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									Silver Valley
 IDAHO        "Set amidst the serenity and beauty of
         Northern Idaho's wilderness, the Silver Valley
         is an area rich in history, community-minded
             residents and a recreation wonderland"

         Relocation Guide
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-2-                                                                             Silver Valley Relocation Guide
                                   Welcome to the Silver Valley
                                           to             alley
                                                  Silver Valle
   The Silver Valley, heart of Shoshone County, is cradled
between the Coeur d’Alene Mountains and the Bitterroot Range
among the pristine wilderness of Northern Idaho. Surrounded
by lush green mountains, rugged canyons, rushing streams
and crystal clear alpine lakes, this valley overflows with
natural resources. The Silver Valley was one of the first
frontiers of the Pacific Northwest and has a history as rich as
its wealth from the silver, lead and zinc mines.
   Since the discovery of silver in the 1880’s, Silver Valley has
produced more silver than anywhere else in recorded history.
The vast majority of Shoshone County’s population lives in the
valley, where Interstate 90 passes from east to west. The
county’s small agricultural industry primarily raises livestock.
Only 1,200 acres are under cultivation and 39,000 acres used
as grass for cattle range. The other 94 percent of the county’s
                                                                               The 14 small communities in the Silver Valley provide a wide
2,640 sq. miles is rugged forest land, dotted with tiny logging
                                                                            variety of services and shopping. Coeur d’Alene and Spokane
towns. Shoshone is the twenty-first largest county by popula-
                                                                            only a little over an hour away, offer even greater opportuni-
tion and eight by area, in Idaho. Currently the principal source
                                                                            ties for shopping. The valley is proud to have a fine medical
of employment in the area is found in federal, state and
                                                                            center providing excellent health care. There are three school
municipal agencies, but tourism is gaining ground.
                                                                            districts dedicated to providing an environment conducive to
   The Silver Valley is one of the most popular destinations for
                                                                            learning for Silver Valley students. Northern Idaho Community
all season recreation, boasting the largest system of groomed
                                                                            College (main campus) is located in Coeur d’Alene and the Lewis
trails for snowmobiling, mountain biking and ATV’s in the
                                                                            and Clark State College through its Coeur d’Alene office offers
                                                                            classes and degrees for Shoshone County residents.
   The Valley has two golf courses. The Shoshone Country Club,
                                                                               At the heart of any community are its people. Proud, capable,
the Kellogg Country Club Golf Course, several museums and
                                                                            earnest and family-oriented are the residents who call the
historical attractions along with two outstanding ski areas.
                                                                            Silver Valley home. They possess a strength and free-spirit
An abundance of wildlife provides enjoyment to hunters,
                                                                            synonymous with Idaho. These people are thankful for the
fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts.
                                                                            infinite array of opportunities in the four season paradise.

        Climate                                                                    Population                                (County & Incorporated Cities)
   The climate in the Silver Valley as with the rest of Idaho is
influenced by Pacific weather patterns which help moderate                                                      1970                   1980            1990                        2002
temperature extremes. Because, of the mountainous terrain,                  Shoshone
                                                                            County                       19,718                   19,226             13,931                  13,443
this area has greater precipitation then the southwest and
southeast portion of Idaho. Winds may accompany cold fronts                   Kellog                            3,811                  3,417          2,591                        2,258
and thunder storms, but hail damage is minimal. Idaho is not                  Mullan                              805                    784            771                          790
prone to tornadoes. Summers are generally dry and warm,                       Osburn                            1,567                  1,586          1,575                        1,467
                                                                              Pinehurst                         1,725                  1,765          1,722                        1,595
cooling off nicely at night. Winter can bring heavy accumula-
                                                                              Smelterville                        458                    456            451                          622
tions of snow in the mountains and this is one of the reasons
                                                                              Wallace                           2,206                  1,736          1,010                          898
the Silver Valley is a winter recreation                                      Wardner                             243                    247            242                          240
paradise. The elevation averages 2300
ft. in the valley with a growth season of     ' Silver Valley
approximately 160 days.                                                                                                                         er                     805
                                                                              Coeur d'Alene                                                                 Eagle
                                                                                                                             ur                                     Murray
Annual Mean Precipitation ......... 25.8"                                                                             Coe             FH9            Prichard
                                                                                                                                                                                      MONTANA BORDER

