           Susan & Bruce Park
Margaret Ann & Alan Bibb                 Sharon Robison Hill                  Jimmie Parvin & Billy Collins
Ginger & Don Bishop                      Catherine & Donals Hubler            Suzanne & Douglas Pritchett
Mimi Bynum                               Frances K. Huffman                   Becky & Bill Quinn
Century Automotive Group                 Jerry Damson Honda/Acura             Christine R. Richard
Valerie & Jay Chandler                   Crystal Jimison                      Cindy & Mark Russell
Karen Corp                               Tracy & George Jones                 Patricia Ryan
Danielle & Deke Damson                   Eleanor Keith                        Cindy & Paul Seeley
Butch & Jerry Damson                     Sheree & Walter Kelley               Stephanie & Brimmer Sherman
Beth Daniel                              Susan & Austin King                  Joni Swaim
Dr. Jan Davis                            Jeri & Tim Kirkpatrick               Mrs. Ruth G. von Saurma
Ms. Karen Dekko                          Drs. Michael Klemm & Robbie Dudley    Dan Tripp, Chloe & Pepper
Kathleen & Phillip Dotts                 J. Tyler Ledbetter                   J. Chris Wesley & Patrick Robbins
Lee Ellison/Coldwell Banker Premier      Judy & Jim Link                      Mary White
Janice Fowler                            Shirley McCrary                      Margie & Michael Wiesman
Connie Gates                             Leka Medenbach                       Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Wingo
Marilyn & Walt Grundy                    Dick & Nancy Mohlere

                                      Dog Days of Summer Donors

801 Franklin                             Eleanor Kates                        Masters / Ann Bray
Across the Pond                          Elizabeth & Sol Miller               Mattress King
Allied Photocopy                         Emily Boulton                        Neal Hooten
Ardmore Companion Animal Hospital        European Boutique                    Office Furniture Outlet
Artisans Salon Spa                       Fudgey Nut                           Parisian - Madison Square Mall
Ashley Furniture Homestore               Garvin Feed & Seed                   Parisian - Parkway Place
Bebe Powell                              Gloria Bink & Larry Smith            Pet Portraits
Belinda Gilliam Ivy                      Golden Griffin                       PRSM Fitness / Jessica Guerrero
Bennetts Nursery                         Green Mountain Soap Co               PRSM Sports & Fitness - Teresa Noble
Bill & Brenda Courtney                   Harold Turner                        Ralph Jones
Bob’s PawnShop                           Head-to-Toe Training                 Randy Roper Interiors
Carol & Ralph Kimball                    Honey Baked Ham                      Reed’s Office Supply
Cathie Lang                              Horsing Around Tack Shop             Salon Philos
Cedar Park Pet Boarding                  Hurricane Valley Nursery             Signature Gallery
Century Automotive                       J. Jones                             Square Roots Landscaping
Charlie Bonner                           Jane Hill                            Stephanie & Brimmer Sherman
Connie Gates                             Jean Greenwood                       Stephanie Phillips
Country Clinic LLC                       Joann Richardson                     Summer Classics
Creative Touch Jewelers, Inc             Joshua Hanson                        Susan King - Carlisle
Dan Halcomb                              Kay & Sam Lowry                      Susan Todd
Daphne Reed                              Kemps Flooring                       Talbots
Darrell Ezekiel                          Kendra Straw (dba pbi)               Ted Parker
David Emonds                             Kim Mayo of Room for Change          Terrame
Dean & Linda Lee                         Larry Bingham                        Terry Wimberger
Debbie Elliot                            Linda & Max Harman                   The Greenery
Diane Rodgers                            Loring Jewlers                       Valley Animal Hospital & Pet Resort
Dr Victoria Vest                         Margie & Michael Wiesman             Valley Birkenstock
Dr. Susan E. Muller                      MariBeth Hill                        Wilson Lumber Co

 Autumn 2007                                                7                               Therapy Partners, Inc.™
Therapy Partners, Inc.™   8   Autumn 2007
              Photography by: Jeff white,
              Linda Cherry & Margie wiesman

              More Dog Days of Summer
              pictures next page.       >

Autumn 2007      9                            Therapy Partners, Inc.™
Therapy Partners, Inc.™   10   Autumn 2007
Autumn 2007   11   Therapy Partners, Inc.™
                             Dog Days of Summer Contributors

