ANNUAL REPORT 2009 - United Way of Racine County by yaofenjin


									     United Way
     of Racine County

Table of Contents
Message from Leadership                                    3

Education and Health                                       4

Income                                                     6

Advancing Family Assets (AFA)                              7

Community Investment Volunteers                            8

Youth As Resources (YAR)                                   9

2009 Campaign                                              10

Leadership Donors                                          11

Thank You, 2009 Campaign Contributing Organizations        12

Board of Directors, Board Committees and Staff             14


  United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report
United Way of Racine County                             Message from Leadership
improves lives and creates
lasting community change
in partnership with
local organizations.
                              What a challenging and rewarding year it has been for United Way of
                              Racine County!

                              Never was it more necessary for all of us, our friends, neighbors, and
                              fellow workers to give, advocate and volunteer. People who have
                              been giving to United Way for years were suddenly in need of help
                              themselves. Low to moderate-income families who had slowly been
                              improving their financial lot in life have found themselves pitched back
                              into debt and despair with the climb back looking steeper than ever.

                              As a result of the extraordinary generosity of more than 10,000 people,
                              United Way of Racine County raised $4.9 million to help respond to
                              these increased community needs. While that total represents a slight
                              downturn from 2008, the spirit of giving and passion for helping others
                              were at an all-time high.

                              This year’s Campaign Chair Chris Antonneau assembled a team that
                              was of Olympic caliber. Look for their names in this report and if you
                              see any of them, say thanks! Their enthusiasm, and the energy and
                              dedication of all of our 2009 volunteers provided measurable response
                              to the increased need in this extraordinarily difficult time.

                              For those who no longer have jobs, for those facing illness with no
                              health insurance, for those striving to make ends meet on part-time
                              work, for those who have been abused, and for those who are hungry,
                              United Way programs literally change and save lives. United Way
                              creates hope and provides solutions so that individuals and families
                              can become self-sufficient and in turn all of us can enjoy a safer,
                              strong community.

                              United Way continues to be much more than a funder of programs, and
     Francisco Sanchez        is committed to bringing people and organizations together to address
        Board Chair           the root causes of our community’s most pressing needs.

                              We hope you will read through this report and feel proud of your part in
                              helping Racine County LIVE UNITED.

      David L. Maurer
                                                     United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report   3
“Nothing is more powerful and
liberating than knowledge.”William H. Gray III

Connecting and sharing information                                            The Success by 6 Priority Committee
A community impact role of United Way of Racine County is to connect          invested $437,000 in the following early
others to local resources. In 2009, United Way funded a variety of programs   childhood programs to ensure healthy
and services totaling $45,633 that help Racine County residents get the       development of young children that will
training, information and support they need. The Community Investment         lead to success as they enter school:
Committee supported numerous programs that ensure networking and access       Caledonia/Mt. Pleasant Health Department
to information on both professional and personal levels:                      Teen Parenting Support

IMPACT, Inc.                                                                  Community Response Program
2-1-1@ IMPACT (Racine County)                                                 Family Smart/Kid Friendly East
LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin                                                   Family Smart/Kid Friendly Partnership (West)
Start-up funding                                                              Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization
Racine County Human Services Department                                       Children’s Program
Western Racine County Special Needs Resource Fair
                                                                              Next Generation Now
RAMAC                                                                         Family Support Services
Leadership Racine
                                                                              Racine County University of Wisconsin -
University of Wisconsin-Parkside                                               Extension
Nonprofit Development Center                                                  Racine Touchpoints
                                                                              Racine Family Literacy
W2 Children Services Network/Racine County UW-Extension                       Early Childhood Program
Eastern Racine County Networking Breakfast
Western Racine County Networking Breakfast

The Success by 6 Priority Committee also funded research to identify
services for families with young children; 2010 Services to Parents/
Caregivers of Children from Birth to Six is available on United Way’s
Web site under Programs/Success by 6.

Imagination Library start-up in 2009
United Way of Racine County launched an exciting initiative to bring
age-appropriate books to young children, birth to five, living in western
Racine County. Children receive books in the mail every month until age
five. Imagination Library was created in 1996 by Dolly Parton with the goal
of placing quality books in homes of all children, regardless of income.

This program is aligned with United Way’s early childhood priority to
ensure the healthy development of children and prepare them to enter
school ready to succeed. United Way, with sponsorship from local
companies, pays for all related expenses. Special thanks to founding
sponsor, Runzheimer International, whose generous contribution will
provide books for 150 children annually.

4    United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report
                                                                “He who has health, has hope.
                                                        And he who has hope, has everything.”
                                                                                                                  - Arabian Proverb