Mean Snowfall ........................... 48.8"                                                          I-90
July Avg. High Temp ................... 86.0o                                                                                                                        Burke
Jan. Avg. Low Temp ................... 21.8o
                                                                                         e eur

                                                                                                          Kingston                          Kellogg
                                                                                      len Co

July Avg. Afternoon Humidity ...... 34%                                                                           r        Pinehurst Osburn
                                                                                   d'A ke

                                                                                                                                     Silverton                               Mullan

                                                                                                                                         Wallace                I-90
                                                                                                       ne                                                                Lookout
                                                                                                   Ale                            N                                        Pass
Photo: Front Cover: Gondola & Kellogg's Alpine Village area, The Northern                       d'
Pacific Railroad Depot - Wallace by Nelson Promotions, Cataldo Mission by                                                         X
Joseph Niemann; Hiawatha Trail Tunnel by Vicki Dawson Photography                      Co
2003-2004                                                                                                                                                                           -3-
                                        Community Profile
      Education                                                  Shoshone County’s Largest Employers
Kellogg School Dist. No. 391               208-784-1348    Dave Smith Motors               Shoshone County
Sunnyside Elementary                            784-1249   Galena Mine                     Shoshone Medical Center
Pinehurst Elementary                            536-7202   Kellogg Joint School District   Silver Mountain Resort
Canyon Elementary                               682-2749   Magnuson Hospitality            U.S. Forest Service
Kellogg Middle School                           784-1311   Wallace School District
Kellogg High School                             784-1371
Silver Valley Altrnative High                   786-3104
Mullan School Dist. No. 392                    744-1118           General Information
John Mullan Elementary
Mullan High School Jr. & Sr.                    744-1126   State Sales Tax: 6%
                                                           Typical Property Tax Rate:         2.7747395%
Wallace School Dist.No. 393                    753-4515
Osburn Elementary                               556-1531
                                                           Personal Income Tax: A graduate schedule for individual
Silver Hills Middle School                      556-1556
                                                           income tax is used in Idaho.
Wallace Grade School                            556-1101
Wallace High School                             753-5315
                                                           Unemployment Rate                  10.7%
Silver Valley Alternative High School           786-3104
                                                           Idaho Unemployment                 5.2%
Private Schools
Silver Christian Academy                        783-3791   Pacific Time Zone
Silver Meadow Adventist School                  682-4983

                                                                 Health Care
                                                              Shoshone Medical Center is a 25 bed Critical Access
                                                           Hospital offering Acute and 24 Hour Emergency Room Care,
                                                           Orthopedic & General Surgery, Ancillary Services & a variety
                                                           of Outpatient Programs. In the summer of 2003, SMC began
                                                           construction of a $18.5M replacement facility to be located
                                                           just in front of the current hospital. Expected move in is Fall of

                                                              Shoshone Medical Center is committed to providing
                                                           excellence in healthcare and meeting the healthcare needs
                                                           of Silver Valley community.

