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 An interactive learning project
Use the Page Down Button on the
       keyboard to begin.
 Use the Page Down button on the keyboard to go the the
  next page. If you want to go backwards, you can use Page
  Up button, or the arrows on the screen.
 As you work your way through this project, read the
  instructions on each slide carefully, and complete all
 When you reach the end, you will know all about
  Cambodia and Pol Pot. You will also have learned how to
  use the internet for research.
 Go on the the next page now.
 You will be given instructions and activities on these
 You will be given links to the internet. These will provide
  you with the information you need to complete the
  activities in your workbook.
 Links will be the only text that is underlined.
 To use a link, click on the underlined text with your
 To return here, close the internet window by clicking on
  the x in the very top right hand corner.
Try this now by clicking on the link to
        and then returning here
   by closing the internet window
       (clicking on top right X).
             Now for Cambodia!
 Finally!
 On  to the topic – Cambodia is a country in South
  East Asia. We are studying it because in the 1970s
  Cambodia was ruled by Pol Pot, a dictator.
 A dictatorship is a political system that is totally
  different to the one that we have in Austalia (a
     Where in the World is Cambodia?
 To find the answers, click on the link above.
 Write the answers in your workbook. The first
 one is already done for you.

 1 – What continent is Cambodia in?
      Answer: 1 - Cambodia is in Asia.
 2 – Name the 3 countries that are Cambodia’s neighbours.
 3 – What is the capital of Cambodia?
 4 – What is the main river that runs through Cambodia?
              Mapping Cambodia
 Copy and paste this map to
  a word document and …
 1 – On your map, label:
    Cambodia, Thailand,
     Laos, and Vietnam;
    the Gulf of Thailand;
     Mekong River; and
     Phnom Penh.

           Discovering the Past

 This section lets you discover Cambodia’s history.
 For each link there is a set of questions.
 Answer the questions in your workbook and then
  move on to the next link.
                  The Distant Past
                              Royal Palace, Phnom Penh

    In the 800s which Kingdom was founded in Cambodia?

 In what year did Thailand conquer Cambodia?
 For the next 400 years which two countries ruled
                       Protecting Cambodia

     What is a Protectorate?

     What is a Colony?

 Which European country
  takes Cambodia as a
  Protectorate in 1864?
 When does Cambodia become
  a colony of this country?
                         Fighting for Freedom

                                      During World War II,
                                       which country invades
                                      Cambodia and other
                                       countries in South East
                                       Asia fight for
                                       independence from France
                                       after World War II.
                      A New Leader

   In which year does Cambodia
    become independent?
   The man in the photo is made
    the leader of Cambodia. Who
    is this man?
   In 1955 this man gives up the
    throne for another person.
    Who is the person?
A Sudden Change in Government
                                                     What is a coup?

                                                     Who leads a coup in
                                                      Cambodia in 1970?
Cambodia’s leader 1970-1975
                  Fighting for Power
   Prince Sihanouk fights to win
    back control of Cambodia with
    the help of what group?
   In what year do they take
    control of the capital of
   In 1979 this government is
    overthrown by troops from
    what country?

               Putting it all Together
 Look back over your answers – you should now have a
  summarized history of Cambodia.
 If you have any gaps, go to Yale University’s site to fill
  them in – (Scroll down the left hand
    side until you can click on “Chronology 1950-1999”).

     800s AD          1864           1953           1955

       1979           1975           1972           1970

         Spot check: Can you say what event happened in
         Cambodia’s history for each date on the timeline?
              Checking the Dates
800sAD             1864            1953
                Cambodia         Cambodia
Angkor                                          Sihanouk
                 becomes           gains
Kingdom                                         abdicates
                  French       Independence
 founded                       From France.
                                               in favour of
                                                his father.

   1979           1975             1972            1970
  Khmer          Khmer           Sihanouk        Lon Nol
  Rouge          Rouge          and Khmer        leads a
overthrown        seize           Rouge           coup
    by           Phnom         fight against   overthrowing
Vietnamese.       Penh.          Lon Nol.       Sihanouk.

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