The Caring for Kids Priority Committee           Preparing youth for productive adulthood
provided $1,176,000, to support programs         Our best hopes for children and youth involve healthy development and
for school-age children in the areas of          success in school. In addition to programs listed on the left, several youth
education, health and social development:        programs and projects were supported in 2009, approximately $5,000, by
                                                 the Community Investment Committee:
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
One-to-one Outcome Based Mentoring Program       City of Racine
                                                 King Center Baseball Program
Boy Scouts of America - SE Wisconsin Council
Comprehensive Youth Program                      Innovative Child Care
Burlington Safety Patrol                         2009 Summer Program
Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin          Wisconsin Foundation for Independence
Child and Family Therapy Program;                College Readiness 21 – Racine
Child Advocacy Center
Community Response Program
                                                 The Western Racine County Advisory
Focus on Community
Families and Schools Together (FAST) programs;
                                                 Committee invested $4,100 in
AODA Prevention and Education                    youth empowerment programs
George Bray Neighborhood Center                  that serve children in communities
R.E.A.C.H - Recreational, Education, Advocacy,   west of I-94 in Racine County:
Cultural Competence
                                                 Burlington Police Department
Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast               Burlington Safety Patrol
Membership Program
John XXII Educational Center                     Waterford Graded School District
Afterschool Program                              TAB: Teens Against Bullying
Lutheran Social Services of WI and
  Upper Michigan
Stop Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Programs
Racine County
Summer Youth Employment
Racine Family Literacy
School-age Children Program
Racine Family YMCA
Strong Kids; Strong Communities Agenda
Racine Youth Sports
Boys and Girls Sports
Urban League of Racine and Kenosha, Inc.
Math League Program                              A new community resource for afterschool programs
Western Racine County Health Department
                                                 In response to the need for easily accessible information on programs
Teen Pregnancy Prevention West                   for school-age children and youth that run after school, weekends or
Women’s Resource Center                          summer, United Way’s Greater Racine Area Afterschool Steering Committee
SafeStart                                        promoted a new resource Web site to help students, parents and other
Youth for Christ - Southeastern Wisconsin        professionals working with youth and families. Check out the Racine
Juvenile Aftercare Ministry (JAM)                area afterschool programs, events and resources listed on the new
YWCA of Racine                                   Web site: Current Web
Girls, Inc.                                      site sponsors include Racine Founders Rotary Club, Racine Tuesday
                                                 Optimist Club and United Way’s Caring for Kids Priority Committee.

                                                                                 United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report   5
“True individual freedom cannot exist without                                                                    The Supporting Self-Sufficiency
                                                                                                                 priority committee invested $1,505,000
economic security and independence.”                                                                             in programs and services that help
                                                                         - Franklin D. Roosevelt                 individuals and families achieve
Meeting basic needs                                                                                              maximum independence:
In times of high unemployment and economic stress, helping individuals
                                                                                                                 Alliance on Mental Illness of Racine County
and families secure the resources they need and improve their knowledge
                                                                                                                 American Red Cross in Southeastern
of assets management become priorities. In addition to the annual funding                                          Wisconsin
to agencies that help meet basic needs and improve daily living skills, the                                      Emergency Services
Community Investment Committee invested $9,650 in the following programs                                         The Arc of Racine County
and events:                                                                                                      Advocacy, Support and Education Programs

Assets Builders of America, Inc.                                                                                 Catherine Marian Housing
2009 Money Conference                                                                                            Bethany Apartments

Homeless Assistance Coalition/Racine Housing Coalition                                                           Catholic Charities
Housing Conference                                                                                               Outreach

Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization (HALO)                                                               Family Service of Racine
Financial Literacy Training                                                                                      Counseling and Psychotherapy
Project New Life                                                                                                 First Choice Pre-Apprenticeship
Supportive Housing Program
                                                                                                                 Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization
SAFE Haven of Racine                                                                                               (HALO)
Holiday Food Baskets
                                                                                                                 Health Care Network
The Western Racine County Advisory Committee provided $13,300 in                                                 Lincoln Lutheran of Racine
                                                                                                                 Community Outreach
programs serving the elderly and low-income families in the communities
                                                                                                                 Lutheran Social Services of WI and
west of I-94 in Racine County:                                                                                     Upper Michigan
Burlington Senior Center                                                                                         Sexual Assault Services
                                                                                                                 Racine County Food Bank
Caldwell United Methodist Church                                                                                 Emergency Food Distribution
Waterford Area Food Bank                                                                                         Racine Friendship Clubhouse
Love, Inc.                                                                                                       Racine Literacy Council
Emergency Food                                                                                                   Adult Tutoring
                                                                                                                 Racine Vocational Ministry
The Salvation Army - Burlington                                                                                  Racine Vocational Ministry
Emergency Food                                                                                                   Community ReEntry
Union Grove Food Bank
                                                                                                                 Recreational programs

                                                                                                                 SAFE Haven of Racine
                                                                                                                 SAFE Haven Programs, SAFE Passage

                                                                                                                 The Salvation Army - Racine Corps
                                                                                                                 Social Services
                                                                                                                 Transitional Living Center - Burlington
                                                                                                                 TLC Shelter
                                                                                                                 Urban League of Racine and Kenosha
                                                                                                                 Achievement Center
                                                                                                                 Women’s Resource Center
                                                                                                                 Safe Emergency Shelter and Continuum of
                                                                                                                   Safe Services