Linda & Robert Akenhead       Sharon & Deason Dunagan         Carol & Ralph Kimball               Mrs. Patrick Richardson
Dan Aldridge                  Sam & Lucia Eidt                Mark Kimbrough                      Dianne & Tony Rogers
Michele Andrews               Brandi Emonds                   Allyson & Raymond Kirkpatrick lll   Melissa & Dagnal Rowe
Julie Andrezejewski           Michael & Ellen P. Flaherty     Tim & Jeri Kirkpatrick              Mark Russell
Marla & David Baer-Peckham    J Fowler                        Robbie & Mike Klemm                 Tammie B. Sallo
Grady & Doris Baker           Marjorie Fowler                 Richard & Jacqualyn Kowallik        Dianne & Calame Sammons
Debbie & Mike Ball            Connie Gates                    John Landrum                        Elizabeth Schonrock
Peter Barber                  Catalin Gibson                  Marilyn Lands                       Marshall Schreeder
Penelope Bashore              Wolfram Glaser                  Marcy & Bill Lawton                 Mary & William Schrenk
Susan & Brent Beam            Sandra & Jeff Gorham            Linda & Dean Lee                    Nannette Schwartz
Linda Beasley                 Jean & Terry Greenwood          R.L. & Katherine Lester             Shaver’s Bookstore
Brenda Beck                   Christine Grice                 Bettie & Donald Lewter              Stephanie & Brimmer Sherman
Joy & Michael Belmont         Judith C. Guerry                Jeff & Ellie Lienau                 Dianne & Tom Simmons
Jean Berry                    June & Buddy Guynes             Christine & Craig Lincoln           Susan & John Slagle
Lynn Berry                    Mary L. Halverstadt             Dorothy Little                      Diane & Marc Smith
Beth Biez                     Fran & Ray Hamilton             Kay & Sam Lowry                     Gloria Bink & Larry Smith
Ginger & Don Bishop           Lisa & David Hardy              Cindi & Bob Ludwig                  Susan & JayStinson
Anne Schell Boles             Linda & Max Harman              Linda Marino                        Kendra & Jim Straw
Lee Boles                     Sandra & Sandy Harrison         Lloyd Marks                         Karla & Allen Stults
Hannah Boon                   Robert & Laura Hash             Terry Martin                        Joni Swaim
Karen & Ron Borden            Dorothy Havens                  Andrea & Jeff McCarley              Albert & Anne Swain
Joanna Broad                  Yvonne Hawkins                  Scott McDermott                     Virginia & George Thacker
Amy Broadhurst                Elise & Shelley Heard           Ginney & Foster McDonald            Rilla & Denny Thedford
Ann & Lee Buffaloe            Jackie Heard                    Yolanda & Scott McLain              Ronold & Sylvia Thomas
Anne Burns                    Suzie & Dick Hiatt              Wilson & Laura McManus              Sherry & J R Thompson
Matt & Kelly Capone           Barbara & Thomas Hickerson      Margaret Ann McMillin               Wilhelm Tietke
Elizabeth Christian           Leon Hinds                      Leka Medenbach                      David & Susan Todd
Jill & Kenny Cole             Caroline & Lance Hopenwasser    Sherri Messimer                     Nancy & Richard Van Valkenburgh
Billy Collins                 Louis & Joanne Horn             Judi Moon                           Layne and Norma Vaughan
Janice Colvard                Frances K. Huffman              Stacy & Virgil Moon                 Charles Vaughn
Cindy & Steve Conrad          I.A.T.S.E. Local 900            Toni Morgan                         Jackie Walker
Ron Cooper                    Paul & Karen Israel             Jean Murphy                         Jan Walker
Sue Cooper                    Beth Jackson                    Ann & Ron Myers                     Marjorie Walker
Karen Corp                    Molly & David Johnson           Jeff Nixon                          Kim Waugh
Robin Cozby                   Nancy Johnson                   Suzanne O’Connor                    Janet Wells
Richard & Nancy Crunkleton    Christine & Jeffrey Jones       Donna & Tony Palumbo                Monica Wiesman
Butch & Jerry Damson          Greg Jones                      Trace Parish                        Wayne & Lise Wilson
Dannielle & DekeDamson        Marilyn Jones                   Ted Parker                          Pam & Denvill Winstead
Mary & Frank Daniel           Ralph Jones                     Gerald Patterson                    Tricia Wood
Allen & Jill Davis            Sandra & Ralph Jones            Lee Powers                          Mrs. Schram Woodroof
Carolyn & George Dickerson    Lillian Joyce                   LeRoy & Elaine C. Powers            Thomas & Lindsey Wright
Jane Dickson                  Julie Kastanakis                Michael Propst
Lynda Doud                    Sheree & Walter Kelley          Bill Quinn
Phyllis & Auburn Dowdy        Patricia Kiley                  Daphne & Ronald Reed

