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									     How to Expand Your
   School’s Online Reach
using Facebook, Blogs and Twitter
Let’s Start with Some Questions
• How do you stay connected today with your former students and
• How do you share information about the accomplishments of your
  current students and the new successes of your school?
• Are you fostering a sense of community among former students,
  alumni, family, friends a donors?
• Are you happy with your school community’s support of your
  school through their annual giving?

Picture This World
• You create an announcement using a simple blog tool about an
  upcoming Homecoming event.
• The blog tool posts the announcement to a website used by your
• You also add to the website pictures from last year’s Homecoming
  event to bring attention to your announcement.
• You then send a short message to your alumni that their website
  has been updated with Homecoming information.
• Your alumni go to the website and see the Homecoming
  pictures and announcement.
• While visiting the site, alumni add some of their own
  pictures of Homecoming from last year.

Picture this World continued . . .
• Some alumni comment on the website that they plan to attend this
  year’s event and ask who else is coming.
• While reviewing the homecoming announcement, alumni see another
  entry you posted about a new fundraising campaign.
• They click on the posting and a new web page opens.
• The page includes a video on the campaign and a Donate
  Online link.
• The alumni views the page, clicks on the link and makes a
  credit card donation.
That World is Social Media!


• Blogs provide an informal way to share information and
• They are typically posted on your school’s website and may
  contain categories such as Alumni, Parents, Events, etc.
• Use the Alumni category of your blog to build your online
  community and interest among your alumni.
    – Feature “Then and Now” articles on prominent alumni.
    – Discuss accomplishments of your current students and successes
      of your school. People want to be a part of a winning team.
    – Promote social events among alumni.
    – Inform them of upcoming fundraising campaigns and how
      you are investing their gifts to improve the school.
• Then update your Facebook fan page with links to each
  new blog post.
                                         WORDPRESS               Pi

• WordPress is the largest self-hosted blogging tool and
  publishing platform in the world, used on millions of sites.
• It’s free.
• Features include:
    – Search engine-friendly structure
    – Comment management
    – Spam protection
    – Full user registration system
• Many website content management solutions have built in
  blog functionality. Check with your webmaster.
• To download WordPress, go to and
  select the Download menu item.

• Flickr is an online photo-sharing tool owned by Yahoo! with
  51 million registered members and 6 billion hosted images.
• The service is widely used by bloggers to host images that
  they imbed in blogs and social media.
• Features include:
    – Enables users to upload, tag and comment on their photos and
      other users photos.
    – Provides the ability to search photo tags and display the images.
• To download, go to, where you will
  first be prompted to create a Yahoo! account or log into an
  account that you already have.
• Invest in Flickr Pro for $25.

• You Tube is the World’s most popular and highly visited
  online video community, averaging 69 million visitors per
• It provides a free service that allows you to easily post, edit
  and store video on your “YouTube Channel”.
• You can then link the video to your website, blog or
  Facebook account.
• To create a YouTube Channel, go to
• The username you select will become your YouTube vanity
  URL, such as
• It cannot be changed in the future so reserve wisely!

• Twitter is an online micro-blogging service that enables its
  users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140
  characters, informally known as "tweets", and images.
• It’s great for sending short messages to the accounts of
  your “followers”.
• You can use Twitter to notify your followers of new blog
  posts or Facebook updates.
• To create an account, go to and fill
  out the online form.

• Facebook is the world’s leading social networking site, with
  more than 750 million active users. Approximately 50% of
  active users log on to Facebook in any given day.
• Your Facebook “Fan” page will serve as the foundation of
  your alumni’s online community.
• WordPress, Flickr and YouTube create or store content that
  is linked to the Facebook page, and Twitter directs traffic to
  the Facebook page.
• The goal of the page is to encourage your online community
  to interact with one another and remain connected and
  invested in your school.

Facebook continued . . .
• To create a Facebook “Fan” page:
   – Go to
   – Select “+ Create Page”.
   – Select Local Business of Place.
   – Choose a category of Education and fill out the fields provided.
   – For your Facebook Page name, spell out the complete name of
     your school to optimize search engine results.
   – If you are going to have a unique page for alumni, append the
     school name with “alumni”.
   – You cannot change the name of your Facebook Page later, so
     make sure that you do it right the first time.

Is Facebook good or bad for educators?
• Wary about how social media is affecting your students and
  changing your classroom?
• We recommend you read 7 Ways Educators Can Use
• This guide explains seven ways to use Facebook effectively
  for teaching and learning.
• To access the guide, go to:

For Facebook Guidance

• Useful guidelines at -

Review of Social Media Tools
• The school used WordPress to create the blog post containing
  the Homecoming Announcement.
• The school published the blog post on their website, in a
  Category called “Alumni”.
• The school included a link to the blog post on the school’s
  Facebook “Fan” Page.
• The school stored Homecoming pictures in flickr, and then
  posted the pictures to the Facebook Fan Page to complement
  the announcement.

Review of Social Media Tools
• The school used Twitter to send the brief message to
  alumni that the Facebook Fan Page had been updated with
  the Homecoming Announcement post.
• The school created in YouTube the video promoting their
  fundraising campaign, and posted a link to the video in their
  Facebook Fan Page so alumni would see it as well.
• School Alumni who “liked” the school’s Fan Page view the
  Facebook page and make posts of their own, including
  comments and their own pictures.
• The school also posted a link in Facebook to an Online
  Giving page, which is key to your fundraising strategy.

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