                                                                                                                 In addition to grants made to agencies,
                                                                                                                 2009 donor designation payments
                                                                                                                 to United Way Partner Providers
                                                                                                                 totaled $326,240.
United Way donor and NBA All-Star Caron Butler, along with United Way staff and volunteers, lend a hand at the
Racine County Food Bank during the “Caron Butler Day of Service” on June 8, 2009.
6      United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report
       AFA Success Strategies
Advancing Family Assets ensures the
provision of high quality coaching
services that are client-centered and
strength-based. AFA Family Success
Coaches track progress on all individuals
within the families, and Individual
Success Plans help guide family members
toward the desired AFA goals.                    In response to the Racine County Workforce Development Board’s
                                                 ten-year workforce development strategy that seeks to develop “a vital,
Income Goal. To establish durable connections
                                                 dynamic economy characterized by a workforce that is fully employed,”
between families and the mainstream
economy. Heads of households must have           United Way of Racine County convened community planning meetings
adequate income to support themselves            which ultimately led to the creation of Advancing Family Assets (AFA),
and dependents. Family income may                United Way’s new community initiative.
be generated through jobs or accessing
benefits to which they are entitled.             Advancing Family Assets intends to serve at least 500 families
Families must also be able to protect their      throughout Racine County during the next 10 years, ensuring a variety
assets through increased financial literacy
                                                 of positive family outcomes to increase the number of reliable and
                                                 productive workers, ultimately reducing poverty in our community.
Education Goal. To advance individual’s
potential to achieve academic/ vocational        AFA Outcomes
success. Adults and children in the family       Outcomes measurement is a critical component within the AFA initiative
need to continue to gain knowledge and
skills that ultimately lead to productive
                                                 with progress measured in the areas of income, education and health.
living. Children need positive preschool         Achievement of key outcomes leading to AFA “graduation” include
and afterschool experiences, while adults        improved employment, credit scores, housing situations, children’s
participate in classes or training programs.     performance in school, and health of family members, as well as positive
                                                 social functioning at home, in school, on the job, and in the community.
Health Goal. To assist families in maintaining
healthy relationships and lifestyles. Families   Since April, 2009, 35 families have been enrolled in AFA with 26
participate in programs to develop healthy
lifestyles, positive communication, and
                                                 considered active, meaning that the family maintains regular contact
parenting skills, including the engagement       with its Family Success Coach and is making progress toward the goals
of fathers in the lives of their children.       in the Individual Success Plans. Of the 89 active participants, 56 are
                                                 children with 25 of those participants under age five.

AFA Success Story: Gaining Stability             •   Sixteen of the 34 AFA adults are employed, six full-time and 10
The “H” Family of five, headed by a                  part-time jobs, averaging less than $10 per hour in wages. Other
single mother, has been enrolled in AFA              adults are actively engaged in the job search or in some type of
for three months. The mother relied on her
part-time wages and weekly unemployment
                                                     educational or certification program to increase employability.
checks to support her family. Thanks             •   In a difficult employment climate, learning to better manage limited
to AFA, she now saves $100 per month                 resources has been the focus of most AFA families. Eighty percent
and follows a monthly budget. With the
assistance of AFA, the mother completed              of families have developed monthly budgets, and most are now
CPR and First Aid classes, allowing                  paying their bills on time, making better spending decisions,
her to get her license to work as an in-             and trying to stay within their budgets. Most households became
home child care provider. However, she               “banked” with 22 families having savings accounts; 17 of those
was called back to her old job and now               with checking accounts.
works 30 hours a week and has been
approached about moving into a full-time         •   The 25 children under age five are monitored for healthy
position. Now enrolled in the Family Self            development and school readiness, as well as identifying any
Sufficiency Program (FSS) at the Housing             concerns that would require further testing or special services.
Authority of Racine County, she gains
money in her escrow account that is hers to          Most AFA children are showing positive outcomes.
use for housing or education.
                                                                         United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report   7
    Community Investment Volunteers
    Success by 6               Supporting                 Community Investment
    Priority Committee         Self-Sufficiency           Financial Team
    CHAIR                      Priority Committee         CHAIR
    Deborah Pierre-Louis       CO-CHAIRS                  Chris Leberfing
                               Marianne Maleske           Julie Craig
                               Laura Matter               Jim Parrish
    Chad Rottier
                               FINANCIAL ADVISORS         Robert Reinders
    Tanya Canady                                          Chad Rottier
                               Chris Leberfing
    Angel Carlson                                         Dave Titus
                               Frank Tresch
    Kathy Dunkerson                                       Frank Tresch
    Jennifer Eastman           Nancy Anderson             Mandy Wellen
    Teri Gamble                Matthew Clausen
    Sue Goelz                  Romeo Collier
                                                          Community Investment
    Reva Holmes                Mark Dahms
                                                          Committee (CIC)
    Janis Lemke                Connie Eberly
    Jamie Martin               Jill Fall
                                                          Paul Rohling
    Linda Michel               Lindsay Fiori
    Mark Mundl                 Scott Frey                 Milous Adams
    Dorothy Sack               Andrew Ganaway             Dave Albrecht
    Nancy Shannon              Mike Goebel                Chris Leberfing
                               Tiniesha Griffin           Marianne Maleske
    Caring for Kids
                               Jill Hartmann              Laura Matter
    Priority Committee         Joe Heck                   Mark Mundl
    CO-CHAIRS                  Gregory Kidd               Deborah Pierre-Louis
    Mark Mundl                 David Kleba                Rakesh Popli
    Frances Strickland         Linda Lehrmann             Francisco Sanchez
    FINANCIAL ADVISORS         Cheryl Mazmanian           Karen Severson
    Robert Reinders            Sandi McClaron             Frances Strickland
    Mandy Wellen               LeRoy Miller               Mary Wyant
                               Alonzo Payne
    Janet Brown-Exner          Rakesh Popli
    Randy Dorece               Paul Rohling
    Mark Gesner                Jerodd Taylor
    Diane Ingalsbe             Richard Therkelsen
    George Karegeannes         Brenda Thomas
    Marissa Keller             Arletta Tucker
    Kevin McCabe
                               Western Racine
    Sandi McClaron
                               County Advisory
    Robin Monosa
    Rakesh Popli
    Kara Reske                 CHAIR
    Jo Ann Rodriguez           Cindy Armstrong
    Mike Rohrer                Terri Ailes
    Dorothy Sack               Dave Albrecht
    Nik Sendelbach             Beverlee Baker
    Beth Shelton               Bill Schoessling
    Brenda Thomas              Gary Tilleros
    Gwen Trussell              Tom Trimberger
    Candy Zicarelli            Debbie Witte