            Deb Elliott-Pearson, M.D.
                    Bank Street Clinic
                      516 Bank Street
                    Wallace, Idaho 83873
                       208-752-3016                             3 Jacobs Gulch • Kellog, Idaho 83837
 Men's Health                      Prenatal
 Women's Health                   Pediatrics                    208-784-1221 • FAX: 208-784-0961
       Board Certified Family Practice                          
-4-                                                                                              Silver Valley Relocation Guide
                                    History of Silver Valley
      The Mullan Road
   The Silver Valley has a long and colorful history, beginning
with Mullan Road which opened up the most promising
portions of the west. As the first overland route to the Pacific
Northwest, it provides passage over the Continental Divide
through an otherwise impenetrable wilderness, in what is
now Northern Idaho. Its origin was of a military nature.
   In 1854 Congress appropriated funds to build a wagon road
between Fort Walla Walla in the Washington Territory and
Fort Benton in what would later become the Montana Terri-
tory. Lt. John Mullan, a topographical engineer was appointed                                                   Joe Niemann Photo
to head this project, which ultimately would cost in the           or another in Northern Idaho. During the 1880’s the growth of
neighborhood of $230,000. A crew of 70 men began work on           towns, the building of railroads and the beginning of the
the crucial 624-miles of road linking the Columbia and the         mining industry in this region created a great demand for
Missouri Rivers, in 1859. The task was completed in three          lumber. As the old growth timber began to disappear in the
years on the eve the Civil War started. What may seem              eastern states, many of the major lumber companies looked
primitive by today’s standards was considered a frontier           to the Northwest for new timber sources. Northern Idaho has
superhighway back then. Mullan Road which traverses what           immense stands of white pine and met all the conditions for
is now interstate 90 was Idaho’s first engineered road and is      logging. Northwest Idaho’s natural waterways were impera-
on the National Historic Register.                                 tive to taking the logs out of the forest so they could be
                                                                   transformed into lumber
                                                                   then transported by
       Mining and Logging                                          steamboat and railroads to
  Thousands of civilians traveled across Mullan Road when it       the awaiting market.
opened in 1862, especially prospectors in search of gold in           Natural disasters played
Montana during the 1860’s and Idaho in the 1880’s. Gold was        a part in history as well. A
discovered in 1882 a few miles north of Wallace and subse-         devastating forest fire
quently silver, lead and zinc in the Silver Valley which led to    swept through this area in
the development of the largest silver mines in the U.S. These      1910, destroying three
discoveries evolved into such famous mines as Bunker Hill,         million acres of timber.
Sunshine, Coeur, Galena, Lucky Friday, Hecla and Consoli-          The town of Wallace was
dated Silver. Some of these mines are over a mile deep and a       nearly destroyed and many
few have over 100 miles of underground haulageways on              smaller communities
various levels. Traditionally, mines in this area produced         disappeared forever.
about one half of the nation’s newly mined silver. Since the          Mining disasters too
middle 1980’s this proportion has dropped to about one-tenth       brought tragedy. One such
or less.                                                           incident happened on May
  Logging has played a major role in the economic develop-         2, 1972 when a fire in the
ment of Northern Idaho over the past 100 years, between            Sunshine Mine claimed 91miners. A monument near Big
1878 to 1978, more than 300 sawmills operated at one time          Creek stands as a reminder of this tragic event.
                                                                                                                Joe Niemann Photo

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       McKinley         Kellogg,
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                                 Silver Valley Communities

M       ullan is nestled in the mountains at the east entrance
        to Silver Valley. This mining community has adopted
        the theme “The Town of Trails” as the area is covered
with many walking, off-road vehicle and hiking trails.
Attractions include the Captain John Mullan Historical
Museum, the Idaho State Fish Hatchery, the Lucky Friday
Mine and Shoshone Park.
  The city of Mullan boasts an indoor Olympic swimming
pool and a complete range of services such as telephone,
sewer, clean water, garbage pickup, electricity and natural gas
along with patron owned cable TV.

W        allace is unique, as it is one of the few cities in the
         U.S. to be totally included on the National Historic                                               Carnegie Library in Wallace
Register. As the self-proclaimed Silver Capital of the world, it
appeared destined to become the economic and political hub
of the Silver Valley. Wallace’s location on Mullan road, as well
                                                                    K      ellogg enjoys a unique history with roots in mining.
                                                                            With the waning of the mining boom, Kellogg has
                                                                    turned to tourism for the majority of its existence. This
as its close proximity to a plethora of emerging mines did
                                                                    mountain village has adopted a Bavarian theme and touts the
prove to be the key factor to its early success.
                                                                    alpine recreational activities available in the area. Here you
   The city soon, became the seat of government for                 can ride the world’s longest single-state gondola, to the top of
Shoshone County. By 1890, it was the third largest city in          Silver Mountain, Kellogg Ski Resort…a spectacular sight-
Idaho. The fire of 1910 proved to be a blessing in disguise as      seeing trip during winter and summer. Kellogg features
the business district was rebuilt with durable brick in fine
                                                                    several historical sites, such as Kellogg’s Staff House Mu-
fashion. Wallace residents are intensely proud of their
                                                                    seum, the hidden city of Wardner, the Wardner Museum, the
architectural legacy and of their colorful heritage as a bawdy
mining camp. The Wallace district Mining Museum provides            founding site of Bunker Hill Mine. Facilities and community
exhibits and displays. The Sierra Silver Mine tour offers a first   services in Kellogg include a library, senior and youth
hand encounters with an actual mine and The Northern                centers, several organizations, a bowling alley, mini-golf, an
Pacific Railroad Museum occupies a picturesque turn of the          outdoor heated swimming pool in the city park along with a
century train station.                                              bike trail to the park (with future expansion) a roller blade
   The Sixth Street Melodrama is a unique year-round theatre        park, several shopping areas, food stores, a fire department,
housed in the oldest wood frame structure, in Wallace,              post office and an industrial area with utilities and a hospital.
offering 1880’s style entertainment. Wallace is also famous         This a charming community with its quality health care,
as the filming location of “Heavens Gate” and“Dantes Peak.”         plenty of services and a good educational system along with
Wallace boasts a Carnegie Library, senior and youth centers,        scenic mountainous beauty is worth investigating.
several organizations, fire department, bowling alley, tennis
courts, an outdoor heated swimming pool and a downtown
city park. An array of specialty shops lines these quaint
downtown historic streets. The town lies along interstate 90
in a quaint hillside setting – truly reminiscent of an old
                                                                    P      inehurst is located further west as the valley widens.
                                                                           Services in this mostly residential community
                                                                    include: a library, a county park, a grade school K-5, fire
mining town.                                                        department, senior hall, post office, bank, strip mall and a

