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					 Tien Tae Jitsu                                                                                September 2006
                                                                                               Volume 1, Issue 1

 www.tientaejitsu.com 503-544-9975

Upcoming Events

9/9/06 - Self Defense and
Asian Fighting arts

9/16/06 - Adult Self Defense
                               The True Martial Artist
9/23/06 – Movie Night
                               The goal of a true martial        Ours is the way of honoring   our “will,” we unlock our
9/30/06 - Defense against      artist is to achieve              those who came before us      internal energy and forge
                               enlightenment by bringing         and those who will follow     our bodies with the “force”
Ultimate Fighting Workshop     the mind, body and spirit         our way. Those who came       from within.
                               together as one with the          before us sacrificed their
                               Universe.                         lives so the martial arts
                                                                                               Through honor, we learn
                                                                 might live. They lived in
                                                                                               the difference between
                                                                 poverty...owning nothing so
                               A true martial artist uses                                      “right and wrong,” “good
                                                                 nothing would own them.
                               their skill for self-defense or                                 and evil” and “yin and
                               the defense of others. Any                                      yang” (in and yo). Through
                               other use of the “art” would      Those who would choose        honor, our spirits guide our
                               be considered a                   to follow our way would do    hearts.
                               perversion.                       so through discipline and
                                                                 honor; the two most
                                                                                               A true martial artist tries to
                                                                 important traditions in the
                               A true martial artist is not                                    co-exist in harmony with
                                                                 life of a martial artist.
                               concerned with                                                  nature. Unlock the door
                               competition for “pride,”                                        and free the martial spirit
                               “proof of skills” or “plastic     Through discipline, we may    that lies within you. Strive to
                               trophies.”                        achieve what others may       achieve your full potential.
                                                                 not. Through the power of
                                                                                               – Master Johnson

                               Defense against Ultimate Fighting
                               Ultimate Fighting is an           they conduct themselves.      Samurai. Today, we must
                               aggressive form of                                              learn to defend ourselves
                               entertainment billed as a                                       against individuals trained
                                                                 UFC fights are less sport
                               competition to find the                                         in ultimate fighting
                                                                 than spectacle - a brutal
                               world's best fighter, no                                        techniques.
                                                                 form of "human
                               matter their style. The UFC
                               was to be based upon a                                          Plan on attending the
                               version of Brazilian vale                                       upcoming workshop on
                               tudo fighting but quickly         Political pressures           September 30, 10:00 – 4:00.
                               evolved to an often violent       eventually led the UFC into   You will learn how to
                               and brutal event with             the underground but the       defend and defeat UFC-
Student Birthdays this Month   minimal rules, and NO             UFC reformed itself, slowly   style techniques.
                               HONOR.                            becoming sanctioned by
Grayson Aban                                                     athletic commissions, and     This workshop will present
                                                                 marketing itself as a         techniques not found in
                               Portland is one of the
Brad Lockett                                                     legitimate sporting event.    regular TTJ classes. Visit our
                               leading cities in the US for
                               this type of no holds barred                                    web site or speak with
Brian Quigley                  fighting. The practitioners       If we were in ancient         Master Johnson for more
                               are elitist, athletic and have    Japan, we would be            information.
Sylvan Renner                  very little morals in how         training you to defend
                                                                 yourselves against the

                             Thought of the Month
                             - By Master Johnson           and an observant eye, the      However, when provoked,
                                                           deer is ready to prance        there are few wild animals
                             We often study exotic         way and run from danger.       that can match a bear for
                             animals and take clues        Very few predators can         its ferocious strength, reflex,
                             from their behavior to        sneak up on a deer; much       and sheer killing power.
                             strengthen our art. Tigers,   less catch one once in
                             snakes and cranes are         flight.                        If you are attacked and
                             perennial favorites in Kung                                  must defend yourself, be
                             Fu.                           Be a bear. If you tangle       like a bear. Hold nothing
                                                           with a bear, what will         back until your attacker is
                             But did you know you can      happen? If you are lucky       subdued sufficiently for you
                             learn a lot by considering    to survive, you will most      to escape and call the
                             the strengths of animals      likely come away with very     police.
                             more familiar to our          severe injury.
                             Northwest environment?                                       A deer is cautious, but not
                                                           A bear would rather avoid      afraid of life. A bear is
                             Be a deer. A deer is always   human contact and is, for      peaceful, but expert at
“Supreme excellence          aware of its surroundings.    the most part, a peaceful      defending itself and its
                             Always with a cautious ear    animal.                        family.
consists in breaking the

enemy's resistance without
                             Special Events
                             Tien Tae Jitsu has many       situation. You do not have     comfortable! Students,
                             upcoming events for our       to be young, fit, strong, or   siblings, and friends
- Sun Tzu                                                  agile to learn and practice    welcome. Must be old
                             students and school
                                                           these effective techniques!    enough to enjoy & be
                             families. Check our Website   This is a hands-on class –     entertained by the movie.
                             at www.tientaejitsu.com to    practice makes perfect!        $5 for movie, popcorn &
                             find out about upcoming       You will have fun – bring a    drink; $10 for pizza, movie,
                             school functions and other    friend, or come by yourself!   popcorn & drink. Bring a
                             school related information.                                  friend!
                                                           The next Movie Night is
                                                           September 23 (6:00 PM -        For more information on
                             Adult Self Defense is         9:00 PM). Come watch on        any special event, please
                             coming on September 16        the BIG SCREEN (Many           call 503-544-9975 for more
                             (9:00 AM - 3:30 PM). This     thanks to Mark Gardiner for    details or visit our website
                             workshop is open to teens     his monthly contribution)!!    www.tientaejitsu.com
                             and adults and will teach     The movie is “Mighty Joe
                             simple techniques that can    Young.” If you want, bring
                             easily be used by anyone      a bean-bag and get
                             put into a self-defense

                             TTJ Merchandise
                             TTJ Backpacks have            TTJ Pencils are also
                             arrived just in time for      available. They come in
                             school. No pre-ordering is    white and black…with red
                             necessary.                    lettering. Three for a
                                                           dollar. If you buy a
                             The backpacks are black       backpack, we’ll throw in
                             with a red & white TTJ        three free pencils.
                             dragon logo on the top
                             portion.                      Look sharp…be sharp!