8      United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report
             Examples of 2009
            YAR Funded Projects
                                                                                                Youth as Resources
                                                   Youth As Resources (YAR)
    “1 Student + 1 Mentor = 2 Lives…               awards grants to groups of young
            Changed Forever”                       people who want to perform
 Twenty-four Union Grove Union High
 School upperclassmen worked with 17
                                                   community service projects in
 incoming freshmen to make the transition          Racine County. The projects
 to high school easier and less stressful. The     must be youth designed and
 older students served as mentors and advisors     youth implemented.
 to the freshmen, who were identified by their
 middle schools as struggling or at risk. The
 youth participated in team building activities
                                                   The majority of YAR board
 before the school year began and continue to      positions are held by youth.
 meet regularly.                                   The executive committee consists
                                                   of a youth chair, adult
            “Battle of the Bottles”                                                    Left to Right: Jessica Safransky, Jenny Craig, Niru
                                                   co-chair, youth secretary and       Sivanushanthan, Jessica Phan, enjoy the 2009
 Middle school students from Walden III            youth historian. Board members Youth as Resources Board Pizza Party.
 designed costumes and a skit to emphasize
 the importance of using reusable water            attend monthly meetings, represent
 bottles, recycling, and helping the               YAR at community events, and participate in board service projects.
 environment. The skit will be performed at        Each board member also serves on a subcommittee. Each subcommittee
 local schools and at the Root River Revival       is led by a youth chair and adult co-chair.
 at the Root River Environmental Center.

           “Dinner and Friendship”
                                                   During 2009, YAR board members helped maintain the Kids Cove
 Seventeen youth from Racine Family                playground at North Beach and sorted books at the Cops 'N Kids book
 Literacy’s youth group hosted a Cinco de          giveaway. The communications committee designed and distributed
 Mayo fiesta for the residents of St. Monica’s     business cards to local florists. The cards were included with all
 Senior Citizens Home. The goal of the             flowers ordered for prom and reminded students not to drink and drive
 project was to promote cultural awareness
 while making the seniors feel like valued
                                                   after prom. Board members shared the successes of the 2008-2009
 members of the community. The youth               program year at a celebration banquet in June and kicked off the
 worked with their parents to plan, prepare        2009-2010 program year in August with a board retreat that focused
 and serve an authentic Mexican meal.              on teambuilding activities.
 Highlights of the evening included bingo
 and a piñata.
                                                   Youth As Resources had three grant deadlines during 2009. The board
                                                   funded 13 projects totaling $10,840. The projects addressed a variety
      2009 YAR Board Members
                                                   of community needs.
Jacob Ahn                    Milan Meyers
David Algrim                 Ian Morey
Kim Andersen                 Megan Morey
Casey Ange                   Austin Noll
Alicia Below                 Terri Orlando
Chris Besaw                  Ciara Page
Andrew Bjerregaard           Jessica Phan
Tyra Butler                  Neel Sharma
Emma Campion                 Sundar Sharma
Jenny Craig                  Niru Sivanushanthan
Katelyn Flynn                Shan Sivanushanthan
Kurt Haffner                 Bailee Sliker
Allison Jopke                Emilie Smiley
MaryBeth Kallio              Patrick Wagner
                                                                                                            Left to Right: Emilie Smiley, Jenny
Seth Kuranz                  Claire Weyers                                                                  Craig and Katelyn Flynn help paint
Lucas McCann                                                                                                at the North Beach Kid’s Cove.
Coordinator: Jessica Safransky
                                                                              United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report                    9
2009 Campaign                                                                                2009 Campaign Cabinet
In 2009, more than ever, we witnessed an increased need in services                  Chris Antonneau, David Insurance Agency - Chair
                                                                                     John Erskine, Racine Federated, Inc. - Vice Chair
in Racine County. At its peak, unemployment in the city of Racine
                                                                                     David Barnett, Fox River State Bank
was reported at 17 percent and companies were forced to make salary                  Jim Beere, Petersen Machine/Pioneer Products
reductions and conduct layoffs.                                                      John Busey, Robert W. Baird & Co.
                                                                                     Jim Cairns, BCI
This year, for the first time we chose not to set a community goal.                  Gene Gasiorkiewicz, Hanson & Gasiorkiewicz, S.C.
We were not naïve to the fact that we faced challenges; however, it was              Judy Gavigan, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
a time to pull our community together to create change and help those                Mark Geisler, Diversey, Inc.
                                                                                     Mike Goebel, CWA 4611
in need.
                                                                                     Brad Goodwin, SC Johnson & Son, Inc.
                                                                                     Dr. Tod Hammes, Spring Dental Group
Chris Antonneau, his campaign team, United Way staff and Loaned
                                                                                     Todd Hunsucker, Diversey, Inc.
Employees encouraged companies and organizations across Racine                       Dave Johnson, Johnson Outdoors, Inc.
County to set internal goals that challenged people to think outside of the          Cristie Leto, Racine Federated, Inc.
box and be more creative in their fundraising efforts than ever before.              Kelly Martyn, CNH Capital
                                                                                     Rebecca Mason, Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.
The community stepped up in ways that far exceeded every expectation.                Marilyn Matelski, Community Volunteer
A few outstanding examples include:                                                  Kevin McCabe, SC Johnson & Son, Inc.
                                                                                     Jeff McKeown, Express Personnel Services
• Modine Manufacturing raised approximately $8,000 more in 2009                      Ahmad Qawi, Racine Family YMCA
   than 2008 with nearly 200 fewer employees.                                        Dr. Don Romsa, Racine Oral Surgery
• Andis Company increased its campaign by 47 percent.                                Tony Rosso, M&I Bank - Burlington
• Runzheimer International increased its giving by 40 percent and                    Christopher Ruud, Ruud Lighting
   became the Premeir Sponsor of United Way’s Imagination Library                    Peter Smet, Burlington Area School District
                                                                                     Dan Taivalkoski, Racine County Food Bank
   initiative in western Racine County.                                              Tom Trimberger, Community State Bank
                                                                                     Jeff Van Koningsveld, IBEW Local 430
Take a look through the following pages of contributing organizations
and know that behind each one of them is an amazing story. Team
members stepped up as leaders, and did their best to help the community                      2009 Loaned Employees
in this time of tremendous need, not only in giving, but in building the
                                                                                     Theresa Barrett, Sponsored Employee
passion for volunteerism and community engagement.                                   Gina Bartel, Sponsored Employee
                                                                                     Alida Harper Trocke, Sponsored Employee
This past year proved the generosity and caring spirit of the companies              Jennifer Hurley, Johnson Financial
and individuals who make up the Racine community. We should all be                   Angela Johnson, Educators Credit Union
proud of what we have accomplished together.                                         Marilyn Matelski, Sponsored Employee
                                                                                     Brett Nielsen, Educators Credit Union
                                                                                     Dennis Reichelt, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
                                                                                     Jenny Thoennes, Sponsored Employee