M       urray and Prichard, two historic settlements in the
        Silver Valley that lie just north of Wallace. A small
population and some services can be found. The Spragpole
                                                                    O      sburn is in the heart of the Silver Valley parallel to
                                                                           highway 90. This community has several amenities
                                                                    such as a school, a library, fire department, senior center,
Inn Museum and the 1884 Murray House are just two of the
                                                                    post office, restaurants and a grocery store, two parks and an
historical buildings. South of Murray in a historic cemetery
                                                                    industrial area.
lie buried such colorful characters as Molly B’Damm and
                                                                    Silverton and Kingston are other small settlements in this
Captain Toncray – Mark Twain’s inspiration for the famous
                                                                    picturesque valley of farms and ranches and gently rolling
Huck Finn character.
-6-                                                                                                       Silver Valley Relocation Guide
                              Silver Valley Communities
         Special Events
February:    Special Olympics, Wallace
March:       Sixth Street Theater, Wallace
April:       Silver Valley Snowmobile Assoc. Annual
                “Race to the Face”, Kellogg
             Easter Bonnet Parade, Pinehurst
May:         Depot Days, Wallace
             Classic Car Show, Wallace
             Sierra Silver Mine Tour opens, Wallace
             Silver Valley Bike Rodeo, Pinehurst
             Loyalty Day Parade, Osburn
June:        Gyro Days, Wallace
             Route of the Hiawatha opens
             Silver Mountain opens & Concert Series,
             Staff House Museum opens, Kellogg
July         High Mountain ATV Jamboree, Wallace
             Sixth Street Theater Melodrama, Wallace
             Wallace Crazy Days
             Historic Skills Fair at Old Mission State Park,
             Silver Hoops 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament,
                                                               Hiawatha Trail Trestle by Vicki Dawson Photography

