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					Story Triggers

    1. Game Begins – Playground – The obvious first action of the player is to approach
       the ship, but it is possible at this point to move around the playground; however,
       since no powers have been activated yet, nothing can be done. All triggers in this
       section labeled (ac) can only be activated after obtaining the computer. Cut Scene
       1 plays before player can control the characters. (script)

Earth. An ALIEN SPACE SHIP rockets towards the planet. Just before it enters the atmosphere, an
EXPLOSION rips through one side of the hull. The SHIP goes into a spin as it begins to burn up in the

MADDY looks through the view finder of her digital camera as she prepares to take a picture of a tree. She
has the camera just where she wants it when...

JOEL shoves his stuffed alien, BAZ, in the way of her shot.


                 Joel! Can’t you find something else to do? My Dad doesn’t let me use his camera every

                 Sorry, Maddy. There’s never anything to do around here. I think Kevin was looking for
                 me so I’m trying to stay as far away from school as possible.

                 Can you at least go play with your doll somewhere else?

                 Doll? Doll? I’ll have you know that Baz here is a... a fully ar-, what’s the...
                 articulationed plush action...


MADDY snaps her picture of the tree.

                 What about your teddy bear?

JOEL points to MADDY’S book bag with a stuffed bear sitting next to it.

                 That’s different. Arcas is an heirloom.
                  You don’t even know what that means.

                  Do too.

                  Do not.

                  Do too.

                  Spell it.

MADDY notices something in the sky.

                  Joel, turn around.

                  What? Is it Kevin?

JOEL turns to see the SPACE SHIP falling towards the playground. The KIDS start running as the ship
crashes into a swing set. They turn to see the ship sitting in a large crater. A door opens in the side of the
SHIP. Before JOEL and MADDY can react, two spheres of light fly out of the doors towards them. They
pass right by the kids and dive into their toys.

The toys begin to glow and rise off the ground.

             a. Player is prompted with character selection
             b. Player approaches ship
                    i. Alien explains that the diagnostics computer needs to be found in
                        the wreckage. (script)

NOTE: The character specific dialog is for that character’s tutorial only. Only one main character will be
present during the tutorial and game play portions of the game.

                  You sense that there is something important hidden among the wreckage. Your alien will
                  tell you when you are close by lighting up its antenna (Baz) or by wiggling it’s ears

                  What? Hello? Did you just say something, Baz?
                  This is officially the coolest thing to happen to me this month.

                  Okay, Maddy. It’s normal to hear voices after you see a... space ship crash? Is that really
                  a space ship?
                  It seems that the ship needs a new QUANTUM BATTERY in order to lift off again.
                  Your DIAGNOSTIC COMPUTER also gives you access to a map of the town.

                  A what battery? Is that like one of those really little ones like in the DVD remote?

                  Okay, it’s a space ship. Good thing I have Dad’s camera today. No one’s gonna believe

The COMPUTER allows the player to see a large map of the town in the PAUSE MENU and keeps a MINI
MAP on screen during game play. POINTS OF INTEREST are marked on both maps.

                       ii. As player progresses towards diagnostic computer
                              1. Piece of ship flies off.
                                      a. Alien explains shield power (script)

                  Use your alien’s SHIELD power to deflect harmful objects and protect yourself.

The deflected debris lands on the other side of the playground, starting a small fire.

                                       b. Player obtains shield power
                                       c. Player blocks the debris from hitting him
                                2. Fires block the way. As player approaches
                                       a. Alien explains lifting power (script)
                  Use your new powers to throw some large pieces of wreckage at the flames to smother

                                      b. Player obtains lifting power
                                      c. Player must use debris to snuff out fires
                                3. The computer is on a ledge of debris. As player approaches
                                      a. Alien explains he can lift/throw player (script)

                  The alien can give you a powerful boost to help reach out of reach places.

                                      b. Player gains lift/throw ability
                                      c. Player must be brought to the ledge using the power
                                4. Player obtains computer
                                      a. Alien explains the need to hide himself and the
                                          computer and suggests the backpack (script)
                  Before you can leave the playground, you need to find a way to hide your new friend
                  from the prying eyes of the AGENTS patrolling the town. Find your BACKPACK
                  among the wreckage.
                 Oh no, my backpack had all my homework in it!

                 Oh no, my backpack had all my comic books in it!

Using their alien to tell them when they are close, the player will need to use their TELEKINESIS (JOEL)
or STRENGTH (MADDY) to lift away the debris and find their BACKPACK.

The BACKPACK allows the player to hide their alien from view with the push of a button. This will
become important when attempting to avoid the AGENTS.

                 Ha! Okay, THAT’S officially the coolest thing to happen to me this month.