“A leader’s role is to raise                                                         Special thanks to Educators Credit Union, Johnson
people’s aspirations for what                                                        Foundation and Ruud Lighting for hosting this
                                                                                     year’s Employee Campaign Coordinator trainings.
they can become and to                                                               Additional thanks to BRP, US, Inc., Educators
                                                                                     Credit Union, Johnson Financial, Racine
release their energies so they                                                       Federated, Ruud Lighting, SC Johnson & Son, Twin
will try to get there.”                                                              Disc, and Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All
                                                                                     Saints for sponsoring and providing this year’s
                         - David R. Gergen                                           team of Loaned Employees.
                                              2009 Campaign Chair, Chris Antonneau
10   United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report
           A Community of                     Diamond Circle                                      Leadership Donors
         Outstanding Leaders                  Gus and Sandy Antonneau
                                              Louie H. Seabolt and Jane M. Hutterly
In 2009 more than 750 individuals             Jennifer C. and James M. Perkins
accounted for a quarter of the total annual   Christopher and Chantil Ruud
campaign by becoming leadership givers.       Steven P. and Judy M. Stanbrook

                                              Gold Circle
Beacon Circle Club giving is an
                                              Alan and Martha Biland
                                                                                                                “The ability
extraordinary expression of leadership that
helps United Way advance the common           Simon Boag                                                         to summon
good for all people who live and/or work in   Scott L. Bowser
Racine County.                                Harold and Laurel Boyanovsky                               positive emotions
                                              Virginia and Allen Buhler
Thank you to all 2009 Beacon Circle           Greg and Bonnie Clark                                         during periods
members for providing the foundation for      John and Lyn Erskine
                                              Fredrick and Deborah Ganaway
                                                                                                          of intense stress
United Way of Racine County’s leadership
in helping our neighbors, friends and         John and Cathy Goelz                                      lies at the heart of
families improve their lives.                 Sue and Dan Horton
                                              S. Curtis Johnson and Tracie Stier-Johnson            effective leadership.”
                                              Scott and Joan Johnson                                                              - Jim Loehr
Beacon Circle Levels                          Ron Jones
                                              Dennis and Sandy Kontra
                                              Neal and Gerry Nottleson
Diamond Circle             $7,500-$9,999      Patrick and Betsie O’Brien
Gold Circle                $5,000-$7,499      Richard Schliesmann
Silver Circle              $2,500-$4,999      The Scolaro Family                       There were 90 Silver Circle donors, 64 Copper Circle
Copper Circle              $1,750-$2,499      Steve Shibley                            Donors and 499 Bronze Circle donors in 2009.
Bronze Circle              $1,000-$1,749      Jeff and Linda Waller                    Please contact United Way of Racine County for the
                                              Russ and Debbie Weyers                   complete Beacon Circle Brochure.