             Fireman’s Fun Festival, Mullan
             4th of July Fireworks & County Fair, Pinehurst
             Summer Wine/Art Auction, Kellogg
August:      Crazy Days, Kellogg
             Huckleberry/Heritage Festival, Wallace
             Sixth Street Theater Melodrama, Wallace
             Mollie Days, Murray
             Pinehurst Days
             Noah Kellogg Days, Kellogg
             Ralley in the Valley Car Show, Kellogg
             Coeur d’Alene Tribal Pilgramage, Mission
               State Park/Cataldo
             Mountain Man Rendezvous, Old Mission
               State Park/Cataldo
September:   Dylan Dean Ride/Walk for Cancer, Wallace
             Lawnmower Races, Smelterville
             Shoshone Medical Center Foundation
                                                                                                                                                           "Your Full
               Charity Golf Classic, Kellogg                                                                                                                Service
             Habitat for Humanity Walkathon, Kellogg                                                                                                       Laundry"
October:     Mid October Pig Feed, Wallce
             Haunted Halloween Silver Mine Tour,                                                                     • Drycleaning       • Business       • Leathercare
                Wallace                                                                                              • Fluff 'n' Fold   Linen Service     • Self Service
             Silver Valley Arts & Crafts, Osburn                                                                      Friendly, trained staff (on hand seven-days-a-week)
November:    Sixth Street Theater, Wallace                                                                                          to help you with your needs
December:    Valley wide Holiday Festivals                                                                                        Two Convenient Locations:
             Sixth Street Theater, Wallace                                                                          PINEHURST                                 KELLOGG
             Dickens Festival, Kellogg                                                                              608 N. Division                      11 E. Riverside
             Victorian Celebration, Kellogg                                                                         208-682-3212                            208-783-0702
2003-2004                                                                                                                                                                   -7-
                                    Attractions & Recreation
       Route of the Hiawatha
   The route of the Hiawatha Mountain Bike trail is a 15-mile
stretch of historic trail which was opened up for recreational
uses in 1998
by the US
Forest Service.
The trailhead
is at the
eastern end of
the Idaho-
border near
Lookout Pass
                                             Hiawatha Trail Trestle
Recreation                           by Vicki Dawson Photography
Area. The trail
follows a gentle pathway with a two percent grade through                   Cataldo Mission
one of the most scenic railroad routes in the country. You can
enjoy the sparkling mountain streams, wildlife, towering                In 1842, the Coeur d’Alene Indians, the native inhabitants
train trestles, two mile long Taft Tunnel and endless views of        of this area were visited by Jesuit Missionaries. Jesuit priest,
the Bitterroot Mountains. This is about a four to five hour ride      Father De Smet had a profound impact on the tribe and
and truly a world class mountain bike experience, (shuttle            promised to build them a mission. The Cataldo Mission of the
service avail.). For more information on this trail, call 208-        Sacred Heart was completed on the banks of the Coeur
                                                                      d’Alene in 1853, with most of the work being done by mem-
                                                                      bers of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe.
                                                                        The mission was designed by a true Renaissance man
       Trail of the Couer d’Alenes                                    named Father Anthony Ravalli (a Jesuit Priest) who had
   The “Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes is one of the most spec-          studied art and architecture. The Greek revival structure is
tacular and popular trails in the western United States. This         entirely secured by wooden pegs and dowels, rather than
newly constructed 73 mile long asphalt trail nearly spans the         nails which were not available, its adobe-like walls are a foot
Panhandle of Idaho. It is perfect for bicycles and in-line            thick. The Cataldo Mission is Idaho’s oldest standing building
skates. This trail runs along rivers, besides lakes and               and now part of ‘Old Mission Park.’ the Park includes an
through Idaho’s historic Silver Valley. Starting in Plummer,          interpretive trail and a museum dedicated to the Coeur
the trail generally follows the shoreline of Coeur d’Alene            d’Alene culture. Major events at the Old Mission State Park are
Lake then passes through a chain of lakes and follows the             ‘The Historic Skills Fair’ and ‘The Annual Mountain Man
Coeur d’Alene River up into the mountains to Mullan. The              Rendezvous.’ For more information, call 208-682-3814.
uniqueness of the trail isn’t simply the beautiful scenery and
attractions along its route but its innovative partnership
between the Union Pacific Railroad, the U.S. Government, the                Fishing & Wildlife
State of Idaho, and the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. For information             To major rivers traverse the Silver Valley, The Coeur
contact: Idaho Dept. of Parks & Rec. 208-682-3814 or                  d’Alene and St. Joe, along with several mountain lakes and                      streams which provide excellent fishing, for Rainbow,
                                                                      Cutthroat and Brook Trout. There are eight mountain lakes in
                                                                      Silver Valley, all require a short hike, easy to reach and well
                                                                      worth the effort. Some require more effort than others. The
                                                                      Coeur d’Alene and The St. Joe Rivers afford excellent
                                                                      kayaking, canoeing and rafting.
                                                                         Hunting is a major activity in the Silver Valley during the
                                                                      fall months with some of the best elk hinting anywhere in
                                                                      the U.S. Most of the land in the Silver Valley Mountains is
                                                                      public and lies within the boundaries of national forests. The
                                                                      major wildlife species hunted are elk, white tail and mule
                                                                      deer, black bear and mountain lion. Elk populations and
                                                                      harvests have quadrupled in the last 20 years. Idaho’s bull-
                                                                      cow ratio may well be one of the best in the nation. The
                                                                      variety of upland game hunting is also remarkable. Seasons
                                                                      are long and the success rate is high.
-8-                                                                                                        Silver Valley Relocation Guide
                                           Winter Recreation
W       inter in Silver Valley is a season of exhilarating and
        profound beauty.
       Local snow
                                                                                                        Silver Mountain Ski
                                                                                                        & Summer Resort
covered trails and                                                                                   Silver Mountain Ski Resort has earned a reputation for
mountains provide                                                                                 outstanding snow conditions, a perfect mix of terrain, un-
exceptional recreation                                                                            crowned slopes and top-notch service. They are located in
such as downhill and                                                                              Kellogg, Idaho, offering more than 50 named trails, 1,500
cross country skiing, dog                                                                         skiable acres and 2,200 vertical foot drop slopes are back-to-
sled races and snowmo-                                                                            wind and face the north for maximum snow depths.