                 I didn’t know my backpack was fire proof.

                                       b. Player grabs backpack - Alien and computer are
                                          hidden in pack.
                                       c. Alien explains that the diagnostics computer
                                          indicate that the quantum battery needs to be
                                          replaced and he noticed that the junkyard on his
                                          way down to Earth (script)

                 Part of the ship seems to be damaged beyond repair. Perhaps there is a place you could go
                 to find a replacement.

                                       d. Alien explains that the computer can be used for
                                          HUD. (script)

                 The diagnostic computer can do more than indicate what’s wrong with the ship. It can
                 also help the alien visualize the things you need to know. From now on, you will have a
                 map and status bars to aid you in your efforts.

                                     e. HUD is enabled.
             c. Playground practice (ac)
                     i. Approach the tennis court and balls shoot out of an automatic
                        pitcher, which the player can use to practice barrier skills
                    ii. Approach the basketball court and the player can use the toss
                        ability to shoot baskets
                   iii. Player can throw self atop various objects such as tables and
                        monkey bars
                   iv. Player removes tree blocking exit (ac) and exits
                            1. Cut Scene 2 plays (script)

As JOEL and MADDY leave the playground with their new friends, a SHADOWY FIGURE slips away
from the wreckage and begins to follow them.

                Does it tickle when your alien talks in your head?

                We need to help them fix their ship.

                I mean, it really tickles.


                Well, it does!

                Listen to me!

                Fix the ship. Yeah. Got it, “Mom.”

                We can probably find what they need in the junk yard. They keep all kinds of weird
                things in there.

                That’s, like, on the other side of town. That’s a billion miles from here.

                Come on.

MADDY runs OFF SCREEN. JOEL reluctantly follows.

                                              JOEL (O.S.)
                Ha, tickles!

NOTE: If the player chooses to turn around and look for the SHADOWY FIGURE, they won’t find it.

                                          JOEL (CONT’D)
                I coulda sworn I saw something following us. Huh. Oh well.

                That’s weird. I thought we were being followed.

                          2. Player has access to town, but can return to the playground
                          3. Points of interest (junkyard, cat lady, Kevin) are marked on
    2. Exploration – The next location the player needs to access in order to complete
       the demo is the junkyard, but it is possible instead to explore the town and play
various mini games. Locations to access in this point are listed below in the order
of complexity, but access order is up to the player.
    a. The Junkyard – The junkyard is designed as a lower security area with a
       higher security area in the middle. Around the yard, bots patrol for
       security while at the center Junkyard master McManus awaits the player
       with patrol bots, but so too does the mysterious alien from Cut Scene 2.
       Debris falls from the piles of junk and the player must dodge them while
       avoiding the bots. The front door is closed, so an alternative entrance must
       be found.
           i. Dialogue (script)

       The front door appears to be locked. There must be another way in.

           ii. Hole in fence is marked on map
          iii. Player enters yard
          iv. If player is hit with debris, player is stunned.
                  1. Player is spotted by a bot
                           a. Bot speaks (script), cueing the player to run or hide
       All monotone, robotic

       Stop where you are

       Intruder alert

       Anomaly detected

       Pursuit sequences activated

       Engaging normalization functions

                               b. Bot chases player
                                      i. Bot catches player
                                             1. Bot taunts (script)

       All monotone, robotic

       Program complete


       Bad guys 1, good guys 0

                                              2. Bot throws player out of junkyard
                                      ii. Player hides or turns a corner without the
                                          bot seeing – bot returns to post – player
                                iii. Player hits bot with debris – bot is stunned
                                     (also “blind” for escape purposes)
                          c. Player reaches inner circle
                                  i. Locked gate to center is located
                                         1. Alien explains that three energy
                                             couplings must be found and
                                             indicates them on the map (script)

   This gate is locked and we need to get though it. It appears that the lock can be
   circumvented if we locate three energy couplings and plug them in here.

                                        2. Player returns with three couplings,
                                            gate is unlocked
                          d. Player reaches center of the junkyard
                                  i. Boss battle with alien’s magnet
                                 ii. Player grabs Quantum Battery
                                iii. Dialogue ensues (script)

   Quickly! Get back to the ship and repair it!

                                  iv. Playground debris removed*
                                   v. Player is automatically removed from
b. The Cat Lady
      i. Player nears house in upscale residential area – lady mumbles

   Frustrated, yet concerned. When that boy’s father find out he’s been playing with the
   radio again, he’ll be furious.

   The telephone man might be happy to see you now, but he’s starting to get annoyed, I can

   How many times do I have to tell him that phones are not toys? Honestly, bits all over his
   bedroom floor. What a mess.