                                                    2009 Tocqueville Givers
                                              Local Tocqueville Society               Membres de la Société
                                              members contribute                      ($10,000 - $24,999)
                                              $10,000 or more annually
                                              and are listed in the       Michael and Gloria Batten
                                              nationally circulated       Karen and William Boyd
                                              Tocqueville Society 2009    Thomas and Ginee Burke
                                              Leadership Directory.       Caron and Andrea Butler
                                                                          Walter Haven Trust
                                              Tocqueville Society was     Dr. H. Fisk Johnson
                                              created to honor the        Imogene P. Johnson
                                              goodwill and community      Craig L. Leipold and Helen Johnson-Leipold
                                              leadership that inspired    Edward and Laura Lonergan
                                              French philosopher          Catherine and Bill Perez
                                              and historian Alexis de     Carol B. Phelon Family Foundation
                                              Tocqueville’s writing about Alan and Patricia Ruud
                                              the caring and generosity   Doug and Susan Ruud-Stover
                                              of the American people      EC Styberg Foundation
                                              more than 150 years ago.    Eugene Szymczak
                                                                          Mary and Willard Walker
                                                                          Fred and Sandra Young

                                                                            United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report
                                                                            United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report              11
Thank you, 2009 Campaign Contributing Organizations

 Individuals from across the community proudly display their LIVE UNITED shirts throughout the year.

 21st Century Preparatory School               Burlington Graphic Systems, Inc.                Erickson Auto Trim                   Johnson Financial
 A & E Hand Tools                              Butter Buds Food Ingredients                    Exelon Corporation                   Johnson Foundation, Inc.
 Abbott Laboratories                           Carpetland                                      Express Employment Professionals     Johnson Keland Management, Inc.
 Accounting and Business Services, Inc.        Carthage College                                Family Service of Racine             Johnson Outdoors, Inc.
 Accu-Turn                                     Cassity Tree Service, Inc.                      First Banking Center                 SC Johnson & Son Retirees
 Action Law Offices                            Catherine Marian Housing, Inc.                  First Choice Pre-Apprenticeship      SC Johnson & Son, Inc.
 AFSCME City Employees Local 67                Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese           First Weber Group                    The Journal Times
 Alliance on Mental Illness of Racine Co.        of Milwaukee                                  Fischer Precise                      JP Morgan Chase & Co.
    (NAMI-Racine)                              CBR Foundation for Financial Education          Focus on Community                   Katt Construction
 Allstate Insurance Company                    Central Saw & Mower                             Four Seasons Lawncare                Kohl’s Department Store
 American Automobile Association               Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin         Gap                                  Kranz, Inc.
 American Bin & Conveyor, LLC                  City of Burlington                              The Garvey Group                     Lakeview Rehabilitation Center
 Andis Company                                 City of Racine                                  Gateway Technical College            Landmark Credit Union
 Angel Lithographing Co.                       Clifton Gunderson LLP                           General Rental                       Landmark Title of Racine
 The Arc of Racine County                      CNH America LLC                                 Georgie Porgie’s                     Lia Sophia-Gina Bartel
 Ashland, Inc.                                 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage           Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast   Liberty Mutual
 Associated Bank                               Combined Federal Campaign                       Goodell Chiropractic Office          Lincoln Lutheran of Racine
 Assurant Health                               Communications Workers of America               Goodwill Industries of SE WI         Lofty Learning
 AT&T                                            Local 4611                                    Gordon Food Service                  Longaberger- Jane Kurylo
 Augie’s Excavating, Inc.                      Community State Bank                            Gordon J. Maier & Company, LLP       Lutheran Social Services of WI
 Aurora Health Care                            Cooper Power Systems/ Cooper Industries         Great Northern Corporation             and Upper MI, Inc.
 AXA Financial, Inc.                           CRB Insurance                                   Grove Gear                           M & W Shops, Inc.
 Batten International Airport                  CSL Plasma Services                             HALO, Inc.                           M&I Bank
 Baxter & Woodman                              David Insurance Agency, Inc.                    Hanson & Gasiorkiewicz, SC           McDonald’s Restaurant
 Baxter Healthcare                             Delta Flexible Products, Inc.                   Health Care Network, Inc.            McLane Foodservice Distribution
 BCI                                           Derse Exhibits                                  Henry & Wanda’s                      Merchants Moving & Storage
 Bellwether Communications                     Diversey, Inc.                                  Hi-Liter Graphics, LLC               Metalworld, Inc.
 Bert Jensen & Sons, Inc.                      Dr. Pepper Snapple Group                        HSBC - North America                 Midland Packaging and Display
 Best Buy                                      Dremel Rotary & Benchtop Power Tools            IBEW Local 430                       Midwest Airlines
 Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Racine and       Drewco Corporation                              IBM                                  Miller Compressing Company
   Kenosha Counties, Inc.                      Duracolor                                       Image Management, LLC                Miller Plumbing & Supply
 BioForm Medical                               Durand Automotive Center, LLC                   InSinkErator                         Miller’s Flowers
 Boston Store                                  E C Styberg Engineering                         Inventive Solutions                  Modine Manufacturing Co.
 Boy Scouts of America-SE WI Council           Eckmann Pressed Metal Company                   J C Penney Co.                       MultiProducts Co, Inc.
 Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.                   Econoprint/ EGX Group                           Jenkins & Vojtisek                   Murphy Paulson & Murphy, SC
 BRP North America                             Educators Credit Union                          Johnson & Johnson                    National Urban League
 Burlington Area School District               Electronic Systems of Wisconsin                 Johnson Controls, Inc.               Nelson Electric Supply Co.

