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East Metro Gas Pipeline Replacement Project
Introduction                                                             Our inspections indicate the integrity of our existing
Xcel Energy owns and operates about 11 ½ miles of gas                    compression-coupled transmission lines is sound. We’ve
transmission line in the cities of St. Paul and Roseville. These lines   scheduled the pipeline replacement project to ensure future
are the backbone of the gas delivery system in the East Metro            reliability and enable more effective in-line inspections and
area, serving around 100,000 homes and businesses. The existing          pressure testing, which aren’t available on the existing lines.
compression-coupled lines were originally installed in the 1940s         The East Metro Gas Pipeline Replacement Project Project is
and 1950s. We plan to replace those lines over the next four years       reflective of our overall plan to upgrade our energy delivery
to ensure the integrity and reliability of the system.                   infrastructure across the system, much of which was built
                                                                         during the post World War II growth boom.
Project benefits
The replacement pipe will contain stronger steel than the pipe  Where and when construction will occur
currently in place and new sections will be welded rather than  • 2013 – Rice St. & County Rd. B to Park St. & Rose Ave.
coupled. The new lines also will be equipped with provisions to • 2014 – Pleasant Ave. & St. Albans St. to Lexington Pkwy.
enable use of advanced assessment technology to help ensure the          & Montreal Avenue
integrity and reliability of the system.
                                                                • 2015 – Rose Ave. & Park St. to Pleasant Ave. & St. Albans St.
In addition, remote control valves will be installed to improve          • 2016 – Montreal Ave. & Edgcumbe Rd. to Elway St. & Shepard Rd.
gas delivery efficiency—especially during peak use days. The                      Pleasant Ave & St. Albans St. to Randolph Ave. &
improvement also will give system operators greater capability                    James Ave.
to isolate a pipeline in the event of an emergency and reduce the
impact on customers.

Cost and schedule
The replacement project represents about a $56.5 million
investment. It will be executed over a four-year period starting
in 2013 with up to 4 1/2 miles of gas main replaced in any given
year. The work is being done in phases from approximately May
through October of each year to complete tie-ins before winter
and avoid gas delivery interruptions during the heating season.

The majority of the work will involve removal of the existing
pipeline and placing the new main in the same trench; however              QUESTIONS?
there are a few locations where the new line will be directionally            Contact a Community Relations Manager:
drilled and the existing main retired in place. Construction activity         If you are a St. Paul property owner contact:
will require some digging in streets, but we will work with local             John Marshall 651-229-2230
authorities to minimize traffic interruptions and we will restore             If you are a Roseville property owner contact:
affected areas to their original condition.                                   Colette Jurek 651-458-1228
                                                                              Visit our Website
                                                                              Go to: About Us/Our Company/Projects and RFPs/East
                                                                              Metro Gas Pipeline Replacement Project
Park Street Line Route Description
1. Rice Street from County Road B to Larpenteur Ave
2. Larpenteur Ave from Rice St to Albemarle St
3. Albemarle St from Larpenteur Ave to Arlington Ave
4. Arlington Ave from Albemarle St to Sylvan St                                                                                       Larpenteur Ave W

5. Sylvan St from Arlington Ave to Maryland Ave
6. Maryland Ave from Sylvan St to Park St
7. Park St from Maryland Ave to Rose Ave                                                              Construction Year:
8. Park St from Rose Ave to Sherburne Ave                                                             2014                                Maryland Ave W
9. Sherburne Ave from Capitol Blvd to Saint Albans St                                                 2016
10. St Albans St from Sherburne Ave to Pleasant Ave

                                                                                                                                                              Rice Street
Island Line Route Description
1.   From Pleasant Ave and St Albans St intersection
     to Michigan St and Webster Ave (I35E Crossing)
2.   Michigan St from Webster Ave to Duke St                                                                University Ave W

3.   Duke St from Michigan St to James Ave
4.   James Ave from Duke Street to Island Station
                                                                                                                                           St. Paul
Montreal Line Route Description
                                                                                                               Summit Ave
1. Pleasant Ave from St Albans St to Victoria St
2. Victoria St from Pleasant Ave to Pleasant Ave
3. Pleasant Ave from Victoria St to Chatsworth St
4. Chatsworth St from Pleasant Ave to Armstrong Ave                                                                                                                                     N
5. Armstrong Ave from Chatsworth St to Pleasant Ave
6. Pleasant Ave from Armstrong Ave to mid-block
   between Bayard Ave and Scheffer Ave
7. I35E crossing from mid-block between Bayard Ave
   and Scheffer Ave to Pleasant Ave and Scheffer Ave
8. Pleasant Ave from Scheffer Ave to Otto Ave                                                                    35E

9. Lexington Ave from Otto Ave to Montreal Ave
10. Montreal Ave from Edgcumbe Rd to Elway St
11. Elway St from Montreal Ave to Benson Ave

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