   Excited. Why yes, he is doing quite well in school. His teacher says she’s never seen a
   child more passionate about technology. Why, she can barely keep up.

       ii. Player enters Cat Lady’s property
              1. Dialogue ensues (script)

                             MRS. SPECTRE
   As the player approaches. George? George, is that you? Where have you been, child, I
   need your help!

                              JOEL or MADDY
Confused, sharing a glance with the toy. Um…

                             MRS. SPECTRE
Interupting. Those cats got out again, George and your father and I need you to get them
all back for me. I think ten of them got away in all. My gosh, they could be anywhere in
town by now, what are we ever going to do? I’ll reward you if you can find them all for

                           JOEL or MADDY
But I’m not…

                            MRS. SPECTRE
Interupting, gently guiding player off the lawn. And make sure you’re back by dinner this
time. You know how I get worried when you’re late.

              2. Player obtains cat finding side quest
              3. As a cat is approached
                    a. Character speaks (script)
                           JOEL or MADDY
All babying the cats

Here kitty kitty.

Nice kitty.

There you are. Time to head home.

Come on now, I’m not gonna hurt you.

                       b. Character obtains cat
                              i. Player arrives at story event (junkyard,
                                 Kevin, etc) – Cat is dropped and it returns to
                                 hiding spot
                             ii. Player arrives at Cat Lady
                                     1. Cat 1-9 - Dialogue (script)

                            MRS. SPECTRE
Cat 1 Oh you found Mittens! Good, I was beginning to get worried about him. He gets
sick so easily I thought he might catch a cold. To cat I’ll need to get your sweater on you
right away.

Cat 2 Sunshine! Thank you dear, he would have been so cranky if he missed his dinner!

Cat 3 Thank goodness, child, you found… err… Happy! Yes, that’s his name. Happy.
Happy is what he is. To cat Happy about being home, right dearie?

Cat 4 Oh it’s Butter! It’s so good to have this sweetie back, thank you George.

Cat 5 To cat Lazy Susan, Lazy Susan, I don’t imagine you got very far. I can’t say I’m
surprised to see you back here again. To player Thank you, thank you, she always comes
back, she just needs a little motivation.
   Cat 6 Oh it’s good you’re back, George. Let’s see… This one is Piglet! To Cat Porky is
   going to be happy to see you again, he’s having trouble keeping the house a mess himself

   Cat 7 You found boots! You can always tell where he is in the house. Just follow the

   Cat 8 This little guy is named Furball. I’m sure you can you know why, George. Smile

   Cat 9 Wow, you found Myth. I was worried I’d never see him again. You’re doing such a
   wonderful job George, how can I ever repay you? Such a wonderful boy.

   Confused, indignant Boy?!?!

                                           2. Cat 10
                                                 a. Dialogue (script)
                                MRS. SPECTRE
   Very excited Oh, you found the last one! It’s… uh… his name is… well, it’ll come to me,
   the important thing is he’s home. Now don’t run off yet, George, I have a great surprise
   for you. Quietly, excited Now don’t tell your father, but I’m going to give you a whole
   quarter. Try not to lose it now!
                                              b. Arcade token given and
                                                 added to player inventory
c. Kevin – Kevin and his cronies patrol the area around the school. When
   they see the player, they will chase and toss water balloons.
       i. When Kevin spots character
               1. Taunt (script)


   Hey Moel, how’s your doll?

   There he is! Get him!

   Special delivery!

   This will show you whose boss! Ha ha ha ha ha!

                2. Kevin co. chases player
                3. Kevin co. throws water balloons
                      a. If character is hit,
                               i. Kevin taunts (script)


   Ha ha!

   How do you like that?

   Did you see that guys? I got him!
   Did you guys see the look on his face!

                                ii. Player temporarily slowed down
                         b. If character uses powers to deflect onto Kevin co.
                                 i. Kevin whines (script)



   Mom, make him stop!

   Ahh, I’m wet!
                                ii. All of Kevin co. slows down temporarily
                        c. If character gets a certain distance away from Kevin
                            co., they return to their patrol.
d. *Playground Revisited – If the player returns to the playground before
   the quantum battery is recovered, it appears the same as it did during the
   tutorial; however, if the quantum battery has been found, it appears as it
   did before Cut Scene 1 (i.e. no evidence of impact). The following outline
   is for after the battery is found.
        i. Dialogue upon entry (script)

   Where’s the ship? Who could have taken it? Better hold onto that QUANTUM
   BATTERY until you find it.

       ii. Playground equipment tutorials remain active (see above)
      iii. Player exits playground

   Congratulations, you’ve completed the demo. There’s still plenty do in town, though.
   Have you met Kevin? Have you helped the cat lady bring her pets home? Take some time
   to explore the town!

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