Therapy Partners, Inc.™                                      12                                                  Autumn 2007
       Help - I’ve lost my Dog!                                                            Congratulations to:
                                                                                           Deanna Bayless and Abby and
                                                                                           Millie, Carol Kimball and Chelsea,
                                                                                           Susan Slagle and Hobo and Ted
when my phone rang a little before 10        your dog                                      Parker and Clancy for successful-
pm one evening I answered with dread.                                                      ly completing their Temperament
No one calls me at that hour unless                                                        Evaluations for elders!
there’s a problem. A friend had lost her     chipped
dog. “She went running out of the house      is very inex-                                 Thank you to:
so fast I didn’t have time to stop her!”     pensive for                                   Rusty Totora & Blue, Rusty Joel
So I asked all the normal questions. “Did    the service it of-                            Totora, MariBeth Hill, Judy Smith,
she have a collar on?” “No,” responded       fers. Your dog can be                         Sandra Harrison, Jean Greenwood,
my distraught friend. “I always take it      identified by any veterinarian or shelter     Buddy & Stacey Moon, Karla
off when she’s inside.” Next question,       that has a wand associated with the chip.     Stults, Sharon O’Neil and Nancy
“Is she chipped?” didn’t get the response    It’s about the size of a grain of rice and    Lovell for assisting.
I was hoping for either. “She’s due to go    my dogs said it was no more painful than
to the vet next week and I thought I’d       all those other shots they get! If you dog
do it then.” I went to her house and we      does not have ID they may end up being
walked where she had walked for hours        picked up by someone who sells dogs
calling her dog.                             for medical research, become a practice
                                             dog for dog fights, or running scared in
we went back to her house and started        a strange neighborhood. 95% of the lost
working on posters to be put up at sun-      pets found without ID do not get home.
rise to announce “Lost Dog – please
call…” On my way back home my cell
                                             95% of lost pets found with ID do get
                                             home. A lost pet’s best ticket home is a
phone rang. It was my friend. She found      tag on her collar.                           Removes Urine Stains
her dog! She had been in a closet, behind                                                    and Odors...
                                             Go right now to your dog. Look at her        no matter how old they are
a closed door. My friend was overjoyed
                                                                                            or how bad they smell!
and spent the rest of the night waking       tags. Does it have your current cell/
every few minutes to make sure her dog       home phone number? If not get a new              For dogs
was beside her and to give her a hug. My     tag today! The day you say “my dog is            - $18.00
friend was lucky – her “lost dog” was        always inside” may be the day your dog
found in the safety of her home.             runs out the door so fast you don’t have         For cats
                                             time to catch her. And then she’s on the         - $20.00
                            what could       street with no ticket home.
                                                                                                To Order
                            have hap-                                 Margie Wiesman      Call 256 881-5700
                            pened if the
                            dog were re-                          Great gift for                   Free Pet Safety Pack
                            ally outside,                                                           from the ASPCA
                                                                  the dog owner!
                                                                                           Contains a window decal and an ASPCA
from one house to another in a frantic                               Cooking               Animal Poison Control Center Magnet.
search for home? If a Good Samaritan                                  for the                      Go to:
had picked her up they wouldn’t have                              Gourmet Canine
known who or where to call. As much                               Packed full of fun,                Ever wonder what color
as we love our animals they can’t speak                           easy recipes sure                  those dogs and cats are?
for themselves. we have to help them by                           to please the most                   How about the dresses
                                                                  discerning canine
having a collar on with identification. In                        palate.
                                                                                                       worn at Dog Days of
addition to tags that so many dogs have,                                                             Summer?
having a collar with the dogs name and           All proceeds go to funding the                    wonder no more... see the
your phone number is even better. Those                  great work of                           newsletter online in COLOR at:
tags sometimes fall off. Also getting               Therapy Partners, Inc.
 Autumn 2007                                                     13                                    Therapy Partners, Inc.™
        When You Are Gone                                        Passing Notes...
we take time to plan for our own death. we make wills,
take out insurance policies, and make investments for the
future. How many of us plan for our pets? Plan for when          Mike, Sharon O’Neil’s fabu-
we die? Many pets outlive their human companions. The            lous Golden Retriever, was
young couple killed on the highway by a drunk driver left        such a gentleman. He was
more than young children. There was a family dog. The            instinctual in visiting at Car-
children were taken in by a near relative. what happened         rington in the assisted living
to the dog? A small plane crashed on takeoff. There were         unit. Everyone who saw him
no survivors. Between them they had five dogs, seven             was immediately taken with
cats, a parakeet, and a rabbit. where are the animals now?       his beauty. But Mike was
People die. If you are going to be one of those people to-       much more than a gorgeous
day, what is going to happen to your animal companions?
                                                                 coat and a proud tail. Mike
If we do not return, the life of each of our pets will be
dramatically changed.                                            had a presence that could
                                                                 put anyone at ease. He was as beautiful in spirit as he was in
There are four steps to insure the security of your animal       conformation.                                   Jean Greenwood