                             Get yours for only $20.

Student in the Spotlight
You may not know it, but black belt/instructor Phil Seder            Broadway Veterinary Clinic, 2315 N.E. Broadway. Part
is a Portland sculptor and was recently featured in the              of the clinic's opening ceremonies featured artwork
Oregonian newspaper. The article features Phil’s                     they also commissioned through Phil -- a dog's head
announcement of the creation of what he describes as                 that Phil’s resume describes as "Doglandia -- largest
the largest stainless steel cat's head west of the                   copper dog's head west of the Mississippi.
Mississippi River.
                                                                     The cat’s head, it turns out, is not huge -- about 25
Why does he believe his cat's head is the biggest in the             inches high, 19 wide and 17 deep with a whisker-
West? He replies that it just seems like it probably is, that        spread of 27 inches tip to tip. But he insists that it is still
he has gone on the Internet for a few minutes and that               probably five or 10 times bigger than a genuine cat's
the only thing close was a big stone lion somewhere in               head.
                                                                     Be sure to ask Phil about his other pieces of sculpture,
He also says the cat's head is bigger than what many                 and get to know one of our talented TTJ family.
scientists have suggested was the size of the universe
just before the big bang that perhaps led to its still-
inflating size today. Then again, that pre-bang place
was thought to have been smaller than this comma, so
the next step is to take a look at the head itself.

Soon others will. Within a couple of months, Phil’s cat is
set for mounting on the outer front wall of the

                                                                  would be allowed to                      Follow instructions for
                                                                  overextend and tear easily.              exercises carefully. There is
                                                                  But it is also undesirable in            right and wrong way to
                                                                  cases where it prevents you              stretch every muscle. Good

                                                                  from fully using your body.              flexibility exercises are
                                                                                                           designed to provide a
                                                                                                           maximum stretch with a
                                                                  Through stretching,
                                                                                                           minimum risk of injury.
                                                                  “deconditioning” of the
                                                                  myotatic reflex takes place.
                                  Stretch to Strengthen           Little by little, you teach              Do gravity assisted
                                  your Skills                     your muscles a new limit of              stretches with caution and
                                                                  safe extension. This is why              only after fully warming up.
                                                                  stretching must be slow                  Gravity assisted stretches
                                  Stretch every day. The only     and consistent. If you                   are exercises like splits that
                                  way to improve your             overstretch and injure the               use the force of gravity to
                                  flexibility is through          muscle, you have to go                   increase the pressure on
                                  consistent stretching           back to a lower level of                 the stretch.
                                  exercises. Every muscle is      flexibility and start over. Set
                                  subject to the myotatic         your stretching goals over a
                                  reflex (stretch reflex) which                                            You should never feel pain
                                                                  period of weeks or months,               in your joints during
                                  opposes changes in muscle       not days, for best results.
                                  length, especially sudden                                                stretching exercises. If you
                                  or extreme changes. When                                                 do, stop immediately and
                                  a muscle lengthens beyond       Cautions                                 discontinue that exercise.
                                  a certain point, the
                                  myotatic reflex causes it to    Do not overstretch. A mild               When doing flexibility
                                  tighten and attempt to          sensation of burning or                  exercises that require
                                  shorten. This is the tension    pulling should be felt in the            bending at the waist,
                                  you feel during stretching      target muscles. It should be             always bend from the hip,
                                  exercises.                      uncomfortable but not                    not the lower back. The
                                                                  unbearable.                              lower back is extremely
                                  The myotatic reflex is                                                   vulnerable to injuries.
                                  desirable because it            Avoid bouncing during a
                                  prevents, in many cases,        stretch. Bouncing causes                 From “Ultimate Fitness for
                                  muscle strains and tears.       the muscles to tighten and               Martial Arts” by Sang H. Kim
                                  Without it your muscles         heightens the risk of injury.

 Tien Tae Jitsu
 11945 SW Pacific Hwy               The Adventures of Yin & Yang
 Tigard Plaza, Suite 230
 Tigard, OR 97281




 “Building Discipline, Honor
 and Respect”

                                    About Tien Tae Jitsu
                                    Tien Tae Jitsu focuses not just on the physical, but also the mental and emotional aspects of the
                                    student. Our goal is a healthy mind, body, and spirit. We place great importance on the
                                    principles of discipline, honor, and respect. These principles are discussed and enforced as a
                                    part of the daily curriculum. The art has produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts.

                                    Master Eric Johnson began studying martial arts in 1975 and he founded Tien Tae Jitsu in 1990.
                                    He has a Black Sash (master instructor) in Tien Shan P'ai Kung Fu, and holds a 7th Level Black belt
                                    in the Art as well as a 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate.

                                     Tien Tae Jitsu
                                     11945 SW Pacific Hwy
                                     Tigard Plaza, Suite 230
                                     Tigard, OR 97281

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