                                                              Photo courtesy of Excelsior Cycle
biling. The area                                                                                     Both, skiers and snowmobilers are welcome at Silver
stretches from east of                                                                            Mountain. The resort has convenient highway access and is
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho,                                                                             served by a scenic ride aboard the world’s longest continuous
through the Idaho                                                                                 gondola. On-mountain facilities include: five chairlifts and a
Panhandle and then                                                                                surface tow, a guest services department, full-service cafete-
reaches into the western                                                                          ria, lounge, daycare, and ski-snowboard classes.
portion of Montana,                                                                                  Silver Mountain’s snow conditions are consistently recog-
which is all included in                                                                          nized as some of the best in the northwest. To supplement
the Silver Country Trail                                                                          Mother Nature, the resort operates a snow making system
System. This is                                                                                   along chairs one, two, three and five as well as in high traffic
American’s largest                                                                                areas. Silver Mountain’s base village is at Exit 49 and just a
mountain trail system for snowmobilers. The Silver Valley                                         quarter mile off interstate 90. It is 68 miles east of Spokane
Snowmobile Association sponsors the Snowfest every                                                Washington’s International Airport and 35 miles from Coeur
February, in Wallace. Sledding starts in the streets of Wallace                                   d’Alene, Idaho.
and takes in a variety of trails totaling 300 miles of Silver                                        In the summer, Silver Mountain is a popular destination for
Valley. A newly marked and color coded trail system insures                                       mountain bikers and hosts a Summer Concert Series under
an excitement packed day of multi level snowmobiling.                                             the stars at its outdoor amphitheatre atop the mountain.
   Plenty of opportunities exist for cross-country skiing                                         Summer or
throughout Silver Valley, with marked trails everywhere. The                                      winter,
Lookout Pass Nordic trail is 3.5 miles in length and begins at                                    Silver
the top of Lookout Pass Chairlift. The trail crosses the St Regis                                 Mountain is
Basin and traverses portions of Old Mullan Road.                                                  a great
                                                                                                  place to
                                                                                                  have fun.
       Lookout Pass Ski Area                                                                      For further
   Idaho’s second oldest ski area, has been operation sine                                        information
1938, just a short distance off highway 90, Lookout Pass                                          call 208-
straddles the Idaho-Montana border.                                                               783-1111
The scenic ski area features a double chairlift, one rope lift
and 12 runs (five new runs under construction) with a vertical
drop of 850 feet. This is an affordable family ski area that
combines easy access with great snow and ski conditions,                                          ATV/Snowmobile
with 350-400 inches of snowfall per year. Snowboarders will                                         ATV and snowmobiling have been one of the fastest grow-
delight in the 1,111-foot long half pipe and terrain park. Full                                   ing sports and the Silver Valley’s thousands of miles of
service food and bar, retail shop, ski and snowboard rentals                                      destinations in the world. Kellogg offers thousands of miles
are available. Additional information: Box 108, Wallace, ID                                       of groomed trails with a vast choice of lodging, dining and
83873 / 208-744-1301 / snow conditions: 888-333-3737.                                             tourist choices. Wallace allows snowmobile driving inside
                                                        During                                    the city limits and has a number of snowmobile activities.
                                                        the                                       ATV and snowmobiling regulations and trail maps are
                                                        summer,                                   available from the local US. Forest Service offices. Machine
                                                        moun-                                     and equipment rentals are available locally.
                                                        tain bike                                 ATV & Snowmobile Clubs: High Mountain ATV Assoc. Inc.,
                                                        rentals                                   P.O. Box 805, Wallace, ID 83873. 208-556-4308.
                                                        Hiawatha                                  Silver Valley Snowmobile Assoc. Inc., P.O. Box 782, Wallace, ID
                                                        Trail                                     83837; website:
2003-2004                                                                                                                                                     -9-
                                               Community Profile
Assemblies of God                                                           Non-Denominational                                 Kellogg ................. 784-6231
  Pinehurst .............. 682-2551 Kellogg ................. 786-9111      Silver Valley Worship Center                       Kellogg ................. 783-1341
Baptist                                                                     Seventh-Day Adventist                              Osburn .................. 556-2045
  Cataldo .................. 682-3221 Kellogg ................. 753-0294    United Church of Christ                            Wallace ................. 753-6351
  Kingston ............... 682-3722 Osburn .................. 753-8403      Unitarian                                          Wallace ................. 765-0716
  Kellogg ................. 783-2484
  Wallace ................. 752-3551 Kellogg ................. 784-7361
Church of Christ                      Pinehurst .............. 682-2834
Church of God                         Wallace ................. 752-9561              Transporation - Interstate 90
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints                                     Interstate 90 serves as the major transportation artery in
  Kellogg ................. 682-2911                                        the northern United States. Traffic on 1-90 has increased steadily
Congregational Christian              Kellogg ................. 786-8801    as the Pacific Northwest becomes a major population center.
Episcopal                                                                       The Idaho Department of Transportation conducted a traffic
  Kellogg ................. 784-6641 Wallace ................. 752-7031     count of the vehicles traveling on 1-90 passing through the
Evangelical Free                      Osburn .................. 753-8392    Silver Valley.
Independent                           Pinehurst .............. 682-4726         Overall, the IDT estimates the traffic flow for an entire year
Jehovah's Witnesses                                                         through the Silver Valley is in the neighborhood of 3 to 4 mil-
  Osburn .................. 556-8941 Pinehurst .............. 682-4532      lion people.
Lutheran                                                                        A consensus developed by officials from the IDT and the
  Kellogg ................. 786-7791 Osburn .................. 752-8095     City of Kellogg was that 40 percent of the vehicles passing
  Mullan ................... 744-1324 Pinehurst .............. 682-2050     through the Silver Valley are commercial and local traffic and
Methodist                             Wallace ................. 556-7351    60 percent of the traffic is tourists and cross-country travelers.
Nazarene                              Kellogg ................. 784-6951