1. Assess pets, friends, and family. Your sister may be
your favorite person in the world, but will she be happy
to have your unhousebroken puppy with a new baby in the
house? The kid down the block, who comes and asks to
play with your dog, would his mother be willing to take
custody of the dog? You cannot be given to sentimentality
or worry about hurt feelings here. You must feel as though
the animal and the new caretaker will make a happy ad-
justment to each other. Remember, your animal has just
lost the most important person in his life; you owe it to
them to find the best replacement you can. What if you
can think of no one? Check out the Humane Society and
other rescue groups who will sometimes take the animals
of deceased owners. Find out before someone else makes
those decisions, or your animal may go directly to Animal               thank you to:
Services and eventually be put down.

2. Contact the person who seems to be perfect caretaker                 Karla Stults, Judy Carden, Cheriè Orcutt and Margie
for your animal. Get permission to put that individual                  & Michael Wiesman for packing and moving breakables.
down as the animal’s next-of-kin. If that individual does
not want that responsibility, continue to work to find the              Dr. Mark Russell for loaning his van for moving.
animal a willing and able next-of-kin. Do this for each of
your animal companions.                                                 John & Deanna Bayless for providing their cow trailer
                                                                        for moving.
3. Make a list of all your animals together with the name
and phone number of each next-of-kin. Leave this list in a              Sue Slagle, Ted Parker, Sandra & Sandy Harrison,
prominent place whenever you leave home.                                Buddy & Stacey Moon, Judy & Barry Carden,
                                                                        Darlene Kerr, Karla &Alan Stults, MariBeth Hill,
4. Write our any specific instructions about each animal.               Michele & Bill Andrews, Cathie Lang, Diane Rodgers,
Include: what is to be fed, the name and number of the                  Margie Wiesman, Connie Gates, Dean Lee and Judy
veterinary who has all the medical records for that animal,             Smith for moving boxes, books and furniture.
special toys or items that will carry your smell for an easier
adjustment to a new home. Remember to update your lists                 Beth Andrada and the Grissom Honor Society for pro-
regularly. Lives change. Always make sure your dearest                  viding lunch for the movers.
companion will be wanted.
                                                                        Connie Gates and Margie Wiesman for the final clean-
This will be the last gift your give your loved one, make it            ing of the old building.
a thoughtful one.                           Jean Greenwood
 Therapy Partners, Inc.™                                           14                                                 Autumn 2007
    J Memorials & Donations J                                                               Class Schedule