12    United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report
                           Thank you, 2009 Campaign Contributing Organizations
Nestle USA                            Racine Family Literacy                         Siena Center                                    United Way of Waukesha
New York Life                         Racine Family YMCA                             Southeastern Wisconsin Building                 University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Next Generation Now                   Racine Federated, Inc.                           and Construction Trades Council               Urban League of Racine and Kenosha, Inc.
Northwestern Mutual Life              Racine Friendship Clubhouse                    Spring Dental Group, Ltd.                       US Bank
O & H Danish Bakery                   Racine Literacy Council                        St. Catherine’s High School                     UW-Extension Office
Oak Ridge Care Center                 Racine Marriott                                State Farm Companies Foundation                 Village of Mount Pleasant
Office of the Chief Judge             Racine Unified School District                 State of Wisconsin                              Village of Sturtevant
PA Staffing                           Racine Vocational Ministry, Inc.               Target #0152                                    Walgreens
Petersen Machine / Pioneer Products   Racine Youthful Offender Correctional          Teamsters Local Union No. 43                    Walker Forge, Inc.
Pfizer, Inc.                            Facility                                     The Prairie School                              Wal-Mart
Premier Aluminum                      Racine/ Kenosha Community Action Agency        Time Warner Entertainment                       Warren Industries
Project Management Associates         RADD                                           TJ Maxx                                         Washington Properties
Public Golf Associates                Raymond School District                        TJW Investments, LLC                            Waterford School District
Putzmeister America, Inc.             Ridgewood Health Care Center                   Tri City National Bank                          Waterford Union High School
Quadra, Inc.                          Right Choice Services                          Trustmark Insurance Company                     Waters Edge Clothiers
Quality Resource Group                Robert W Baird & Co, Inc.                      Tuesday Optimist Club                           WE Energies
Quick-Cable Corporation               Rockwell Automation                            Twin Disc, Inc.                                 WellPoint Foundation
Racine AFL-CIO Labor Council          Roman Electric                                 U.S. Cellular                                   Wells Fargo Bank NA
Racine Area Manufacturers             Runzheimer International                       UAW Southeastern Wisconsin CAP Council          Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare/All Saints
  and Commerce                        Ruud Lighting                                  Uncorkt, LLC                                    Willkomm Excavating and Grading, Inc.
Racine Broadcasting, LLC              SAFE Haven of Racine, Inc.                     Unico, Inc.                                     Wilson’s Coffee & Tea
  (WRJN-AM/WEZY-FM)                   Salvation Army                                 Union Grove Joint School District #1            Wisconsin Plating Works of Racine, Inc.
Racine City Tavern League             Sam’s Club                                     Union Grove Union High School                   Wisconsin Screen Process, Inc.
Racine Community Foundation, Inc.     Sargento Foods, Inc.                           United Food & Commercial Workers                Women’s Resource Center of Racine, Inc.
Racine Correctional Institution       Schering-Plough Corporation                       Local 1473                                   Wyant Law Offices, SC
Racine County                         Schneider National                             United Mechanical                               Youth For Christ Southeastern Wisconsin
Racine County Economic                Scholle Corporation                            United Parcel Service
  Development Corporation             Schoone Leuck Kelley Pitts & Knurr, SC         United Way of Dane County                       Note: List compiled as of March 2010.
Racine County Food Bank               Schuette-Daniels Funeral Home                  United Way of Greater Milwaukee                 Our apologies if your company has been
Racine County Opportunity             Seater Construction, Inc.                      United Way of Massachusetts Bay                 inadvertently omitted.
  Center, Inc.                        SEIU Local 152                                 United Way of McHenry County, Inc.
Racine Cyclery and Fitness, LLC       Sheet Metal Workers Local 18                   United Way of North Rock County
Racine Education Association          Shopko Stores                                  United Way of Racine County

Employees from InSinkErator gather to celebrate the success of their 2009 campaign and proudly wear their themed shirts that say “I’m a Life Saver!”