  Silver Valley Economic Development
          703 Cedar Street • Wallace, ID 83873
              800-523-7889 • 208-752-5511

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City & County Government & Resources                              Utilities
Shoshone County is administered by, three county commis-          Gas and electric: Avista Utilities, 800-227-9187,
sioners, who are elected to serve four-year terms. The county
courthouse is located in Wallace.                                 Local Economic Development
County Assessor                                 208-752-1202      Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation
                                                                                                 Vince Rinaldi, Executive Director:
County Commissioners                            208-752-3331
Planning & Zoning                               208-752-8891
County Recorder                                 208-752-1264      Idaho Works/Career Center
County Treasurer                                280-752-1261      35 Wildcat Way, Suite A • Kellogg, ID 83837 • 208-783-1202
Sheriff’s Office                                208-556-1114      www. • Email:
                                                                  Historic Silver Valley Chamber of Commerce
There are seven incorporated cities in Shoshone County,
                                                                  10 Station Avenue • Kellogg, ID 83837 • 208-784-0821
Kellogg being the largest. A mayor and four or six member
city councils that are elected to serve four-year terms admin-
istrate the government in these cities.                           Wallace Chamber of Commerce
City of Kellogg                                    208-786-9131   P.O. Box 1167 • Wallace, Id 83873 • 208-753-7151
City of Wallace                                    208-752-1147   City of Mullan • 208-744-1515
City of Mullan                                     208-744-1515
City of Wardner                                    208-784-7564   Media:
City of Osburn                                     208-752-0001   Newspaper - Shoshone News, 401 Main St., Kellog
City of Smelterville                               208-786-3351
City of Pinehurst                                  208-682-3721   Radio Stations: KWAL Radio, 120 First St., Osburn • 208-752-
                                                                  1141; KTWD 97.5 FM, Wallace • 877-710-5577
Murray/Prichard                                 unincorporated

                                                                                        Shirley George

                                                                    First American Title Company

                                                                           415 Seventh Street • Suite 1
                                                                                Wallace, ID 83873

2003-2004                                                                                                                      - 11 -
                      Doris Miller, Director

            10 Station Avenue • Kellogg, ID 83837

               Historic Wallace Chamber of Commerce

         10 River Street • I-90 Exit 61 • Wallace, ID 83873
                      800-434-4204 • 208-753-7151
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