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lightfoot                                                               For information call 256-881-5700
Women on Mission, Weatherly Heights         In Memory of Ms. Joann Andrews by                   Puppy Socialization
Baptist Church                              Hightower Hills Neighbors & Friends             Thursday 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.
                                                                                         Sep 20 – Nov 8, 2007 (Skip Oct 25)
In Honor of Dan Halcomb by Bonnie           In Memory of Viola Stepler, our beloved          Saturday 9:45 – 10:45 a.m.
Hettinger                                   aunt from Manitou, Manitoba, Canada, by      Sep 22 – Nov 10, 2007 (Skip Oct 27)
                                            Layne & Norma Vaughan
                 Friends                                                                             LEVEL A
                                            In Memory of Sophie, beloved canine
Janet Moragues                              partner and companion of Rusty Bynum                  Family Manners
Frederick Muhl                              & Larry Bingham, by Connie Gates                  Tuesday 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Maeola Hagerty                                                                           Sep 18 – Nov 6, 2007 (Skip Oct 23)
Kay & Earl Eastin                           In Memory of Hilary, beloved canine
                                                                                           Wednesday 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.
Margot Swanson                              companion of Katrina Stults, by Connie
                                                                                         Sep 19 – Nov 7, 2007 (Skip Oct 24)
Paula & Stephen Cushman                     Gates
                                                                                             Saturday 9:45 – 10:45 a.m.
Sharon Robison Hill
                                                                                         Sep 22 – Nov 10, 2007 (Skip Oct 27)
Michael Kennedy                             In Memory of Shadow, beloved canine
                                            companion of Cathy Palmer, by Connie
                                                                                                   Crossover K-9
In Honor of Michelle Price’s graduation
                                                                                                    By Request
by Janet & David Milly
                                            In Memory of Elwyn Reed by Connie
In Memory of Muffin, companion of Ed        Gates                                                    LEVEL B
& Ann Miller, by Red Hats—Alabama
Renegades                                   In Memory of Elwyn Reed by Alice                 Beginning Fun & Games
                                            Lawler                                           Tuesday 7:45 – 8:45 p.m.
In Memory of Oakley, companion of Gail                                                   Sep 18 – Nov 6, 2007 (Skip Oct 23)
Mills, by Red Hats—Alabama Ren-             In Memory of Elwyn Reed by Rosemary
egades                                      McInnis                                              Beginning Rally’O
                                                                                              Saturday 7:15 – 8:15 a.m.
In Memory of Tucker, canine compan-         In Memory of Sophie, an angel disguised      Sep 22 – Nov 10, 2007 (Skip Oct 27)
ion of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kastler, by       as a Newfoundland, by Rusty Bynum &
Nadean Hankins                              Larry Bingham                                            LEVEL C

In Memory of Daisy, beloved dog of Sam      In Memory of Hobbes, canine companion           Intermediate Fun & Games
& Kay Lowry, by Hannah Boon                 of Jean & Terry Greenwood, by Connie              Saturday 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.
                                            Gates                                        Sep 22 – Nov 10, 2007 (Skip Oct 27)
In Memory of Jazz, beloved canine part-
ner and companion of Cherie Orcutt, by      In Memory of Cornelia M. Grier by Con-             Intermediate Rally’O
Victoria Vest                               nie Gates                                       Wednesday 7:45 – 8:45 p.m.
                                                                                         Sep 19 – Nov 7, 2007 (Skip Oct 24)
In Memory of Mike, beloved canine part-     In memory of Sonny, loving companion of
ner and companion of Sharon & David         Frances Huffman, by Jimmie Parvin                 Beginning Playground
O’Neil, by Connie Gates                                                                      Thursday 7:45 – 8:45 p.m.
                                            In Honor of all the Therapy Partner cat      Sep 20 – Nov 8, 2007 (Skip Oct 25)
In memory of Prissy, beloved canine         teams who assisted at the library’s Reader
companion of Sallie Berryhill and Angie     to the Rescue program, with purrs and                    LEVEL D
Renfroe ,by Connie Gates                    many thanks from Forgotten Felines
                                                                                              Advanced Playground
In Honor of Dottie Little, the Pet Nanny,   In Memory of Martha Smith by Helen
                                                                                             Thursday 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
by Debbie West                              Davis
                                                                                         Sep 20 – Nov 8, 2007 (Skip Oct 25)
In Memory of Sed by MariBeth Hill           In Memory of Daisy Lowry, friend and
                                                                                                  Prancing Paws
                                            buddy to Kay, Sam and Matthew Lowry
                                                                                            Wednesday 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
In Memory of Ms. Joann Andrews by Bill      by Ginney & Foster McDonald
                                                                                         Sep 19 – Nov 7, 2007 (Skip Oct 24)
& Nancy Hightower
Autumn 2007                                                     15                                  Therapy Partners, Inc.™
                                         Come Join the Fun!


                                                        Pran cing P

                n   and
                              m     es


         c                                                         Pup
                     y    gr

Therapy Partners, Inc.™                            16                                 Autumn 2007
                                   Yes, I want to participate in the wonderful work done by Therapy Partners, Inc.