                                                                                                   United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report                       13
     2009 Board of Directors                  Board Committees              United Way Staff
     CHAIR                                    Nominating Committee          Dave Maurer
     Francisco Sanchez                        Chris Terry, Chair            President
     TREASURER/VP - FINANCE                   Bruce Duerr                   262-898-2248
     Dave Albrecht                            Esther Letven
     VICE CHAIR COMMUNITY INVESTMENT          Kevin McCabe                  Theresa Barrett
                                                                            Western Racine County Associate
     Paul Rohling                             Alicia Tanguma
     Jeff Van Koningsveld                                                   Gina Bartel
                                              Labor Advisory Committee
     VICE CHAIR-PERSONNEL                                                   Campaign Associate
                                              Jeff Van Koningsveld, Chair
     Denise Wilcox                                                          262-492-3108
                                              Tom Berger
     VICE CHAIR-AT-LARGE/ First Vice Chair
                                              Ethel Gates                   Michelle Brown
     Robert O’Brien
                                              Mike Goebel                   Campaign Administrator
     VICE CHAIR-AT-LARGE                                                    262-898-2242
                                              Al Hartog
     Marilyn Matelski
                                              Pete Knotek
     VICE CHAIR-AT-LARGE                                                    Susan Gould
                                              Diane Lange
     Alicia Tanguma                                                         VP - Community Impact
                                              Kevin Mieczkowski             262-898-2243
                                              Maria Morales
     Greg Anderegg
                                              Marilyn Nemeth                Marie Hargrove
                                              Juan Ruiz                     Community Initiatives Administrator
     Board Members                                                          262-898-2244
                                              Scott Sharp
     Milous Adams
     Terri Ailes                                                            Jill Hartmann
     Cyndi Armstrong                          Personnel Committee           Executive Assistant
     Randy Baker                              Denise Wilcox, Chair          262-898-2245
     Tom Berger                               Tom Berger
     Susan Boland                             Robert O’Brien                Barb Jopke
     Thomas Burke                                                           VP - Finance and Administration
                                              Fran Strickland
     Bruce Duerr
     Ethel Gates
                                                                            MaryBeth Kallio
     Mark Geisler                             Finance Committee             Community Impact Administrator
     Mike Goebel                              Dave Albrecht, Chair          262-898-2247
     Carmen Granados                          Susan Boland
     Brad Goodwin                                                           Tracy Nielsen
                                              Tom Burke
     Stephanie Hayden                                                       VP - Marketing/Resource Development
                                              Rod French
     Keontay Jackson                                                        262-898-2249
                                              Chris Leberfing
     Ray Koukari
     Chris Leberfing                          Robert O’Brien                Kimberly Payne
     Cristie Leto                                                           Advancing Family Assets
     Pastor Pedro Lopez                                                       Project Facilitator
     Kelly Martyn                             Information and Technology
     Kevin W. McCabe                          Committee                     Jessica Safransky
     Steve McLaughlin                         Robert O’Brien, Chair         Youth As Resources
     Jeff McKeown                             Steve Langer                  262-898-2251
     Debra Rudan
                                              Kim House (ex-officio)
     James Shaw                                                             Ashley Staeck
     John Siegert                                                           Advancing Family Assets
     Fran Strickland                                                          Project Associate
     Helen Suda                                                             262-898-2254
     Eugene Szymczak
     Chris Terry                                                            Ron Thomas
     Scott Terry                                                            AFL-CIO Labor Liaison,
                                                                              Community Services Director
     Dave Titus
14     United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report
       United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report
                                                                      Statement of Financials
United Way of Racine County, Inc.                                               Year Ended December 31, 2009

 Statement of Financial Position                          Statement of Activities

Assets                                                   Revenue
Current Assets                                           Public Support
Cash and cash equivalents                  $ 2,280,625   Annual Campaign (annual net of                         $ 4,169,783
Short-term investments                       1,829,363     $218,805 in uncollectible pledges)
Accrued interest receivable                  8,438       Contributions, prior period campaigns                    226,166
Accounts receivable                          1,500
Grants receivable                            69,788      Total Public Support                                     4,395,949
Prepaid expenses                             25,497
Promises to give (net allowance
 of $438,876 for uncollectibles)            3,304,152    Revenue
Total Current Assets                        7,519,363
                                                            Racine County Human Services Department               161,484
                                                            Emergency Shelter/Transitional Housing Grant          158,300
Other Assets                                                City of Racine                                        19,000
Long-term investments                       403,861
                                                            Children’s Trust Fund                                 48,559
Investments- Racine Community Foundation    848,608
                                                         Investment gain and interest income                      125,666
                                                         Endowment fund investment gains                          168,788
Total Other Assets                          1,252,469
                                                         Agency refund income                                     6,714

Property and Equipment                                   Total Revenue                                            688,511
Equipment                                   153,863
Leasehold improvements                      75,000         Total Public Support and Revenue                       5,084,460

Less accumulated depreciation               (162,933)    Distributions and Expenses
Net Property and Equipment                  65,930
                                                         Allocation Expenses                                      3,713,234
TOTAL ASSETS                               $ 8,837,762
                                                         Functional Expenses
                                                           Community Impact                                       468,926
Liabilities and Net Assets                                 Management and general                                 283,160
                                                           Fundraising                                            347,266
Current Liabilities
Accounts payable                           $ 115,517     Total Functional Expenses                                1,099,351
Accrued vacation                             40,222
Campaign funds payable to agencies           383,319     Total Distribution and Expenses                          4,812,585
Agency allocations payable                   1,420,934
Deferred grant revenue                       33,186      Increase in Net Assets                                   271,875
Total Current Liabilities                   1,993,178    Net assets - Beginning of Year                           6,572,709
Net Assets                                                 Net assets - End of Year                             $ 6,844,584
Unrestricted                                1,821,849
Temporarily restricted                      4,455,917
Permanently restricted                      566,818      United Way of Racine County’s audit was conducted by
                                                         Jenkins & Vojtisek, S.C., which delivered a complete
Total Net Assets                            6,844,584    unqualified audit. The audit is available for public review
                                                         by calling Dave Maurer, President or Barb Jopke,
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS           $ 8,837,762   VP - Finance and Administration at 262-898-2240..

                                                              United Way of Racine County • 2009 Annual Report           15
United Way
of Racine County
     2000 Domanik Drive
   Racine, Wisconsin 53404
    Phone: 262.898.2240

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