                                   Name: ________________________________________ Phone:________________________

                                   Address: ____________________________________________________________________

                                   City: _________________________________ State: ______________ Zip: ______________

                                   Email: ______________________________________________________________________

                                        Check                  MasterCard                      Visa                 American Express

                                   Credit Card Number:_________________________________________________________
          Thank                    Expiration Date:_______________________ Signature:_____________________________
           you!                                    In memory of _____________________________________________________

       $500 and above: Top Dog/Top Cat             In honor of _______________________________________________________
      $250 - $499: Dog/Cat                       Please notify the following person(s) of my gift:
       $100 - $249: Puppy/Kitten                 Name:____________________________________________________________
       Other                                     City:______________________________ State:__________ Zip:____________
                                   Donations may be made through the Combined Federal Campaign (#50749)
                      Therapy Partners, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax-deductible as permitted by law.
                             Therapy Partners, Inc.          1015 A Cleaner Way            Huntsville, Alabama 35805

  The Next Room - Abbey
Abbey stands completely still, muzzle           slender seven-year old, he’s sitting up in            picture of you and Abbey.” Michele takes
pointed toward the ceiling, eager for me        bed clutching a Styrofoam cup. Nelson’s               out the Polaroid camera and snaps a photo
to fasten her green Delta Society vest and      mother stands nearby, encouraging him.                of a now-smiling Nelson, hand resting on
put on her green scarf, monogrammed             “Drink just a little more.” She glances up            Abbey’s back.
with her name and the logo of Therapy           and explains, “He can’t have the CAT scan
Partners, Inc. This uniform identifies her      until he finishes this last cup.” She lowers          Nelson nods and puts the straw in his
as a certified therapy dog and she whirls       her voice. “And it’s not going too well.”             mouth. Never taking his eyes off of Abbey,
and spins happily when I carry it to the                                                              he takes one sip. Another. And another. His
couch. “Time to get dressed,” I tell her.       “Hey, Nelson,” would you like to spend                mom peeks in the cup. “You did it!”
“Let’s go visit your kids.”                     some time with Abbey?” I ask. “She’s
                                                sort of magic, you know. That stuff will              we stay a bit longer, Nelson petting Ab-
Visits begin before Abbey gets to the 4th       go down a lot easier when she snuggles                bey and examining her long, curly ears.
floor of Huntsville Hospital for Women          with you.”                                            “Thanks, Abbey.” he says softly. “You
and Children. Families in the Surgical                                                                really are magic.”
waiting Room ask if they can pet her. Red       Nelson looks at Abbey, at the remaining
Cross volunteers extend their arms for a        liquid in the cup and back at the little span-        As we leave the room, Nelson’s mom sig-
special ‘Abbey hug’ and ‘Dads-to-be’ on         iel, perched on my arm. without a word,               nals the nurse. “Nelson has finished the last
the elevator often bend down to stroke her      he nods and pats the bed beside him. with             cup. He’s ready for the CAT scan now.”
silky head. “whew!” commented one Dad,          a contented sigh, Abbey snuggles close
on his way to the Labor and Delivery floor,     to her new friend and lays down, head on              On the drive home, Abbey sighs happily,
“I needed that.”                                her paws.                                             and I swear that’s a grin spreading across
                                                                                                      her face.
with Child Life Specialist Michele Coo-         “OK,” Nelson is reminded. “This is the
per leading the way and Abbey tucked            deal. while you pet Abbey, you start                  well done, my little partner. well done!
under my arm, we go in to see Nelson. A         drinking. when it’s all gone, you get a                                             Mimi Bynum
 Therapy Partners, Inc.™                                                17                                                        Autumn 2007
                                                                                                             Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                                                 US POSTAGE
                                                                                                            HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA
                                                                                                                 PERMIT #842

                Therapy Partners, Inc.™
                1015 A Cleaner Way
                Huntsville, AL 35805

                                                                                                    Jane K. Lowe
                                                                                                Charitable Foundation

                 Paws Up to...                                  Therapy Partners’ Team Sponsors
               Sharon O’Neil for the
               beautiful Schefflera for our
               new lobby.                     Gold                                                    Bronze
The Huntsville Times for running our June
Charity Page.
                                                                                                               Elizabeth Scott
Ted Parker for purchasing programming time           Jill & Kenny Cole                                           In memory of
on WLRH announcing Dog Days of Summer.                  In memory of                                                Gypsy
                                                      Jack McGowan
Greg Kamback for architectural assistance.              And his friend
Landon McCrary for lighting technical as-

Connie Gates for setting up the PR for The
Huntsville Times.

Mary Anne Swanstom for the two articles in
the Enjoy section of The Huntsville Times.    To learn how you or your business can become a Therapy Partners’
Jeff White for the wonderful Dog Days pho-    team sponsor call: 256-881-5700.

QTEC for furniture.
                                                                                                         Office Hours
                                                                                                         10am - 2pm
Kudzu Productions for technical assistance
                                                                                                        Monday - Friday
for Dog Days of Summer                         Therapy Partners, Inc.™ is an affiliate member

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